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#1. The term developed out of a recognition that you have to integrate development and operations tasks to develop software efficiently. The kind of workflow you want to enable is one in which you can develop an app, deploy it, learn from production usage of it, change it in response to what you learn, and repeat the cycle quickly and reliably. - Author: Scott Guthrie
Memos App quotes by Scott Guthrie
#2. Truth is, people like buying things for $0.99 and $1.99 for their digital devices. We know that from iTunes. We know that from the app store, and now we know that from publishing. - Author: Jennifer Lee
Memos App quotes by Jennifer Lee
#3. Ageless Wisdom is etched in the belly of the Earth, and you are one with Its Soul. - Author: Quandi Jackson
Memos App quotes by Quandi Jackson
#4. The only sharks I'm afraid of are the ones that wear three-piece suits and write memos. - Author: Laurie Nadel
Memos App quotes by Laurie Nadel
#5. The best meditation app is not an app, but the human mind. - Author: Abhijit Naskar
Memos App quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#6. Weekly Check-Ins

Instead of focusing on your anxiety all the time, try scheduling a weekly check-in session with yourself. Clients who have been coming to sessions weekly often just put that same day and time aside. Instead of meeting with me, they meet with themselves. You can do the same.
Pick a time and place that will work for you to do your weekly check-in. Start a notebook (or use the note-taking app on your phone) in which you can record things you might want to address during your weekly check-in. When it comes time for your check-in, use the list as your agenda. If you have lots of issues that come up during the week and end up with a long agenda, just pick the one or two that seem most important to work through.
This process will allow you to take some time to focus on any anxiety-driven issues that occurred during the week that you didn't get a chance to deal with as they happened or where you tried something but it didn't seem to do the trick. Remember to include behavioral traps, like overworking or avoidance coping, if these have occurred during the week.
For each issue, go back to what seems like the most relevant chapter and try a solution from that chapter. For example, if you noticed yourself ruminating about a problem but didn't take problem-solving action (meaning you didn't move from thinking about the problem to taking a behavioral action), you might try defining your problem, generating a list of your best three to six options - Author: Alice Boyes
Memos App quotes by Alice Boyes
#7. On mobile, make sure Facebook's app can know where you are. That not only makes features like Nearby Friends possible but also makes your feed have a few items from your location. - Author: Robert Scoble
Memos App quotes by Robert Scoble
#8. When you're introducing a mobile app, you look around and say, 'We could be doing 15 different things, but how do we communicate to someone why they would want to download and even sign up for this thing?' - Author: Kevin Systrom
Memos App quotes by Kevin Systrom
#9. CBS is planning a tribute to Dan Rather ... the memo went out a month ago but everyone assumed it was a fake. - Author: Ann Coulter
Memos App quotes by Ann Coulter
#10. The angel we named God banned representations of himself, even the writing of his name, trying to halt the process of literalization - but in the end it became inevitable. The angel found himself at the head of a corporation, run by Young Turks who wouldn't respect the line management structure: They rewrote his memos to make the law more rigorous, more confined, more human. He got ousted in a boardroom coup and kicked upstairs. He hadn't realized the power of corporeality, that the minds of men would of necessity alter the mind of their God. Being a deity meant taking on a lot of your subjects' qualities - both profound and trivial. - Author: Michael Marshall Smith
