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#1. If the Americans, in addition to the eagle and the Stars and Stripes and the more unofficial symbols of bison, moose and Indian, should ever need another emblem, one which is friendly and pleasant, then I think they should choose the grapefruit. Or rather the half grapefruit, for this fruit only comes in halves, I believe. Practically speaking, it is always yellow, always just as fresh and well served. And it always comes at the same, still hopeful hour of the morning. - Author: Johan Huizinga
Moose quotes by Johan Huizinga
#2. Lily liked the fog, and didn't even mind the cold wind. She reckoned that Ocean Beach, the dunes there, and the Sunset were the closest San Francisco was going to come to the foreboding, wind-swept moors of England, where she had aspired to suffer romance and heartache when she was a kid. The foghorn, however, rather than a lonesome lament that conjured images of Heathcliff's dark figure, waiting with clenched jaw on the moor for her to bring light and warmth into his life, sounded like a distressed moose tied up in her neighbor's garage, having his nut sack singed with jumper cables at a precise interval calculated to keep her from falling asleep. Which, in turn, made her think of what complete douche bags people could be when all you wanted to do was borrow a defibrillator. Then she was awake and angry. - Author: Christopher Moore
Moose quotes by Christopher Moore
#3. Nature is crooked. I wanted right angles and straight lines. Ice! Oh, why do they all drip? You cut yourself opening a can of tuna fish and you die. One puncture in your foot and your life leaks out through your toe. What are they for, moose antlers? Get down on all fours and live. You're protected on your hands and knees. It's either that or wings. - Author: Paul Theroux
Moose quotes by Paul Theroux
#4. Did you know that, pound for pound, the moose is the leanest ruminant on Earth? It's true. Moose are very in tune with their natural surroundings. - Author: Mallory Ortberg
Moose quotes by Mallory Ortberg
#5. I'm beginning to sense a theme," Mircea said, tossing his suit coat over a buckskin-covered chair. A moose head with huge, outspread antlers loomed over it, its bright glass eyes looking oddly lifelike in the low light. Mircea took in the room, his expression slightly repulsed yet fascinated. "I believe there is only one thing to say at this point."
What's that?"
Yee haw," he said gravely, and took me down like a rodeo calf. - Author: Karen Chance
Moose quotes by Karen Chance
#6. Once there was a moose, a very poor, thin, lonely moose who lived on a rocky hill where only bitter leaves grew and bushes with spiky branches. One day a red motor car drove past. In the backseat was
a grey gypsy dog wearing a gold earring. - Author: Annie Proulx
Moose quotes by Annie Proulx
#7. How far men go for the material of their houses! The inhabitants of the most civilized cities, in all ages, send into far, primitive forests, beyond the bounds of their civilization, where the moose and bear and savage dwell, for their pine boards for ordinary use. And, on the other hand, the savage soon receives from cities iron arrow-points, hatchets, and guns, to point his savageness with. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
Moose quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#8. Let's high stick that moose in the fun bags. - Author: Christopher Moore
Moose quotes by Christopher Moore
#9. A moose whats into a convenient store and asks the lady who works there,"Where are the potatoes?". She says, "Aisle 8,". He goes to aisle 8 and there are no potatoes! - Author: Js Martin
Moose quotes by Js Martin
#10. Hunters will tell you that a moose is a wily and ferocious forest creature. Nonsense. A moose is a cow drawn by a three-year-old. - Author: Bill Bryson
Moose quotes by Bill Bryson
#11. Kids in Alaska don't know they're growing up on the Last Frontier. It's just what they see on the license plates, and it's something tourists like to say a lot because they've never been around so many mountains and moose before. - Author: Tom Bodett
Moose quotes by Tom Bodett
#12. Flash Floods are about as predictable as a crazy dream after one too many fish tacos - one minutes you're fine, and the next minute a moose is floating past you wearing a fishing hat and ladies' pajamas. - Author: Doreen Cronin
Moose quotes by Doreen Cronin
#13. Anybody toting guns and stripping moose don't care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks. - Author: Alcee Hastings
Moose quotes by Alcee Hastings
#14. On the afternoon of the fifth day, as I made my way along a narrow and steep stretch of trail, I looked up to see an enormous brown horned animal charging at me. "Moose!" I hollered, though I knew that it wasn't a moose. In the panic of the moment, my mind couldn't wrap around what I was seeing and a moose was the closest thing to it. - Author: Cheryl Strayed
Moose quotes by Cheryl Strayed
#15. Every once in a bestseller list, you come across a truly exceptional craftsman, a wordsmith so adept at cutting, shaping, and honing strings of words that you find yourself holding your breath while those words pass from page to eye to brain. You know the feeling: you inhale, hold it, then slowly let it out, like one about to take down a bull moose with a Winchester .30-06. You force your mind to the task, scope out the area, take penetrating aim, and ... read.
But instead of dropping the quarry, you find you've become the hunted, the target. The projectile has somehow boomeranged and with its heat-sensing abilities (you have raised a sweat) darts straight towards you. Duck! And turn the page lest it drill between your eyes. - Author: Chila Woychik
Moose quotes by Chila Woychik
#16. Before you rip off three feet of toilet paper, consider that each year 500,000 acres of virgin boreal forest in northern Alberta and Ontario are being clear-cut to make the stuff. These forests are home to some 500 First Nation communities, as well as caribou and bears, moose and wolves, and, in the summertime, billions of songbirds. - Author: Alex Shoumatoff
Moose quotes by Alex Shoumatoff
#17. Just walk through him," I said, still deep in thought. "and if you ever wanted to know how a moose works, just stop halfway and take a good look around. - Author: Jasper Fforde
Moose quotes by Jasper Fforde
#18. The knock-kneed brown moose, a tired group of ten, yards ahead of her for the last three days, comfort her too. It's like following a pack of grandfathers, their large, weary eyes, red lids sagging, their gray muzzles, puckered as if the world is almost done with them but not quite yet. - Author: Amy Bloom
Moose quotes by Amy Bloom
#19. I've never liked the moment of seeing something beautiful - a sunset, a moose, an elephant - and then raising a camera and trying to capture it for some future moment. That's always struck me as strange. - Author: Joseph Monninger
Moose quotes by Joseph Monninger
#20. --Suddenly the bus driver
stops with a jolt,
turns off his lights.

