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What was it like then to witness the transformation wrought by this construction? A geometric idea of precision suddenly imposed on a landscape, lived on and in for centuries. The land itself like a body submitted to military discipline. Or like a mind, tutored along certain acceptable pathways, so that finally all that lies outside certain avenues of thought begins to assume an air of unreality.
The land of course is still there. Only now it has receded into the background. It is what you see in your peripheral vision as you speed down the highway. The complexity of it, the intricate presence of it, has been reduced now to a single word, jungle. If once you breathed its breath or slept surrounded by its dark or wakened with its light, you no longer remember. You tell yourself life has improved. The jungle is in the past. To enter it is to stray from the path, or to be pulled down into some unknown depth. It is an exotic place, intriguing but also unpredictable, uncontrolled, threatening the well-paved order of existence. ~ Susan Griffin
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Susan Griffin
The telling and the hearing of a story is not a simple act. The one who tells must reach down into deeper layers of the self, reviving old feelings, reviewing the past. Whatever is retrieved is reworked into a new form, one that narrates events and gives the listener a path through these events that leads to some fragment of wisdom. The one who hears takes the story in, even to a place not visible or conscious to the mind, yet there. In this inner place a story from another life suffers a subtle change. As it enters the memory of the listener it is augmented by reflection, by other memories, and even the body hearing and responding in the moment of the telling. By such transmissions, consciousness is woven. ~ Susan Griffin
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Susan Griffin
Don't be deceived into thinking that by changing the external, the internal will be changed. It works the other way around; the path that needs changing is the one in your mind. ~ Susan Jeffers
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Susan Jeffers
Can I trust him again? Even after all he said? If I do and I'm wrong, the cost is too high. My life. "You'll wait for me to agree to go back with you?" I want to be clear on this point. "You won't force me in any way? Or reveal yourself to anyone, no matter what?"
"I'll wait," he promises. "However long you need."
He'll wait. But he'll be lurking about. Nearby. Watching. And I won't always know it.
Funny how things change. In the beginning, I thought I could never stay here. Now I don't want to leave. Mostly because of Will, but also because I've decided to give Mom and Tamra what they want. A chance. It can't be all about me. If I'm strong enough, smart enough, my draki can make it. And of course, Will can help with that. A few kisses. A smile. A brush of his hand and my draki is revived. And I no longer have to hide it from him.
I can last through high school. For Mom, for Tamra. After graduation, I can go with Will when he cuts free from his family. Just two more years. We'll figure out the specifics. The how and where. For the first time since coming here, I feel the stirrings of hope. I won't let Cassian ruin that.
"You're going to wait forever," I vow. "I won't change my mind."
Cassian's mouth curves enigmatically. Like he knows something I don't. He's eighteen, but in that moment I can believe he has several more years than that on me. "Things change all the time. People change. I'll take my chances."
I shake my head. "You'll see. I w ~ Sophie Jordan
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Sophie Jordan
You're burned into my mind forever. There is nothing, nothing in this world that will ever change that.
