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Ideology represents the imaginary relationship of individuals to their real conditions of existence. ~ Louis Althusser
Monagous Relationship quotes by Louis Althusser
Your immune systems are comprised of all parts of the eco-system you know as yourself, and include not only every part of you, from your conscious and subconscious thoughts to your physical body systems, but also how you live and function in relationship with the larger ecosystems that surround you. ~ Robin Rose Bennett
Monagous Relationship quotes by Robin Rose Bennett
Theatre is done largely for the love of the craft. Television makes you famous. And films immortalize you. That's the relationship between the three. ~ Kabir Bedi
Monagous Relationship quotes by Kabir Bedi
Even though I was inexperienced with the opposite sex, I still craved the feel of a relationship, of a man's touch, of a kiss. It was an aspect of my life that I was sorely missing. ~ Meghan Quinn
Monagous Relationship quotes by Meghan Quinn
The key to healthy communication is having a willingness to lay aside our defensive tendencies and accept responsibility for our part of the relationship ~ Asa Don Brown
Monagous Relationship quotes by Asa Don Brown
It's not just land that is broken, but more importantly, our relationship to land. ~ Robin Wall Kimmerer
Monagous Relationship quotes by Robin Wall Kimmerer
Don't try to convince your partner you are right. Instead of trying to win arguments, try to have a winning relationship! ~ Karen Salmansohn
Monagous Relationship quotes by Karen Salmansohn
I have an evolving relationship with my father, and his memory, especially the older I get. I know that some of the things that interested him are things that interest me. ~ Chiwetel Ejiofor
Monagous Relationship quotes by Chiwetel Ejiofor
I began to formulate a new law describing the relationship of protection to despondency: A sad soul can kill you quicker--far quicker--than a germ. ~ John Steinbeck
Monagous Relationship quotes by John Steinbeck
Dad takes a step back, one hand still on my shoulder, and reaches into his pocket. He draws out a little blue capsule, and I feel every molecule in my body screaming to run. Dad must catch the panic in my eyes - he squeezes my shoulder and holds out the capsule. "Cas, it's fine. It's going to be fine. This is just in case."

Just in case. Just in case the worst happens. The ship falls. Durga fails, I fail, and the knowledge I carry as a Reckoner trainer must be disposed of. That information can't fall into the wrong hands, into the hands of people who will do anything to take down our beasts.

So this little capsule holds the pill that will kill me if it comes to that.

"It's waterproof," Dad continues, pressing it into my hand. "The pocket on the collar of your wetsuit, keep it there. It has to stay with you at all times."

It won't happen on this voyage. It's such a basic mission, gift-wrapped to be easy enough for me to handle on my own. But even holding the pill fills me with revulsion. On all my training voyages, I've never had to carry one of these capsules. That burden only goes to full-time trainers.

"Cas." Dad tilts my chin up, ripping my gaze from the pull. "You were born to do this. I promise you, you'll forget you even have it." I suppose he ought to know - he's been carrying one for two decades.

