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#1. Diyar-e-Ishq Mein Apna Maqam Paida Kar,
Naya Zamana, Naye Subah-o-Sham Paida Kar;

Khuda Agar Dil-e-Fitrat Shanas De Tujh Ko,
Sakoot-e-Lala-o-Gul Se Kalaam Paida Kar;

Mera Tareeq Ameeri Nahin, Faqeeri Hai,
Khudi Na Baich, Ghareebi Mein Naam Paida Kar

Build in love's empire your hearth and your home;
Build Time anew, a new dawn, a new eve!

Your speech, if God give you the friendship of Nature,
From the rose and tulip's long silence weave

The way of the hermit, not fortune, is mine;
Sell not your soul! In a beggar's rags shine. - Author: Muhammad Iqbal
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by Muhammad Iqbal
#2. When cowards hide behind great walls, it is they who are defeated, Khaleesi," Ko Jhogo said. Her other bloodriders concurred. "Blood of my blood," said Rakharo, "when cowards hide and burn the food and fodder, great khals must seek for braver foes. This is known. - Author: George R R Martin
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by George R R Martin
#3. If Gran says, 'Reach for the stars
that way, if you miss, you'll land on the moon,' then Mama says, 'If you spend all your time reaching for the stars, don't come crying to me when you walk right into a tree. - Author: Sarah Rubin
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by Sarah Rubin
#4. Spread the glad tidings that it will not disappoint Miss Heyer's many admirers. Judging from the letters I've received from obviously feeble-minded persons who do so wish I would write another These Old Shades, it ought to sell like hot cakes. I think myself I ought to be shot for writing such nonsense, but it's questionably good escapist literature and I think I should rather like it if I were sitting in an air-raid shelter, or recovering from flu. Its period detail is good; my husband says it's witty
and without going to these lengths, I will say that it is very good fun. - Author: Georgette Heyer
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by Georgette Heyer
#5. What we miss - what we lose and what we mourn - isn't it this that makes us who, deep down, we truly are. To say nothing of what we wanted in life but never got to have. - Author: Sigrid Nunez
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by Sigrid Nunez
#6. I don't mind walking. I always feel so sorry for women who don't like to walk; they miss so much
so many rare little glimpses of life; and we women learn so little of life on the whole. - Author: Kate Chopin
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by Kate Chopin
#7. She leaves an empty hole behind her. There was this feeling of optimism and joy in the house when she was around that's now turned into void. Like Vincent, I feel hollow. Sad. And as the days pass, I begin to realize I've grown to care for Kate. Not as my best friend's girlfriend, but as someone in and of herself. And I realize I miss her. - Author: Amy Plum
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by Amy Plum
#8. Since I've been in the U.S. I've lost the back of my heart, 15 ft. of intestine and my marriage - and God, I miss my intestine. - Author: Nigel Lythgoe
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by Nigel Lythgoe
#9. What do I miss, as a human being, if I have never heard of the Second Law of Thermodynamics? The answer is: Nothing. And what do I miss by not knowing Shakespeare? Unless I get my understanding from another source, I simply miss my life. Shall we tell our children that one thing is as good as another-- here a bit of knowledge of physics, and there a bit of knowledge of literature? If we do so, the sins of the fathers will be visited upon the children unto the third and fourth generation, because that normally is the time it takes from the birth of an idea to its full maturity when it fills the minds of a new generation and makes them think by it.

Science cannot produce ideas by which we could live. - Author: Ernst F. Schumacher
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by Ernst F. Schumacher
#10. I am very good at my job, Miss Rousseau. I was told to find Samantha Rousseau, and I have. The duchess' reasons are her own." He shrugged. "Of course, falconry is a large sport in our country. Perhaps it has something to do with that. - Author: Nichole Chase
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by Nichole Chase
#11. Death has an opposite, but the opposite is not mere living. It is not courage or faith or human will. The opposite of death is love. How had I missed that? How does anyone miss that? Love is our only weapon. Only love can turn mere life into a miracle, and draw precious meaning from suffering and fear - Author: Nando Parrado
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by Nando Parrado
#12. Eager to hear more about the aforementioned behaviors of the ill-bred Miss Bowman, Livia leaned back against the edge of the desk, facing Marcus. "I wonder what Miss Bowman did to offend you so?" she mused aloud. "Do tell, Marcus. If not, my imagination will surely conjure up something far more scandalous than poor Miss Bowman is capable of."
"Poor Miss Bowman?" Marcus snorted. "Don't ask, Livia. I'm not at liberty to discuss it."
Like most men, Marcus didn't seem to understand that nothing torched the flames of a woman's curiosity more violently than a subject that one was not at liberty to discuss. "Out with it, Marcus," she commanded. "Or I shall make you suffer in unspeakable ways."
One of his brows lifted in a sardonic arch. "Since the Bowmans have already arrived, that threat is redundant. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#13. Why else would you spend so much time helping Miss Fosters causes?"

