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Now they're both laughing, and when they breathe in, the cloying smell of cherry blossom shampoo fills the air around them, which just makes them laugh harder, until they're all laughed out.

And in the silence that falls afterward, something changes. The tension that has been strung taut between them since the moment they met now goes slack. Soon the motion of the bus begins lulling them to sleep. Lev feels Miracolina lean into his shoulder. He doesn't move for fear of waking her. He just enjoys the feeling of her there - certain that she would never do such a thing if she were awake.

And then she says, with no hint of sleep in her voice, "I forgive you."

Lev feels it begin deep inside him, just as it did on the day he realized his parents would never take him back. It's an emotional swell that can't be contained, and there's no bottle in the world big enough to hold it. And although he fights to keep his sobs silent, his chest begins to heave with them, and he knows he won't be able to stop any more than Miracolina was able to stop laughing. Although she must know he's racked with tears, she says nothing, just keeps her head on his shoulder as his tears fall into her hair.

All this time, Lev never realized what he needed. He did not need to be adored or pitied. He needed to be forgiven. Not by God, who is all-forgiving. Not by people like Marcus and Pastor Dan, who would always stand by his side. He needed to be forgiven by an unfo ~ Neal Shusterman
Miracolina Roselli quotes by Neal Shusterman
theres a heavy silence between us
it settles in the creases on your jacket
and seeps into the fur on my hood.
i know your middle name and
i know your birthday and
i know you look more like your dad
but you wish you looked like your mom.

i watch your back and
for the first time in my life
im genuinely terrified.

"whats my birthday?" i ask
and you dont look at me
because you never do
you never look me in the eye
you never say my name
and god its hitting me.

its hitting me that maybe
maybe it was all for nothing
i know you inside and out
i know you better than i know myself
and maybe thats all for nothing.

"it's in december, right?" you ask
but its not a question and
if i were anyone else
if i werent love-sick
if i wasnt absolutely
fucking blinded by you

i would punch you in the fucking mouth.
my birthday is may fifth. ~ Ashlyn Roselli
Miracolina Roselli quotes by Ashlyn Roselli
She points to the door. "Leave!"
"No." So she picks up a hairbrush and throws it at him. It beans him on the head and ricochets to the wall, where it wedges behind the TV.
"Ow!" He grabs his head, grimacing. "That hurt!"
"Good, it was supposed to. ~ Neal Shusterman
Miracolina Roselli quotes by Neal Shusterman
You're going to pee in someone's suitcase?"
"Do you have any other ideas?"
And suddenly Miracolina begins to snicker, then giggle, then giggle, then cackle uncontrollably. "He's going to pee in someone's suitcase!"
"Quiet! Do you want people on the bus to hear you?"
But Miracolina is beyond help. She's entered into a fullfledged laughter fit-the kind that leaves your stomach hurting. "They're gonna open their suitcase," she blurts between bursts of glee, "And their clothes'll be full of pee! ~ Neal Shusterman
Miracolina Roselli quotes by Neal Shusterman
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