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#1. So what do you think?' He asked, holding up the book.
'I think Salinger is a closet paedophile,' I replied placidly and was surprised and comforted by this minuscule, acidic, bitter Sylvia Plath like mocking, sniping tone that had crept into my voice. 'The main character Seymour is a fully grown man and a pervert who befriends young girls with his storytelling and swimming, just to get close enough to groom them in preparation for the inevitable sexual assault he lusts after. You might have noticed for example in A Perfect Day For Bananafish he grabs the young girls-'
'He grabs Sybil's ankles while lying on the beach and again when he pushes her in the water,' I continued. 'He goes too far when he kisses the bottom of her foot which makes even a four-year-old yell out in fear, knowing a line had been crossed. Frustrated Seymour walks away and goes back to his hotel where he kills himself in shame. - Author: J.D. Gallagher
Mcangus And Girls quotes by J.D. Gallagher
#2. NATURAL MUSIC The old voice of the ocean, the bird-chatter of little rivers, (Winter has given them gold for silver To stain their water and bladed green for brown to line their banks) From different throats intone one language. So I believe if we were strong enough to listen without Divisions of desire and terror To the storm of the sick nations, the rage of the hunger-smitten cities, Those voices also would be found Clean as a child's; or like some girl's breathing who dances alone By the ocean-shore, dreaming of lovers.3 - Author: Joseph Campbell
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Joseph Campbell
#3. My friends were thin, pretty, naturally bronzed and accessorized with bug-eyed sunglasses. They slurped vodka straight from the bottle while they drove. They roamed the streets in bikinis by day and by night, skimpy dresses short enough to bare their ass cheeks when they bent over. They pushed up their breasts and snorted coke in the bathrooms of clubs before grinding their crotches into strangers until last call. And when the night came to an end, they romped through the filthy, gum-stained streets barefoot because they were too hammered to feel the glass shards beneath their soles. The PB girls were wild, edgy, and dangerously carefree. - Author: Maggie Young
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Maggie Young
#4. There are no single guys who don't have at least one major flaw, and a flaw, I might add, that would stop you from dating them – even if everything else was great. Why? Simple math. Women are interesting and honest and sensitive. Most men are not. There is only one normal, decent single guy for every five women in this city. This is what's known as the Great Male Statistic. Girls don't want to face the GMS. They want to believe there's someone for everyone. The truth hurts. You only start coming to terms with the GMS when you're twenty-six or twenty-seven. It actually killed Sylvia Plath. She finally found this guy in grad school who she thought was so great, and she married him, and he cheated on her. - Author: Caren Lissner
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Caren Lissner
#5. THERE was a curious social situation in Black Hawk. All the young men felt the attraction of the fine, well-set-up country girls who had come to town to earn a living, and, in nearly every case, to help the father struggle out of debt, or to make it possible for the younger children of the family to go to school. - Author: Willa Cather
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Willa Cather
#6. It is the face of a girl who has seen the world, who realizes that it hates her, and who hates it in return. - Author: Lauren DeStefano
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Lauren DeStefano
#7. He knows it is a city, but he thinks of it as a camel from whose pack hang wineskins and bags of candies fruit, date wine, tobacco leaves, and already he sees himself as the head of a long caravan taking him away from the desert of the sea, toward oases of fresh water in the palm trees' jagged shade, toward palaces of thick, whitewashed walls, tiled courts where girls are dancing barefoot, moving their arms, half-hidden by their veils, half-revealed. - Author: Italo Calvino
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Italo Calvino
#8. Sweaty, shirtless, and tattooed, he walked
right into the kitchen where the Lisbon girls lived and breathed, but we
never asked him what he saw because we were scared of his muscles and
his poverty. - Author: Jeffrey Eugenides
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Jeffrey Eugenides
#9. Even today, well-brought-up English girls are taught by their mothers to boil all veggies for at least a month and a half, just in case one of the dinner guests turns up without his teeth. - Author: Calvin Trillin
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Calvin Trillin
