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#1. Our only hope lies in the power of our love, generosity, tolerance and understanding and our commitment to making the world a better place for all ... - Author: Muhammad Ali
Misir Ali quotes by Muhammad Ali
#2. When you are able to love someone unconditionally , without reason, you can begin to understand God's unconditional love for you. - Author: Habib Ali Al-Jifri
Misir Ali quotes by Habib Ali Al-Jifri
#3. It's never the value of water but thirst, it's never the value of life but death and it's never about the friendship but trust. - Author: Hazrat Ali Ibn Abu-Talib A.S
Misir Ali quotes by Hazrat Ali Ibn Abu-Talib A.S
#4. I have had to pay a price for leaving Islam and for speaking out. I have to pay for round-the-clock security because of the death threats against me. - Author: Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Misir Ali quotes by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
#5. Lee Duffy was a man apart and someone who only comes around once in a lifetime, a total one off. There have been a lot of things written about him in the press and it's always been from the other side of the coin. There are always two sides to every story and Lee's family have never fully told us their side. They are very distrustful of the press after Lee was made out to be some kind of monster.
If Lee had been born and bred in London, he would have been an icon.
He was Robin Hood, Dick Turpin and Muhammad Ali rolled into one. - Author: Stephen Richards
Misir Ali quotes by Stephen Richards
#6. Maybe it's easier to talk to someone who won't ever actually hear what you say. - Author: Ali Smith
Misir Ali quotes by Ali Smith
#7. If this incomplete ayaan hirsi wants fame sooo much then she shouldn't use religion as a base to be known. Some people justify their in justifications by selling their souls to the devil, ayaan I'm sure u have taken the time to read the bible. Do tell me it's stance on woman comparing to men ... - Author: Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Misir Ali quotes by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
#8. Trying to destroy hope is like trying to clean sand out of your beach bag," she said. "There's always going to be a grain or two left. - Author: Ali Standish
Misir Ali quotes by Ali Standish
#9. One day instead the old woman said kind words to her and gave her an awning on a stick to keep rain off (there has been much rain in purgatorium) - Author: Ali Smith
Misir Ali quotes by Ali Smith
#10. Where I grew up, death is a constant visitor. A virus, bacteria, a parasite; drought and famine; soldiers, and torturers; could bring it to anyone, any time. Death comes riding on raindrops that turned to floods. It catches the imagination of men in positions of authority who order their subordinates to hunt, torture, and kill people they imagine to be enemies. Death lures many others to take their own lives in order to escape a dismal reality. For many women, because of the perception of lost honor, death comes at the hands of a father, brother, or husband. Death comes to young women giving birth to new life, leaving the newborn orphaned in the hands of strangers. For those who live in anarchy and civil war, as in the country of my birth, Somalia, death is everywhere. - Author: Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Misir Ali quotes by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
#11. This life is but a dream. A state of sleep but how unfortunate that man's eyes open only when they are about to be closed (forever). - Author: Wasif Ali Wasif
Misir Ali quotes by Wasif Ali Wasif
#12. Since I won't let the critics seal my fate, they keep hollering I'm full of hate. But they don't really hurt me none, 'cause I'm doing good and having fun. - Author: Muhammad Ali
Misir Ali quotes by Muhammad Ali
#13. You'll have an unbelievable sense of calm when you have a baby. - Author: Ali Hewson
Misir Ali quotes by Ali Hewson
#14. In a well-functioning democracy, the state constitution is considered more important than God's holy book, whichever holy book that may be, and God matters only in your private life. - Author: Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Misir Ali quotes by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
#15. The fact is, I was never too bright in school. I ain't ashamed of it, though. I mean, how much do school principals make a month? - Author: Muhammad Ali
Misir Ali quotes by Muhammad Ali
#16. A pair of schoolchildren,pale as rice and loud as peacocks,cut over the road and hurtled down a side street,galloping with joy or else with terror (p. 55). - Author: Monica Ali
Misir Ali quotes by Monica Ali
#17. "Motherboard," for me, has four different levels: the bottom part is the water, vegetation, and growth. The second part is the world with figures and animals; there's chaos and civilization. The third part is the digital zone - these red things are turning into really loud digital sounds. Then the fourth level is like ether and things turning into air. This idea of how we're becoming partly digitalized is really interesting to me. - Author: Ali Banisadr
Misir Ali quotes by Ali Banisadr
#18. To be noticed is to be loved. - Author: Ali Smith
Misir Ali quotes by Ali Smith
#19. Woman is a beam of the divine Light. She is not the being whom sensual desires takes as its object. She is Creator, it should be said. She is not a creature. Great Fatima-ul- Zehra ( Means of Fatima the Radiant, Brightest Star, Star of Venus, The Evening Star), the daughter of the Prophet, is the secret in Sufism. She is the Hujjat of Ali (JJ). In other words, she establishes the esoteric sense of his knowledge and guides those who attain to it.

