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When you understand the loving principle provided to you by the Universe, you will not be able to contain the love that is in your heart and giving it back to all beings. ~ Michael Cupo
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Cupo
Michael came home and asked, Would you like to write a song with me? I got this idea for a title called A Kiss at the End of a Rainbow. So we had a couple glasses of wine and wrote it. ~ Annette O'Toole
Michael Lobrin quotes by Annette O'Toole
Pride is a wound, and vanity is the scab on it. One's life picks at the scab to open the wound again and again. In men, it seldom heals and often grows septic. ~ Michael Ayrton
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Ayrton
Bosch knew the dawn had nothing on the dusk. Dawn always came up ugly, as if the sun was clumsy and in a hurry. The dusk was smoother, the moon more graceful. Maybe it was because the moon was more patient. In life and nature, Bosch thought, darkness always waits. ~ Michael Connelly
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Connelly
You know, conservatism is not a bad thing. It's not a pejorative. ~ Michael Steele
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Steele
I think my software is going to become so ubiquitous, so essential, that if it stops working, there will be riots. ~ Michael J. Saylor
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael J. Saylor
I'm just a skinny kid from Maywood trying to do my best. I never took anything for granted. I never wanted to come off like some kind of big-headed, conceited athlete. ~ Michael Finley
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Finley
I think as an actor ... I don't like to compare a character to anybody else, just because I respect other people's work, and I want that character to have his own identity. ~ Michael Mando
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Mando
They had all grown older, but he still did not feel he had wisdom to go with his aging. ~ Michael Ondaatje
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Ondaatje
I don't take it for granted, because I saw the fruits of Stan's [Lee] 50-year labor, and I didn't have to wait 50 years myself. ~ Brian Michael Bendis
Michael Lobrin quotes by Brian Michael Bendis
My goal has not ever been to change minds, my goal is to open minds. ~ Michael Franti
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Franti
Most souls labor under a self imposed curse of desiring but never truly giving themselves over to love. ~ Michael Xavier
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Xavier
One can imagine a kind of hormonal arms race or genetic arms race, whether it's to do with height or IQ, conceivably, in the future. So it's limitless, and that's another of the features that sets it apart from medical intervention. ~ Michael Sandel
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Sandel
Code without tests is bad code. It doesn't matter how well written it is; it doesn't matter how pretty or object-oriented or well-encapsulated it is. With tests, we can change the behavior of our code quickly and verifiably. Without them, we really don't know if our code is getting better or worse. ~ Michael C. Feathers
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael C. Feathers
Having a Nobel Prize or being a famous scientist will get you a week to a week and a half, metaphorically speaking, of a hearing for your new idea, but after that, it's going to tank if you don't have the evidence and support for it. ~ Michael Shermer
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Shermer
Mathematics becomes very odd when you apply it to people. One plus one can add up to so many different sums ~ Michael Frayn
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Frayn
I have a tendency to sabotage relationships; I have a tendency to sabotage everything. Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of being afraid. Useless, good-for-nothing thoughts. ~ Michael Buble
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Buble
And what right do you have to judge me? He was nothing to you but a drink."
"No," I said. "I loved him."
She looked away from me. A moment later she said, "I have never understood homosexuality. I can't picture what you men do with each other."
"I could tell you but it would completely miss the point. ~ Michael Nava
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Nava
Why do things this beautiful make me want to cry?" I asked Michael as I leaned into him. It was an unguarded question, one I'd never have asked of Hugh.
"I don't know," said Michael. "Maybe beauty, true beauty, is so overwhelming, it goes straight to our hearts. Maybe it makes us feel emotions that are locked away inside. ~ James Patterson
Michael Lobrin quotes by James Patterson
Here's me opening my wrists before breakfast, Christmas day, and here's you asking if it hurt. Here's where I choose between mea culpa and Why the hell should I tell you? ~ Michael Donaghy
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Donaghy
When you play a character that's someone real, when you're playing a true story, it's really great, 'cause you're not pretending to make up some silly thing. ~ Michael Madsen
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Madsen
you either are or aren't ~ Michael Thomas Ford
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Thomas Ford
Finally, Lutheran and Reformed traditions distinguish (without separating) three uses of the law: the first (pedagogical), to expose our guilt and corruption, driving us to Christ; the second, a civil use to restrain public vice; and the third, to guide Christian obedience. Believers are not "under the law" in the first sense. They are justified. However, they are still obligated to the law, both as it is stipulated and enforced by the state (second use) and as it frames Christian discipleship (third use). We never ground our status before God in our obedience to imperatives, but in Christ's righteousness; yet we are also bound to Christ, who continues to lead and direct us by his holy will. ~ Michael S. Horton
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael S. Horton
Cora had heard Michael recite the Declaration of Independence back on the Randall plantation many times, his voice drifting through the village like an angry phantom. She didn't understand the words, most of them at any rate, but 'created equal' was not lost on her. The white men who wrote it didn't understand it either, if 'all men' did not truly mean all men. ~ Colson Whitehead
Michael Lobrin quotes by Colson Whitehead
Michael was very specific during rehearsals. When he was pleased, he always had this charming grin. ~ Madeleine Stowe
Michael Lobrin quotes by Madeleine Stowe
You Never Know A True Friend Until You get Into A Serious Misunderstanding With Him Or Her ~ Michael A. Johnson
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael A. Johnson
I still believe the lessons I learned when I was raised in a Roman Catholic household. Like, it's harder for a rich man to get into Heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle. ~ Michael Moore
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Moore
I was not thinking about infinite multipliers when I was 10. But I did have a father who was a Ph.D. in commerce and finance and an intellectual man. And so I had a feeling, probably about the time I went to college, that I would try to be a scholar and teacher, but I didn't know which field. ~ Michael Spence
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Spence
The reason I became a better player was because I came to Philly. ~ Michael Vick
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Vick
There is still that singular perfection, and it's perfect in part because it seemed, at the time, so clearly to promise more. ~ Michael Cunningham
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Cunningham
People don't often say what they think but rather what they think is permissible. ~ Michael Rectenwald
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Rectenwald
Even as a guy with pickup truck sensibilities, I have always gone a little in the liver for patchouli. ~ Michael Perry
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Perry
Seed catalogs are responsible for more unfulfilled fantasies than Enron and Playboy combined. ~ Michael Perry
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Perry
It's interesting that in searching for monsters to play you often end up playing leaders. ~ Michael Sheen
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Sheen
I just don't see ABC letting go of soaps completely. ~ Michael Easton
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Easton
A decision will be made before it's too late or soon thereafter. ~ Michael Eisner
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Eisner
At critical moments the veil between the little-self and the deep self thins and a meaningful self-adjustment becomes possible. If a person does not become paralyzed with fear or frozen in hatred, the wise self hidden within will rise to the occasion. ~ Michael Meade
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Meade
Good leaders come together to solve problems in order to make a peaceful coexistence, but just a single soul can become the leathery meat in the soup. ~ Michael Bassey Johnson
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Bassey Johnson
In my own case, my folks didn't actually object to comics, as many parents did, but they pretty much felt the things were a waste of time. ~ Michael Dirda
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Dirda
Without a clear destination in view, the challenges on the journey seem pointless. ~ Michael Hyatt
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Hyatt
Surely she was redeemed? At least a little?

