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#1. It wasn't me?" I snap. "That's got to be the goddamn dumbest thing you've ever said to me. You're way too smart to say something like that. Don't be such an asshole."
"Okay, yes. It was you."
"Awesome. That's great to hear. - Author: Jessica Park
Mccosh Park quotes by Jessica Park
#2. You have something on your neck. What Looks like a bite mark, what were you doing out all night, anyway? Nothing. I went walking in the park. Tried to clear my head. And ran into a vampire What? No! I fell. On your neck? - Author: Cassandra Clare
Mccosh Park quotes by Cassandra Clare
#3. Okay, to be fair, I had tried to Google-stalk him. But Google-stalking is a far cry from having your demonblood best friend park his vampmobile across the and use his x-ray vamp vision to spy into someone's house. That's just rude. - Author: Cecily White
Mccosh Park quotes by Cecily White
#4. A tornado is the ultimate coffee grinder. Just add water, and you'll wake the whole trailer park. - Author: Jarod Kintz
Mccosh Park quotes by Jarod Kintz
#5. My demons creep like a pedo in a park full of kids. Each one reminding me of the consequences, what I didn't do, or did. - Author: Ken Dereste Dorcely
Mccosh Park quotes by Ken Dereste Dorcely
#6. This place is packed," Vee complained. "Where am I supposed to park?" She steered down an alley and slowed to a stop behind a bookstore. "This looks good. Lots of parking back here."
"The sign says employee parking only."
"How are they going to know that we aren't employees? The Neon blends right in. All these cars speak low class."
"The sign says violators will be towed."
"They just say that to scare people like you and me away. It's an empty threat. Nothing to worry about."
Vee came to a halt. "What is THAT?"
We were standing in the parking lot behind the bookstore, a few feet from the Neon, and we were staring at a large piece of metal attached to the left rear tire.
"I think it's a car boot," I said.
"I can see that. What's it doing on my car?"
"I guess when they say all violators will be towed, they mean it. - Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
Mccosh Park quotes by Becca Fitzpatrick
#7. Okay," Nellie said, "whatcha got?"
Dan's expression was pure smugness. "I want you to beg," he said. - Author: Linda Sue Park
Mccosh Park quotes by Linda Sue Park
#8. I trained in Toronto with a private acting teacher, who was wonderful, for years growing up. - Author: Megan Park
Mccosh Park quotes by Megan Park
#9. June Afternoon"

Didn't I tell you everything is possible in this deja vu?
Try the river boat, the carousel, feed the pigeons, Bar-B-Q.
Look at all the people, happy faces all around.
Smiling, throwing kisses, busy making lazy sounds

It's a bright June afternoon, it never gets dark.
Wah-wah! Here comes the sun.
Get your green, green tambourine, let's play in the park.
Wah-wah! Here comes the sun

Some folks are on blankets, slowly daydreaming
and reaching for their food.
Let's go buy an ice-cream and a magazine with an attitude
and put on a cassette, we can pretend that you're a star
cos life's so very simple just like la-la-la

It's a bright June afternoon...

There's a painter painting his masterpiece.
There are some squirrels jumping in the trees,
There's a wide-eyed boy with a red balloon.
All my life I've longed for this afternoon. - Author: Roxette
Mccosh Park quotes by Roxette
#10. In weeks that followed, I refined this vision until it was very specific. I was going to go for the Mr. Universe title; I was going to break records in power lifting; I was going to Hollywood; I was going to be like Reg Park. The vision became so clear in my mind that I felt like it had to happen. There was no alternative; it was this or nothing. My mother noticed right away that something was different. I was coming home with a big smile. I told her that I was training, and she could see I found joy in becoming stronger. - Author: Arnold Schwarzenegger
Mccosh Park quotes by Arnold Schwarzenegger
#11. I want to have sex. To be more accurate, I want to get fucked until I can't see straight. - Author: Jessica Park
Mccosh Park quotes by Jessica Park
#12. Once Dad took us to an amusement park in Oregon. Before I ever manifested. I plummeted twenty stories on a drop ride. Totally helpless to gravity. Unable to fly, to save myself ...
I feel that same helpless terror now. Because nothing I say will divert Mom off her present course. Nothing will make her realize what she's doing to me.
I'm falling.
And this time nothing will save me. No mechanical device will work its wonder and jerk me back at the last minute.
But she does realize, a small voice whispers through me. That's why she's doing it. That's why she brought you here. She wants me to hit ground. - Author: Sophie Jordan
Mccosh Park quotes by Sophie Jordan
#13. In our town there is a secret spot where you can still see the stars at night, believe it or not. It is the only spot like that left, unclouded by the dwindling skyscrapers rising nearby. It is a good place to go to walk and talk in whispers. Following the little hill that rises from the park to a small clearing which overlooks the statue of the armless general on his bronze steed, most of us later remember this spot as the first place we knew we might be in love. - Author: Joe Meno
Mccosh Park quotes by Joe Meno
#14. Bottom line: you never ever saw him looking wrong. Knowing this, I felt a cold shiver down my spine when I read in the Minneapolis StarTribune that when his body was found in the elevator at Paisley Park, "Prince was wearing a black shirt and pants - both were on backward - and his socks were inside out."