A moose has come out of
the impenetrable wood
and stands there, looms, rather,
in the middle of the road.
It approaches; it sniffs at
the bus's hot hood.

Towering, antlerless,
high as a church,
homely as a house
(or, safe as houses).
A man's voice assures us
'Perfectly harmless. . . .'

Some of the passengers
exclaim in whispers,
childishly, softly,
'Sure are big creatures.'
'It's awful plain.'
'Look! It's a she!'

Taking her time,
she looks the bus over,
grand, otherworldly.
Why, why do we feel
(we all feel) this sweet
sensation of joy?

'Curious creatures,'
says our quiet driver,
rolling his r's.
'Look at that, would you.'
Then he shifts gears.
For a moment longer,

by craning backward,
the moose can be seen
on the moonlit macadam;
then there's a dim
smell of moose, an acrid
smell of gasoline. - Author: Elizabeth Bishop
Moose quotes by Elizabeth Bishop
#21. The moose will perhaps one day become extinct; but how naturally then, when it exists only as a fossil relic, and unseen as that, may the poet or sculptor invent a fabulous animal with similar branching and leafy horns, - a sort of fucus or lichen in bone, - to be the inhabitant of such a forest as this! - Author: Henry David Thoreau
Moose quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#22. The store had a hand-painted sign the read: MOOSE PASS GAS. "That's just wrong," Frank said. - Author: Rick Riordan
Moose quotes by Rick Riordan
#23. Registration Day' by Gavin Gunhold (1899 - )
Toronto Review of Poetry, 1947

On registration day at taxidermy school
I distinctly saw the eyes of the stuffed moose
Move. - Author: Gordon Korman
Moose quotes by Gordon Korman
#24. Wiping the rivulet of sweat running down my ear with the bottom of my muscle shirt, I snuck a sniff under my pit. Whoa. Kill a moose - Author: Julie Anne Peters
Moose quotes by Julie Anne Peters
#25. There were filing cabinets, desks once occupied by long-redundant agents, tables, piles of paperwork, back issues of Spells magazine, several worn-out sofas, and in the corner, a moose. - Author: Jasper Fforde
Moose quotes by Jasper Fforde
#26. My seams gape wide so I'm tossed aside
To rot on a lonely shore,
While the leaves and mould like a shroud unfold,
For the last of my trails are o'er,
But I float in dreams on Northland streams
That never again I'll see,
As I lie on the marge of the old portage
With grief for company.

When the sunset gilds the timbered hills
That guard Timagami,
And the moon beams play on far James Bay
By the brink of the frozen sea,
In phantom guise my spirit flies
As the dream blades dip and swing
Where the waters flow from the Long Ago
In the spell of the beck'ning spring.

Do the cow-moose call on the Montreal
When the first frost bites the air,
And the mists unfold from the red and gold
That the autumn ridges wear?
When the white falls roar as they did of yore
On the Lady Evelyn,
Do the square-tail leap from the black pool deep
Where the pictured rocks begin?

Oh! the fur fleet sings on Temiscaming
As the ashen paddles bend,
And the crews carouse at Rupert's House
At the sullen winter's end;
But my days are done where the lean wolves run,
And I ripple no more the path,
Where the grey geese race 'cross the red moon's face
From the white winds Arctic wrath.