#10. I was driving to another girl's house who's not my girl, and I saw a red sign by the road that read, "Wrong Way," and I thought, I agree. So I turned around and went home. - Author: Jarod Kintz
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Jarod Kintz
#11. I wouldn't change it you know," he said, his breath raising goose bumps on the skin of my neck. "The girls, the other boys, everything we experienced before this moment. Because that was all wrong. And I think we needed to feel what was wrong to know what's right. - Author: Megan Erickson
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Megan Erickson
#12. I worked in Harrods as a sales girl and I was so lazy, I just sat on my arse all day. Now I have huge respect for shop girls. It was boring, so I tried to shoplift things, but we'd always get our bags checked. - Author: Susannah Constantine
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Susannah Constantine
#13. She frowned. "God, that's sad. You want to be with her but the sex part - " I shuddered. "Ewg. You are far too young to say that word." The girl's eyes shone. "What word? Sex?" I put my hands over my ears. "Gah." Molly grinned and enunciated. "But the bleep part would make her lose control." I coughed uncomfortably, lowering my hands. "Basically. Yeah." "Why don't you tie her up? - Author: Jim Butcher
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Jim Butcher
#14. Robb got to his feet slowly and sheathed his sword, and Catelyn found herself wondering whether her son had ever kissed a girl in the godswood. Surely he must have. She had seen Jeyne Poole giving him moist-eyed glances, and some of the serving girls, even ones as old as eighteen ... he had ridden in battle and killed men with a sword, surely he had been kissed. There were tears in her eyes. She wiped them away angrily. - Author: George R R Martin
Mcangus And Girls quotes by George R R Martin
#15. With girls, everything looks great on the surface. But beware of drawers that won't open. They contain a three-month supply of dirty underwear, unwashed hose, and rubber bands with blobs of hair in them. - Author: Erma Bombeck
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Erma Bombeck
#16. Maybe he, like Mum, believed God had delivered three extra children, one-two-three, as a sign of His plan for this couple's long, long friendship. But God had also delivered to him the Oxford Paper Company, and the foamy river it sat upon. And the long working hours it required. And the poison it put in the air. Three more girls from God might portend a long married life, but a multi-acre paper mill, with much heat but no heart, could make for still competition if it decided to bestow the opposite.
Maybe it was the work. - Author: Monica Wood
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Monica Wood
#17. „I bet she's hot," Sykes said. „Most demonesses are total babes," He and Remy bumped first.
I shook my head. They really had one-track minds. „She's okay, if you like big boobs and girls who curse like sailors."
„Me like.. me like," Sykes said, bobbing up and down.
I glared at him. „Too bad. Next time we meet, I'm vanquishing her."
Izzy grinned. „That's the spirit. - Author: Ednah Walters
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Ednah Walters
#18. In comparison, young unmarried women in America were fortunate: They had a certain measure of sexual freedom. Eighteenth-century parents allowed their daughters to spend tie with suitors unsupervised, and courting couples openly engaged in "bundling," the practice of sleeping together without undressing, in the girls' homes. (Theoretically, that is, they were sleeping together without undressing: in fact, premarital pregnancy boomed during the period of 1750 to 1780, when bundling was nearly universal.) But by the turn of the century, in a complete reversal of previous beliefs about women's sexuality, the idea took hold that only men were carnal creatures; women were thought to be passionless and therefore morally superior. - Author: Leora Tanenbaum
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Leora Tanenbaum
#19. They weren't ashamed of their bodily functions and they didn't lie to themselves or others. They had no patience for small talk or false pretenses. They would laugh when they wanted to like there was no tomorrow, and cry their eyes out when they felt like it. Basically, I had finally found my people. HOW I LOST MY VIRGINITY I always fantasized about losing my virginity the way I think most girls envision their weddings: being surrounded by my friends and family, with a clergyman present. - Author: Amy Schumer
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Amy Schumer
#20. Cinderella does not represent contemporary girls.

Today's girls are no 'damsels-in-distress.' They figure and solve problems, invent solutions, and herald in the new world order. - Author: Tina Sequeira
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Tina Sequeira
#21. You sound off," he said. "Why are you whispering? I thought you and Ana were having dinner together." I bit my lip.
