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#1. I don't really write with living actors in mind. I guess I write for dead actors. I'll think of like, you know, Burt Lancaster would be good in this part, and so on. With 'L.A. Confidential,' it was like, 'Wouldn't it be cool if Dean Martin played the Kevin Spacey part?' - Author: Brian Helgeland
Mind Of Entrepreneur quotes by Brian Helgeland
#2. Can the "word" be pinned down to either one period or one church? All churches are, of course, only more or less unsuccessful attempts to represent the unseen to the mind. - Author: Florence Nightingale
Mind Of Entrepreneur quotes by Florence Nightingale
#3. The women of this Church have work to do which, though different, is equally as important as the work that we do. Their work is, in fact, the same basic work that we are asked to do - even though our roles and assignments differ.

It is because we prize our women so greatly that we do not wish to have them drawn away into worldly paths. Most of them are strong and good and true, and they will be the more so when they are treated with love and respect and when their thoughts and feelings are valued and understood.

Our sisters do not wish to be indulged or to be treated condescendingly; they desire to be respected and revered as our sisters and our equals. I mention all these things, my brethren, not because the doctrines or the teachings of the Church regarding women are in any doubt, but because in some situations our behavior is of doubtful quality. These things are not mentioned because of any sense of alarm, but because of a general concern that our people in the kingdom will need to become even more different from the people of the world. We will be judged, as the Savior said on several occasions, by whether or not we love one another and treat one another accordingly and by whether or not we are of one heart and one mind. We cannot be the Lord's if we are not one! - Author: Spencer W. Kimball
Mind Of Entrepreneur quotes by Spencer W. Kimball
#4. Boswell, like Lecky (to get back to the point of this footnote), and Gibbon before him, loved footnotes. They knew that the outer surface of truth is not smooth, welling and gathering from paragraph to shapely paragraph, but is encrusted with a rough protective bark of citations, quotations marks, italics, and foreign languages, a whole variorum crust of "ibid.'s" and "compare's" and "see's" that are the shield for the pure flow of argument as it lives for a moment in one mind. They knew the anticipatory pleasure of sensing with peripheral vision, as they turned the page, gray silt of further example and qualification waiting in tiny type at the bottom. (They were aware, more generally, of the usefulness of tiny type in enhancing the glee of reading works of obscure scholarship: typographical density forces you to crouch like Robert Hooke or Henry Gray over the busyness and intricacy of recorded truth.) They liked deciding as they read whether they would bother to consult a certain footnote or not, and whether they would read it in context, or read it before the text it hung from, as an hors d'oeuvre. The muscles of the eye, they knew, want vertical itineraries; the rectus externus and internus grow dazed waggling back and forth in the Zs taught in grade school: the footnote functions as a switch, offering the model-railroader's satisfaction of catching the march of thought with a superscripted "1" and routing it, sometimes at length, through abandoned stations and submerged, - Author: Nicholson Baker
Mind Of Entrepreneur quotes by Nicholson Baker
#5. What was she dreaming about, Mrs. Ramsay wondered, seeing her engrossed, as she stood there, with some thought of her own, so that she had to repeat the message twice––ask Mildred if Andrew, Miss Doyle, and Mr. Rayley have come back?––The words seemed to be dropped into a well, where, if the waters were clear, they were also so extraordinarily distorting that, even as they descended, one saw them twisting about to make Heaven knows what pattern on the floor of the child's mind. - Author: Virginia Woolf
Mind Of Entrepreneur quotes by Virginia Woolf
#6. Three-Dimensional representations of his Four-Dimensioned being, which is a fixed and unalterable thing. - Author: H.G.Wells
Mind Of Entrepreneur quotes by H.G.Wells
#7. Only please, do be careful to bear in mind that Mordak's a goblin. Enlightened, yes, but a goblin. He likes his employees loyal or lightly steamed on a bed of bruised rocket. - Author: Tom Holt
Mind Of Entrepreneur quotes by Tom Holt
#8. I have now been an officer in this Church for a very long time. I am an old man who cannot deny the calendar. I have lived long enough and served in enough different capacities to have removed from my mind, if such were necessary, any doubt of the divinity of this, the work of God. We respect those of other churches. We desire their friendship and hope to render meaningful service with them. We know they all do good, but we unabashedly state - and this frequently brings criticism upon us - that this is the true and living Church of our Father in Heaven and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. - Author: Gordon B. Hinckley
Mind Of Entrepreneur quotes by Gordon B. Hinckley