Tho' the death-fraught way from the Saguenay
To the storied Nipigon,
Once knew me well, now a crumbling shell
I watch as the y - Author: George Marsh
Moose quotes by George Marsh
#27. We drive until the sun sets. There are more back roads into and out of these woods than anyone can count, than are probably on any map. You can drive and drive and drive and just see forest and fields, the occasional cow, the occasional elk, the even more occasional moose (the animal Patron Saint of Perpetual Embarrassment; I can relate, though not to being Catholic, which I've apparently decided mooses are). The Mountain glows in and out of view, turning pink, then blue, then shadow, as it watches us wander. - Author: Patrick Ness
Moose quotes by Patrick Ness
#28. Watching you try to be a smooth manipulator is like watching a moose do ballet. What did you do, read Machiavelli for Dummies? Or - Author: Elliott James
Moose quotes by Elliott James
#29. Big Brown Moose

I'm a big brown moose,
I'm a rascally moose,
I'm a moose with a tough, shaggy hide;
and I kick and I prance
in a long-legged dance
with my moose-mama close by my side.

I shrug off the cold
and I sneeze at the wind
and I swivel my ears in the snow;
and I tramp and I tromp
over forest and swamp,
'cause there's nowhere a moose cannot go.

I'm a big brown moose,
I'm a ravenous moose
as I hunt for the willow and yew;
with a snort and a crunch,
I rip off each bunch,
and I chew and I chew and I chew.

When together we slump
in a comfortable clump --
my mountainous mama and I --
I give her a nuzzle
of velvety muzzle.
Our frosty breath drifts to the sky.

I'm a big brown moose,
I'm a slumberous moose,
I'm a moose with a warm, snuggly hide;
and I bask in the moon
as the coyotes croon,
with my moose-mama close by my side. - Author: Joyce Sidman
Moose quotes by Joyce Sidman
#30. In Canada, you can't even have a barbecue in your backyard without being attacked by a moose or even a grizzly bear. Then again, the grizzlies don't beat anyone here in Vancouver; oh, it's true, it's true. - Author: Kurt Angle
Moose quotes by Kurt Angle
#31. I thought of my mother late that night, after leaving Dorothy, as I followed the moon's path back home across the Moose River. My mother, maybe she was in that moon's light. I didn't know any more, but when I was younger, Iuse to imagine that she was. I'd talk to the moon some nights, and I knew my mother listened. I haven't done that in a long time, me. -Through Black Spruce, Joseph Boyden, ch 13, pg 119 - Author: Joseph Boyden
Moose quotes by Joseph Boyden
#32. There were night sounds that Stevie had still not come to grips with - the rustling on the ground and above, the hooting of owls - things that suggested that far more happened here at night than during the day. (And yet, Stevie had yet to see the one creature that had been promised in sign after sign along the highway, the ones that read MOOSE. One moose. That's all she wanted. Was that too much to ask? Instead, there were these suggestions of owls, and all Stevie ever heard about the owls was that they liked shiny things and would eat your eyes given half the chance.) - Author: Maureen Johnson
Moose quotes by Maureen Johnson
#33. It's the story of how I went from being lionized for helping bring the snipers to justice to being vilified for writing a book about it. - Author: Charles A. Moose
Moose quotes by Charles A. Moose
#34. Let's take my truck," Jim said as he hit the gravel. "Less noise."
And it has a radio, right?" With tragic concentration Adrian started warming up his voice, sounding like a moose being backstroked by a chesse grater.
Jim shook his head at Eddie as the doors opened "How can you stand that racket?"
Selective deafness"
Teach me,master. - Author: J.R. Ward
Moose quotes by J.R. Ward
#35. Sometimes an alien would stand with a moose, not because of solidarity, but because of accidentally doing it. - Author: Tao Lin
Moose quotes by Tao Lin
#36. How the hell did you get to the cloister and back so fast?"

"I have a moose."

"A moose."

"Yeah, you know, big deer looking thing, likes water... antlers, well, not this moose, Una's female."

"I want a moose," Brede mumbled. - Author: Sally Courtnix
Moose quotes by Sally Courtnix
#37. And I'll be damned if I'm going to settle for a diet of moose and squirrels when this planet is swarming with tasty humans to consume." He became agitated now, balling his fists. "I am sick to death of eating moose and squirrel. I hate moose and squirrel!" Without taking her eyes off him, Dementia shouted in the direction of the restroom. "Naomi, come out of there right now!" "Think about it, Dementia," said Danny, still trying to finesse his way out of this situation. "What are you going to do when the rest of the families want to leave the Colony? Are you going to kill us all? Are you going to kill off the most advanced species to ever walk the earth?" Her response was chilly and unflinching. "Yes. If I have to." Danny noticed Naomi then, sneaking up behind Dementia with the wine bottle. He - Author: Jim Stenstrum
Moose quotes by Jim Stenstrum
#38. No Tyson, the guy in the story did not attract the attention of a moose. Tyson is sad now. - Author: Rick Riordan
Moose quotes by Rick Riordan
#39. When he says "Skins or blankets?" it will take you a moment to realized that he's asking which you want to sleep under. And in your hesitation he'll decide that he wants to see your skin wrapped in the big black moose hide. He carried it, he'll say, soaking wet and heavier than a dead man, across the tundra for two - was it hours or days or weeks? But the payoff, now, will be to see it fall across one of your white breasts. It's December, and your skin is never really warm, so you will pull the bulk of it around you and pose for him, pose for his camera, without having to narrate this moose's death. - Author: Pam Houston
Moose quotes by Pam Houston
#40. Why don't I ask the questions?" he purrs. "What is your name?" "Anne of Green Gables," I say. "Where are you from?" he demands. "Canada. Where the moose live." "Give me real answers," he hisses. He no longer smiles. - Author: Summer Lane
Moose quotes by Summer Lane
#41. When he [Franklin Roosevelt] ultimately does not get the Republican Party nomination and decides to start his new Bull Moose Party, he does, for the first time, let black delegates be part of the party from elsewhere in the country. - Author: Geoffrey Cowan
Moose quotes by Geoffrey Cowan
#42. Somewhere along the line the American love affair with wilderness changed from the thoughtful, sensitive isolationism of Thoreau to the bully, manly, outdoorsman bravado of Teddy Roosevelt. It is not for me, as an outsider, either to bemoan or celebrate this fact, only to observe it. Deep in the male American psyche is a love affair with the backwoods, log-cabin, camping-out life.

