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Only the framing material," Lucas demurely, "obvious influences, Neo-Tokyo from Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Metal Gear Solid by Hideo Kojima, or as he's known in my crib, God. ~ Thomas Pynchon
Mgs Raiden quotes by Thomas Pynchon
Raiden deciding to serve our country and doing it by joining the baddest of the badasses, as everyone knew the Marines were. ~ Kristen Ashley
Mgs Raiden quotes by Kristen Ashley
It was because I wanted to know nothing for the rest of my life sweeter than the love Raiden could have for me. It ~ Kristen Ashley
Mgs Raiden quotes by Kristen Ashley
You,that dress, those shoes, that hair, beverages and furniture you can get horizontal on would not be a good combination. ~ Kristen Ashley
Mgs Raiden quotes by Kristen Ashley
She stared into his eyes and announced, "A good-bye kiss."
It was at that Raid stopped dead. "What?"
"Raiden, the gig is up," she declared, and Raid closed his eyes.
Jesus, how could the woman be so infuriating and so fucking cute all at once?
He opened his eyes and asked, "The gig is up?"
She leaned into him and hissed, "Yes."
Fuck, he wanted to kiss her.
He also wanted to shake her.
"Baby, it's jig," he corrected, and her head jerked, which made that mess of hair on her head jerk, which reminded him he wanted his hands in that hair.
Then elsewhere.
He needed to speed this shit up.
"Sorry?" she asked, sounding confused, and he looked from her hair to her eyes and saw she was, in fact, confused.
Yeah. Infuriating. And fucking cute.
"The jig is up, not the gig," he told her.
Her eyes narrowed. "Seriously? You're correcting my street lingo?"
"Think that street lingo was the street lingo about eight decades ago, Hanna. So now it's just lingo. ~ Kristen Ashley
Mgs Raiden quotes by Kristen Ashley
Motor-scooter riders with big beards and girl friends who bounce on the back of the scooters and wear their hair long in front of their faces as well as behind, drunks who follow the advice of the Hat Council and are always turned out in hats, but not hats the Council would approve. Mr. Lacey, the locksmith,, shups up his shop for a while and goes to exchange time of day with Mr. Slube at the cigar store. Mr. Koochagian, the tailor, waters luxuriant jungle of plants in his window, gives them a critical look from the outside, accepts compliments on them from two passers-by, fingers the leaves on the plane tree in front of our house with a thoughtful gardener's appraisal, and crosses the street for a bite at the Ideal where he can keep an eye on customers and wigwag across the message that he is coming. The baby carriages come out, and clusters of everyone from toddlers with dolls to teenagers with homework gather at the stoops.

When I get home from work, the ballet is reaching its cresendo. This is the time roller skates and stilts and tricycles and games in the lee of the stoop with bottletops and plastic cowboys, this is the time of bundles and packages, zigzagging from the drug store to the fruit stand and back over to the butcher's; this is the time when teenagers, all dressed up, are pausing to ask if their slips shows or their collars look right; this is the time when beautiful girls get out of MG's; this is the time when the fire engines go through; this is t ~ Jane Jacobs
Mgs Raiden quotes by Jane Jacobs
Raiden is a silly-@ss romance novel hero's name my Mom came up with to torture me," he replied.

I stifled a giggle and remarked, "And Raid isn't silly?"

He smiled. "Raid's a bad@ss's name. ~ Kristen Ashley
Mgs Raiden quotes by Kristen Ashley
It was then Raiden Ulysses Miller scorched me a second time, but I didn't battle this blaze. There was no pain. But that didn't mean I didn't end up branded. ~ Kristen Ashley
Mgs Raiden quotes by Kristen Ashley
when you stop to evolve, you start to dissolve. ~ Raiden Steven
Mgs Raiden quotes by Raiden Steven
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