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John Mayer and Jack Johnson are two of my all-time favorites. I love Colbie Caillat and really cool, beach-y, guitar, acoustic type music. ~ Halston Sage
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by Halston Sage
When I was small, my parents came back from Tijuana, and my dad bought me a very small acoustic guitar. I loved it. I started making up my own songs right away. ~ Diane Warren
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by Diane Warren
This band - because this is myself on electric and acoustic guitars - we've done three tours together now and I really, really like it which is why I did the DVD as well. ~ Joan Armatrading
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by Joan Armatrading
What resonates with me now is the acoustic guitar and piano. ~ Delta Goodrem
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by Delta Goodrem
My grandfather gave me my first guitar, an old acoustic with palm trees and dancing girls painted on it. ~ Dan Fogelberg
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by Dan Fogelberg
Straining to hear, I can make out something acoustic. Coming from...the backyard?

I glance down from my bedroom window and feel my jaw fall open. Matt Finch is standing below my window, guitar strapped across his chest. I pull my window up, and I expect the song from that old movie - the one about a guy with a trench coat and the big radio and his heart on his sleeve.

But it's not that. It's not anything I recognise, and I strain to make out the lyrics: Stop being ridiculous, stop being ridiculous, Reagan.

What an asshole.

The mesh screen and two floors between us don't seem like enough to protect him from my anger.

"Nice apology," I call down to him.
"I've apologised thirteen times," he yells back, "and so far you haven't called me back."

I open my mouth to say it doesn't matter, but he's already redirecting the song.

"Now I'm gonna stand here until you forgive me," he sings loudly, "or at least until you hear me out, la-la, oh-la-la. I drove seven hours overnight, and I won't leave until you come out here."

(...) "This is private property!" My throat feel coarse from how loudly I'm yelling. "And that doesn't even rhyme!"

The guitar chord continues as he sings, "Then call the cops, call the cops, call the cops..."

