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#1. Hochu yobnut tebya, kudryashka," Roman said in Russian, his voice still hoarse from sleep. "Hochu trahnut tebya bez rezinki." Luke shuddered. He hadn't understood everything Roman had said, but the general gist was pretty clear: Roman wanted to fuck him without a condom, and he had used some of the filthiest Russian words for "fuck. - Author: Alessandra Hazard
Mezczyzni Bez Koszulki quotes by Alessandra Hazard
#2. Bez blew out a breath and leaned heavily against the bar. Honestly, D, you're better off busting your subversive cherry with something else. A nice werewolf killing. A vampire blood drive. - Author: Laura Oliva
Mezczyzni Bez Koszulki quotes by Laura Oliva
#3. So, that was the original Happy Mondays line-up before Bez joined. Shaun Ryder, Paul Ryder, Mark Day, Paul Davis and Gaz Whelan. X, Horse, Cowhead, Knobhead and No Arse. - Author: Shaun Ryder
Mezczyzni Bez Koszulki quotes by Shaun Ryder

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