And it was memories like that that made it so hard to comprehend this quest to kill him, even if he was a Strigoi. Yet ... at the same time I had to destroy him. I needed to remember him as the man who'd loved me and held me in bed. I needed to remember that that man would not want to stay a monster. ~ Richelle Mead
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Richelle Mead
When a condition or situation that the mind has attached itself to and identified with changes or disappears, the mind cannot accept it. It will cling to the disappearing condition and resist the change. It is almost as if a limb were being torn off your body. ~ Eckhart Tolle
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Eckhart Tolle
A word can change a mind, a sentence can change a life and a book can change the world. ~ Tom Kane
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Tom Kane
Sure he's dead, and it's a good thing for us. It's hard to argue with a dead man. A dead man can't change his mind or make new rules, or behave like a bastard so no one will listen to him anymore. A dead man stays a saint. ~ Cherie Priest
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Cherie Priest
Grace is the free, unmerited favor of God, working powerfully on the mind and heart to change lives. ~ Timothy Keller
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Timothy Keller
You must prune to bloom. If the dead weight is not pruned and removed, it compromises the quality, performance, and output of the vine. When you prune what's not working in your life, you make the space and place for renewal to happen and for new growth to spring forth. ~ Susan C. Young
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Susan C. Young
One day, you will miss it. You will miss that I cared. You will miss that I would have done anything for you. You will miss that was, and still am, annoyingly in love with you. You will miss all the times I text you first just so we can talk, even if you don't want to. You will miss all the times I have embarrassed you in front of your friends. You will miss all of the cheesy jokes about us. You will also miss the denial of my feelings for you. I love you. I know you don't feel the same about me, but that doesn't change my mind. Just because you don't love me, does that mean I cant love you? No. That just means that whenever you text me or call me, or need me there with you, I will always be there. Even if you don't want me to be. You will miss that. ~ Youknownotmyname
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Youknownotmyname
It is your choice to be happy. Make up your mind to enjoy this day, to have a blessed, prosperous, victorious year. You may have some setbacks and your circumstances may change, but don't let that change your mind. Keep it set to happiness. ~ Joel Osteen
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Joel Osteen
What was he doing during the trip? What was he thinking about? As he had during the morning, he watched the trees go by, the thatched roofs, the cultivated fields, and the dissolving views of the countryside that change at every turn of the road. Scenes like that are sometimes enough for the soul, and almost eliminate the need for thought. To see a thousand objects for the first and last time, what could be more profoundly melancholy? Traveling is a constant birth and death. It may be that in the murkiest part of his mind, he was drawing a comparison between these changing horizons and human existence. All aspects of life are in perpetual flight before us. Darkness and light alternate: after a flash, an eclipse; we look, we hurry, we stretch out our hands to seize what is passing; every event is a turn in the road; and suddenly we are old. We feel a slight shock, everything is black, we can make out a dark door, the gloomy horse of life that was carrying us stops, and we see a veiled and unknown form that turns him out into the darkness. (pg. 248) ~ Victor Hugo
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Victor Hugo
Because it has been so united with the devil it is vital for man to receive from God a change of mind before he can receive a new heart. ~ Watchman Nee
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Watchman Nee
Chance or accident is not responsible for the things that happen to you, nor is predestined fate the author of your fortune or misfortune. Your subconscious impressions determine the conditions of your world. The subconscious is not selective; it is impersonal and no respecter of persons. The subconscious is not concerned with the truth or falsity of your feeling. It always accepts as true that which you feel to be true. Feeling is the assent of the subconscious to the truth of that which is declared to be true. Because of this quality of the subconscious there is nothing impossible to man. Whatever the mind of man can conceive and feel as true, the subconscious can and must objectify. Your feelings create the pattern from which your world is fashioned, and a change of feeling is a change of pattern. ~ Neville Goddard
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Neville Goddard
A wise man changes his mind sometimes, but a fool never. To change your mind is the best evidence you have one. ~ Desmond Ford
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Desmond Ford
I do not rush into constructive work. When I get an idea, I start right away to build it up in my mind. I change the structure, I make improvements, I experiment, I run the device in my mind. It is absolutely the same to me whether I operate my turbine in thought or test it actually in my shop. It makes no difference, the results are the same. In this way, you see, I can rapidly develop and perfect an invention, without touching anything. ~ Nikola Tesla
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Nikola Tesla
I'm heading out."
Her gaze searched his and, a little breathless, she asked, "Leaving?"
"Yeah." He stepped closer. Any second how Trace would intrude. "Thing is, Alani, I can't be around you without wanting you. Bad. Really bad."
"If that's crude, well, then screw it, I'm crude. I know we'd have a great time in bed, but since you aren't ready for that yet, well . . . I promised Trace I wouldn't pressure you."
Her neck went stiff. "Dear God. You discussed this with my brother?"
"No!" He cut a hand through the air and his voice lowered. "When . . . if . . . I get you out of your panties, believe me, it'll be a private thing between us. No way in hell would I discuss that with anyone else."
Her face went as red as Priss's had.
"Trace and I talked about you maybe decorating my house, that's all."
"Oh." Face still hot, she said, "I - "
"Yeah, forget it. That's off. Like I said, I'd just hanker for you, and you aren't exactly reciprocating. So that's that."
She blinked fast.
"But if you ever change your mind, all you have to do is let me know." He reached out and touched her cheek. Her skin was soft and warm and he wanted to feel her all over.
All over him. Naked. Hungry. Wet . . .
Damn, he had it bad. "I can promise you, if you do come to me, you won't regret it."
