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Being a military child, we moved a lot and we developed different vernaculars from moving from the south, to the Midwest, and seeing the world. Going from New York to California and from Jamaica Queens to the South, I was always the new kid, or had the army crew haircut. I expected people to pick up on me. My brother kinda stole all of my old jokes. He got his inspiration from me. ~ Joe Torry
Military Child quotes by Joe Torry
You are a child of the universe ... ~ Max Ehrmann
Military Child quotes by Max Ehrmann
As I recall, my life as a child was so all-consuming that I barely had time to consider the future. ~ David Johansen
Military Child quotes by David Johansen
Tasks are the real-world activities people think of when planning, conducting, or recalling their day. That can mean things like brushing their teeth, preparing breakfast, reading a newspaper, taking a child to school, responding to e-mail messages, making a sales call, attending a lecture or a business meeting, having lunch with a colleague from work, helping a child with homework, coaching a soccer team, and watching a TV program. Some tasks are mundane, some complex. ~ Mike Long
Military Child quotes by Mike Long
Custer was a child once. He didn't spend his childhood killing Indians and stealing their homeland. Nero didn't spend his childhood burning Rome to the ground. Everybody was a child once. No child was born hating the world around him. You had to learn that trait. You had to pick it up from the worst pockets of the universe, the filthiest recesses of society, where the people who learned it before you deposited it when they were done. ~ Rose Christo
Military Child quotes by Rose Christo
During sexual abuse, children feel and incorporate the rage, pain, shame, and sense of perversion that the perpetrator is projecting. They take these feelings into the very core of themselves, and they are badly traumatized by the emotions surrounding the assault, as well as by the assault itself. ~ Renee Fredrickson
Military Child quotes by Renee Fredrickson
Make them imagine repentance more like an appearance in court before a cranky old judge, less like a child knocking on his father's study door to have a chat. ~ Geoffrey Wood
Military Child quotes by Geoffrey Wood
This is my child, he said. I wash a dead man's brains out of his hair. That is my job. ~ Cormac McCarthy
Military Child quotes by Cormac McCarthy
Practically any Western has a homesteader in trouble, and a mysterious rider shows up off the range, solves the problem over two or three days, and then rides off into the sunset. ~ Lee Child
Military Child quotes by Lee Child
The moment I realized God existed, I knew that I could not do othewise than to live for Him Alone ... Faith strips the mask from the world and renders meaningless such words as anxiety, danger and fear, so the believer goes through life calmly and peacefully, with profound joy
like a child, hand and hand with his mother. ~ Charles De Foucauld
Military Child quotes by Charles De Foucauld
The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you've got to have a what-the-hell attitude. ~ Julia Child
Military Child quotes by Julia Child
Most people no longer believe that buying sneakers made in Asian sweatshops is a kindness to those child laborers. Farming is similar. In every country on earth, the most human scenario for farmers is likely to be feeding those who live nearby
if international markets would allow them to do it. Food transport has become a bizarre and profitable economic equation that's no longer really about feeding anyone ... If you care about farmers, let the potatoes stay home. ~ Barbara Kingsolver
Military Child quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
Diarrhea, 90 percent of which is caused by food and water contaminated by excrement, kills a child every fifteen seconds. That's more than AIDS, malaria, or measles, combined. Human feces are an impressive weapon of mass destruction. ~ Rose George
Military Child quotes by Rose George
He walked to the exit, skirting the pools of vapor light purely out of habit, but he saw that the last lamp was unavoidable, because it was set directly above the exit gate. So he saved himself a further perimeter diversion by walking through the next-to-last pool of light, too. At which point a woman stepped out of the shadows. She came toward him with a distinctive burst of energy, two fast paces, eager, like she was pleased to see him. Her body language was all about relief. Then it wasn't. Then it was all about disappointment. She stopped dead, and she said, "Oh." She was Asian. But not petite. Five-nine, maybe, or even five-ten. And built to match. Not a bone in sight. No kind of a willowy waif. She was about forty, Reacher guessed, with black hair worn long, jeans and a T-shirt under a short cotton coat. She had lace-up shoes on her feet. He said, "Good evening, ma'am." She was looking past his shoulder. He said, "I'm the only passenger. ~ Lee Child
Military Child quotes by Lee Child
Here is what the end of the world looks like:
It looks like a child running out into the road, eyes focused only on some destination ahead - the future, which is on the other side - and the child fails to notice the speeding truck that is there, on that same road, in the present.
This is what the end of the world looks like.