I storm downstairs, my feet pounding against the staircase. When I turn the corner, my dad looks almost amused from his seat in the recliner. Noticing ~ Emery Lord
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by Emery Lord
Going to high school in rural Florida, we always partied down in the woods. Somebody - one of the rednecks - would leave class and mow a path out to a field, and we'd drive out there. Dude, every party I went to was lit by a bonfire. Acoustic guitar. ~ Miles Teller
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by Miles Teller
Now any person who plays an acoustic guitar standing up on stage with a microphone is a folk singer. Some grandmother with a baby in her arms singing a 500-year-old song, well, she's not a folk singer, she's not on stage with a guitar and a microphone. No, she's just an old grandmother singing an old song. The term "folk singer" has gotten warped. ~ Pete Seeger
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by Pete Seeger
I love the subtlety and tonal range of the acoustic guitar. ~ Dan Fogelberg
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by Dan Fogelberg
Each acoustic guitar has its own character and personality. On a particular day, I might pick one up and start noodling around, looking for some emotional content in the chords. ~ Neil Diamond
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by Neil Diamond
There was nobody at the time who was playing slide guitar like Johnny, and nobody, or no white guys at least, that was playing country blues like that on the acoustic guitar. And it was at that point that I realized what Johnny had to offer. ~ Rick Derringer
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by Rick Derringer
A year or so earlier I had been to the Sky River Rock Festival in rural Washington, where a dosen stone-broke freaks from Seattle Liberation Front had assembled a sound system that carried every small note of an acoustic guitar - even a cough or the sound of a boot drooping on the stage - to half-deaf acid victims huddled under bushes a half mile away.
But the best technicians available to the National DAs' convention in Vegas apparently couldn't handle it. Their sound system looked like something Ulysses S. Grant might have triggered up to addres his troops during the Siege of Vicksburg. The voices from up front crackled with a fuzzy, high-pitched urgency, and the delay was just enough to keep the words disconcertingly out of phaze with the speaker's gestures. (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, p. 73) ~ Hunter S. Thompson
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
I played recorder in assembly, then I became passionate about the guitar, I don't know why. I started on electric then moved to acoustic - my brother was playing bass in the next room. ~ Ellie Goulding
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by Ellie Goulding
I firmly believe if you want to be a guitar player, you better start on acoustic and then graduate to electric. Don't think you're going to be Townshend or Hendrix just because you can go wee wee wah wah, and all the electronic tricks of the trade. First you've got to know that fucker. And you go to bed with it. If there's no babe around, you sleep with it. She's just the right shape. ~ Keith Richards
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by Keith Richards
I approach playing acoustic guitar more of as a percussive instrument. It's fragile. I don't have a lot of finesse when it comes to my guitar playing. ~ Billie Joe Armstrong
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by Billie Joe Armstrong
You know, there's times when you should play and there's times when you gotta hold back. ~ Steve Vai
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by Steve Vai
Private listening really took off in 1979, with the popularity of the Walkman portable cassette player. Listening to music on a Walkman is a variation of the "sitting very still in a concert hall" experience (there are no acoustic distractions), combined with the virtual space (achieved by adding reverb and echo to the vocals and instruments) that studio recording allows. With headphones on, you can hear and appreciate extreme detail and subtlety, and the lack of uncontrollable reverb inherent in hearing music in a live room means that rhythmic material survives beautifully and completely intact; it doesn't get blurred or turned into sonic mush as it often does in a concert hall. You, and only you, the audience of one, can hear a million tiny details, even with the compression that MP3 technology adds to recordings. You can hear the singer's breath intake, their fingers on a guitar string. That said, extreme and sudden dynamic changes can be painful on a personal music player. As ~ David Byrne
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by David Byrne
At the Muddy Waters thing, I played the first song by myself on an acoustic guitar. I thought that was great that y'all did that tribute to Muddy Waters. I had a real good time. ~ Gregg Allman
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by Gregg Allman
I tend to write on an acoustic guitar or the piano. I have kind of a rule: if I can't sit down and play this and get the song over, I don't take it to the band, because most any good song, you can sit down and deliver it with a piano or a guitar. ~ Tom Petty
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by Tom Petty
There is far more sensitivity in acoustic guitar players than could ever be compared to any synthesizer. That's a personal point of view but that's the way I see it. I think that's what it's all about. The drive, the fire, the passion - it all comes out on the guitar. ~ Jimmy Page
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by Jimmy Page
I even played bass for a while. Besides playing electric guitar, I'd also get asked to play some acoustic stuff. But, since I didn't have an acoustic guitar at the time, I used to borrow one from a friend so I could play folk joints. ~ Mark Knopfler
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by Mark Knopfler
When I became a parent and hit my thirties, I got my hands on an acoustic guitar. I started writing quiet, simple songs at home and, with a little encouragement, I got more courage and found my voice. I have people and movements who have inspired me to carry on, but I try to write about things I know, nothing too complicated, really. ~ Withered Hand
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by Withered Hand
An electronic instrument is just harboring a natural element the same way that a guitar is harboring an acoustic element. It's all nature, really. ~ Patrick Wolf
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by Patrick Wolf
A lot of writing I do on tour. I do a lot on airplanes. At home, I write a lot, obviously. When I write a song, what I usually do is work the lyric out first from some basic idea that I had, and then I get an acoustic guitar and I sit by the tape recorder and I try to bang it out as it comes. ~ Pete Townshend
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by Pete Townshend
I was very pleased when PRS presented me with my SE Angelus acoustic, a beautiful guitar of stunning quality. It was in response to the challenge of building a guitar that shared the integrity and attention to detail that the Alex Lifeson Private Stock Angelus possesses in a package more broadly accessible. The SE Alex Lifeson Thinline is that model. Carefully selected materials, expert craftsmanship and a smart approach to concept resulted in a guitar that is beautiful to look at and rewarding to play. ~ Alex Lifeson
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by Alex Lifeson
I was just a punk-rock kid who never played acoustic guitar. ~ Dave Pirner
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by Dave Pirner
I've sung since I talked, when I'm two, but what I sang was ballads, because it's very hard to do a dance track with your little acoustic guitar when you're a kid. ~ Gloria Estefan
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by Gloria Estefan
player hummed for a second, then sweet sad acoustic guitar filled the air, arpeggiated cascades that transformed the cramped space of the room. The voice that followed was smoky and haunting, filled with loss: ~ John Skipp
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by John Skipp
I suppose I am a frustrated musician so I annoy my family by playing guitar in the house. I used to be into acoustic stuff but my son Joseph is learning drums, so now I have an electric guitar and we play Metallica. We have an amp and a PA in the garage with his drum kit. ~ Kevin McKidd
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by Kevin McKidd
You just make different music on a computer. And you can make wonderful music on a computer, but don't pretend that the machinery is transparent. It makes as much difference to what you're doing as it does if you play an acoustic guitar as opposed to a kettledrum. You're not going to make the same music. ~ Brian Eno
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by Brian Eno
I consider the guitar a tool for the most part. I do pick up the acoustic now and then, I certainly don't have any routine. Usually the only time I practice is when the band gets together. Hendrix has always been one of my favorite players, but I was a sucker for Nugent in the late 1970's. ~ Ian MacKaye
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by Ian MacKaye
Up till now I wrote the songs on my acoustic guitar alone with the Lord. Then I would take the song and share it with my family and then we all would figure out instrumentation together. ~ Daniel Smith
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by Daniel Smith
Playing acoustic guitar is like having sex with your clothes on. I mean you know how to do it, but it's more difficult. ~ Dave Mustaine
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by Dave Mustaine
Most of our songs were written on acoustic guitar before they made it to the practice stage. ~ Dave Grohl
Montaya Acoustic Guitar quotes by Dave Grohl
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