This made no sense to me. The sheer irony of it broke my heart all over again. - Author: Mayte Garcia
Mccosh Park quotes by Mayte Garcia
#15. A: Is this the copy that you read as a kid?
E: Yes. Look at the edges--that turquoise color. It's lighter along the top, from where the sun hit it. Now look at this gorgeous color here, the long edge. Beautiful. Makes me nostalgic.
A: For what?
E: I don't know. The age of turquoise page edges. Somewhere there's a grad student doing her dissertation on the inks used in twentieth-century mass-market paperbacks. - Author: Ed Park
Mccosh Park quotes by Ed Park
#16. The sixties are like a theme park to them. They wear the costume, buy their tickets, and they have the experience. - Author: Douglas Coupland
Mccosh Park quotes by Douglas Coupland
#17. The Limberlost is life. Here it is a carefully kept park. You motor, sail and golf, all so secure and fine. But what I like is the excitement of choosing a path carefully, in the fear that the quagmire may reach out and suck me down; I even enjoy seeing an old canny vulture eyeing me as if it were saying, 'ware the sting of the rattler, lest I pick your bones as I did old Limber's. I like sufficient danger to put an edge on things. This is all so tame. - Author: Gene Stratton-Porter
Mccosh Park quotes by Gene Stratton-Porter
#18. The whole island was exactly what a kid growing up in some trailer park
say some dump like Tecumseh Lake, Georgia
would dream about. This kid would turn out all the lights in the trailer while her mom was at work. She'd lie down flat on her back, on the matted-down orange shag carpet in the living room. The carpet smelling like somebody stepped in a dog pile. The orange melted black in spots from cigarette burns. The ceiling was water-stained. she'd fold her arms across her chest, and she could picture life in this kind of place. It would be that time
late at night
when your ears reach out for any sound. When you can see more with your eyes closed than open. The fish skeleton. From the first time she held a crayon, that's what she'd draw. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
Mccosh Park quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#19. You won't change the whole world, but you'll change somebody's world - and for the better. And, just as inevitably, some of you won't. You'll park your principles in the long-term lot and spend your future taking advantage of people. (pg. 39) - Author: Carl Hiaasen
Mccosh Park quotes by Carl Hiaasen
#20. One of the biggest mistakes celebrities make is being overly friendly. They allow photo shoots in their homes, even their bedrooms and bathrooms; they send fans autographed pictures. All that serves to support viewers with a delusional relationship with the celebrity. - Author: Park Dietz
Mccosh Park quotes by Park Dietz
#21. An old Gordita reflex, dating back to shortly after the Second World War, when a black family had actually tried to move into town and the citizens, with helpful advice from the Ku Klux Klan, had burned the place to the ground and then, as if some ancient curse had come into effect, refused to allow another house ever to be built on the site. The lot stood empty until the town finally confiscated it and turned it into a park, where the youth of Gordita Beach, by the laws of karmic adjustment, were soon gathering at night to drink, dope, and fuck, depressing their parents, though not property values particularly. - Author: Thomas Pynchon
Mccosh Park quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#22. Yeah, no one really grows up competing in the bobsled. You have to be 16 years old before you can even drive one. And there are really only two places in the country where you can bobsled - Park City, Utah, and Lake Placid, New York. - Author: Elana Meyers
Mccosh Park quotes by Elana Meyers
#23. So what is this journey called life? A wander in the park? A trek up a steep mountain? No! It's a trek along a road with many bends and craggy places; surprises that thrill; challenges that dismay. But best of all, we never walk alone. Our Guide goes before us and is even beside us every step of the way. Let Him lead. - Author: Anusha Atukorala
Mccosh Park quotes by Anusha Atukorala
#24. Jane looked at everything, smiling at the amusement park novelty of it all. She looked at Mr. Nobley. He was beaming at her. At last.
"You are stunning," he said, and every inch of him seemed to swear that it was true.
"Oh," she said.
He kissed her gloved fingers. He was still smiling. There was something different about him tonight, and she couldn't place what it was. - Author: Shannon Hale
Mccosh Park quotes by Shannon Hale
#25. I'm sorry this happened to you, Marie,' he said wearily. 'There's a lot of cruelty in the world.' And then he waved his hat to indicate the paths through the park and all the people on them. 'You'll be lucky if this is your worst taste of it. - Author: Alice McDermott