It's just a right of passage, I tell myself, and throw my arms around his neck once more. ~ Emily Skrutskie
Monagous Relationship quotes by Emily Skrutskie
The truth is, sometimes too much can happen in a relationship, and then there's nothing anyone can do or say. It's broken. ~ Gabrielle Zevin
Monagous Relationship quotes by Gabrielle Zevin
I hope everyone can examine what is the most important relationship in life - the relationship between parent and child. ~ Jet Li
Monagous Relationship quotes by Jet Li
One of the biggest relationship mistakes is trying to "make" another person happy. The only person you can make happy is yourself. We are each 100% responsible for our own happiness. Take responsibility for your own happiness and let everyone else take responsibility for theirs. ~ Karlyle Tomms
Monagous Relationship quotes by Karlyle Tomms
I am trying to inspire people to just take control of their oral health, because if we don't take care of our oral health, it affects so many different aspects of our lives. If your smile and mouth is not together, it affects your relationship, your self-esteem, your health. ~ Sherri Shepherd
Monagous Relationship quotes by Sherri Shepherd
We often seem to create meaning by complaining. This can feel momentarily satisfying, but ultimately it undermines the integrity of our experience. It sucks the meaning out of our work and out of our relationship to our ~ Alex Pattakos
Monagous Relationship quotes by Alex Pattakos
If it hadn't been for the tequila shots at the taco stand, I'd like to think I would have turned and walked away in a state of moral indignation. But the reality was that a platoon of Marines couldn't have kept me out of that hot tub. It was an auspicious start to an otherwise doomed relationship. I should have just enjoyed the first night of debauchery and walked away, but never one to let good sense in the way of good sex, I stuck around for the ride. ~ Anson Scott
Monagous Relationship quotes by Anson Scott
It was like everything that supported the relationship was coming from the outside. Judging by all the signs, we were a perfectly successful couple and John was an ideal husband for me - rich, blond, tall, sensitive, ad nauseam. But even worse, it seemed as if our most intimate conversations were based on what we were supposed to be saying, and what we were supposed to be. Nothing seemed to come directly from us. ~ Mary Gaitskill
Monagous Relationship quotes by Mary Gaitskill
I went my whole life without winning anything and now all of a sudden after years of hard work my dreams were coming true all at once and I didn't know how to deal with it. It felt like the world was changing its relationship with me but I had stayed the same. ~ Adi Shankar
Monagous Relationship quotes by Adi Shankar
Covenant. We were made for relationship with God. We were created for covenant relationships, relationships made more intimate because they are more binding. We were made to be his people, he our God. If we keep the covenant, there is the blessing of love and unity and peace. If we break the covenant, there is the curse of separation, aloneness. How can God be holy and still remain faithful to his people? Only through the death of Jesus on the cross - where both love and law are fulfilled, where the Lord became the perfect servant and fulfilled the covenant perfectly and fully on our behalf. Home and exile. The world was made ~ Timothy Keller
Monagous Relationship quotes by Timothy Keller
This is the secret of accompaniment. I will hold a mirror to you and show you your value, bear witness to your suffering, and to your light. And over time, you will do the same for me, for within the relationship lies the promise of our shared dignity and the mutual encouragement needed to do the hard things.
Whatever you aim to do, whatever problem you hope to address, remember to accompany those who are struggling, those who are left out, who lack the capabilities needed to solve their own problems. We are each other's destiny. Beneath the hard skills and firm strategic priorities needed to resolve our greatest challenges lies the soft, fertile ground of our shared humanity. In that place of hard and soft is sustenance enough to nourish the entire human family. ~ Jacqueline Novogratz
Monagous Relationship quotes by Jacqueline Novogratz
No more quickly can a person rob you of your joy and peace than when that individual succeeds at making you feel like you're less than worthy of God as compared to his/her own self. The old adage "You're on your way to hell, and I'm on my way to heaven" spoken or implied to another, is the most predominantly effective way to make someone feel better about himself; and he doesn't even have to prove he's better in this life on earth because now he can just say "Wait 'til I'm looking down at you while you're in hell!" But don't be robbed of your joy and peace, individuals or groups of people like that don't know where God is; He is a whisper-distance away from you, is all. ~ C. JoyBell C.
Monagous Relationship quotes by C. JoyBell C.
In the land you come from, you call us your conscience. In the land of Oomaldee, they call us innerus. Both consciences and innerus hail from the same species of innerbeings; we've always had a symbiotic relationship with humans. ~ L.R.W. Lee
Monagous Relationship quotes by L.R.W. Lee
Spirituality on the other hand, is a chosen path of developing intimate relationships with God. It's chosen, it's nurtured, and it's optional. ~ Caroline Myss
Monagous Relationship quotes by Caroline Myss
We were in darkness when we were outside of the knowledge of Jesus and when we were not followers of Him. Yet now that we have this knowledge of Jesus Christ and this relationship with Him, we have become light and we are to live as light. ~ Todd Coburn
Monagous Relationship quotes by Todd Coburn
Life and death in a relationship depend on attitudes. ~ Laurel Lea
Monagous Relationship quotes by Laurel Lea
A relationship with young people is very important to me. It's important to have a sense of what's going on in their world and not just in my own. So the opportunity teaching provides is a gift. ~ Grace Paley
Monagous Relationship quotes by Grace Paley
Jane, my little darling (so I will call you, for so you are), you don't know what you are talking about; you misjudge me again: it is not because she is mad I hate her. If you were mad, do you think I should hate you?"

"I do indeed, sir."

"Then you are mistaken, and you know nothing about me, and nothing about the sort of love of which I am capable. Every atom of your flesh is as dear to me as my own: in pain and sickness it would still be dear. Your mind is my treasure, and if it were broken, it would be my treasure still: if you raved, my arms should confine you, and not a strait waistcoat--your grasp, even in fury, would have a charm for me: if you flew at me as wildly as that woman did this morning, I should receive you in an embrace, at least as fond as it would be restrictive. I should not shrink from you with disgust as I did from her: in your quiet moments you should have no watcher and no nurse but me; and I could hang over you with untiring tenderness, though you gave me no smile in return; and never weary of gazing into your eyes, though they had no longer a ray of recognition for me. ~ Charlotte Bronte
Monagous Relationship quotes by Charlotte Bronte
A band is like a marriage, and if you're in a marriage with someone, and you lose yourself in that marriage, the relationship is over, really. ~ Richie Sambora
Monagous Relationship quotes by Richie Sambora
Relationship Time to Aloneness. Having a companion fixes you in time and that of the present, but when the quality of aloneness settles down, past, present and future all flow together. A memory, a present event, and a forecast all equally present. ~ John Steinbeck
Monagous Relationship quotes by John Steinbeck
It's enough for me... I saw the image

We were together
We were friends
We were in relationship

Memories are enough...

