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#1. Then there was this freedom the little guys were always getting killed for. Was it freedom from another country? Freedom from work or disease or death? Freedom from your mother-in-law? Please mister give us a bill of sale on this freedom before we go out and get killed. Give us a bill of sale drawn up plainly in advance what we're getting killed for ... so we can be sure after we've won your war that we've got the same kind of freedom we bargained for. - Author: Dalton Trumbo
Mister Miyagi quotes by Dalton Trumbo
#2. Don't hit your posset with a stick mister, it tends to make you cough. - Author: John Wayne
Mister Miyagi quotes by John Wayne
#3. I want you to love me," he said and saw the derision in her face. "I want you to trust me enough to let me love you, and I want you to stay here with me so we can build a life together. That's what I want." Her anger dissolved at his sincerity. "Mister, can't you understand that's impossible?" "Anything's possible." "You don't have any idea who and what I am other than what you've created in your own mind." "Then tell me. - Author: Francine Rivers
Mister Miyagi quotes by Francine Rivers
#4. Mister whoever-the-fuck you are," said Shadow, just loud enough to be heard over the din of the engines, "there isn't enough money in the world. - Author: Neil Gaiman
Mister Miyagi quotes by Neil Gaiman
#5. There's no i in team, mister! - Author: Darynda Jones
Mister Miyagi quotes by Darynda Jones
#6. Oh, my god!" I said to Reyes, my eyes radiating accusations at him. "She took your picture? Just what kind of game are you playing? You're under arrest, mister." His mouth tilted and a dimple emerged on one cheek as I took his wrist and threw him against a wall. Or, well, urged him toward it. I held him against the cool wood with one hand and frisked him with the other. - Author: Darynda Jones
Mister Miyagi quotes by Darynda Jones
#7. He thought here you are Joe Bonham lying like a side of beef all the rest of your life and for what? Somebody tapped you on the shoulder and said come along son we're going to war. So you went. But why? In any other deal even like buying a car or running an errand you had the right to say what's there in it for me? Otherwise you'd be buying bad cars for too much money or running errands for fools and starving to death. It was a kind of duty you owed yourself that when anybody said come on son do this or do that you should stand up and say look mister why should I do this for who am I doing it and what am I going to get out of it in the end? But when a guy comes along and says here come with me and risk your life and maybe die or be crippled why then you've got no rights. You haven't even the right to say yes or no or I'll think it over. There are plenty of laws to protect guys' money even in war time but there's nothing on the books says a man's life's his own. Of - Author: Dalton Trumbo
Mister Miyagi quotes by Dalton Trumbo
#8. O it's Tommy this, an'Tommy that, an' "Tommy, go away": But it's "Thank you, Mister Adkins," when the band begins to play ... - Author: Rudyard Kipling
Mister Miyagi quotes by Rudyard Kipling
#9. Mania, my dear Mister Bond, is as priceless as genius. Dissipation - Author: Ian Fleming
Mister Miyagi quotes by Ian Fleming
#10. Mister Cameron - I have read the unexpurgated Ovid, the love poems of Sappho, the Decameron in the original, and a great many texts in Greek and Latin histories that were not though fit for proper gentlemen to read, much less proper ladies. I know in precise detail what Caligula did to, and with, his sisters, and I can quote it to you in Latin or in my own translation if you wish. I am interested in historical truth, and truth in history is often unpleasant and distasteful to those of fine sensibility. I frankly doubt that you will produce anything to shock me. - Author: Mercedes Lackey
Mister Miyagi quotes by Mercedes Lackey
#11. Really?" Mister Sun said. "You killed a man with the same knife you use to make brunch, and you're suddenly squeamish about a hammer. - Author: Warren Ellis
Mister Miyagi quotes by Warren Ellis
#12. Gus, do I have to put you in a cage or something? Because I will! Don't push it, mister!"
"As an officer of the court, I feel obliged to speak up and tell you that child imprisonment is against the law," I said.
"Right. Well, then, I'll take that as your offer to babysit all four of my precious angels when you get home."
"Then again, cages can be very comfortable. - Author: Kristan Higgins
Mister Miyagi quotes by Kristan Higgins
#13. If you want me, you'll have to earn me. And, mister, I don't come cheap. - Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Mister Miyagi quotes by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
#14. A rattle of dishes warned of a servant's entry into the hall, but Christopher was incensed, and half turning with a growl, he gestured Paine back.
"Get out of here, man!"
"Christopher!" Erienne gasped and took two halting steps to follow the befuddled servant, but Christopher came around to face her with a glare.
"Stay where you are, madam! I am not finished with you."
"You have no right to give orders here," she protested, her own ire growing. "This is my husband's house!"
"I'll give orders when and where I damn well please, and for once, you will stand and listen until I'm through!"
More than a trifle outraged herself, Erienne hurled back her answer. "You may command the men on your ship to your will, Mister Seton, but you have no such authority here! Good day to you!"
Catching up her skirts, she whirled and stalked toward the tower until she heard the sound of rapid footsteps coming behind her, then a sudden panic seized her that he would make such a scene that she would not be able to face the servants… or her husband. She raced into the entry, stepping over the puddle, and took to the stairs, forcing every bit of strength she could into her limbs. She had barely gained the fourth step when she heard sliding feet, a loud thump, and then a painful grunt followed by an angry curse.
When she whirled, Christopher was just coming to rest in a heap against the wall after sliding across the floor, partway on his back. For a moment - Author: Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
Mister Miyagi quotes by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
#15. Why are the people all so unhappy?" he asked Mister Wolf. "They have a stern and demanding God," Wolf replied. "Which God is that?" Garion asked. "Money," Wolf said. - Author: David Eddings
Mister Miyagi quotes by David Eddings
#16. Despite my struggles, Mister had been an understanding soul, and I eventually came to realize that I was a part of his little family, and by his gracious consent was allowed to remain in his apartment. Cats. Go figure. I - Author: Jim Butcher
Mister Miyagi quotes by Jim Butcher
#17. Is that you, Sergeant Angua?" said a voice in the gloom. A lantern was open, and lit the approaching face of Constable Visit. As he drew near, she could just make out the thick wad of pamphlets under his other arm.
"Hello, Washpot," she said. "What's up?"
" ... looks like a twist of lemon ... " said a damp voice from the shadows.
"Mister Vimes sent me to search the bars of iniquity and low places of sin for you," said Visit.
"And the literature?" said Angua. "By the way, the words "nothing personal" could have so easily been added to that last sentence. - Author: Terry Pratchett
Mister Miyagi quotes by Terry Pratchett
#18. There is a game in England, or there was when I was growing up, called What's the Time, Mister Wolf? It's - Author: Neil Gaiman
Mister Miyagi quotes by Neil Gaiman
#19. Mister Trod?" said Bod. "Tell me about revenge."
"Dish best served cold." said Nehemiah Trot. - Author: Neil Gaiman
Mister Miyagi quotes by Neil Gaiman
#20. Another suitor you failed to mention?" he asked, only half in jest.