There is no living creature here that cannot, in its right season, be hunted or trapped. Deer, moose, bear, squirrel, partridge, beaver, otter, possum, raccoon, you name it, there's someone killing one right now. When I say hunted, I mean, of course, shot at with a high-velocity rifle. I have no particular brief for killing animals with dogs or falcons, but when I hear the word 'hunt' I think of something more than a man in a forage cap and tartan shirt armed with a powerful carbine. In America it is different. Hunting means 'man bonding with man, man bonding with son, man bonding with pickup truck, man bonding with wood cabin, man bonding with rifle, man bonding above all with plaid'. - Author: Stephen Fry
Moose quotes by Stephen Fry
#43. It's been a harder book to write for personal reasons too. What gets me most are not the scary scientific studies about melting glaciers, the ones I used to avoid. It's the books I read to my two-year-old. Looking For a Moose is one of his favorites. It's about a bunch of kids that really, really, really want to see a moose. They search high and low - through a forest, a swamp, in brambly bushes and up a mountain, for "a long legged, bulgy nosed, branchy antlered moose." The joke is that there are moose hiding on each page. In the end, the animals all come out of hiding and the ecstatic kids proclaim: "We've never ever seen so many moose! - Author: Naomi Klein
Moose quotes by Naomi Klein
#44. The moose is a lie," Stevie Bell said.
Her mother turned to her, looking like she often looked - a bit tired, forced to engage in whatever Stevie was about to say out of parental obligation.
"What?" she said.
Stevie pointed out the window of the coach.
"See that?" Stevie indicated a sign that simply read MOOSE. "We've passed five of those. That's a lot of promise. Not one moose."
"Stevie ..."
"They also promised falling rocks. Where are my falling rocks?"
"Stevie ..."
"I'm a strong believer in truth in advertising," Stevie said. - Author: Maureen Johnson
Moose quotes by Maureen Johnson
#45. Yes, during the pilot, they gave me a little toy from the shop. It's like three little moose in a boat, paddling. It's very cute. And I got to keep some of the clothes. - Author: Caroline Dhavernas
Moose quotes by Caroline Dhavernas
#46. It's not like Alaska isn't wilderness - it mostly is. But most Alaskans don't live in the wild. They live on the edge of the wild in towns with schools and cable TV and stores and dentists and roller rinks sometimes. It's just like anyplace else, only with mountains and moose. - Author: Tom Bodett
Moose quotes by Tom Bodett
#47. A lot of my friends growing up were hunters, but I spent all my time on the ice hurting actual humans playing hockey. I never had the chance to run through the woods and shoot at a moose or deer. I was shooting pucks at goaltender's heads. - Author: Kevin Durand
Moose quotes by Kevin Durand
#48. Moose Factory (I wonder if they make moose there?) - Author: Vivien Bowers
Moose quotes by Vivien Bowers
#49. Canada is lacking two things. It's true. Don't make me say it again. The first is Olympic Heroes [ ... ] The second thing that Canada is lacking is Memorial Day, which is today by the way, where we in the States celebrate our war heroes by having barbeques . And I realize here in Canada you can't have barbeques because you'd probably be attacked by a moose, or caribou, or even a grizzly. - Author: Kurt Angle
Moose quotes by Kurt Angle
#50. I heard a little girl shout: "Chicken man, get
the moose!"
You know how hard it is to feel like an extreme falcon-headed combat machine when somebody
calls you "chicken man"? - Author: Rick Riordan
Moose quotes by Rick Riordan
#51. Transient orcas?" Beck leaned toward the monitor as images of whales flashed on screen. "Subspecies of killer whale," said Ring. "Highly specialized. Extraordinarily lethal - if you happen to be a seal. Transient orcas eat only mammals. Seals, sea lions, sea otters, porpoises, other whales. Sometimes they'll help themselves to a swimming moose or deer, as well. No fish, though. They hate fish. - Author: Kenneth G. Bennett
Moose quotes by Kenneth G. Bennett
#52. Early mornings were given over to Bartok and Schoenberg. Midmorning I treated myself to the vocals of Billy Eckstine, Billie Holiday, Nat Cole, Louis Jordan and Bull Moose Jackson. A piroshki from the Russian delicatessen next door was lunch and then the giants of bebop flipped through the air. Charlie Parker and Max Roach, Dizzy Gillespie, Sarah Vaughan and Al Haig and Howard McGhee. Blues belonged to late afternoons and the singers' lyrics of lost love spoke to my solitude. - Author: Maya Angelou
Moose quotes by Maya Angelou
#53. I'm so sorry-I broke you moose? - Author: Morgan Matson
Moose quotes by Morgan Matson
#54. In the backseat Moose and Squirrel inhabited a pair of six-year-old-twins, and wouldn't stop bickering and picking their noses. They were clearly in their element. - Author: Neal Shusterman
Moose quotes by Neal Shusterman
#55. Look!" I cried. "A moose - two mooses." Wynn smiled and nodded his head as he followed my pointing finger. He turned to me and said simply, "I must correct you, Elizabeth, so you won't be laughed at. - Moose is both singular and plural. - Author: Janette Oke
Moose quotes by Janette Oke
#56. O Canada I have not forgotten you,
as I kneel in my canoe, beholding this vision
of a bookcase.
You are the paddle, the snowshoe, the cabin in the pines.
You are the moose in the clearing and the moosehead on
the wall.
You are the rapids, the propeller, the kerosene lamp.
You are the dust that coats the roadside berries.
But not only that,
you are the two boys with pails walking along that road. - Author: Billy Collins
Moose quotes by Billy Collins
#57. Mick Jagger could French-kiss a moose. He has child-bearing lips. - Author: Joan Rivers
Moose quotes by Joan Rivers
#58. As he piled wood on the fire he discovered an appreciation of his own body which he had never felt before ... It fascinated him, and he grew suddenly fond of this subtle flesh of his that worked so beautifully and smoothly and delicately. Then he would cast a glance of fear at the wolf-circle drawn expectantly about him, and like a blow the realization would strike him that this wonderful body of his, this living flesh, was no more than so much meat, a quest of ravenous animals, to be torn and slashed by their hungry fangs, to be sustenance to them as the moose and the rabbit had often been sustenance to him.(Ch.3) - Author: Jack London
Moose quotes by Jack London
#59. The moose is singularly grotesque and awkward to look at. Why should it stand so high at the shoulders? Why have so long a head? Why have no tail to speak of? - Author: Henry David Thoreau
Moose quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#60. Kissing power is stronger than will power. - Author: Abigail Van Buren
Moose quotes by Abigail Van Buren
#61. I would like to deny all allegations by Bob Hope that during my last game of golf, I hit an eagle, a birdie, an elk and a moose. - Author: Gerald R. Ford
Moose quotes by Gerald R. Ford
#62. The sandy beach reminded Harold of picnics. And the thought of picnics made him hungry. So he laid out a nice simple picnic lunch.