Please? Please, if there is a God watching, please see that I have redeemed myself.

But it wasn't enough. It would never be enough. She had to do more. For as long as she lived she would have to do more.

Starting with Caine. ~ Michael Grant
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael  Grant
The rule is simple: if you don't write it down, it never happened. ~ Michael Lopp
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Lopp
The Church is composed of people, and people do terrible things and commit sin - it's what the Church has been telling us for two thousand years and continues to tell us, which is why the Church is here and essentially one of the major reasons why people hate it so much. ~ Michael Coren
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Coren
Since writing, I've learnt to truly appreciate COLD coffee. If the second or third sip is cold, I lost track of time and was in my groove. ~ Michael Kroft
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Kroft
You know mistreating an animal is one thing, because we all like bacon and eggs, but mistreating a human being and a family member, well, that's just down right unforgivable. ~ Michael Ebner
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Ebner
Maya Angelou, the famous African American poet, historian, and civil rights activist who is hailed be many as one of the great voices of contemporary literature, believes a struggle only makes a person stronger. ~ Michael N. Castle
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael N. Castle
By giving words the latitude she does, (Marianne) Van Hirtum emphasizes their contagious qualities: they become almost like viruses, with which it is necessary to put oneself in harmony by sympathetic magic if one is not to be overwhelmed ... What is essential is to become one with the sickness, that is, in the context of language as a whole, to enter into contact with words. ~ Michael Richardson
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Richardson
We [the United States] are the world's only superpower right now, so everyone notices every bit of what we do or don't do. ~ Michael Beschloss
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Beschloss
I never lie, so if somebody asked me a question, I told them. ~ Michael Bloomberg
Michael Lobrin quotes by Michael Bloomberg
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