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Honey, before I became the man who was to marry Olivia Hamilton, I was capable of taking care of myself. I can take care of you, too, for that matter. If you should ever decide to trust me." With that he turned the key. The old pickup's engine rumbled to life and he backed out kicking up fresh gravel.

Livie bristled. She knew he thought her an overindulged debutante, but there was more to her than just being Buckmaster Hamilton's daughter and damned if she wasn't going to prove it to him. If he gave her the chance. ~ B. J. Daniels
Montana Romance quotes by B. J. Daniels
Cooking isn't hard. It just takes a little bit of imagination and determination. ~ Caroline Fyffe
Montana Romance quotes by Caroline Fyffe
Every woman wants a cowboy. ~ B.J. Daniels
Montana Romance quotes by B.J. Daniels
All those years ago, when I'd first seen Maisy in the maternity ward of the hospital, I had made an assumption about her. Spending time with her these last two weeks, I now knew I'd been right. Maisy Holt was pure joy. She was goodness personified. She was a beam of sunshine breaking through the clouds in my life. ~ Devney Perry
Montana Romance quotes by Devney Perry
Aw, bloody hell. Please tell me you're not making her a PowerPoint presentation. ~ Melissa McClone
Montana Romance quotes by Melissa McClone
Tell him I love him yet,
As in that joyous time!
Tell him I ne'er forget,
Though memory now be crime!
Tell him when fades the light,
Upon the earth and sea,
I dream of him by night,
He must not dream of me!
He must not dream of me! ~ Caroline Fyffe
Montana Romance quotes by Caroline Fyffe
He couldn't jeopardize the saloon because of some silly infatuation with an outlaw. Even one as beautiful as Mariah Ayers. ~ B. J. Daniels
Montana Romance quotes by B. J. Daniels
Are we ever getting out of these mountains?" she asked without turning to look at him.
He moved up behind her and put his arms around her.
She leaned back against him. Her hair glistened with melting snow. She felt small in his arms.
"We're going to get out of here," he whispered as he slowly turned her to face him. "Do you trust me?"
She raised her head to meet his eyes and held his gaze for a long moment. "With my life. ~ B. J. Daniels
Montana Romance quotes by B. J. Daniels
She'd known from the moment she said "I do" that she really truly did. ~ Caroline Fyffe
Montana Romance quotes by Caroline Fyffe
He breathed in the mesmerizing scent, knowing that if he touched her, if he turned her to face him, if he looked into those bottomless green eyes, he would be lost forever. ~ B.J. Daniels
Montana Romance quotes by B.J. Daniels
We'll ride along the river. It's a mighty pretty sight..." Puffy white clouds floated across the azure blue sky. Pine-covered mountains crowned with snowcaps folded down into foothills that ringed the valley. Beneath the clouds the play of sun and shadow cast hazy blue-green patches on the mountainsides. A distant large-winged bird rode on air currents before diving into a clump of trees. ~ Debra Holland
Montana Romance quotes by Debra Holland
She didn't need anyone to tell her he was all wrong for her and yet… ~ B.J. Daniels
Montana Romance quotes by B.J. Daniels
Evie," he whispered next to her ear, "I want to make love to you, hold you in my arms, until the moon crosses the sky and the morning comes. ~ Caroline Fyffe
Montana Romance quotes by Caroline Fyffe
Home, there's no place else I'd rather be. For Christmas, Forever. ~ Melissa McClone
Montana Romance quotes by Melissa McClone
I didn't mean to upset you, Ms. Hamilton," his gaze shifted back to her. "It's a beautiful sight and I thought you'd like to see it." She gasped in delight at the vista before her. Distant purple mountains framed lush green meadows speckled with brown dots of cattle. A silver river threaded through clumps of trees. In the middle of the valley, ranch buildings clustered around a large white house. Elizabeth inhaled crisp air into her lungs... ~ Debra Holland
Montana Romance quotes by Debra Holland
No man would ever hold me this well.
I was made to be wrapped in these arms.
A woman could tell a lot by the way a man holds her. She could tell if he had the strength to endure the rougher moments. If he had a mighty yet kind heart. If he could make her feel safe and cherished.
Beau's embrace said all that and more. ~ Devney Perry
Montana Romance quotes by Devney Perry
Somewhere in the state of Montana there had to be a woman he wanted to date more than once. Hell, he might propose on the second date if things ever got that far. All he had to do was find her. ~ Melissa McClone
Montana Romance quotes by Melissa McClone
You aren't a bit romantic, are you?" he asked, amused.
She sat back and stared at him. She was beginning to think that Neal required a keeper. He seemed to have the craziest ideas. "Romance? Isn't that love stuff?" She asked finally.
"It's more than just love. It's color, and-and fire. You don't want things magnificent and filled with-with grandeur," he said, trying to make her understand. "You know, drama. Importance. Transcendent Passion."