Her eyes widened innocently, she started to shake her head - and froze.

"Look mister," Jim said tiredly. "I don't know who you are, and I don't care. You're too damn old for her-"

"Hi, Daddy. - Author: Connie Brockway
Mister Miyagi quotes by Connie Brockway
#21. Fynn, I love you.' When Anna said that, every word was shattered with the fullness of meaning she packed into it. Her 'I' was a totality. Whatever this 'I' was for Anna it was packed tight with being. Like the light that didn't fray, Anna's 'I' didn't fray either; it was pure and all of one piece. Her use of the word 'love' was not sentimental or mushy, it was impelling and full of courage and encouragement. For Anna, 'love' meant the recognition of perfectibility in another. Anna 'saw' a person in every part. Anna 'saw' a 'you'. Now that is something to experience, to be seen as a 'you', clearly and definitely, with no parts hidden. Wonderful and frightening. I'd always understood that it was Mister God who saw you clearly and in your entirety but then all Anna's efforts were directed to being like Mister God, so perhaps the trick is catching if only you try hard enough. - Author: Fynn
Mister Miyagi quotes by Fynn
#22. From the hills in the early dawn,
Small, thin, mist-wreathed, she came upon him;
Hair sodden to the brow,
Eyes like agates,
Lips apart, tongue flicking at words frozen in her head.
Gliding to his feet,
She caught his hand and said
'come help me, mister, or she'll be dead. - Author: Catherine Cookson
Mister Miyagi quotes by Catherine Cookson
#23. Stop to read good writers who are witty and are fun, 'cause that's the kind of fuel on which your Train of Thought will run. - Author: Mister Lemur
Mister Miyagi quotes by Mister Lemur
#24. Ford didn't know what to do with Mister Roberts that wasn't repeating what was successful in New York. He was trying to do things to the play that would be his in the film. - Author: Henry Fonda
Mister Miyagi quotes by Henry Fonda
#25. I don't know what young fellows want to go in for those sort of things for?" I said. "Wars are a waste of time; and advertising is all lies." "I am afraid, my dear Mister Le Page," he said, looking very sorry for me, "you are an anachronism. - Author: G.B. Edwards
Mister Miyagi quotes by G.B. Edwards
#26. So you never really tried to solve the problem.
Oh, c'mon. Can you ever "solve" poverty? Can you ever "solve" crime? Can you ever "solve" disease, unemployment, war, or any other societal herpes? Hell no. All you can hope for is to make them manageable enough to allow people to get on with their lives. That's not cynicism, that's maturity. You can't stop the rain. All you can do is just build a roof that you hope won't leak, or at least won't leak on the people who are gonna vote for you.
What does that mean?
C'mon ...
Seriously. What does that mean?
Fine, whatever, "Mister Smith goes to motherfuckin' Washington," it means that, in politics, you focus on the needs of your power base. Keep them happy, and they keep you in office. - Author: Max Brooks
Mister Miyagi quotes by Max Brooks
#27. Look Mister, I don't care what you think, you are bald. If the census had a "bald" category, You'd be in it, no problem. If you go to heaven, you're going to bald heaven. If you go to hell, you're going to bald hell. Have you got that straight? Then stop looking away from the truth. Let's go now. I'm taking you straight to bald heaven, nonstop. - Author: Haruki Murakami
Mister Miyagi quotes by Haruki Murakami
#28. Well then, I'll take a whole heap of that emancipation, Mister Jesse. Yes, sir, a whole heap." -Cyrus

A Glimpse Of Freedom - Author: M.A. Bookout
Mister Miyagi quotes by M.A. Bookout
#29. Never apologize, mister, it's a sign of weakness. - Author: John Wayne
Mister Miyagi quotes by John Wayne
#30. What is it you want the most? Money, love, fame, happiness? Make your choice, you only get one. Make it, and blow out the candles, spin the wheel, say the prayer. You only get one of them, so make it last.