Memos App quotes by Michael Marshall Smith
#11. I learned early on that if you don't want your memos to get you in trouble someday, just don't write any. - Author: Dick Cheney
Memos App quotes by Dick Cheney
#12. Like so many other San Franciscans whose paycheck isn't tied to an app or a private bus ride to the Peninsula, you wait to see what tomorrow brings and try to stay steadfast. - Author: Oscar Villalon
Memos App quotes by Oscar Villalon
#13. In one study, researchers used an iPhone app to check in on people at random points throughout the day and found that the more people were thinking about something other than what they were doing, the less happy they felt. Even when they weren't thinking about anything particularly bad. - Author: Sophia Dembling
Memos App quotes by Sophia Dembling
#14. I have the feeling that the magazine can reach many more people than it reaches and has something to offer that not everyone knows who should know it. That's why we're starting an app, and that's why we do the blog. But editorially, I think it's mainly a matter of keeping your eyes peeled. You just really don't know what's going to come along. - Author: Lorin Stein
Memos App quotes by Lorin Stein
#15. Well, I hope not everything. Shay has some racy books in her collection." Cam pressed her lips together to keep from laughing. Blaine wanted nothing but to claim those lips and other parts of her. "She does not. And how would you know?" He lifted a brow, calling her bluff. "You borrowed some of them." "Pft. Whatever." She pulled out her Smartphone and opened an app then handed it to Max. "They're not racy. They are bedtime stories for adults." "Exactly. - Author: Lia Davis
Memos App quotes by Lia Davis
#16. We're actually trying to develop an iPhone app, now that the Droid is out, we'll do it for that as well, if we ever learn how to program on this thing. But the idea is that to make money concrete. So, you can do this app, and it's not out there, but you can do the app. And you say, "I like vacation in the Bahamas, shoes, lattes, and books." And now, when you are tempted to buy something, that thing translates in terms of the things you are interested in. - Author: Dan Ariely
Memos App quotes by Dan Ariely
#17. I find personalized search convenient - I read stories on my Facebook feed, my Twitter feed, daily email services, and my iPhone's Flipboard app, and would love to be able to focus my searches on just those particular services. - Author: Marvin Ammori
Memos App quotes by Marvin Ammori
#18. Whatever your beliefs, women always have and will continue to have abortions. Abortions for medical reasons or for unwanted pregnancies, women need this choice. I swear, if men could have babies, there'd be an abortion app. - Author: Una Mullally
Memos App quotes by Una Mullally
#19. I came up with this idea to create an app. And the premise of the app is this: every problem in the bar business goes away when there's sales. You increase revenue and you solve every problem. It's when the revenues are low that [the business] doesn't work. So I wanted to put together an app that focused on top-line revenue, guest experience, and business management in a more organized way. - Author: Jon Taffer
Memos App quotes by Jon Taffer
#20. Our goal is to not just be a photo-sharing app, but to be the way you share your life when you're on the go. - Author: Kevin Systrom
Memos App quotes by Kevin Systrom
#21. Most Americans believe that with freedom comes responsibility - and that one measure of responsible gun ownership is a background check. There must be an app for that. - Author: Christine Pelosi
Memos App quotes by Christine Pelosi
