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My career has been wacky and not at all normal. I've never had a manager, nobody gets jobs for me. I wind up working with artists that I meet. ~ Nile Rodgers
Mindjet Manager quotes by Nile Rodgers
Basically, a manager's job is to make other people more productive. What's one really good way to do that? Do the work that is getting in their way. Which means find out what kind of important work your developers dislike the most, and do it for them. ~ Jon Evans
Mindjet Manager quotes by Jon Evans
I'd love to be an artist always, but if no one wants me, I'd love to write songs for other people, be a manager, nurture new talent. ~ Adele
Mindjet Manager quotes by Adele
The general manager is kind of like the step into darkness when you reach the top of the league. As GM, you're responsible for everything, including the maitre d's and the sommeliers - all these people who have their own agendas. But you probably make less than the maitre d' and have a lot more work and a lot more headaches. ~ Joe Bastianich
Mindjet Manager quotes by Joe Bastianich
Everyone wears blindfolds at a High Court trial," the manager replied, "except the judges, of course. Haven't you heard the expression justice is blind?"
"Yes," Klaus said, "but I always thought it meant that justice should be fair and unprejudiced."
"The verdict of the High Court was to take the expression literally," said the manager. "So everyone except the judges must cover their eyes before the trial can begin."
"Scalia," Sunny said. She meant something like, "It doesn't seem like the literal interpretation makes any sense," but her siblings did not think it was wise to translate. ~ Lemony Snicket
Mindjet Manager quotes by Lemony Snicket
But whatever the consensus on the EMH, I know of no serious academic, professional money manager, trained security analyst, or intelligent individual investor who would disagree with the thrust of EMH: The stock market itself is a demanding taskmaster. It sets a high hurdle that few investors can leap. ~ John C. Bogle
Mindjet Manager quotes by John C. Bogle
I got told so many times I needed a manager. For a long time I resisted, and I finally got one so I can pay my mortgage, and it helped me from becoming a homeless person. ~ Cat Power
Mindjet Manager quotes by Cat Power
When I was sent the script for 'Homeland,' I didn't think anything of it. Three months later, my manager rang and said: 'They are interested in you.' I read it and I realised, 'Yes, I do want this.' Then I got an email saying I'd got it. ~ David Harewood
Mindjet Manager quotes by David Harewood
When you control a team, you are a manager, when you supervise it, you are an administrator, but when you train it so that it is empowered to empower others, you are a leader. ~ Matshona Dhliwayo
Mindjet Manager quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
I have respected every manager I have played under, but if you can't learn from someone like Mark Hughes, it is going to be hard for you. ~ Charlie Adam
Mindjet Manager quotes by Charlie Adam
Today I am more convinced than ever. Conceptual integrity is central to product quality. Having a system architect is the most important single step toward conceptual integrity. These principles are by no means limited to software systems, but to the design of any complex construct, whether a computer, an airplane, a Strategic Defense Initiative, a Global Positioning System. After teaching a software engineering laboratory more than 20 times, I came to insist that student teams as small as four people choose a manager and a separate architect. Defining distinct roles in such small teams may be a little extreme, but I have observed it to work well and to contribute to design success even for small teams. ~ Frederick P. Brooks Jr.
Mindjet Manager quotes by Frederick P. Brooks Jr.
At a football club, there's a holy trinity - the players, the manager and the supporters. Directors don't come into it. They are only there to sign the checks. ~ Bill Shankly
Mindjet Manager quotes by Bill Shankly
The old-fashioned idea of a good manager is one who is supposed to know all the answers, can solve every problem himself, and can give appropriate orders to his subordinates to carry out his plans ... A good modern manager is like a good coach who leads and encourages his team in never-ending quality improvement. ~ George E.P. Box
Mindjet Manager quotes by George E.P. Box
My dad heard of a studio on the radio, and it was advertised as a place for kids to meet kids, and it was actually a studio, and that's where I met my manager and agent. ~ Mila Kunis
Mindjet Manager quotes by Mila Kunis
Friends of friends had bands in college or in their early 20s and had a moment where they had some kind of interest from a record label or manager. It's always interesting how people handle those decisions and those moments. ~ Noah Baumbach
Mindjet Manager quotes by Noah Baumbach
Then he began plucking the pins from her hair, carefully, without touching her anywhere else, and Eve began to wonder if 'hair' could possibly be erotic.
She found herself holding her breath, listening to his deep, even exhalations as he worked, her hair loosening and beginning to slide.
It fell all at once, uncoiling heavily over her shoulders. She turned her head to look at him, suddenly shy.
He was staring at her hair.