#9. The beautiful lie is, however, also the essence of kitsch. Kitsch is a form of make-believe, a form of deception. It is an alternative to a daily reality that would otherwise be a spiritual vacuum. . . . Kitsch replaces ethics with aesthetics. . . . Nazism was the ultimate expression of kitsch, of its mind-numbing, death-dealing portent. Nazism, like kitsch, masqueraded as life; the reality of both was death. The Third Reich was the creation of "kitsch men," people who confused the relationship between life and art, reality and myth, and who regarded the goal of existence as mere affirmation, devoid of criticism, difficulty, insight. - Author: Modris Eksteins
Mind Of Entrepreneur quotes by Modris Eksteins
#10. The children of Birmingham did not really die in the State of Alabama, however, because Alabama is a state of mind, and in the minds of the [white] men who rule Alabama, those children had never lived [ ... ] their blood is on so many hands, that history will weep in the telling ... and it is not new blood. It is old, so very old. - Author: Roger Ebert
Mind Of Entrepreneur quotes by Roger Ebert
#11. Nothing is more painful to the human mind than, after the feelings have been worked up by a quick succession of events, the dead calmness of inaction and certainty which follows and deprives the soul both of hope and fear. - Author: Mary Shelley
Mind Of Entrepreneur quotes by Mary Shelley
#12. Improvisation is a great mystery. You play something, and you play an answer to it. Then you play something to wrap it up. Nothing is going through your mind; you're not thinking of anything. Every now and then you surprise yourself. Where did that come from? - Author: Jimmy Knepper
Mind Of Entrepreneur quotes by Jimmy Knepper
#13. You know, the immortality of the soul, free will and all that
it's all very amusing to talk about up to the age of twenty-two, but not after that. Then one ought to be giving one's mind to having fun without catching the pox, arranging one's life as comfortably as possible, having a few decent drawings on the wall, and above all writing well. That's the important thing: well-made sentences ... and then a few metaphors. Yes, a few metaphors. They embellish a man's existence. - Author: Theophile Gautier
Mind Of Entrepreneur quotes by Theophile Gautier
#14. Meditation, practiced individually and as a family, helps with a different type of peace. It is not a calm absent of noise and confusion but a calm that persists in the very center of the noise and the chaos. Ten minutes daily can transform your life. - Author: Ann Brasco
Mind Of Entrepreneur quotes by Ann Brasco
#15. Solitude is the canvas of a thinking mind. - Author: Joyce Rachelle
Mind Of Entrepreneur quotes by Joyce Rachelle
#16. Texas is a state of mind. Texas is an obsession. Above all else, Texas is a nation in every sense of the word. - Author: John Steinbeck
Mind Of Entrepreneur quotes by John Steinbeck
#17. And the deal with so many chronic illnesses is that most people won't want to believe you. They will tell you that you look great, that it might be in your head only, that it is likely stress, that everything is okay. None of these are the right things to say to someone whose entire existence is a fairly consistent torture of the body and mind. They say it because they are well-intentioned usually, because they wish you the best, but they also say it because you make them uncomfortable. Your existence is evidence of death. . . . - Author: Porochista Khakpour
Mind Of Entrepreneur quotes by Porochista Khakpour
#18. The mind never need stop growing. Indeed, one of the few experiences which never pall is the experience of watching one's own mind and how it produces new interests, responds to new stimuli, and develops new thoughts, apparently without effort and almost independently of one's own conscious control. - Author: Gilbert Highet
Mind Of Entrepreneur quotes by Gilbert Highet
#19. [I]f a man bred to the seafaring life, and accustomed to think and talk only of matters relating to navigation, enters into discourse upon any other subject; it is well known, that the language and the notions proper to his own profession are infused into every subject, and all things are measured by the rules of navigation: and if he should take it into his head to philosophize concerning the faculties of the mind, it cannot be doubted, but he would draw his notions from the fabric of the ship, and would find in the mind, sails, masts, rudder, and compass. - Author: Thomas Reid
Mind Of Entrepreneur quotes by Thomas Reid
#20. In the back of my mind, my mother's often-recited warning comes to me: 'Never trust a man who can dance. - Author: E.L. James
Mind Of Entrepreneur quotes by E.L. James
#21. Once you free your mind about the concept of harmony and of music being correct, you can do whatever you want. So nobody told me what to do, and there was no preconception of what to do. - Author: Giorgio Moroder
Mind Of Entrepreneur quotes by Giorgio Moroder
#22. If ever there was a plant that speaks to its connection to your heart, it is sweet blue violet. Not only does violet help your body dissolve cysts, lumps, and bumps, this plant's soothing nature can help you dissolve the red-hot burn of anger, cool the draining white heat of frustration and resentment, and relieve the simmering roil of feeling stuck in separation when ruled by your judgmental mind. - Author: Robin Rose Bennett
Mind Of Entrepreneur quotes by Robin Rose Bennett
#23. (Response to King Erik XIV of Sweden's proposal of marriage:)