Through her perfume, we breathe paradise. Though she was his daughter, the Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) called her "Um Abi'ha" (mother of her father). What mystery was the Prophet hinting at by this statement? While Fatima Zahra ( Salam -ullah – alleha ) was Muhammad's (SAWW) daughter. The spiritual Fatima Al-Batool ( the divine virgin) her house is the living Ka'ba. - Author: Rumi
Misir Ali quotes by Rumi
#20. The hostility between India and Pakistan has become a habit to which both the elites have become addicted. Any attempt towards a rational solution to real problems is denounced by chauvinists on both sides. - Author: Tariq Ali
Misir Ali quotes by Tariq Ali
#21. Helpless creatures ought, on the contrary, to be treated as sacred trusts, whether they are orphans, or dependants, or creatures of any kind unable to assert themselves. - Author: Abdullah Yusuf Ali
Misir Ali quotes by Abdullah Yusuf Ali
#22. Often your utterances and expressions of your face leak out the secrets of your hidden thoughts. - Author: Ali Ibn Abi Talib
Misir Ali quotes by Ali Ibn Abi Talib
#23. Witnessing all of those hardworking female street vendors in Vietnam also made me understand why my mom felt so passionate about me and my sisters working. While we were in Vietnam together, she explained that the country had a history of always being in wartime, so women were expected to rise to the occasion of making money for the family. Vietnamese women were always ready to take over roles traditionally filled by men, Like A League of Their Own (but where everyone is Marla Hooch). I also understood why my mom wasn't into processing her feelings, and how she was taught to just get over tragedy. To survive, she had to believe things like depression and allergies were a choice. In a culture entrenched in wartime, those who chose to be unhappy or to refuse gluten didn't last long. - Author: Ali Wong
Misir Ali quotes by Ali Wong
#24. I've made my share of mistakes along the way, but if I have changed even one life for the better, I haven't lived in vain. - Author: Muhammad Ali
Misir Ali quotes by Muhammad Ali
#25. God tries you in certain, certain ways. Some people are rich, and they believe in God. They lose the money, things get hard, they get weak and quit going to church. Quit serving God like they did. - Author: Muhammad Ali
Misir Ali quotes by Muhammad Ali
#26. Children are angels in exile, so close to God. They haven't had time to separate from Him.

Ali - Author: Davis Miller
Misir Ali quotes by Davis Miller
#27. You know, the fashion business is this legendary repository of young girls on their way to getting husbands. I really wanted to work. - Author: Ali MacGraw
Misir Ali quotes by Ali MacGraw
#28. I just write characters, and somehow they happen to be a boy and a girl. When the story is put together, and their characters interwoven, they do end up together somehow. - Author: Imtiaz Ali
Misir Ali quotes by Imtiaz Ali
#29. Do not hate what you do not know, for the greater part of knowledge consists of what you do not know. - Author: Ali Ibn Abi Talib
Misir Ali quotes by Ali Ibn Abi Talib
#30. The key stone of Westem civilization is the sphere of spontaneous action it secures to the individual. There have always been attempts to curb the individuais initiative, but the power of the persecutors and inquisitors has not been absolute. It could not prevent the rise of Greek philosophy and its Roman offshoot or the development of modem science and philosophy. Driven by their inborn genius, pioneers have accomplished their work in spite of ali hostility and opposition. The innovator did not have to wait for invitation or order from anybody. He could step forward of his own accord and defy traditional teachings. In the orbit of ideas the West has by and large always enjoyed the blessings of freedom.
Then came the emancipation of the individual in the field of business, an achievement of that new branch of philosophy, economics. A free hand was given to the enterprising man who knew how to enrich his fellows by improving the methods of production. A horn of plenty was poured upon the common men by the capitalistic business principie of mass production for the satisfaction of the needs of the masses. - Author: Ludwig Von Mises
Misir Ali quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#31. The musical instuments may be western but my voice never wavers away from my own ragas. it is good to make experiments and I do a lot of them but my thoughts always round the centre and that centre is the tradition of my elders and it is classical music.. - Author: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Misir Ali quotes by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
#32. Money and riches don't mean nothing to me. I don't care nothing about being no rich individual. I'm not living for glory or for fame; all this is doomed for destruction. You got it today, tomorrow it's gone. I got bigger things on my mind than that. I got Islam on my mind. - Author: Muhammad Ali
Misir Ali quotes by Muhammad Ali
#33. I would still ask the government not to drive the people of India to desperation, or else there is no other course left open to the people except to inaugurate the policy of non-cooperation, though not necessarily the programme of Mr. Gandhi. - Author: Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Misir Ali quotes by Muhammad Ali Jinnah
#34. The answers to making it, to me, are a lot more universal than anyone's race or gender, and center on having a tolerance for delayed gratification, a passion for the craft, and a willingness to fail. - Author: Ali Wong
Misir Ali quotes by Ali Wong
#35. Who are your favourite heroines in real life? The women of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran who risk their lives and their beauty to defy the foulness of theocracy. Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Azar Nafisi as their ideal feminine model. - Author: Christopher Hitchens
Misir Ali quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#36. What's my greatest weakness? Sad stories, people with problems - Author: Muhammad Ali
Misir Ali quotes by Muhammad Ali
#37. True success is reaching our potential without compromising our values. - Author: Muhammad Ali
Misir Ali quotes by Muhammad Ali
#38. I hated Ali. God might not like me talking that way, but it's in my heart. - Author: Joe Frazier
Misir Ali quotes by Joe Frazier
#39. Black people in America will never be free so long as they're on the white man's land ... We can't be free until we get our own land and our own country in North America. When we separate from America and take maybe ten states, then we'll be free. - Author: Muhammad Ali
Misir Ali quotes by Muhammad Ali

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