"It's beautiful," he murmured, burying his fingers in the long tresses, gently working apart the strands, lifting and spreading them. "Like liquid gold." He suddenly lifted the mass to his face. "And perfumed. Like flowers."
"Lily of the valley." He made her feel exotic, still dressed in her sensible gray frock, only her hair loose about her shoulders.
"Lily of the valley," he murmured. "I'll remember that scent forever now, and whenever I smell it again I'll think of you, Eve Dinwoody. You'll be haunting my tomorrows evermore."
She gasped and turned, looking up at him. She'd thought that he'd be smiling teasingly at his words, but he looked quite serious and she stared at him in wonder. Had he always carried this part of himself inside? This wild poetic lover? If so, he'd hidden it well underneath the aggressive, foulmouthed theater manager. She had a secret fondness for the crass theater manager, but the pot...
She swallowed, suddenly nervous.
She might come to love a wild poet. ~ Elizabeth Hoyt
Mindjet Manager quotes by Elizabeth Hoyt
Sometimes I have young comics that ask me, "What should I do when I meet an agent or a manager and they ask me stuff?" And I say, "Well, they always usually ask, 'Where do you see yourself in five years, 10 years, 15 years?' And it's good to have an answer for that." ~ Baron Vaughn
Mindjet Manager quotes by Baron Vaughn
Managers can use power, money or certain circumstances to achieve short-term results. However, motivation is crucial for achieving long-term results. ~ Eraldo Banovac
Mindjet Manager quotes by Eraldo Banovac
For peace of mind, we need to resign as general manager of the universe. ~ Larry Eisenberg
Mindjet Manager quotes by Larry Eisenberg
Our production manager, Rebecca, sews outfits for her cat Jack. I'm not sure why. I guess she was just sitting around one day and thought, "Fuck this shit, I'm forty and single, time Jack had a Peter Pan costume. ~ David Thorne
Mindjet Manager quotes by David Thorne
Don't let people scare you from a career that may not net you a six figure salary. If you want to be a teacher, teach. But knowing that your salary may only reach a certain level, do all that you can to become the best money manager you can be. ~ Michelle Singletary
Mindjet Manager quotes by Michelle Singletary
For a manager to be perceived as a positive manager, they need a four to one positive to negative contact ratio. ~ Ken Blanchard
Mindjet Manager quotes by Ken Blanchard
When the weeks have built up with frustration and immense stress and one of your co-workers, a manager or an employee triggers irritation or angers you, knowing how to respond in a mindful way can pay huge dividends. Knowing how to not take other people's emotional baggage personally and intuitively sensing when to bring up concerns and when not to is an expression of emotional intelligence. This is all possible if we are being truly mindful. ~ Christopher Dines
Mindjet Manager quotes by Christopher Dines
I was through as a manager. I did become involved late in the 1968 campaign at the national scene at the last minute. But I was through as a manager, and I've stayed through, incidentally. ~ Lew Wasserman
Mindjet Manager quotes by Lew Wasserman
I randomly went to a casting session in my hometown in North Carolina, and the casting director introduced me to my manager. I really lucked into it! ~ Maddie Hasson
Mindjet Manager quotes by Maddie Hasson
A good portfolio manager knows which companies to keep and which ones to let go. Many a GP has struggled with portfolio companies that cannot meet their value-creation milestones, or raise additional follow-on rounds of capital, or generate target returns in a time span of, say, five to seven years. The faster you recognize those losses, the better it is."
"As David Cowan says, "Just focus on your top five - the rest is distraction." The harder part of the investor's discipline is to know when to quit."
