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A lot of women - not all of them, a lot of them - feel insecure about men being men. ~ Neil Strauss
Men Being Men quotes by Neil Strauss
In the space of a few, bright years, something new stirred in this land; something unprecedented; something wonderful; and men, being men, perceived it with stunned awe and then, being men, destroyed it without thought, for being new and strange. ~ Jack Whyte
Men Being Men quotes by Jack Whyte
I have enormous respect for the human being because they're asked to take on a lot. And I don't think there's any easy solution. But I think the journey is what you have to finally be satisfied with, but not be afraid of the lessons one has to learn ... it ends up as grace. And you grow; you find a way to continue. ~ Horton Foote
Men Being Men quotes by Horton Foote
Today I walked on the lion-coloured hills with only cypresses for company, until the sunset caught me, turned the brush to copper set the clouds to one great roof of flame above the earth, so that I walk through fire, beneath fire, and all in beauty. Being alone I could not be alone, but felt (closer than flesh) the presence of those who once had burned in such transfigurations. My happiness ran through the centuries in one continual brightness. Looking down, I saw the earth beneath me like a rose petaled with mountains, fragrant with deep peace. ~ Elizabeth Jane Coatsworth
Men Being Men quotes by Elizabeth Jane Coatsworth
You speak of Sorcery. It so happens that in the investigations leading first to my Conjectures concerning Light and later to my System of the World, I fell upon a pretty Proof that Wicked Spirits enjoy no essential Existence, being but Desires of the Mind. ~ James K. Morrow
Men Being Men quotes by James K. Morrow
I have lived in Toledo, Ohio, off and on throughout my entire life, and I have plenty of friends who are union members. Sometimes we agree politically and sometimes not, but it has never kept us from being friends. ~ Joe Wurzelbacher
Men Being Men quotes by Joe Wurzelbacher
Ironing was another massive and dauntingly separate task. Irons cooled quickly, so a hot iron had to be used with speed and then exchanged with a freshly heated one. Generally, there would be one on the go and two being heated. The irons, heavy in themselves, had to be pressed down with great force to get the desired results. But because there were no controls, they had to be wielded with delicacy and care so as not to scorch fabrics. Heating irons over a fire often made them sooty, too, so they had to be constantly wiped down. If starch was involved, it stuck to the bottom of the iron, which then had to be rubbed with sandpaper or an emery board. ~ Bill Bryson
Men Being Men quotes by Bill Bryson
The Parisian is of all men the most sophisticated. Paris is a city of realists, unaffected by sentimentality; a city of industry and thrift; a city of irony, but rarely of laughter, of wit but never or humour, of superficial intolerance and yet of people who regard the rest of the world with more or less amiable contempt. ~ Sidney Dark
Men Being Men quotes by Sidney Dark
We do not want actions, but men; not a chemical drop of water, but rain; the spirit that sheds and showers actions, countless, endless actions. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Men Being Men quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
The motivation I possessed to serve my country is what got me out of the small town of Lyons, Texas where I grew up, and into the world of service, love of country, helping others, and being an American soldier." (Page 90). ~ Kenneth A. Bracewell
Men Being Men quotes by Kenneth A. Bracewell
Priests claimed the gods made men, but this was not so. Men made the gods. Firstly, by forming them in clay, by chipping them from stone. Secondly, and more importantly, by believing in them, believing in them utterly. During ~ Tanith Lee
Men Being Men quotes by Tanith Lee
No man is a man without high morals and ethics. ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
Men Being Men quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
I sold my soul for the second time, cause' the man don't pay me. ~ Noel Gallagher
Men Being Men quotes by Noel Gallagher
I think if I'm serious about affecting people with music, I have to affect people on a human to human level, not on a grand social idea or political idea, it has to be a human being idea so it has to be what's inside a human being. ~ Ziggy Marley
Men Being Men quotes by Ziggy Marley
It depresses me when people expect me to be like the characters I play on film. I'm not some whiny loser punk, I'm a man's man. ~ Zach Braff
Men Being Men quotes by Zach Braff
I don't like being 50 and I don't like thinking about death. ~ Howard Stern
Men Being Men quotes by Howard Stern
God himself is not secure, having given man dominion over his work. ~ Helen Keller
Men Being Men quotes by Helen Keller
We notice the silence of men. We depend upon the silence of women. ~ Seanan McGuire
Men Being Men quotes by Seanan McGuire
He's been living on the fringes of art for so many years, talking and talking about it, that he's come to expect all the prerogatives of being an artist without ever doing the work. I mean he's an art bum ... ~ Richard Yates
Men Being Men quotes by Richard Yates
Man and man's earth are unexhausted and undiscovered. Wake and listen! Verily, the earth shall yet be a source of recovery. Remain faithful to the earth, with the power of your virtue. Let your gift-giving love and your knowledge serve the meaning of the earth. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Men Being Men quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
We have been ordered, sorted, controlled, and forced to live and die in a world which refuses to acknowledge the unique gifts every human being possesses! I am a human being; I am not a color! ~ Jessica Alter
Men Being Men quotes by Jessica Alter
Never being number one in your list of priorities and not minding at all. ~ Jasmine Guinness
Men Being Men quotes by Jasmine Guinness
You fainted,' Tom said.