She swallowed, licked her lips and damned if her eyes didn't heat. She wanted him, too. He had to believe that. But Trace was starting up t ~ Lori Foster
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Lori Foster
Above all, we should question the consumer ethic, which uses up non-renewable resources, creates inequality and injustice, generates pollution, destroys other species and upsets the balance of nature. The consumer ethic not only defiles the environment by creating undesirable change in the biosphere but also corrupts the mind and body by defining pleasure in terms of ownership and absorption. Waste itself is a human concept; everything in nature is eventually used. If human beings carry on in their present ways, they will one day be recycled along with the dinosaurs. ~ Peter Marshall
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Peter Marshall
Quick, I told myself. Try to remember what you learned from Jimbo's Self Defence for Young Ladies. Jimbo was a beefy man with prison tats.
"Go into the nearest dark alley," I recalled Jimbo saying. "Freeze like a rabbit or the creature you desire your attacker to mistake you for. If your attacker shouts out to you, respond politely - maybe your optimism will change his mind. If you're about to get into an elevator with a man you feel uncomfortable spending time with in a small, escapeless room, head right in. Remember , fear i an irrational emotion, you should probably ignore it."
Armed with these tips, I hung a right into the nearest dead-end, curled into a ball and started rolling. ~ The Harvard Lampoon
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by The Harvard Lampoon
Adam,' I say, 'had good times and he had bad times.' I pause here and glance at Nana, see that she is crying silently, the way I cried at the duck pond in the park. I was going to say something more about the bad times- how Adam's bad times were different from most people's, and that I'll never really understand them. But now that I see Nana's tears, see her start to reach for Papa's hand, then pull back and fold her hands in her lap again- now that I see Nana, I change my mind.
I think we should remember that Adam was one of those people who could lift the corners of our universe,' I say. I clear my throat. 'Thank you.'
As I slide into our pew I realize I feel older. I think of Janet and Nancy and find that nonw I can brush them away. And I understand that Adam and I are not as alike as I had thought. I remembered the tortured look on Adam's face the night of the Ferris wheel and the look of happiness, happiness, and realize that Adam's decision to take his life was not made easily. It took a certain kind of courage. Just not the kind of courage I chose.
I settle between Mom and Dad, and they take my hands and smmile at me. No tears. I squeeze their hands.
~pgs 177-178; Hattie on life ~ Ann M. Martin
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Ann M. Martin
It seems as if we can't go right, or do right, or be righted,' said Toby. 'I hadn't much schooling, myself, when I was young; and I can't make out whether we have any business on the face of the earth, or not. Sometimes I think we must have a little; and sometimes I think we must be intruding. I get so puzzled sometimes that I am not even able to make up my mind whether there is any good at all in us, or whether we are born bad. We seem to do dreadful things; we seem to give a deal of trouble; we are always being complained of and guarded against. One way or another, we fill the papers. Talk of a New Year!' said Toby, mournfully. ~ Charles Dickens
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Charles Dickens
Find people who can handle your darkest truths, who don't change the subject when you share your pain, or try to make you feel bad for feeling bad. Find people who understand we all struggle, some of us more than others, and that there's no weakness in admitting it. Find people who want to be real, however that looks and feels, and who want you to be real, too. Find people who get that life is hard, and who get that life is also beautiful, and who aren't afraid to honor both of those realities. Find people who help you feel more at home in your heart, mind and body, and who take joy in your joy. Find people who love you, for real, and who accept you, for real. Just as you are. They're out there, these people. Your tribe is waiting for you. Don't stop searching until you find them. ~ Scott Stabile
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Scott Stabile
They don't, in some people; those unlucky enough never to change in themselves, but there are few like that." She gave my folded hand a squeeze and patted it. "I doubt that you're one of those. Your hand shows quite a lot of change already, for one so young. That would likely be the War, of course," she said, as though to herself. I was curious again, and opened my palm voluntarily. "What am I, then, according to my hand?" Mrs. Graham frowned, but did not pick up my hand again. "I canna just say. It's odd, for most hands have a likeness to them. Mind, I'd no just say that it's 'see one, you've seen them all,' but it's often like that - there are patterns, you know." She smiled suddenly, an oddly engaging grin, displaying very white and patently false teeth. ~ Diana Gabaldon
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Diana Gabaldon