"You have to constantly scan all of those things and be willing to adjust your own sense of what's a reasonable outcome and move the company into a position where it has the maximum chance to succeed. "
"Time is your enemy: Portfolio companies always take twice as much capital and twice as long to exit. Early-stage companies rarely meet milestones as planned and always burn cash faster than anticipated. ~ Mahendra Ramsinghani
Mindjet Manager quotes by Mahendra Ramsinghani
Every time I sit with our general manager at a baseball game, and there's number-cruncher and statistician guy - I'm sitting around - they start talking about stuff, and I say, 'What's that? I've never heard of that one before.' ~ George Brett
Mindjet Manager quotes by George Brett
The people who work with you as their manager will look to you as one of their sources of wisdom ~ Kenneth H. Blanchard
Mindjet Manager quotes by Kenneth H. Blanchard
It seems to me as I reviewed the literature that, with few exceptions, the more confident were the prescriptions about how to behave with ethics and integrity, the further removed was the author from the life and work of the everyday manager. ~ Steve Kerr
Mindjet Manager quotes by Steve Kerr
The phenomenon I'm describing, rooted so firmly in that primal human drive for self-preservation, probably doesn't sound surprising: We all know that people bring their best selves to interactions with their bosses and save their lesser moments for their peers, spouses, or therapists. And yet, so many managers aren't aware of it when it's happening (perhaps because they enjoy being deferred to). It simply doesn't occur to them that after they get promoted to a leadership position, no one is going to come out and say, "Now that you are a manager, I can no longer be as candid with you." Instead, many new leaders assume, wrongly, that their access to information is unchanged. But that is just one example of how hidden-ness affects a manager's ability to lead. ~ Ed Catmull
Mindjet Manager quotes by Ed Catmull
It was always a wish for me to work in the Premier League. To work as a manager for Manchester United, the biggest club in the world, makes me very proud. I have managed in games at Old Trafford before and know what an incredible arena Old Trafford is and how passionate and knowledgeable the fans are. This club has big ambitions; I too have big ambitions. Together I'm sure we will make history. ~ Louis Van Gaal
Mindjet Manager quotes by Louis Van Gaal
I remember once I went to go see a movie, and in front of me in line there was a little boy who looked so eager to see it, like it was Christmas morning. When he got to the ticket booth it turned out there was only one ticket left; the manager was there and wanted to give it to me instead since I was famous. That's when I knew I'd hit it big. ~ Zach Braff
Mindjet Manager quotes by Zach Braff
This book scratches an old itch. Despite being the level of government that is closest to the people and has so much impact on our quality of life, most people don't know too much about how their local governments operate and even less about what it's like to manage a city or county. Occasionally, a city manager character appears in a novel, movie, or TV show but almost always in a mocking or denigrating fashion that belies the professionalism that is more the norm. ~ John Thompson
Mindjet Manager quotes by John Thompson
He [Jock Stein] phoned and asked me to come over and see him one night Hibs were playing at home to Aberdeen. You know Im coming as manager, he said, and I know youll be disappointed. But I want to reciprocate for you making me your deputy by asking you to become my assistant. ~ Sean Fallon
Mindjet Manager quotes by Sean Fallon
I always got on well with Roberto Mancini and never had a problem with him. Every manager has their own way of working, tactics, and style of play. As a player, you do what the manager says. There are misunderstandings, but generally, everything was fine under Mancini. ~ Sergio Aguero
Mindjet Manager quotes by Sergio Aguero
How long does it last?" Said the other customer, a man wearing a tan shirt with little straps that buttoned on top of the shoulders. He looked as if he were comparing all the pros and cons before shelling out $.99. You could see he thought he was pretty shrewd.
"It lasts for as long as you live," the manager said slowly. There was a second of silence while we all thought about that. The man in the tan shirt drew his head back, tucking his chin into his neck. His mind was working like a house on fire
"What about other people?" He asked. "The wife? The kids?"
"They can use your membership as long as you're alive," the manager said, making the distinction clear.
"Then what?" The man asked, louder. He was the type who said things like "you get what you pay for" and "there's one born every minute" and was considering every angle. He didn't want to get taken for a ride by his own death.
"That's all," the manager said, waving his hands, palms down, like a football referee ruling an extra point no good. "Then they'd have to join for themselves or forfeit the privileges."
"Well then, it makes sense," the man said, on top of the situation now, "for the youngest one to join. The one that's likely to live the longest."
"I can't argue with that," said the manager.
The man chewed his lip while he mentally reviewed his family. Who would go first. Who would survive the longest. He cast his eyes around to all the cassettes as if he'd see one that would ~ Michael Dorris
Mindjet Manager quotes by Michael Dorris
Getting fired is what happens to a manager sooner or later. ~ Joe Torre
Mindjet Manager quotes by Joe Torre
We're wanting you to come to the place where you're beginning to offer your thought deliberately. Where you are guiding your thoughts on purpose, where you are the creator of your own experience. Because you are the manager of your own thought ~ Esther Hicks
Mindjet Manager quotes by Esther Hicks
A writer writes for writers, a non-writer writes for his next-door neighbor or for the manager of the local bank branch, and he fears (often mistakenly) that they would not understand or, in any case, would not forgive his boldness. ~ Umberto Eco
Mindjet Manager quotes by Umberto Eco
My second wife left me because she said I was too ambitious. She didn't realize that it is only the dying who are free from ambition. And they probably have the ambition to live. Some men disguise their ambition
that's all. I was in a position to help this young man my wife loved. He soon showed his ambition then. There are different types of ambition - that is all, and my wife found she preferred mine. Because it was limitless. They do not feel the infinite is an unworthy rival, but for a man to prefer the desk of an assistant manager - that is an insult. ~ Graham Greene
Mindjet Manager quotes by Graham Greene
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