"I just want to be a knight," Kel retorted, putting her used tableware on her tray. "Eat your vegetables. They're good for you. ~ Tamora Pierce
Montana Romance quotes by Tamora Pierce
Heather leaned toward me and placed a soothing hand on my knee. "It'll be fine, sweetie. You'll see."
"I've never done anything like this. What if I can't go through with it? I'll feel like such a dolt."
"I won't let that happen. Once I get you warmed up, you'll forget all these silly insecurities. And I'd bet my favorite dildo that the instant you see Blake in the buff, you'll be damn glad you followed through on this little plan. ~ Anne Rainey
Montana Romance quotes by Anne Rainey
Life can be short and it's meant to be cherished and treasured - every second, every moment. Now, I'll love harder. I'll love fiercer. And I will not be afraid. ~ M.L. Rodriguez
Montana Romance quotes by M.L. Rodriguez
Now, it's undeniably true that male writers (including yours truly) are generally and commercially allowed to write about "girl stuff" without being penalized for doing so. In part this is the same old shit it's always been ... I've said before that men who write mostly about men win prizes for revealing the human condition, while women who write about both men and women are filed away as writing "womens' issues." Likewise, in fantasy, the imprimatur of a dude somehow makes stuff like romance, relationship drama, introspection, and adorable animal companions magically not girly after all.
In a sense, we male fantasists are allowed to be like money launderers for girl cooties."
[Game of Thrones and Invisible Cootie Vectors (blog post, March 30, 2014)] ~ Scott Lynch
Montana Romance quotes by Scott Lynch
While we're out shopping this afternoon, maybe we can find a Scottish man for me." Effie waggled her eyebrows. "I know just the size I want. ~ Vonnie Davis
Montana Romance quotes by Vonnie Davis
He caught her staring and smiled-not a conceited I-work-out-and-have-a-great-body type smirk, but more of a I'm-a-boy; you're-a-girl; life is good. ~ Cherise Sinclair
Montana Romance quotes by Cherise Sinclair
When I think about books, I touch my shelf. ~ Unknown
Montana Romance quotes by Unknown
Ned looked to DeVere. "You are the master of mayhem. Any brilliant ideas?"
"If we want him to leave the gate, we must provide proper motivation," DeVere answered.
"Such as?" Phoebe prompted.
"Let us keep to the basics, my pet. Men are primarily moved by either their stomachs or their cocks. If we cannot tempt the one, it must be the other."
Ned glared. "What are you suggesting?"
"Our little chambermaid can take the blighter off by offering him a hand job."
"The hell she will!" Ned barked before Phoebe could answer for herself. "Think of something else!"
"Come now, Ned. She'll be well compensated for her trouble. He laughed. "Hell, for a thousand, I might be tempted to do it myself."
A WILD NIGHT'S BRIDE ~ Victoria Vane
Montana Romance quotes by Victoria Vane
The bar was bursting with guys tonight - seriously, it was like Muscles R Us up in here, all filled-out chests and bulging arms with biceps upon biceps. ~ Cindi Madsen
Montana Romance quotes by Cindi Madsen
When had things gotten so tangled in her heart and mind? Everything had been clear at one point, hadn't it? No, she supposed it never had been perfectly clear. ~ L.A. Kuehlke
Montana Romance quotes by L.A. Kuehlke
The Winter Prince was before me, with his noble, knightly bearing and the impossible beauty that is paralytic at close range. And I wanted nothing more than to vanish into his arms, and his embrace, but I saw the look on his face and I remembered then that he was my enemy and that there was only one thing to do.
Run. ~ Kailin Gow
Montana Romance quotes by Kailin Gow
The stench of wolf - especially an Alpha - is very difficult to get out.
"Then you should keep your distance," she shot back. ~ Franca Storm
Montana Romance quotes by Franca Storm
You once said you might not mind being by the president's side," he says. My libido goes crazy under that smile. His words husky, seducing me. The proximity of his mouth to my earlobe making my heart go haywire.
"That was before," I whisper worriedly.
He captures my gaze with his powerful one. "Before you fell in love with me, or after? ~ Katy Evans
Montana Romance quotes by Katy Evans
Her ankle was screaming like a blonde in a horror flick ...
Huffing a little, she once more wished that being a witch was lot more like Harry Potter made it out to be and a lot less like being a good cook. This whole situation would be vastly improved if all she had to do was dig her magic wand out of her bag, point it at the security guards chasing her, and shout, Stupefy! ~ Christine Warren
Montana Romance quotes by Christine Warren
Eena focused on the younger version of herself. Her hair was tied back with a pink ribbon. The ruffled dress she wore was soiled up to the waist in wet grains of sand. A short, square shovel was gripped tightly as the child concentrated on her digging efforts.