#22. They must believe they were heading somewhere. Or did they not care? Was it a case of following the tracks laid down yesterday? A boot in a hole, a boot in a hole, round and round. Did these men see themselves as deck hands on some great ark with a noble purpose? Or were they walking in circles simply because they knew the way? Donald remembered running for Congress, thinking he was going to do real good for the future. And then he found himself in an office surrounded by a bewildering tempest of rules, memos and messages, and he quickly learned just to pray for the end of each day. He went from thinking he was going to save the world to passing the time until ... until time ran out. - Author: Hugh Howey
Memos App quotes by Hugh Howey
#23. There will soon be streams of data coming from all manner of products - appliances, clothing, sporting goods, you name it. Wouldn't you rather live in a world where you can export the data from your son's football helmet to a new app that monitors force and impact against a cohort of high school players around the country? - Author: John Battelle
Memos App quotes by John Battelle
#24. Computers are wasteful of paper and time. Once, we'd get documents with a few errors. Now, people make hundreds of copies until each sheet is flawless and memos are duplicated endlessly. Managers get swamped with emails. - Author: Felix Dennis
Memos App quotes by Felix Dennis
#25. If you are into synthesis it's a must have app. I've been jamming all night! - Author: Jordan Rudess
Memos App quotes by Jordan Rudess
#26. A lot of things people see as innovative are faddish and fleeting, and I'm simply telling you, staying power like broadcasting has is more important in the end than the latest app you can download. - Author: Gordon Smith
Memos App quotes by Gordon Smith
#27. Our strategy is very horizontal. We're trying to build a social layer for everything. Basically, we're trying to make it so that every app everywhere can be social, whether it's on the web or mobile or other devices. So inherently, our whole approach has to be a breadth-first approach rather than a depth-first one. - Author: Mark Zuckerberg
Memos App quotes by Mark Zuckerberg
#28. If I learned one thing working at Facebook: If users are trying to use your app in a certain way, get out of their way and let them. - Author: Dave Morin
Memos App quotes by Dave Morin
#29. There's a fantastic, thousand-page book by David Thomson about [David O. Selznick]. Again, it's not the best argument or the best advertisement for his story, because most people aren't going to read a thousand-page book. But I feel like the rise and fall and the work [Mayer] produced - not just the movies, but the memos, the volume of writing - he's just so passionate, and that's really exciting. - Author: Karina Longworth
Memos App quotes by Karina Longworth
#30. There seems to be more abiding interest in unearthing old memos abroad than there is here. - Author: Gwen Ifill
Memos App quotes by Gwen Ifill
#31. Good Apps are hard to find. If your Appy and you know it, share, review! : ) - Author: David Chiles
Memos App quotes by David Chiles
#32. Path is a well designed app with a singular purpose. For users who solely want to share with a small group of friends, and share everything with the whole group, it is very effective. And of course, it is wonderfully designed. isn't better or worse, it's just very different. is a messaging application, not just a sharing app. - Author: Keith Teare
Memos App quotes by Keith Teare
#33. Um ... " Hazel faltered. "You mean you won't ... you're not going to-"
"Claim your life?" Thantos asked. "Well, let's see ... "
He pulled a pure-black iPad from thin air. Death, tapped the screen a few times, and all Frank could think was: Please don't let there be an app for reaping souls.
"I don't see you on the list," Thantos said. "Pluto gives me specific orders for escaped souls, you see. For some reason, he has not issued a warrant for yours. Perhaps he feels your life is not finished, or it could be n oversight. If you'd like me to call and ask-"
"No!" Hazel yelped. "That's okay."
"Are you sure?" Death asked helpfully. "I have video-conferencing enabled. I have his Skype address here somewhere ... - Author: Rick Riordan
Memos App quotes by Rick Riordan
#34. A text comes from Wallace.