There was nothing but pie. But there were all nine kinds of pie that Harold liked best.

When Harold finished his picnic there was quite a lot left. He hated to see so much delicious pie go to waste.

So Harold left a very hungry moose and a deserving porcupine to finish it up. - Author: Crockett Johnson
Moose quotes by Crockett Johnson
#63. The woods were full of peril - rattlesnakes and water moccasins and nests of copperheads; bobcats, bears, coyotes, wolves, and wild boar; loony hillbillies destabilized by gross quantities of impure corn liquor and generations of profoundly unbiblical sex; rabies-crazed skunks, raccoons, and squirrels; merciless fire ants and ravening blackfly; poison ivy, poison sumac, poison oak, and poison salamanders; even a scattering of moose lethally deranged by a parasitic worm that burrows a nest in their brains and befuddles them into chasing hapless hikers through remote, sunny meadows and into glacial lakes. - Author: Bill Bryson
Moose quotes by Bill Bryson
#64. I had all kinds of allergy problems with certain meats, and with fruits and vegetables with pesticides. So I turned to bear, caribou, venison, hippopotamus, buffalo, elk and moose. Taste-wise, buffalo and elk are tied for first. Not gamy, and loaded with protein. And very expensive, I might add. - Author: Billy Casper
Moose quotes by Billy Casper
#65. But who knew what would happen once he got to Canada? Canada with its pacifism and its socialized medicine! Canada with its millions of French speakers! It was like ... like ... like a foreign country! Father Mike might become a fugitive over there, living it up in Quebec. He might disappear into Saskatchewan and roam with the moose.
-Middlesex, by Jeffrey Eugenides (2003), P. 507 - Author: Jeffrey Eugenides
Moose quotes by Jeffrey Eugenides
#66. U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt has been described as founder of the Bull Moose Party, the man who led his troops up San Juan Hill in the Spanish-American War, a big game hunter, family man, civic servant and a host of other things. - Author: Zig Ziglar
Moose quotes by Zig Ziglar
#67. Ooooohh, I heard you had an STD, but I thought it was just a rumor. Does it really burn?"
- Moose in reference to Jadyn's "burning bush" - - Author: Jillian Dodd
Moose quotes by Jillian Dodd
#68. Shut up. For the love of Jesus fucking Christ on a moose, shut up. I'm trying to get off here."
He fell on top of me, howling with laughter. And, somehow, in that ridiculous tangle, his hand moving awkwardly against my cock as he snuffled hysterically against my ear, and me yelling at him, my body shaking with frustration, amusement, pleasure, bewilderment, so much bewilderment, I did, in fact, get off. - Author: Alexis Hall
Moose quotes by Alexis  Hall
#69. Let's face it - English is a crazy language. There is no egg in eggplant nor ham in hamburger; neither apple nor pine in pineapple. English muffins weren't invented in England or French fries in France. Sweetmeats are candies while sweetbreads, which aren't sweet, are meat. We take English for granted. But if we explore its paradoxes, we find that quicksand can work slowly, boxing rings are square and a guinea pig is neither from Guinea nor is it a pig.