But then neither revenge nor forgiveness change what happened. They're sideshows, of which forgiveness is the less attractive because it represents a collaboration with one's persecutors. I don't suppose that forgiveness was uppermost in the minds of people who were being nailed to a cross until Jesus, if not the first man with a Christ complex still the most successful, wafted onto the scene. Presumably those who enjoyed inflicting cruelty could hardly believe their luck and set about popularizing the superstition that their victims could only achieve peace of mind by forgiving them. ~ Edward St. Aubyn
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Edward St. Aubyn
There is no need to search; achievement leads to nowhere. It makes no difference at all, so just be happy now! Love is the only reality of the world, because it is all One, you see. And the only laws are paradox, humor and change. There is no problem, never was, and never will be. Release your struggle, let go of your mind, throw away your concerns, and relax into the world. No need to resist life, just do your best. Open your eyes and see that you are far more than you imagine. You are the world, you are the universe; you are yourself and everyone else, too! It's all the marvelous Play of God. Wake up, regain your humor. Don't worry, just be happy. You are already free! ~ Dan Millman
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Dan Millman
Personal law is simply the thought that controls your mind and your life more than any other thought. Finding that thought is the most valuable knowledge that you can have about yourself. It is like the leverage on personal change. It enables you to change very efficiently. ~ Leonard Orr
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Leonard Orr
Change always happens... We adjust to it. Somehow we figure out a way. We straighten what we can or learn how to like something a little crooked. That's how it is. Something breaks, you fix it as best you can. There's always a way to make something better, even if it means sweeping up the broken pieces and starting all over. That's how we keep moving, keep breathing, keep opening our eyes every morning, even when the only thing we know for sure is that we're still alive. ~ Susan Meissner
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Susan Meissner
You cannot change another person's mind or educate them; this they must do themselves. ~ Bryant McGill
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Bryant McGill
I feel that there are great minds up there who would like to see what I can do with an Oscar nomination. I guess many people would change after a nomination in the way they see things. In my case it's really irrelevant in terms of what I do. Still, it was an incredible experience which I will put in my memories, like everything else. ~ River Phoenix
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by River Phoenix
There is no other force, no other determining factor, no external cause to the cohesive unfolding of your life's episodes – only your composite inner nature. Change that and you change your life. ~ Thomas Daniel Nehrer
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Thomas Daniel Nehrer
The reality is, we can change. We can change ourselves. We can change our minds. We can change our hearts ... and therefore the Universe changes. ~ Richard Gere
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Richard Gere
Why not eliminate schooling between age 12-16? It's biologically + psychologically too turbulent a time to be cooped up inside, made to sit all the time. During these years, kids would live communally – doing some work, anyway being physically active, in the countryside(...)

This simple change in the age specificity of schooling would a) reduce adolescent discontent, anomie, boredom, neurosis; b) radically modify the almost inevitable process by which people at 50 are psychologically and intellectually ossified (...)

After all, since most people from now on are going to live to be 70, 75, 80, why should all their schooling be bunched together in the first 1/3 or 1/4 of their lives – so that it's downhill all the way ~ Susan Sontag
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Susan Sontag
This world is a magical place without us. All the drama, wars, hatred and the like, originate from, and brew in our minds. If we can individually heal our minds, we can finally see the magic in our world. ~ Jacent Mary Mpalyenkana
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Jacent Mary Mpalyenkana
We cannot learn something new and stick to it without a modular approach to application, positive reinforcement and a real change of environment. ~ David Amerland
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by David Amerland
Listen with Ease Have you ever sat very silently, not with your attention fixed on anything, not making an effort to concentrate, but with the mind very quiet, really still? Then you hear everything, don't you? You hear the far off noises as well as those that are nearer and those that are very close by, the immediate sounds - which means really that you are listening to everything. Your mind is not confined to one narrow little channel. If you can listen in this way, listen with ease, without strain, you will find an extraordinary change taking place within you, a change that comes without your volition, without your asking; and in that change there is great beauty and depth of insight. ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
So I think (Obama) definitely has convinced people that he stands for change and for hope, and I can't wait to see what he stands for. ~ Susan Sarandon
Mind Change Susan Greenfield quotes by Susan Sarandon
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