"[W]hile we perceive ... the zeal and love of your mind towards us is not diminished, yet in part we are grieved that we cannot gratify your Serene Highness with the same kind of affection. And that indeed does not happen because we doubt in any way of your love and honour, but, as often we have testified both in words and writing, that we have never yet conceived a feeling of that kind of affection towards anyone.

We therefore beg your Serene Highness again and again that you be pleased to set a limit to your love, that it advance not beyond the laws of friendship for the present nor disregard them in the future. ...

We certainly think that if God ever direct our hearts to consideration of marriage we shall never accept or choose any absent husband how powerful and wealthy a Prince soever. But that we are not to give you an answer until we have seen your person is so far from the thing itself that we never even considered such a thing. I have always given both to your brother ... and also to your ambassador likewise the same answer with scarcely any variation of the words, that we do not conceive in our heart to take a husband but highly commend this single life, and hope that your Serene Highness will no longer spend time in waiting for us. - Author: Elizabeth I
Mind Of Entrepreneur quotes by Elizabeth I
#24. Freedom from the thinking mind is our underlying goal for most of human activity. - Author: Chris Matakas
Mind Of Entrepreneur quotes by Chris Matakas
#25. Aren't there going to be any refreshments?" Tharamn interrupted. "I always think better with a little snack to keep me going."
"I'm with you there," said Grishmak. "Bring on the nibbles!"
"There aren't any!" Cressida snapped. "This is all far too important, and besides, once you lot start easting, it'll only turn into a party."
"Can't say I have a problem with that myself," said Tharaman. "What about you, Grishy?"
"None at all. Bit of food and fun helps the boring bits along, in my opinion. Let's call a chamberlain and order some grub."
"No!" Cressida insisted. "We all need to concentrate, and I for one find it difficult to think one you and Tharaman start cracking bones and spitting out gristle."
"I never spit out gristle!" said Tharaman in miffed tones. "A terrible wast of protein. It just needs a little extra chewing, that's all."
Thirrin had watched the exchange in silence, but now she sat forward in her chair. "Actually I wouldn't mind a sandwich myself."
Cressida looked at her thunderously. - Author: Stuart Hill
Mind Of Entrepreneur quotes by Stuart Hill
#26. Distinction is the consequence, never the object of a great mind. - Author: Washington Allston
Mind Of Entrepreneur quotes by Washington Allston
#27. In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinctions out of their own minds and then believe them to be true. - Author: Gautama Buddha
Mind Of Entrepreneur quotes by Gautama Buddha
#28. Before you examine the body of a patient, be patient to learn his story. For once you learn his story, you will also come to know his body. - Author: Suzy Kassem
Mind Of Entrepreneur quotes by Suzy Kassem
#29. The Puritan's idea of hell is a place where everybody has to mind his own business. - Author: Wendell Phillips
Mind Of Entrepreneur quotes by Wendell Phillips
#30. The transformation toward eternal life is gradual. The heavy gross energy of body, mind, and spirit must first be purified and uplifted. When the energy ascends ... then self mastery can be sought. - Author: Laozi
Mind Of Entrepreneur quotes by Laozi
#31. Everything breaks down but desire. And because we are old, doctors try to shame that out of us. Young punks! Lose one's youth, and doctors take it as axiomatic that you've lost your mind, your balls. - Author: Kiana Davenport
Mind Of Entrepreneur quotes by Kiana Davenport
#32. This was when he first suspected that the kindly child-loving God extolled by his headmistress might not exist. As it turned out, most major world events suggested the same. But for Theo's sincerely godless generation, the question hasn't come up. No one in his bright, plate-glass, forward-looking school ever asked him to pray, or sing an impenetrable cheery hymn. There's no entity for him to doubt. His initiation, in front of the TV, before the dissolving towers, was intense but he adapted quickly. These days he scans the papers for fresh developments the way he might a listings magazine. As long as there's nothing new, his mind is free. International terror, security cordons, preparations for war - these represent the steady state, the weather. Emerging into adult consciousness, this is the world he finds. - Author: Ian McEwan
Mind Of Entrepreneur quotes by Ian McEwan

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