And why is it that writers write but fingers don't fing, grocers don't groce and hammers don't ham? If the plural of tooth is teeth, why isn't the plural of booth beeth? One goose, 2 geese. So one moose, 2 meese? One index, 2 indices? Doesn't it seem crazy that you can make amends but not one amend? If you have a bunch of odds and ends and get rid of all but one of them, what do you call it?

If teachers taught, why didn't preachers praught? If a vegetarian eats vegetables, what does a humanitarian eat? In what language do people recite at a play and play at a recital? Ship by truck and send cargo by ship? Have noses that run and feet that smell? How can a slim chance and a fat chance be the same, while a wise man and a wise guy are opposites?

You have to marvel at the unique lunacy of a language in which your house can burn up as it burns down, in which you fill in a form by filling it out and in which an alarm goes off by going on. English was invented by people, not computers, and it reflects - Author: Richard Lederer
Moose quotes by Richard Lederer
#70. I'm as strong as a bull moose and you can use me to the limit. - Author: Theodore Roosevelt
Moose quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
#71. I'm tired of thinking about Agatha. Well, not about her, but about my loss of her. Today I went through some old boxes of mine and found some journal entries I wrote in the second grade. One was about the loss of a girl, the S name on my list, so I'll copy and paste it for posterity:

Today was a bad day. Stephany broke up with me for Tommy. I don't like that slimy Tommy. Tommy is a turtle. I used to like turtles but now I like warm blooded creetures. Maybe Stephany is a reptile disguised as a human jerkface. I won't cry because I am a soldier. Soldiers do not dispense tears. Soldiers kill their enemies. Tommy is my enemy. But the code of the moose says a warrior must eat what he kills. Does this mean I should have eaten my neighbors cat? I will not cry today or ever. I am fearless like my dad. My dad is a superhero. He is courageous and invisible. I haven't seen him in four years. When I see him next he'll probably tell me I am taller. Maybe I will tell him he is shorter. And fatter and balder. Maybe he will appear again and I can be normal. I would very much like to not wear wooden shoes anymore. Cats tongues are rough like sandpaper. Cats must never lick my shoes. Nobody licked my shoes the way Stephany did. I will miss her and her early-onset male pattern baldness. - Author: Jarod Kintz
Moose quotes by Jarod Kintz
#72. THE FOLLOWING LATE April I found a dead bull moose about two kilometers from the site where I had left the doe. A bull moose probably weighs ten times as much as a white-tailed doe. This one looked emaciated; it had apparently died from complications of moose tick disease, a common - Author: Bernd Heinrich
Moose quotes by Bernd Heinrich
#73. Everyone says I remind them of a moose,just because my nose is so big. - Author: Genevieve Cortese
Moose quotes by Genevieve Cortese
#74. Can we talk now?" she asked.
"Nay, we need to ... load the dishwasher." He padded into the kitchen and took his time rinsing everything in the sink before stacking it into the machine. He even scrubbed the pot he'd warmed the soup in.
When he closed the dishwasher, she was waiting there, holding a mop.
She offered it to him. "Do you want to clean the floors now? And sweep the porch? I think the antlers on the moose head need polishing. - Author: Kerrelyn Sparks
Moose quotes by Kerrelyn Sparks
#75. Every creature on earth returns to home. It is ironic that we have made wildlife refuges for ibis, pelican, egret, wolf, crane, deer, mouse, moose, and bear, but not for ourselves in the places we live day after day. We understand that the loss of habitat is the most disastrous event that can occur to a free creauture.
We fervently point out how other creatures' natural territories have become surrounded by cities, ranches, highways, noise, and other dissonance, as though we are not affected also.
We know that for creatures to live on, they must at least from time to time have a home place, a place where they feel both protected and free - Author: Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Moose quotes by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
#76. I'm sorry this took so long," he said. "Someone obviously taught Moose what aerosol whipped cream is and he wasn't letting me out of the room until he got his share. - Author: Terri Reid
Moose quotes by Terri Reid
#77. Also fun fact for you Americans: in Canada, the practice of Thanksgiving is celebrated with the slaying of a sacred moose. Once killed, the moose is slathered in maple syrup, apologized to excessively, then roasted over a bed of Maple Leafs ™ until crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside. The meat is then dispersed by carrier goose and beaver to all of our country's people, and our dashing Prime Minister does a naked pagan dance around the flayed carcass, shouting "Hoser!" until his throat's raw.