Curious, Eena stepped closer to the girls. Ian followed along silently. Eena could feel his eyes on her, searching her profile before turning to the sand scene. She approached her younger self and stopped to watch. At first, she smiled at the darling ponytailed child. Then the spoiled girl's mouth opened.

"Angee," the five-year-old called the younger version of Angelle. "Go get water."

The older child jumped up at the command. "Yes, Eena."

"A whole bucket full."

"Yes, Eena."

"Angee, don't step on my holes!"

The older girl quickly picked up her foot, checking to be sure there were no child-made burrows nearby. She nodded at the little five-year-old. "Okay, Eena, I'll be careful."

Instead of being grateful, the ponytailed child tilted her head and bugged out her eyes. "Hurry up, Angee!"

"Okay, okay." The young Angelle lifted her skirt to watch for surrounding holes while carting a bucket in her other hand towards the lake.

Eena frowned at the sight. She heard Ian snicker beside her.

"I was a brat," she admitted ruefully.

"You still are. ~ Richelle E. Goodrich
Montana Romance quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
I'll treat you in a way that make other women jealous ~ Ismaaciil C. Ubax
Montana Romance quotes by Ismaaciil C. Ubax
Cooking's like making music." She threw him a smile. "It's the perfect storm of smell and touch and taste and even sound, you know? That sizzle in the pan, the pop of spices. The moment you turn the heat off and there, right there, the ingredients let off a warm, enveloping steam."

"I eat to survive," he said, matter-of-factly.

She opened her mouth, then shut it. Was it sad to eat for survival? That was exactly what they were doing right here and the pleasure of it was almost blinding. ~ Adriana Anders
Montana Romance quotes by Adriana Anders
Oh, God. God, isn't that perfect? He's Dad. He's Dad with a layer of nerd. Solid, steady, chipping away so patiently, you don't even know you've had your shields hacked down until you're defenseless. It's the type." "You're not in love with a type, you're in love with a man," Penny corrected. "Or you're not. ~ Nora Roberts
Montana Romance quotes by Nora Roberts
There's something about a cowboy... ~ Kathleen Ball
Montana Romance quotes by Kathleen Ball
They were opposite in so many ways, but it was the kind of difference that was balancing-her softness with his steel, his instinct and her logic. He was teaching her by example to have courage in the face of fear, and she badly wanted to help him give voice to his grief and understand it was all right to feel pain. ~ Melissa Cutler
Montana Romance quotes by Melissa Cutler
Promises from Lo are like bars at 2 a.m.--empty. ~ Krista Ritchie
Montana Romance quotes by Krista Ritchie
I want you to make love to me, Eros," he whispers in the darkness of the bedroom. "Now. Tomorrow. Always."

