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Single drop of Lethe water would wipe your short-term memory. You wouldn't remember anything that happened in the last week. Take a full drink, or wade into those waters, and your mind would be completely erased. You wouldn't remember your own name, or where you came from, or even that the New York Yankees are obviously better than the Boston Red Sox. I know - terrifying, right? ~ Rick Riordan
Mifune New York quotes by Rick Riordan
Saks is one of the temples of good-quality products in America. The Saks shop in New York, for me, is the most interesting department store in America. ~ Diego Della Valle
Mifune New York quotes by Diego Della Valle
London is my favorite place in the world. I love London. I think it has the best of L.A. and New York in one, and I have a really great friend there. ~ Emma Roberts
Mifune New York quotes by Emma Roberts
I was born in the Chi fo sho' and raised there till I was like 15. I then went on the road with X [DMX] and then moved to New York. I've moved to L.A. since then. I really have been bouncing around since 15. ~ Yung Berg
Mifune New York quotes by Yung Berg
Hip-hop is bigger than the South; hip-hop is bigger than New York. ~ Nas
Mifune New York quotes by Nas
If only men were like New York taxi-cabs and had a light that they can switch on when they're interested and off when they're not available. Then you'd know exactly where you were and you wouldn't have to worry about getting it wrong and being horribly embarrassed.
Lucy ~ Alexandra Potter
Mifune New York quotes by Alexandra Potter
Professionally, I decided to commit a lot
of my time to California because there
wasn't a whole lot happening for me in New York. ~ Alice Barrett
Mifune New York quotes by Alice Barrett
Taxicabs might seem like a luxury item, and given the profound needs of so many disabled people in New York, why would we bother with taxis? I contend that even if you need a taxi once a year - there are times when you need a taxi. ~ Simi Linton
Mifune New York quotes by Simi Linton
How come it rains every Hall of Fame weekend? They need to move it to a different weekend. ~ Yogi Berra
Mifune New York quotes by Yogi Berra
I love New York. I was sad, depressed and incredibly moved by our fellow countrymen and what they've done. I wanted to give people a chance to see something funny, have a distraction. ~ Ben Stiller
Mifune New York quotes by Ben Stiller
There's something about New York City that gives you permission to just be. There's no need for pretense, no need for masks. You can be real, without risk. The buildings are your protectors, the streets are your tethers. The people ... you will never see them again. Even when they're right in front of you, you don't see them. Not really. Just as they don't really see you. New York is beautifully anonymous. ~ Jessica Verdi
Mifune New York quotes by Jessica Verdi
Nothing lasts in New York. Everything's always changing in really obvious ways. ~ Richard Hell
Mifune New York quotes by Richard Hell
New York has total depth in every area. Washington has only politics; after that, the second biggest thing is white marble. ~ John Lindsay
Mifune New York quotes by John Lindsay
I may wish to return to my home in England, and I stand in New York, but ever since I was born I have been bound to this earth by a law that I have never been able to break
the law of gravity. I am told, however, that there is another law, a higher law, the law of aero-dynamics, and if only I will be willing to commit myself in total trust to this new law, then this new law will set me free from the old law. By faith I step into the plane, I sit back in the rest of faith, and as those mighty engines roar into life, I discover that the new law of aero-dynamics sets me free from the law of gravity. ~ W. Ian Thomas
Mifune New York quotes by W. Ian Thomas
My father loved to take photographs of me. When I was nine I made my own costumes for a school play and I experienced becoming different characters. I loved to document myself as different images and I think my work evolved after this favorite activity. The photographs I exhibited in New York juxtaposed reality and fantasy. There was everyday life and fantasy was dismantling that reality. ~ Mariko Mori
Mifune New York quotes by Mariko Mori
I went to Juilliard in New York and used to do cabarets just for fun. Occasionally, I would get together with a jazz musician and play at a restaurant for cash. And I've done some background vocals for recording artists. ~ Nicole Beharie
Mifune New York quotes by Nicole Beharie
You see, wire telegraph is a kind of a very, very long cat. You pull his tail in New York and his head is meowing in Los Angeles. Do you understand this? And radio operates exactly the same way: you send signals here, they receive them there. The only difference is that there is no cat. ~ Albert Einstein
Mifune New York quotes by Albert Einstein
God knows, when spring comes to Paris the humbles mortal alive must feel that he dwells in paradise ... it [is] the the intimacy with which his eye rests upon the scene. It [is] his Paris. A man does not need to be rich, nor even a citizen, to feel this way about Paris. Paris is filled with poor people - the proudest and filthiest lot of beggars that ever walked the earth ... And yet they give the illusion of being at home. It is that which distinguishes the Parisian from all other metropolitan souls.