We're very serious about Thanksgiving in Canada, Eh? - Author: Daniel Younger
Moose quotes by Daniel Younger
#78. The maester had taught him all the banners: the mailed fist of the Glovers, silver on scarlet; Lady Mormont's black bear; the hideous flayed man that went before Roose Bolton of the Dreadfort; a bull moose for the Hornwoods; a battle-axe for the Cerwyns; three sentinel trees for the Tallharts; and the fearsome sigil of House Umber, a roaring giant in shattered chains. - Author: George R R Martin
Moose quotes by George R R Martin
#79. Can we go to Alum Bay, please?" Snugs asked the moose, his little nose twitching with excitement, and his voice a little faster than usual because he couldn't wait - Author: Suzy Davies
Moose quotes by Suzy  Davies
#80. The store had a hand-painted sign that read: MOOSE PASS GAS. "That's just wrong," Frank said. By - Author: Rick Riordan
Moose quotes by Rick Riordan
#81. Well, that is the oddest way to run a government I have ever heard of," September said stubbornly. "It's just absurd to elect a leader with a race or a chase or a hunt for a heart!" "What's an 'elect'?" asked Hushnow, the Ancient and Demented Raven Lord. "It's how we decide who's in charge where I come from. Everyone in the whole country votes for the President and the man who gets the most votes wins." A chorus of gasps went up from the club. Madame Tanaquill held a handkerchief over her mouth. "That's ghastly!" cried the Hushnow, the Ancient and Demented Raven Lord. "What if everyone chooses the wrong man?" gawped Pinecrack. "And if it's always a man and never a moose or an octopus or a spriggan I think that's just obscene, and prejudiced, and you ought to leave right now." September frowned. "Well, sometimes people do. But it's only for a few years, and then there's another election." The Rex Tyrannosaur looked nauseous. "Quite, quite horrid," he whispered. - Author: Catherynne M Valente
Moose quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#82. I played with Sam Lay, Jimmy Reed, Big Walter Horton, Big Moose Walker, and all those guys. - Author: Jimmy Smith
Moose quotes by Jimmy Smith
#83. That isn't the plural of moose. It's moosi. - Author: Mikey Way
Moose quotes by Mikey Way
#84. You won't even take your bow? Are you planning to throttle a moose with your bare hands, then?"
"I've a knife in my boot," she said, and then wondered, for a moment, if she could throttle a moose with her bare hands. - Author: Kristin Cashore
Moose quotes by Kristin Cashore
#85. moose was a moose. There - Author: Gary Paulsen
Moose quotes by Gary Paulsen
#86. The gnome did indeed have a flag, but not an American one. Not even the Maine flag with the moose on it. The one the gnome was holding had a vertical blue stripe and two fat horizontal stripes, the top one white and the bottom one red. It also had a single star. I gave the gnome a pat on his pointy hat as I went past and mounted the front steps of Al's little house on Vining Street, thinking about an amusing song by Ray Wylie Hubbard: "Screw You, We're from Texas. - Author: Stephen King
Moose quotes by Stephen King
#87. I rolled my eyes. "Kit is looking for a job in Nova Scotia."
"Canada?" Despite everything, Hi chuckled. "Have a good time, eh? Don't fight with any moose. Meese. Whatever."
"Shut up." Against all expectation, I giggled. At least I had my friends. - Author: Kathy Reichs
Moose quotes by Kathy Reichs
#88. You used nunchucks on a moose?"
Wolfe got a haunted look in his eyes. "I used all sorts of things on that bastard. - Author: Richelle Mead
Moose quotes by Richelle Mead
#89. They were way more interested in learning the alphabet or whatever than they were in learning how to rip a moose in half with their bare hands. Then make a helmet out of its skull. Then to use that helmet to help kill more moose. Collect the skull helmets. Combine. Assemble. Super moose skull helmet. Infinite power. - Author: Bratniss Everclean
Moose quotes by Bratniss Everclean
#90. If you have never taken the train across Canada, you really should put it on your life list ... Meanwhile, I get to sit back and watch for moose from the dome car as we roll through the lake-dotted vastness of the boreal forest. - Author: Elizabeth May
Moose quotes by Elizabeth May
#91. Genya stepped back, brushing the blonde strands of Nina's wig from her face to get a better look at her. "Nina, how is this possible? The last time Zoya saw you - "

"You were throwing a tantrum," said Zoya, "stomping away from camp with all the caution of a wayward moose."

To Matthias' surprise, Nina actually winced like a child taking a scolding. He didn't think he'd ever seen her embarrassed before.

"We thought you were dead," Genya said.

"She looks half-dead."

"She looks fine."

"You vanished," Zoya spat. "When we heard there were Fjerdans nearby, we feared the worst."

"The worst happened," Nina said. "And then it happened some more." She took Matthias' hand. "But we're here now."