All roads cross here. ~ Andrew Smith
Military Child quotes by Andrew Smith
The casting of the brash United States Army Air Force officer Colonel Robert E. Hogan and the pompous German Luftwaffe officer Colonel Wilhelm Klink was inspired. For this series - a comedy with the serious backdrop of war - to succeed, the lead players had to be the perfect fit. The dynamic portrayal of this military odd couple had to be articulate, accurate, and precise. For the show to work, for the concept to be accepted, for one of the most outlandish premises in television history to be believed, the actors signed to play the two leading characters not only had to bring these extreme individuals to life with broad, fictional strokes, they had to make them real in the details. ~ Carol M. Ford
Military Child quotes by Carol M. Ford
Every parent's first responsibility is to teach his child that there is a God to whom he's accountable and that God has certain commands that we're obligated to obey. ~ Robert Jeffress
Military Child quotes by Robert Jeffress
Every parent craves for a child, and once their wishes come true, they feel that it's not possible for them to love anyone more that the first born. But the fact is, after you have the second issue, the feeling is, how can I not love the kid? ~ Kajol
Military Child quotes by Kajol
CIVILIAN OR MILITARY The governments of the world would like very much for you to make the distinction between civilian and military targets. This is interesting because they do not make that distinction when they wage their class warfare upon us. Is a family a military target when they are beaten and thrown in the street and their belongings are tossed in the gutter? There are no military targets. Likewise, there are no civilian targets. These are abstract ideas that are part of a nineteenth-century framework. We ~ Jesse Ball
Military Child quotes by Jesse Ball
When I grew up in the Bronx, we always had everyone telling us, 'Watch out for the system, watch out for child welfare, watch out, they'll get you,' and I grew up with this feeling of, 'Society is over there and they're dangerous and not safe.' ~ Liz Murray
Military Child quotes by Liz Murray
He was six years old this time, and ancient. ~ Red Tash
Military Child quotes by Red Tash
My children give me a great sense of wonder. Just to see them develop into these extraordinary human beings. And a favorite book as a child? Growing up, it was 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe' - I would read the whole C.S. Lewis series out loud to my kids. I was once reading to Zelda, and she said 'don't do any voices. Just read it as yourself.' So I did, I just read it straight, and she said 'that's better.' ~ Robin Williams
Military Child quotes by Robin Williams
I was, like, this token teen angst child of Broadway. It's so funny. What is that? I don't even know. But I loved it. ~ Jennifer Damiano
Military Child quotes by Jennifer Damiano
For the sake of Christ, God has made peace with the pilgrim, Christian. Christian is justified and is forgiven of all his sins. Christian is stripped of his rags and is given a robe of righteousness, which represents the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ. Christian is given a mark on his forehead that sets him apart from the world and marks him as a true child of God who will be preserved from divine judgment. Christian is given a scroll with a seal on it, which represents his temporal assurance of his new life and acceptance into the Celestial City.
4. ~ John Bunyan
Military Child quotes by John Bunyan
We have to work extra hard, because we in America are very ethnocentric
we think our culture is superior. Why's that? It's because we've got moon rocks, and nobody else has moon rocks. ~ Dick Couch
Military Child quotes by Dick Couch
Some day the workers will take possession of your city hall, and when we do, no child will be sacrificed on the altar of profit! ~ Mother Jones
Military Child quotes by Mother Jones
Why, when I was a child, I didn't say, as most children do, that I was going to become an actress. I felt that I was an actress and no one could have convinced me that I wasn't! ~ Antoinette Perry
Military Child quotes by Antoinette Perry
In this country that grows more food than any other nation on this earth, it is unthinkable that any child should go hungry. ~ Sela Ward
Military Child quotes by Sela Ward
You read a hundred
military manuals you won't
find the word kill they trick
you into killing. ~ Anne Carson
Military Child quotes by Anne Carson
I promise you, Cole Bridge, that in honor of the little child you once were, I will never forget that JB is a gift from God. I will honor his unique, gorgeous person with enough love for both him and the memory of a little boy who deserved so much more than he got, for as long as I live and beyond."
She kissed his lips.
He held her close and kissed her hard, her tears salty on both of their lips. "You are so much. I have no words."
"I know," she said. "I feel that way about you too. ~ Debra Anastasia
Military Child quotes by Debra Anastasia
Don't forget that the most effective form of child abuse is giving a child everything they want. ~ Randy Alcorn
Military Child quotes by Randy Alcorn
You've never seen a Columbine done by a black child. Never. They always say, 'We can't believe it happened here. We can't believe it's these suburban white kids.' It's only them! ~ Van Jones
Military Child quotes by Van Jones
Don't worry about why it went wrong. Just damn well put it right. ~ Lee Child
Military Child quotes by Lee Child
Salinger was not cutesy. His work was not nostalgic. These were not fairy tales about child geniuses traipsing the streets of Old New York.
Salinger was nothing like I'd thought. Nothing.