"Uh... you've seen how cute she is, right?" Keefe asked. - Author: Shannon Messenger
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by Shannon Messenger
#14. You do not esteem good deeds?" She shifted the basket handle to both hands, just as a cool breeze blew a bonnet string across her face.
"My dear Miss Keene, what would the world be without them?"
He brushed the string from her cheek. "Are we not admonished to be doers and not merely hearers of His word? Yet not on a mountain of good deeds can we climb our way to heaven. - Author: Julie Klassen
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by Julie Klassen
#15. Those icy bright eyes left her and shifted to his buddy. The frown didn't leave his face. "You look like
"And you're Miss America. - Author: J.R. Ward
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by J.R. Ward
#16. At least to look back over their own lives, as I have looked back over mine, for certain themes and patterns and signals that are so easy to miss when you're caught up in the process of living them. If God speaks to us at all other than through such official channels as the Bible and the church, then I think he speaks to us largely through what happens to us, so listen to what has happened to you-for the sound, above all else, of his voice. - Author: Frederick Buechner
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by Frederick Buechner
#17. It's a younger generation running the show, and I miss the generation we had in the '70s. They were really very honorable guys, like Neal Bogart and Bill Graham, people who will never be around again. - Author: Peter Criss
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by Peter Criss
#18. Most people don't know there are angels whose only job is to make sure you don't get too comfortable & fall asleep & miss your life. - Author: Brian Andreas
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by Brian Andreas
#19. Mr. Rochester had again summoned the ladies round him, and was selecting certain of their number to be of his party. "Miss Ingram is mine, of course," said he: afterwards he named the two Misses Eshton, and Mrs. Dent. He looked at me: I happened to be near him, as I had been fastening - Author: Charlotte Bronte
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by Charlotte Bronte
#20. I am not sure how much Dudley will feature just because of the grand scale of the film and the fact that there are so many stories and characters to tie up. I haven't seen the film yet but I think it will be a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, but it was nice just to round it off and give it some closure. - Author: Harry Melling
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by Harry Melling
#21. Some of these days,
Oh, you'll miss me honey - Author: Jean-Paul Sartre
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by Jean-Paul Sartre
#22. You can love someone so much ... But you can never love people as much as you can miss them. - Author: John Green
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by John Green
#23. When heart pushes you to do something you always wanted, never back down because life may not again give you a second chance and moreover, we use our mind a lot for good and evil purposes on a day to day basis so let's give Miss or Mr heart a fair chance..... it may not change your life upside down but it will somehow bring a smile on your face always..... that's life - short lived but happily lived - Author: Ayaan Basu
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by Ayaan Basu
#24. Miss Edith Clay brightened the room with her presence. Just from walking through the door, she'd made the room a happier place. This was true despite his having spent the last several months assuring himself his recollection of her had to be incorrect. His recollection was not incorrect. It was appallingly accurate. - Author: Carolyn Jewel
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by Carolyn Jewel
#25. Make no excuses for the devils that will not excuse you of their burdens, Miss Crane. - Darien Nicodemeus; Chapter Sixteen - The Giant's Return - Author: S.C. Parris
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by S.C. Parris
#26. It is so rightly said that you only live once, but if you live it right, once is enough. Let you remind yourself that you are not only one in billions of people, but you are once in a lifetime kind of person. Let you leave no kind word unsaid, leave no good deed undone & never miss a single opportunity of celebration, occasion or possibility of feeling good or making your life & your world more beautiful. Let you stop sitting on fence waiting for your turn foolishly or just hanging on to the handrails. Let you opt for the joyful ride of your life everyday & throw as much paint as you can on the canvas of your life making it more irresistible, graceful & meaningful. Let you realize that any time spent on being unhappy, detesting or loathing is wasted. Stay Blessed & Keep Being Awesome! - Author: Rajesh Goyal
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by Rajesh Goyal
#27. There was something about Miss Lyndon that made him glad she was on his side. Not that he thought she would make a vicious enemy, just that she seemed loyal, level-headed, and fair. And she had a wicked sense of humor. Just the sort of person a man would want standing beside him when he needed support. - Author: Julia Quinn
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by Julia Quinn
#28. Be present. I would encourage you with all my heart just to be present. Be present and open to the moment that is unfolding before you. Because, ultimately, your life is made up of moments. So don't miss them by being lost in the past or anticipating the future. - Author: Jessica Lange
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by Jessica Lange
#29. I miss the reference section at the library. I used to go there twice a week on missions. Now everywhere's a research library and I can't get an elitist kick from it any more. - Author: Douglas Coupland
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by Douglas Coupland
#30. Watching this little scene makes my throat ache. It seems an apt metaphor for the role most men play--even in egalitarian modern marriages--as quasi-outsiders in their own families. Of course, men have always contributed importantly to the family, and our wives and children would miss us if we were gone. But there's also a tacit understanding that we are the expendable ones: if something evil comes through the front door, everyone knows whose job it is to die guarding the family's retreat out the back. Men are a little on the periphery of family life, cut off from the biologically precious mother and children as though by an invisible pane of glass. - Author: Jonathan Gottschall
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by Jonathan Gottschall
#31. It had only been two days – two days – since he'd seen her last, and yet he'd missed her every step of the way. How was that possible? To miss someone you'd scarcely had in your life at all? For all his knowledge, he had no answer, only knew that every moment spent by her side made it that much more difficult to leave again. To accept the incoming battering of noise, the necessary barrenness of his life. The loneliness.

