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#1. My name is Mr Bread." He began writing his name neatly on the board. "But you can call me Peter."
Suddenly there was quiet, as thirty little brains whirred.
"Pita Bread!" proclaimed a ginger-haired boy from the back. - Author: David Walliams
Meteran Pita quotes by David Walliams
#2. Soon, things were heating up in the kitchen. The first course was a variation on a French recipe that had been around since Escoffier, Baccala Brandade. Angelina created a silky forcemeat with milk, codfish, olive oil, pepper, and slow-roasted garlic, a drizzle of lemon juice, and a shower of fresh parsley, then served it as a dip with sliced sourdough and warmed pita-bread wedges, paired with glasses of bubbly Prosecco.
The second course had been a favorite of her mother's called Angels on Horseback- freshly shucked oysters, wrapped in thin slices of prosciutto, then broiled on slices of herb-buttered bread. When the oysters cooked, they curled up to resemble tiny angels' wings. Angelina accented the freshness of the oyster with a dab of anchovy paste and wasabi on each hors d'oeuvre. She'd loved the Angels since she was a little girl; they were a heavenly mouthful.
This was followed by a Caesar salad topped with hot, batter-dipped, deep-fried smelts. Angelina's father used to crunch his way through the small, silvery fish like French fries. Tonight, Angelina arranged them artfully around mounds of Caesar salad on each plate and ushered them out the door.
For the fifth course, Angelina had prepared a big pot of her Mediterranean Clam Soup the night before, a lighter version of Manhattan clam chowder. The last two courses were Parmesan-Stuffed Poached Calamari over Linguine in Red Sauce, and the piece de resistance, Broiled Flounder with a Coriander Reduction. - Author: Brian O'Reilly
Meteran Pita quotes by Brian O'Reilly
#3. Even in the old days, we'd make an effort. When I'd go out to score on Eighth
Avenue, I'd get my junk and a chocolate doughnut. But I'd always also pick up one of
those pita-pocket health food sandwiches. You know, something really good for me. - Author: Steven Tyler
Meteran Pita quotes by Steven Tyler
#4. Okay, I'm flattered, I appreciate your attempt at making me feel better after the fiasco with the pita rolls, but please ring up this beer I need it more than flattery. - Author: Amanda Filipacchi
Meteran Pita quotes by Amanda Filipacchi
#5. Is there anyone there with you?" she asked.

He turned his phone so she could see that he was in his bedroom at Vallejo Street, alone except for Pita sleeping on his pillow.

"I thought she wasn't allowed on your pillow."

"She's not," he said. "But apparently she's the ruler and I'm just her bitch. - Author: Jill Shalvis
Meteran Pita quotes by Jill Shalvis
#6. Had a cold hummus with pita bread,
Under a delicious food, yellow or red.
Might just have the appetite to cook
Urgent dinner by hook or crook.
So that's just a humus humor spread. - Author: Ana Claudia Antunes
Meteran Pita quotes by Ana Claudia Antunes
#7. It is, after all, almost a miracle they are here. Not because they've survived the booze, the hashish, the migraines. Not that at all. It's that they've survived everything in life, humiliations and disappointments and heartaches and missed opportunities, bad dads and bad jobs and bad sex and bad drugs, all the trips and mistakes and face-plants of life, to have made it to fifty and to have made it here: to this frosted-cake landscape, these mountains of gold, the little table they can now see sitting on the dune, set with olives and pita and glasses and wine chilling on ice, with the sun waiting more impatiently than any camel for their arrival. So, yes. As with almost any sunset, but with this one in particular: shut the fuck up. - Author: Andrew Sean Greer
Meteran Pita quotes by Andrew Sean Greer
#8. I am a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a pita. Why the pita? That counts as another mystery. - Author: Demetri Martin
Meteran Pita quotes by Demetri Martin

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