What is it you want the most?
My name's Fate, Mister Fate to you, children, and whatever it is you want the most, make sure...
Very sure...
Because I'm gonna make sure it's the one thing you never get. - Author: Douglas Clegg
Mister Miyagi quotes by Douglas Clegg
#31. Dear, Missus, Mister - I beg you never to give thoughts to war, in no way, not to work for it, not by writing nor by reading about it nor by looking at the pictures nor on the television about it. Not in any way ever, at all. Not by being a soldier, sailor, airman, work in factory or above all at atom bombs. Above all at atom bombs. No obligation for this, dear fellow creature. Signed Your Fellow Creature.'
'P.S.,' said Gerald slowly, without turning from the window, 'If we all do this, we shall succeed. - Author: Stella Gibbons
Mister Miyagi quotes by Stella Gibbons
#32. With cities, as with people, Mister Vandemar," said Mr. Croup, fastidiously, "the condition of the bowels is all-important. - Author: Neil Gaiman
Mister Miyagi quotes by Neil Gaiman
#33. Long before I was old enough for "the talk," Mom told me about sex. She said she'd had lots of it in her life, but married sex was probably her favorite. Still Mom also warned me not to expect fireworks like in the ones in Mister Heist's romance novels every time. Some nights, even two old friends deciding to get as close as humanly possible could still be worlds apart. - Author: Brain Vaughan
Mister Miyagi quotes by Brain Vaughan
#34. Now you listen here, mister," I said, trying for a more adult tone. "I'm not going to spend every night listening to you try to crash you girl's head through my wall with the force of your dick alone! - Author: Alice Clayton
Mister Miyagi quotes by Alice Clayton
#35. And Master
or Mister
Sloppy?' said the Secretary, in doubt whether he was man, boy, or what. - Author: Charles Dickens
Mister Miyagi quotes by Charles Dickens
#36. College is not about being top of your class or getting high grades, it's about surviving your course. - Author: -Mister Banatero
Mister Miyagi quotes by -Mister Banatero
#37. You don't sell a film by saying you won't show it. There may be secrets too horrible for a man to know and keep his own sanity but that won't go down in Hollywood, Mister. - Author: William S. Burroughs
Mister Miyagi quotes by William S. Burroughs
#38. Behold Vo Mimbre," Mandorallen proclaimed with pride, "queen of cities. Upon that rock the tide of Angarak crashed and recoiled and crashed again. Upon this field met they their ruin. The soul and pride of Arendia doth reside within that fortress and the power of the Dark One may not prevail against it."
"We've been here before, Mendorallen," Mister Wolf said sourly. - Author: David Eddings
Mister Miyagi quotes by David Eddings
#39. Guy? Mister? Mr. Goth Man, would you please wake up so I can leave? I really don't want to hang out in a closet with a dead man any longer than I have to, okay? C'mon, please, don't make this a Weekend at Bernie's thing! (Amanda) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Mister Miyagi quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#40. Aomame gave him a perfunctory smile. I don't give a shit about your business, mister, she thought, I just happen to like the shape of your head. - Author: Haruki Murakami
Mister Miyagi quotes by Haruki Murakami
#41. She patted him on the arm. "You're fucked up, Mister. But you're cool."
"I believe that's what they call the human condition," said Shadow. - Author: Neil Gaiman
Mister Miyagi quotes by Neil Gaiman
#42. Dunce is completely bald and has a really pointed head so the temptation to get him paralytic on his thirtieth birthday, carry him to the tattooist's and get a nice big 'D' smack bang in the middle of his forehead was too much for me. Trouble is he can't afford to have it removed so he wears a big plaster over it. Gangs of children tease him.