He could hear the music of her voice so clearly as she spoke now, every inflection, every intonation. And the world around them, too – birds on the wing and children laughing. Her presence was a continual surprise, one that made him by turns calm and edgy and covetous. And mindful, his responsibilities, self-appointed though they were, crowding back into his mind on a silent sigh. The Descent was still closing in on him, and Dmitri still lived, which meant there was too much left to do and no time for distraction. But still... - Author: Angela B. Wade
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by Angela B. Wade
#32. But now changing the subject, I want to talk about my parents and how much I miss them in my life, all because I am away from them in this moment. But I still feel happy for the reason that they are well and alive and no away will separate me really from them and not even them from me.

Accidentally Angels 2 - Pet TorreS - Author: Pet Torres
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by Pet Torres
#33. For the pageants, it was my mother who got me involved in Miss America. It really gave me the opportunity to sing all around New Hampshire. And it was great when I was young, but looking back, it was also unbelievably stressful. - Author: Jane Badler
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by Jane Badler
#34. As I load my shirt into the washer for the night, I daydream about making a sign and hanging it around my neck. It could read, I MISS CHARLIE KHAN.
As I drive home, I picture other signs- one for everyone who has a secret. Bill Coro's would say, I CAN'T READ, BUT I CAN THROW A FOOTBALL. Me. Shunk's would read, I WISH I COULD TOSS YOU ALL ON AN ISLAND BY YOURSELVES. Dad's would read, I HATE MYSELF FOR NO GOOD REASON. - Author: A.S. King
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by A.S. King
#35. Will Jehovah go down and be perfect? Not even one tiny sin? Think about that, Ammon. Is it possible? He will be spit upon and reviled, mocked, and hated by far lesser men, and yet he will never, not once, have an uncharitable thought, not a single pang of regret or ounce of self-pity. He will be hated and beaten, like some mongrel dog, while lesser men pass their judgment - and you believe he will never, not once, feel any anger or wish for revenge? Remember, it won't be good enough that he do the right thing. He can't even feel the wrong way, for that too is a sin. He must have perfect control over his body, his will, and his mind. He can't experience a moment of selfish anger or miss a single opportunity to serve. He can't entertain one self-serving notion, unkind thought, or harsh word! Not even one sin! What can do that, I ask? - Author: Chris Stewart
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by Chris Stewart
#36. I will miss her dearly, and I hope that she is up in heaven right now watching us and smiling, even though deep down I know that if there is an afterlife, she's a pretty much open-and-shut case for hell. - Author: Mindy Kaling
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by Mindy Kaling
#37. When we have a job change or we're buying a new home or we have an important decision to make concerning our marriage or family or future, we want a specific word from the Lord. And we need one from Him too. And He will give us one. But my concern is that we sometimes try to hear a specific word from God without first developing the habit of hearing a general word from God every day. That's an important part of the process of learning to value God's voice. If we just check in with God every six months or so whenever a big decision comes up, then we will miss out not only on knowing God's general will but also on a close, everyday friendship with God. So we must learn to value His voice, His general voice, on a regular basis if we want to hear His specific voice from time to time. If we're not in the habit of meeting with Him and hearing from Him on a regular basis, then it will be much more difficult to hear a specific word from God. - Author: Robert Morris
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by Robert Morris
#38. I miss my 'Facts of Life' family. But I had been preparing myself to leave the show for some time before we called it quits. - Author: Kim Fields
Miss Ko Na Kayo quotes by Kim Fields

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