Zoya glared at their clasped hands and crossed her arms. "I see."

Genya raised an auburn brow. "Well, ifhe's the worst that can happen - - Author: Leigh Bardugo
Moose quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#92. As we lay huddled together under the tent, which leaked considerably about the sides, with our baggage at our feet, we listened to some of the grandest thunder which I ever heard, -rapid peals, round and plump, bang, bang, bang in succession, like artillery from some fortress in the sky; and the lightning was proportionally brilliant. The Indian said, 'It must be good powder.' All for the benefit of the moose and us, echoing far over the concealed lakes. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
Moose quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#93. You suck. You suck diseased moose wang, Marcone. - Author: Jim Butcher
Moose quotes by Jim Butcher
#94. And second, keep in mind that you are a weapon. In theory, when you're done with training, you should be able to kick a hole in a wall or knock out a moose with a single punch."
"I would never hit a moose," said Clary. "They're endangered. - Author: Cassandra Clare
Moose quotes by Cassandra Clare
#95. His head tilted to the side and humor twinkled in his dark eyes. "Turn yer back."
'Are you shy? What's wrong, big guy? Afraid to show me your Scottish bagpipe? Are ye built like a moose and hung like a mouse? - Author: Vonnie Davis
Moose quotes by Vonnie Davis
#96. Like the apple bruising Kafka's beetle, each of these pellets of recollection lodged in Moose's flesh, releasing its cargo of memories of all the things he had lost - "Not lost! Gained!" Moose thundered aloud, but now, mercifully, that debate (lost or gained?) was supplanted in his mind by the proximity of Belmont Harbor and the yacht club. Yes, this was the place; Moose eased the station wagon into a parking space, desperate to free himself of its chassis, whose sole purpose, it now seemed, was to hold him still so that these bullets of memory could assault him, enter his flesh and release their shrapnel of foolish and unreliable nostalgia. - Author: Jennifer Egan
Moose quotes by Jennifer Egan
#97. That's racist. you maple sucking moose loving midget! - Author: America Hetalia
Moose quotes by America Hetalia
#98. I wanna get on TV and just let loose. But can't, but it's cool for Tom Green to hump a dead moose. - Author: Eminem
Moose quotes by Eminem
#99. Okay, let's talk about cartoon labels for half a second - some people think anything with a dog or a car or a colorful alien is garbage, which is not true. Look at Big Moose Red. It's, like, a $6 wine with a cheesy label, and it's actually a solid wine. - Author: Gary Vaynerchuk
Moose quotes by Gary Vaynerchuk
#100. In a way that I haven't yet figured out how to fully articulate, I believe that children who get to see bald eagles, coyotes, deer, moose, grouse, and other similar sights each morning will have a certain kind of matrix or fabric or foundation of childhood, the nature and quality of which will be increasing rare and valuable as time goes on, and which will be cherished into adulthood, as well as becoming- and this is a leap of faith by me- a source of strength and knowledge to them somehow. That the daily witnessing of the natural wonders is a kind of education of logic and assurance that cannot be duplicated by any other means, or in other place: unique and significant, and, by God, still somehow relevant, even now, in the twenty-first century.

For as long as possible, I want my girls to keep believing that beauty, though not quite commonplace and never to pass unobserved or unappreciated, is nonetheless easily witnessed on any day, in any given moment, around any forthcoming bend. And that the wild world has a lovely order and pattern and logic, even in the shouting, disorderly chaos of breaking-apart May and reassembling May. That if there can be a logic an order even in May, then there can be in all seasons and all things. - Author: Rick Bass
Moose quotes by Rick Bass
#101. Ladies and gentlemen, I don't know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot, but it takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose. - Author: Theodore Roosevelt
Moose quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
#102. I feel as fit as a bull moose. - Author: Theodore Roosevelt
Moose quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
#103. The last time I played golf with President Ford he hit a birdie. And an eagle, a moose, an elk, an aardvark ... - Author: Bob Hope
Moose quotes by Bob Hope
#104. Her attention was drawn to a movement in the woods in the direction of the river. The trees were slowly coming back into bud, but they were still bare enough that she could make out a shape.
"Moose," she said, almost in a whisper. "Moose. Moose."
She tugged Nate's sleeve.
"Moose," she repeated.
The object moved away, out of sight. Stevie blinked. It had just been there, the massive antlers moving through the trees.
"My moose," she said in a low voice. "I finally got it. The universe paid me in moose."
With one backward glance at the magical spot, Stevie Bell resumed walking toward her class. Anatomy was still ahead of her. Lots of things were ahead of her, but this one was the closest.

"That wasn't a moose, was it?" Janelle said when Stevie was out of earshot. "That's a branch, right? It moved in the wind?"
"It's a branch," Nate replied.
"Like, that's obviously a branch," Vi said. "Should we tell her? She seems really invested in this."
"Definitely not," Nate said as Stevie vanished in the direction of the classroom buildings, earbuds already in her ears. "Let her have her moose. - Author: Maureen Johnson
Moose quotes by Maureen Johnson

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