When I think of New York I have a very different feeling. New York makes even a rich man feel his unimportance. New York is cold, glisttering, malign. The buildings dominate. There is a sort of atomic frenzy to the activity going on; the more furious the pace, the more diminished the spirit ... Nobody knows what it's all about. Nobody directs the energy. Stupendous. Bizarre. Baffling. A tremendous reactive urge, but absolutely uncoordinated. ~ Henry Miller
Mifune New York quotes by Henry Miller
You can do what you like, sir, but I'll tell you this. New York is the true capital of America. Every New Yorker knows it, and by God, we always shall. ~ Edward Rutherfurd
Mifune New York quotes by Edward Rutherfurd
No reason to feel nervous at night, not even at eleven thirty at night, in the heart of New York. Nothing ever happened to her kind of people; things happened to people living down those cross streets in old red bricks or old brownstones. Things threatened silver and gold dancers there in the Iridium Room across. But things didn't happen to her or anyone she knew. ~ Dorothy B. Hughes
Mifune New York quotes by Dorothy B. Hughes
People say there's delays on flights. Delays, really? New York to California in five hours, that used to take 30 years, a bunch of people used to die on the way there, have a baby, you would end up with a whole different group of people by the time you got there. Now you watch a movie and [go to the toilet] and you're home. ~ Louis C.K.
Mifune New York quotes by Louis C.K.
Thomas Nagel, professor of philosophy at New York University. This is how he explains his deep-seated antipathy toward religion: In speaking of the fear of religion, I don't mean to refer to the entirely reasonable hostility toward certain established religions ... in virtue of their objectionable moral doctrines, social policies, and political influence. Nor am I referring to the association of many religious beliefs with superstition and the acceptance of evident empirical falsehoods. I am talking about something much deeper - namely the fear of religion itself ... I want atheism to be true and am made uneasy by the fact that some of the most intelligent and well-informed people I know are religious believers. It isn't just that I don't believe in God and naturally, hope there is no God! I don't want there to be a God; I don't want the universe to be like that.1 That ~ Ravi Zacharias
Mifune New York quotes by Ravi Zacharias
Tomorrow I want to get a New York bagel and see how it stacks up against Bodo's." Bodo's Bagels are legendary in Charlottesville; we're very proud of those bagels.
Putting my head on his shoulder, I yawn and say, "I wish we could go to Levain Bakery so I could try their cookie. It's supposed to be like no chocolate chip cookie you've had before. I want to go to Jacques Torres's chocolate shop too. His chocolate chip cookie is the definitive chocolate chip cookie, you know. It's truly legendary…" My eyes drift closed, and Peter pats my hair. I'm starting to fall asleep when I realize he's unraveling the milkmaid braids Kitty pinned on the crown of my head. My eyes fly back open. "Peter!"
"Shh, go back to sleep. I want to practice something."
"You'll never get it back to how she had it."
"Just let me try," he says, collecting bobby pins in the palm of his hand.
When we get to the hotel in New Jersey, despite his best efforts, my braids are lumpy and loose and won't stay pinned. "I'm sending a picture of this to Kitty so she'll see what a bad student you are," I say as I gather up my things.