I kiss the tip of my finger and place it over his lips to stop him from saying more. I can't listen to him use words like always, or even tomorrow. As bad as I ache at the thought of watching him walk away from me, I know there is no tomorrow for the two of us, regardless of what happens with him and Kathleen.

"Ssh. Let's just enjoy tonight, okay? ~ Candi Kay
Montana Romance quotes by Candi Kay
Our hearts have already been broken. Maybe I can help to heal hers, even if it means ripping mine to shreds when she leaves and I have to say good-bye. ~ Debra Doxer
Montana Romance quotes by Debra Doxer
A hedgehog? And just how does a hedgehog make love?" he demanded.
No, I thought. I won't. I will not. But I did. "Very carefully," I replied, giggling helplessly. So now we know just how old that one is, I thought. ~ Diana Gabaldon
Montana Romance quotes by Diana Gabaldon
Sitting on couch, lying legs apart
Dark dirty naked. Smiling at me,
Wicked lazy lusty eyes. I moaned,
When saw movement inside his silent,
The thick forest of pubic hair. ~ Delicious David
Montana Romance quotes by Delicious David
Awareness seeped in and brought its friends Pain and Agony for a visit. ~ Hailey Edwards
Montana Romance quotes by Hailey Edwards
When you marry the one you love, everything is perfect ~ Nurilla Iryani
Montana Romance quotes by Nurilla Iryani
Their pull was undeniable, like fireworks on top of flaming bonfires. ~ Elena Kincaid
Montana Romance quotes by Elena Kincaid
With Wings of the Butterfly, John Urbancik infuses his tale of shapeshifters, romance and pack rivalry with some unexpected and welcome surprises. Fluid prose, gore galore and all-too human characters make this unusual, fast-paced novella a must for fans who like their horror served blood-rare. ~ Kealan Patrick Burke
Montana Romance quotes by Kealan Patrick Burke
I always say too much when I'm talking to you
that's one of the problems ... ~ Stephenie Meyer
Montana Romance quotes by Stephenie Meyer
There you go, getting all protective on me. You're worried about me, aren't you?" His voice practically purred at her, a sensual mixture of possession, desire and something else - affection. "Dio, bambino, I love that. ~ Christine Feehan
Montana Romance quotes by Christine Feehan
I had fallen head over heels in love with him. He had made romance and love real for me. My soul was forever intertwined with his, for better or worse, until death does us part. ~ Benjamin Jones
Montana Romance quotes by Benjamin Jones
Will this pain leave as quickly as you did? ~ Karl Kristian Flores
Montana Romance quotes by Karl Kristian Flores
Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you. ~ Myrna Ericksen
Montana Romance quotes by Myrna Ericksen
My mind is completely addicted to him. Jacobism - he's my disease. ~ Jessica Ingro
Montana Romance quotes by Jessica Ingro
Soft touches turn frantic. Gentle kisses become bruising. Rapid breaths progress to sensual moans. I allow the moment to completely take me; getting lost in the way her body responds to mine. ~ Heather M. Orgeron
Montana Romance quotes by Heather M. Orgeron
In college - while figuring the things out that most people do in college - I had no game. No confidence. I had Birkenstocks. And overalls. A budding romance novel addiction. But no cool. No poise. I was trying on a thousand different personalities, but a lot of them were formed by the perceptions of others. ~ Molly O'Keefe
Montana Romance quotes by Molly O'Keefe
Fuck, she's so fucking stubborn. ~ Anna Todd
Montana Romance quotes by Anna Todd
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