An actual text too, not a message through the forum app. I gave him my number awhile back, before Halloween, but not because I wanted him to call me or anything. I wrote it on the edge of our conversation paper in homeroom and slid it over to him because sometimes I see something and think, Wallace would laugh at that, I should send him a picture of it, but the messaging app is terrible with pictures and texting is way better.

So he texts me now, and it's a picture. A regular sweet potato pie. Beneath the picture, he says, I really like sweet potato pie.

I text back, Yeah, so do I.

Then he sends me a picture of his face, frowning, and says, No, you don't understand.

Then another picture, closer, just his eyes. I REALLY like sweet potato pie.

A series of pictures comes in several-second intervals. The first is a triangular slice of pie in Wallace's hand. Then Wallace holding that slice up to his face - it's soft enough to start collapsing between his fingers. The next one has him stuffing the slice into his mouth, and in the final one it's all the way in, his cheeks are puffed out like a chipmunk's, and he's letting his eyes roll back like it's the best thing he's ever eaten.

I purse my lips to keep my laugh in, but my parents are fine-tuned to the slightest hint of amusement from me, and they both look up.

"What's so funny, Eggs?" Dad says.

"Nothing," - Author: Francesca Zappia
Memos App quotes by Francesca Zappia
#35. The saddest utensil I've come across is an 'anti-loneliness ramen bowl,' which holds your iPhone to keep you company as you slurp your solitary bowl of noodles. But the iPhone cannot return your gaze or reassure you that you didn't squeeze too much lime into the soup, though maybe a dinner-conversation app is only a matter of time. - Author: Bee Wilson
Memos App quotes by Bee Wilson
#36. There's a company in Boston called Ginger IO that has a smartphone app that can predict, two days before you get depressed, that you're going to get depressed. - Author: Rick Smolan
Memos App quotes by Rick Smolan
#37. Learn about the key developer tasks that you will need to perform when developing a Windows Store business app. Included are tasks for pages, touch, validation, application data, tiles, search, performance, testing, extended splash screens, incremental loading, and the Prism libraries. - Author: Anonymous
Memos App quotes by Anonymous
#38. Jobs had a tougher time navigating the controversies over Apple's desire to keep tight control over which apps could be downloaded onto the iPhone and iPad. Guarding against apps that contained viruses or violated the user's privacy made sense; preventing apps that took users to other websites to buy subscriptions, rather than doing it through the iTunes Store, at least had a business rationale. But Jobs and his team went further: They decided to ban any app that defamed people, might be politically explosive, or was deemed by Apple's censors to be pornographic. - Author: Walter Isaacson
Memos App quotes by Walter Isaacson
#39. CRM Keeping track of conversations, agreements, deals and tasks can be done in a Customer Relationship Manager such as HighriseHQ. The free plan of this app, again by 37 signals, allows you to track up to 250 clients and build a file on your interactions with them over time. This is a great tool to use when calling a range of prospects and keen to record the interested parties. Alternatives are Salesforce, FatFreeCRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho CRM and many more. Even an Excel spreadsheet can get you started, but a nice interface and interconnectivity between deals, projects and contacts is extremely useful. - Author: Luke Spear
Memos App quotes by Luke Spear
#40. Calling 'Instagram' a photo-sharing app is like calling a newspaper a letter-sharing book, or a Mozart grand era symphony a series of notes. 'Instagram' is less about the medium and more about the network. - Author: Kevin Systrom
Memos App quotes by Kevin Systrom
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Memos App quotes by Free-Instagram-Followers
#42. Memo to young journalists: Democratic victories are always ascribed to hope; Republican ones to rage. - Author: David Brooks
Memos App quotes by David Brooks
#43. There's no app for a bourbon buzz on a warm day in a cool, dark bar. The world will always want a drink. - Author: Gillian Flynn
Memos App quotes by Gillian Flynn
#44. The killer app that got the world ready for appliances was the light bulb. So the light bulb is what wired the world. And they weren't thinking about appliances when they wired the world. They were really thinking about - they weren't putting electricity into the home. They were putting lighting into the home. - Author: Jeff Bezos
Memos App quotes by Jeff Bezos
#45. After graduation I probably won't see any of these people again."
I throw him a hurt look. "Hey! What about me?"
"Not you. You're coming to visit me in New York."
"Ooh! Yes, please."
"Sarah Lawrence is so close to the city. I'll be able to go to Broadway shows whenever I want. There's an app for same-day student tickets." He gets a faraway look in his eyes.
"You're so lucky," I say.
"I'll take you. We'll go to a gay bar, too. It'll be amazing."
"Thank you!"
"But everybody else I can take or leave."
"We still have Beach Week," I remind him, and he nods.
"For the rest of our lives, we'll always have Beach Week," he says mockingly, and I throw a hair tie at him. - Author: Jenny Han
Memos App quotes by Jenny Han
#46. When the iPhone app is built, the Xamarin C# compiler generates C# Intermediate Language (IL) as usual, but it then makes use of the Apple compiler on the Mac to generate native iPhone machine code just like the Objective-C compiler. The calls from the app to the iPhone APIs are the same as though the application were written in Objective-C. For the Android app, the Xamarin C# compiler generates IL, which runs on a version of Mono on the device alongside the Java engine, but the API calls from the app are pretty - Author: Charles Petzold
Memos App quotes by Charles Petzold
#47. Your hands are not made to type out memos. Or put paper through fax machines. Or hold a phone up while you talk to people you dislike. One hundred years from now, your hands will rot like dust in your grave. You have to make wonderful use of those hands now. Kiss your hands so they can make magic. - Author: James Altucher
Memos App quotes by James Altucher
#48. Bluebird:
How about this? If you don't show me I won't like you anymore

That logic is cruel but sound. You asked for this


Is this an app for finding emergency mac and cheese

Life Spider-Man, I am only looking out for the citizens of New York - Author: Emma Lord
Memos App quotes by Emma Lord

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