'What's underneath the plaster, mister? Show us!'

They swear he has a third eye under there.

My name is Bill but Dunce calls me 'Fez' on account of my hat. I've known Dunce for over sixteen years. - Author: Mike Russell
Mister Miyagi quotes by Mike Russell
#43. The Mets lose an awful lot?
Listen, mister. Think a little bit.
When was the last time you won anything out of life? - Author: Jimmy Breslin
Mister Miyagi quotes by Jimmy Breslin
#44. You saying killing a rat would be murder?" said Raufman.
"Yes. Of course."
"But it's just - "
"Talk to the paw, mister, 'cos the whiskers don't want to know! - Author: Terry Pratchett
Mister Miyagi quotes by Terry Pratchett
#45. Mister, we deal in lead. - Author: Stephen King
Mister Miyagi quotes by Stephen King
#46. Our hopes rest with you, Mister Brekker. If you fail, all the world will suffer for it."
"Oh, it's worse than that, Van Eck. If I fail, I don't get paid."
The look of disgust on the merch's face was something that deserved its own DeKappel oil to commemorate it.
"Don't look so disappointed. Just think how miserable you would have been to discover this canal rat had a patriotic streak. You might actually have had to uncurl that lip and treat me with something closer to respect."
"Thank you for sparing me that discomfort - Author: Leigh Bardugo
Mister Miyagi quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#47. HANNAH: You had a vision.
PRIOR: A vision. Thank you, Maria Ouspenskaya. I'm not so far gone I can be assuaged by pity and lies.
HANNAH: I don't have pity. It's just not something I have.
(Little pause)
One hundred and seventy years ago, which is recent, an angel of God appeared to Joseph Smith in upstate
New York, not far from here. People have visions.
PRIOR: But that's preposterous, that's ...
HANNAH: It's not polite to call other people's beliefs preposterous.
He had great need of understanding. Our Prophet. His desire made prayer. His prayer made an angel. The angel was real. I believe that.
PRIOR: I don't. And I'm sorry but it's repellent to me. So much of what you believe.
HANNAH: What do I believe?
PRIOR: I'm a homosexual. With AIDS. I can just imagine what you ...
HANNAH: No you can't. Imagine. The things in my head.
You don't make assumptions about me, mister; I won't make them about you. - Author: Tony Kushner
Mister Miyagi quotes by Tony Kushner
#48. You don't understand. When I was seven, Mum bought me a rabbit, Mister Fluffy. For two weeks, Dad paid more attention to that rabbit than he did to me. He played with it, he took it on walks, he practically tucked it in at night. And that was a rabbit. Imagine what he's going to be like with a baby." "But after those two weeks, once the novelty wore off, he was back to normal, wasn't he?" "I don't think it was because the novelty wore off. I think it was because he stood on Mister Fluffy." "Pardon? - Author: Derek Landy
Mister Miyagi quotes by Derek Landy

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