Reg coughed.
No, I didn't,' he said. 'Women faint. People afraid of needles faint. Men black out. ~ N.D. Wilson
Men Being Men quotes by N.D. Wilson
This is a life you do not understand. Yes, your home is in the city, and you have furnished it with vanities, with pictures and books; but you have a wife and a servant and a hundred expenses. Asleep or awake you must keep pace with the world and are never at peace. I have peace. You are welcome to your intellectual pastimes and books and art and newspapers; welcome, too, to your bars and your whisky that only makes me ill. Here am I in the forest, quite content. If you ask me intellectual questions and try to trip me up, then I will reply, for example, that God is the origin of all things and that truly men are mere specks and atoms in the universe. You are no wiser than I. But if you should go so far as to ask me what is eternity, then I know quite as much in this matter, too, and reply thus: Eternity is merely unborn time, nothing but unborn time. ~ Knut Hamsun
Men Being Men quotes by Knut Hamsun
My impulse is to perform for men
I obey their dreams ~ Neil Mach
Men Being Men quotes by Neil Mach
So long as there is a human being who does not know Jesus Christ, I am his debtor to serve him until he does. ~ Oswald Chambers
Men Being Men quotes by Oswald Chambers
The coward dies a thousand deaths, the brave but one' ... (The man who first said that) was probably a coward ... He knew a great deal about cowards but nothing about the brave. The brave dies perhaps two thousand deaths if he's intelligent. He simply doesn't mention them. ~ Ernest Hemingway,
Men Being Men quotes by Ernest Hemingway,
Giving people what they want reduces us to consumers instead of treating us like citizens, consumers who are on the prowl for the predictable and comfortable. What we want winds up being suspiciously like what we've already got, more of the same-the cultural equivalent of a warm bath. ~ Astra Taylor
Men Being Men quotes by Astra Taylor
I have a hard time picturing anyone wanting to let you go, even though you have being grumpy down to an art form ~ Jay Crownover
Men Being Men quotes by Jay Crownover
The network of enlightenment is a very wide network. It's not relegated to a simple type of being. It's not the network of the goody-goods. ~ Frederick Lenz
Men Being Men quotes by Frederick Lenz
Great deal of what goes into "training them [us] to do everything I said" consists simply in bringing people to believe with their whole being the information they already have as a result of their initial confidence in Jesus - even if that initial confidence was only the confidence of desperation.2 ~ Dallas Willard
Men Being Men quotes by Dallas Willard
A good man who did a bad thing. ~ Mary Matalin
Men Being Men quotes by Mary Matalin
Some travellers tell us that an Indian had no name given him at first, but earned it, and his name was his fame; and among some tribes he acquired a new name with every new exploit. It is pitiful when a man bears a name for convenience merely, who has earned neither name nor fame ~ Henry David Thoreau
Men Being Men quotes by Henry David Thoreau
Fill the cup, and fill the can: Have a rouse before the morn: Every moment dies a man, Every moment one is born. ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson
Men Being Men quotes by Alfred Lord Tennyson
Being totally open with your feelings can make everything difficult. However, in front of the person I love, I feel it is absolutely necessary to be honest and open. I belong to the type who will open up about everything. ~ Joo Won
Men Being Men quotes by Joo Won
There is a stereotype that vegans talk about being vegan all the time. The irony is, once people find out I'm vegan, I quickly become their confessor, counselor, and sounding board. ~ Colleen Patrick-Goudreau
Men Being Men quotes by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau
It is fine to imitate a being you respect, but you cannot become that very being.