"No, don't," Peter quickly says, which makes me smile. ~ Jenny Han
Mifune New York quotes by Jenny Han
The trip from Portland to New York City was like climbing Mount Everest without oxygen. It went on and on, and by the time you reached your destination, there was no sensation left in your extremities. ~ Kristin Hannah
Mifune New York quotes by Kristin Hannah
Mayor de Blasio has legalized ferrets. Now you can legally own ferrets in New York City. I want to tell you something. If I want to see anymore beady-eyed little weasels, I'll just keep riding the subway. ~ David Letterman
Mifune New York quotes by David Letterman
For novelists, the imagination is everything. The trick is to guide one's imagination using research. I love using old maps. When I wrote my novels on London and New York, I found wonderful historical atlases. Paris has the most lavish maps of all. ~ Edward Rutherfurd
Mifune New York quotes by Edward Rutherfurd
I love New York. I'm taking English lessons there for the first time. I used to live in Tokyo, but I needed something new. I'm really close to my family. I miss them all the time, but we Skype a lot. ~ Rinko Kikuchi
Mifune New York quotes by Rinko Kikuchi
Just like that. Gone forever. They will not grow old together. They will never live on a beach by the sea, their hair turned white, dancing in a living room to Billie Holiday or Nat Cole. They will not enter a New York club at midnight and show the poor hip-hop fools how to dance. They will not chuckle together over the endless folly of the world, its vanities and stupid ambitions. They will not hug each other in any chilly New York dawn.
Oh, Mary Lou.
My baby.
My love. ~ Pete Hamill
Mifune New York quotes by Pete Hamill
I moved to New York when I was 10, from Rio de Janeiro. So there was no need for driving: I took the subway, cabs and the bus. ~ Jordana Brewster
Mifune New York quotes by Jordana Brewster
I moved away when I was young, when I was about 19. I'd literally come from an area with dirt roads and stuff like that, right to the centre of a city of about five million people. It's been great. I'm based in New York, and every day, it's amazing. ~ Diego Klattenhoff
Mifune New York quotes by Diego Klattenhoff
I hug her one more time and pull her down to the bed. And in my mind, I rise up from the bed and look down on us, and look down at everybody else in this hospital who might have the good fortune of holding a pretty girl right now, and then at the entire Brooklyn block, and then the neighborhood, and then Brooklyn, and then New York City, and then the whole Tri-State Area, and then this little corner of America- with laser eyes I can see into every house- and then the whole country and the hemisphere and now the whole stupid world, everyone in every bed, couch, futon, chair, hammock, love seat, and tent, everyone kissing or touching eachother ... and i know that i'm the happiest of all of them. ~ Ned Vizzini
Mifune New York quotes by Ned Vizzini
I know a member of one of New York's first families (first as you drive up Tenth Avenue) ~ Groucho Marx
Mifune New York quotes by Groucho Marx
I was worried that in London I would be judged for who I know rather than what I do. In New York, I am known for fashion. ~ L'Wren Scott
Mifune New York quotes by L'Wren Scott
There's a kind of journalistic narcissism that New York-based journalists are guilty of. ~ Bernard Goldberg
Mifune New York quotes by Bernard Goldberg
I got my start in the 'New York Times' because I used to read Stuart Elliot, the advertising columns. I still do. And I read him so religiously, I wanted to work for him before I died. ~ Andrew Ross Sorkin
Mifune New York quotes by Andrew Ross Sorkin
Alaska is much larger than France and Germany - combined. Yet its population is less than one-tenth that of New York City. Keep that in mind the next time you hear some environmentalist hysteria about the danger of "spoiling" Alaska by drilling for oil in an area smaller than Dulles Airport. ~ Thomas Sowell
Mifune New York quotes by Thomas Sowell
She felt sleep creeping up on her like a relentless tide. She tried to summon up a craving for German chocolates. Or New York traffic. Late-night television. Nope. What she really needed was currently scratching her back with the most careful of scratches, humming an off-key melody under his breath. Jessica smiled. ~ Lynn Kurland
Mifune New York quotes by Lynn Kurland
One of the special characteristics of New York is that it is different from a London or a Paris because it's the financial capital, and the cultural capital, but not the political capital. ~ Ron Chernow
Mifune New York quotes by Ron Chernow
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