Salinger was brutal. Brutal and funny and precise. I loved him. I loved it all. pg192 ~ Joanna Rakoff
Military Child quotes by Joanna Rakoff
In the 19th century, a lot of people were against outlawing child labour, because to do so would be against the very foundations of a free market economy: 'These children want to work, these people want to employ them ... what is your problem? It's not as if anyone has kidnapped them ... ' ~ Brian Eno
Military Child quotes by Brian Eno
July 8, 2013
Review of Bargain with the Devil
Author: Gloria Gravitt Moulder
My interest in the death of Margaret Mitchell was sparked as a young child growing up in Georgia. I was born in 1953, 4 years after her death. Older relatives, neighbors and friends would sit around discussing her death as I was growing up and with the inquisitive mind of a young child; I found what they were saying interesting enough to listen in. They talked about how the taxi cab driver, Hugh Gravitt, (some of which knew him as this was a small southern town where everyone knew everyone) was not a drinker because of his health and how the newspaper articles had written he was drunk and speeding when it wasn't true. I overheard many things about how the media was wrong regarding the circumstances of her death. Some speculated she committed suicide; others suspected her husband pushed her in front of the car Mr. Gravitt was driving. All commented that both Margaret and John were drunk and jaywalking across Peachtree Street.
I read the book (Gone with the Wind) when I was 13 and went to see the movie in 1969 at the Fox theatre with friends. I cannot relate how this impacted me. I became interested in all I heard as a child again and over the years have read many articles on the subject of Margaret Mitchell and John Marsh. I never believed the stories about Hugh Gravitt being at fault in her death as a result of all those conversations I had overheard by my elders as a child.
~ Gloria Gravitt Moulder
Military Child quotes by Gloria Gravitt Moulder
The Clinton doctrine was encapsulated in the slogan "multilateral when we can, unilateral when we must." In congressional testimony, the phrase "when we must" was explained more fully: the United States is entitled to resort to the "unilateral use of military power" to ensure "uninhibited access to key markets, energy supplies, and strategic resources. ~ Noam Chomsky
Military Child quotes by Noam Chomsky
When you've known somebody since childhood, you never have to worry about them seeing the child that still exists inside of you. They've already seen it. And since they still know and associate with you, it means they accept that child inside you that is never really going to go away. ~ James Rozoff
Military Child quotes by James Rozoff
I had the evidence that a crash did happen here ... Give this information to the young people of the world and this country ... They want it. Give it to them. Don't hide it and tell lies and make stories. They're not stupid ... It's their information. It doesn't belong to the Army or the Department of Defence. If it's classified, take the classification off and give it to them! ~ Philip J. Corso
Military Child quotes by Philip J. Corso
With the fate of Roe v. Wade now hanging in the balance, I'm calling for a special 'pro-life tax.' If the fervent prayers of the religious right are answered and abortion is banned, let's take it a step further. All good Christians should legally be required to pony up; share the financial burden of raising an unwanted child. That's right: put your money where your Bible is. I'm not just talking about paying for food and shelter or even a college education. All those who advocate for driving a stake through the heart of a woman's right to choose must help bear the financial burden of that child's upbringing. They must be legally as well as morally bound to provide the child brought into this world at their insistence with decent clothes to wear; a toy to play with; a bicycle to ride -- even if they don't consider these things 'necessities.' Pro-lifers must be required to provide each child with all those things they would consider 'necessary' for their own children. Once the kid is out of the womb, don't wash your hands and declare 'Mission Accomplished!' It doesn't end there. If you insist that every pregnancy be carried to term, then you'd better be willing to pay the freight for the biological parents who can't afford to. And -- like the good Christians that you are -- should do so without complaint. ~ Quentin R. Bufogle
Military Child quotes by Quentin R. Bufogle
No man can be a Christian and a soldier at the same time, for the two ideas are wholly incompatible. ~ W.E. Woodward
Military Child quotes by W.E. Woodward
A bird sings, a child prattles, but it is the same hymn; hymn indistinct, inarticulate, but full of profound meaning. ~ Victor Hugo
Military Child quotes by Victor Hugo
One difficulty that someone who has been in military/government service during war has, is reconciling his/her pride with their horror. ~ Kari Martindale
Military Child quotes by Kari Martindale
This much freedom leaves you on your own. More Americans than ever before live alone, but even a family can exist in isolation, just managing to survive in the shadow of a huge military base without a soul to lend a hand. A shiny new community can spring up overnight miles from anywhere, then fade away just as fast. An old city can lose its industrial foundation and two-thirds of its people, while all its mainstays - churches, government, businesses, charities, unions - fall like building flats in a strong wind, hardly making a sound. ~ George Packer
Military Child quotes by George Packer
When given age-appropriate challenges, children tend to take them very seriously; in fact, the more obvious the risk is, the more cautiously a child will proceed. ~ Darell Hammond
Military Child quotes by Darell Hammond
I spent a lot of time reading blogs by mothers who had children with varying degrees of neural dysfunction, from schizophrenia to all sorts of different issues. And honestly, I don't think it's different for anybody. There's no right way to make sure your child will be emotionally and mentally healthier. It's just frustrating. ~ Vera Farmiga
Military Child quotes by Vera Farmiga
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