Mccosh Park quotes by Alice McDermott
#26. I don't want what my parents have. I want the couple in the park. - Author: Priscilla Glenn
Mccosh Park quotes by Priscilla Glenn
#27. The oaks and firs stood up as they reached the interstate and pushed on through the South West Pacific Highway to the Salmon River Highway, past places with names like Falling Creek, Tualatin, Joe Dancer Park, and Erratic Rock. Places you could walk out into and die and never be found. He could imagine them seared by sun in summer and shrouded in snow in winter. Hammered by hail the size of coins in spring and autumn, pounding flesh and smashing bone, processed to be carried off chunk by speck in the guts of birds. - Author: Warren Ellis
Mccosh Park quotes by Warren Ellis
#28. 'Jurassic Park' was able to get away with big, dynamic filmmaking that might be out of place in another kind of story. - Author: Colin Trevorrow
Mccosh Park quotes by Colin Trevorrow
#29. One day hurt will also change into memories. - Author: So Hee Park
Mccosh Park quotes by So Hee Park
#30. 1. I'm lonely so I do lonely things
2. Loving you was like going to war; I never came back the same.
3. You hate women, just like your father and his father, so it runs in your blood.
4. I was wandering the derelict car park of your heart looking for a ride home.
5. You're a ghost town I'm too patriotic to leave.
6. I stay because you're the beginning of the dream I want to remember.
7. I didn't call him back because he likes his girls voiceless.
8. It's not that he wants to be a liar; it's just that he doesn't know the truth.
9. I couldn't love you, you were a small war.
10. We covered the smell of loss with jokes.
11. I didn't want to fail at love like our parents.
12. You made the nomad in me build a house and stay.
13. I'm not a dog.
14. We were trying to prove our blood wrong.
15. I was still lonely so I did even lonelier things.
16. Yes, I'm insecure, but so was my mother and her mother.
17. No, he loves me he just makes me cry a lot.
18. He knows all of my secrets and still wants to kiss me.
19. You were too cruel to love for a long time.
20. It just didn't work out.
21. My dad walked out one afternoon and never came back.
22. I can't sleep because I can still taste him in my mouth.
23. I cut him out at the root, he was my favorite tree, rotting, threatening the foundations of my home.
24. The women in my family die waiting.
25 - Author: Warsan Shire
Mccosh Park quotes by Warsan Shire
#31. Although I've made notes for things and even written synopses sitting in trains or on park benches, for the complete composition of things I need absolute solitude, preferably an empty house. - Author: James Salter
Mccosh Park quotes by James Salter
#32. Eleanor didn't call during dinner, which was good. That got on his dad's nerves.But she didn't call after dinner either. Park walked around the house, picking things up randomly, then setting them down. Even though it didn't make sense, he worried that Eleanor wasn't calling because he'd betrayed her. That she knew somehow, that she'd sensed a disturbance in the Force. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
Mccosh Park quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#33. I built, of blocks, a town three hundred thousand strong, whose avenues were paved with a wine-colored rug and decorated by large leaves outlined inappropriately in orange, and on this leafage I'd often park my Tootsie Toy trucks, as if on pads of camouflage, waiting their deployment against catastrophes which included alien invasions, internal treachery, and world war. It was always my intention, and my conceit, to use up, in the town's construction, every toy I possessed: my electronic train, of course, the Lincoln Logs, old kindergarten blocks - their deeply incised letters always a problem - the Erector set, every lead soldier that would stand (broken ones were sent to the hospital), my impressive array of cars, motorcycles, tanks, and trucks - some with trailers, some transporting gas, some tows, some dumps - and my squadrons of planes, my fleet of ships, my big and little guns, an undersized group of parachute people (looking as if one should always imagine them high in the sky, hanging from threads), my silversided submarines, along with assorted RR signs, poles bearing flags, prefab houses with faces pasted in their windows, small boxes of a dozen variously useful kinds, strips of blue cloth for streams and rivers, and glass jars for town water towers, or, in a pinch, jails. In time, the armies, the citizens, even the streets would divide: loyalties, friendships, certainties, would be undermined, the city would be shaken by strife; and marbles would rain down from for - Author: William H. Gass
Mccosh Park quotes by William H. Gass

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