THAT ARE FAKE ONE... it happens just once or twice sometimes... ~ Deyth Banger
Monagous Relationship quotes by Deyth Banger
It's better to have nobody, than to have someone who is half there, or doesn't want to be there ~ Angelina Jolie
Monagous Relationship quotes by Angelina Jolie
Seth's quote from his book:
"And if I only could
I'd make a deal with God and I'd get Him to swap our places"
-"Running up that Hill" by Kate Bush ~ Richelle Mead
Monagous Relationship quotes by Richelle Mead
There's a really unique relationship between a single parent and their child. Marriages so easily break up. There's kind of this temporary deal about marriages. That's one of the things that makes it stressful, and that's something that's nonexistent in a parent-child relationship. ~ Jeremy Sisto
Monagous Relationship quotes by Jeremy Sisto
Well, look at it this way," Robin reasoned as I sat with him and Geoff at their kitchen table that night, half-plastered from the pitcher of margarita they'd blended up. Was I going to have a tequila hangover in the morning? Oh, honey, you bet your sweet ass I was. And how many fucks did I give?
Not a one.
"Even if you were overreacting to read what you read into this guy's offer - which I don't think you were, though I doubt he actually thought it through enough to intend it to be read that way - you still have to ask yourself: What's in it for you, hanging around some motel room waiting for a married man to make a booty call? What benefit would you get out of that situation, or out of prolonging your relationship with him? He might not have meant it to be an insulting offer, but it was absolutely a one hundred percent selfish offer. There was no upside for you whatsoever, unless the sex really was just that amazing. ~ Amelia C. Gormley
Monagous Relationship quotes by Amelia C. Gormley
But here is the catch: There is nothing we can do to cause God to love us more, and there is nothing we can do to cause God to love us less. We live and exist in His pure, unrelenting, and infinite grace. That means we can relax in our relationship with Him. We are worthy of Him because He has made us worthy. We are called His friends and His brothers because He has made us family. When we come to understand His grace, we can stop striving for His love and acceptance because through His grace we live in His love and acceptance all the time. ~ T.J. Addington
Monagous Relationship quotes by T.J. Addington
If he mistreated and abused his last girlfriend, why would you want to be his new girlfriend? ~ Karen E. Quinones Miller
Monagous Relationship quotes by Karen E. Quinones Miller
As you always discover when you make something, typically if your object isn't frivolous, people's relationship to it isn't frivolous. ~ Akiva Goldsman
Monagous Relationship quotes by Akiva Goldsman
If you're trying to do something where you will inevitably fail and be rejected repeatedly before you achieve your goal, then you will need a nonstandard relationship with winning, focusing on incremental goals. ~ Emily Nagoski
Monagous Relationship quotes by Emily Nagoski
People into hard sciences, neurophysiology, often ignore a core philosophical question: 'What is the relationship between our unique, inner experience of conscious awareness and material substance?' The answer is: We don't know, and some people are so terrified to say, 'I don't know.' ~ Raymond Moody
Monagous Relationship quotes by Raymond Moody
Sometimes, we get too keen and in a haste to make new relationships, learn new things, stumble upon new ideas . . . .
Always tending to the unknown and easily excited by the mysterious, that we lose value for and forget to appreciate the things and people that have brought and kept us going this far. Keep the things and people which are sure, else they, too, become mysterious and unknown. ~ Ufuoma Apoki
Monagous Relationship quotes by Ufuoma Apoki
Losses and other events - whether anticipated or actual - can lead to feelings of shame, humiliation, or despair and may serve as triggering events for suicidal behavior. Triggering events include losses, such as the breakup of a relationship or a death; academic failures; trouble with authorities, such as school suspensions or legal difficulties; bullying; or health problems. This is especially true for youth already vulnerable because of low self-esteem or a mental disorder, such as depression. Help is available and should be arranged. - American Association of Suicidology ~ Sue Klebold
Monagous Relationship quotes by Sue Klebold
It was a real treat when he'd read me Daisy Miller out loud. But we'd reached the point in our relationship when, in a straight choice between him and Henry James, I'd have taken Henry James any day even if Henry James were dead and not much of a one for the girls when living, either. ~ Angela Carter
Monagous Relationship quotes by Angela Carter
[The scientist] believes passionately in facts, in measured facts. He believes there are no bad facts, that all facts are good facts, though they may be facts about bad things, and his intellectual satisfaction can come only from the acquisition of accurately known facts, from their organization into a body of knowledge, in which the inter-relationship of the measured facts is the dominant consideration. ~ Robert Watson-Watt
Monagous Relationship quotes by Robert Watson-Watt
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