Imitation is something one does to grow and develop. It is not something you use to deceive yourself.
You absorb in yourself the things you think have some kind of value, but even if you try to find the meaning about your true self you will not find anything. Because those who cannot accept their real self always fail. ~ Masashi Kishimoto
Men Being Men quotes by Masashi Kishimoto
Nothing sudden is happening here. More is just suddenly being revealed. ~ Denis Johnson
Men Being Men quotes by Denis Johnson
God hath put no such difference between the Male and Female as man would make. ~ Margaret Fell
Men Being Men quotes by Margaret Fell
As I said just now, the world has gone past me. I don't blame it; but I no longer understand it. Tradesmen are not the same as they used to be, apprentices are not the same, business is not the same, business commodities are not the same. Seven-eighths of my stock is old-fashioned. I am an old-fashioned man in an old-fashioned shop, in a street that is not the same as I remember it. I have fallen behind the time, and am too old to catch it again. ~ Charles Dickens
Men Being Men quotes by Charles Dickens
One person can come along and change your life, and that being a misfit, as I was, doesn't mean you won't find friends and your place in the world. ~ Amy Hill Hearth
Men Being Men quotes by Amy Hill Hearth
It is a very good world to live in, To lend or to spend, or to live in; but to beg or to borrow, or to get a man's own, It is the very worst world that ever was known. ~ John Wilmot
Men Being Men quotes by John Wilmot
You could know a man not by what his friends said about him, but by how he treated his servants. ~ Cassandra Clare
Men Being Men quotes by Cassandra Clare
I may just be on the outskirts of being okay. ~ Pawan Mishra
Men Being Men quotes by Pawan Mishra
The world's urban poor and the illiterate are going to be increasingly disadvantaged and are in danger of being left behind. The web has added a new dimension to the gap between the first world and the developing world. We have to start talking about a human right to connect. ~ Tim Berners-Lee
Men Being Men quotes by Tim Berners-Lee
Being on the edge is always worse than going through ~ Joseph Brown
Men Being Men quotes by Joseph Brown
Through the substance of human flesh flows life. Life is more than matter. Religions that attempt to keep the body sacred while denying the Creator's hand are in the same boat as skeptics who try to protect life while saying it is nothing more than matter.

All the desacralizing that has engulfed our culture lies in this very struggle to understand the place and sacredness of the body. The right to every individual life, even the one still in the mother's womb; the pleasure and consummation of sexual delights, reserved for the sanctity of marriage; the injunction against suicide; the care and protection of one's health; the injunction against killing; and the command to love others more than we love ourselves and to work for their good-all of these flow from the fact that this body is a dwelling place for God. Our world would be a different place if we comprehended this sobering privilege.

Having lost this truth, what we are left with? Pornography and the cruel degradation of men, women, and children; death in the womb in the name of personal rights; the breakdown of the family for myriad reasons; the profanation of sex in our entertainment industry; violence in unprecedented proportions. One can only weep for the bleeding and loss. In losing the high value that God has placed on the body, we are in free fall, at the mercy of greed, cruelty, and lust. ~ Ravi Zacharias
Men Being Men quotes by Ravi Zacharias
An election marks the end of the affair; it puts paid to the seduction of the many by the few. Pretty words, fulsome promises. We wind up married, but to whom, to what? We cannot always predict with certainty the future leader from the winning candidate. Some men grow in the job; others are diminished by its demands and its grandeur. ~ Anna Quindlen
Men Being Men quotes by Anna Quindlen
There are so many great artists, I think, who kind of suffer from being icons, legends, acknowledged masters. ~ Richard Linklater
Men Being Men quotes by Richard Linklater
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