"It's kind of a funny story, but you have to promise not to yell."
"Why would a funny story make me yell?" he asked warily. "Well," I drawled. "I was on my way to meet up with Ana, and there was this truck parked in an alley that didn't look right. So, I left my bike on the street and went to check it out." "Jordan." I didn't need to see him to know he was pinching the bridge of his nose, something he'd been doing a lot in the last few months.
"Don't worry. They didn't see me."
His tone sharpened. "Who didn't see you?"
"The Gulaks. They were too busy loading the girls into the back." I paused as the truck slowed going around a curve. "I slipped on without them having a clue I was there."
He swore. "Do not tell me you climbed into a truck with a bunch of Gulak slavers." I scoffed softly. "Of course not. Give me some credit. I'm on the roof of the truck." He growled something, and I heard another male laughing. It sounded like Mario, one of the warriors we were working with on this job, along with his mate, Ana. We'd been in Panama for two weeks, at the request of the government, to locate and shut down a human trafficking ring. But this one was a lot more sophisticated than any other Gulak operation we'd encountered, and they'd managed to evade us completely. Until now.
"This is not a funny story," he said in an exasperated - Author: Karen Lynch
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Karen  Lynch
#22. I've known white Australian girls from wealthy families who were sent to posh private schools, who knew all of that stuff, and I think would recognise much in Jefferson's book. What I related to most strongly was the sexism and misogyny Margo Jefferson had to battle. - Author: Justine Larbalestier
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Justine Larbalestier
#23. Faces swirled about him, a kaleidoscope of girls, ugly, ugly as sin- too fat, too lean, yet floating upon this autumn air as upon their own warm passionate breaths poured out into the night. Here, for all their vulgarity, he thought, they were faintly and subtly mysterious. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
Mcangus And Girls quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#24. It was unusual for a girl to be taught how to use weapons. Most believed girls were meant to cook and clean and look after the men. Which was ridiculous. Especially since Lysandra was a natural at this. - Author: Morgan Rhodes
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Morgan Rhodes
#25. So Bereaver still wanders, not knowing that Ant is lost to her. The girl will carry his secret, and when she is no longer a girl, she will give it to another girl, and this sorrow stone will be stolen away in uniform pockets and hidden under the pillows of marriage beds, secreted in diaries, guarded closely by the type of girls who, above all else, obey. - Author: Lesley Nneka Arimah
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Lesley Nneka Arimah
#26. Venice appeared to me as in a recurring dream, a place once visited and now fixed in memory like images on a photographer's plates so that my return was akin to turning the leaves of a portfolio: a scene of the gondolas moored by the railway station; the Grand Canal in twilight; the Rialto bridge; the Piazza San Marco; the shimmering, rippling wonderland; the bustling water traffic; the fish market; the Lido beach and boardwalk; Teeny in the launch; the singing, gesturing gondoliers; the bourgeois tourists drinking coffee at Florian's; the importunate beggars; the drowned girl's ghost haunting the Bridge of Sighs; the pigeons, mosquitoes and fetor of decay. - Author: Gary Inbinder
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Gary Inbinder
#27. Women somehow get portrayed as one type. You're either a feminist or you're not. You're a working woman or you're not. I'm raising two girls, and I say to them, 'I need you to be strong and soft. You can be smart and beautiful ... You can be all of these things.' - Author: Maria Shriver
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Maria Shriver
#28. Mma Ramotswe had listened to a World Service broadcast on her radio one day which had simply taken her breath away. It was about philosophers who called themselves existentialists and who, as far as Mma Ramotswe could ascertain, lived in France. These French people said that you should just live in a way which made you feel real, and that the real thing to do was the right thing too. Mma Ramotswe had listened in astonishment. You did not have to go to France to meet existentialists, she reflected; there were many existentialists right here in Botswana. Note Mokoti, for example. She had been married to an existentialist herself, without even knowing it. Note, that selfish man who never once put himself out for another--not even for his wife--would have approved of existentialists, and they of him. It was very existentialist, perhaps, to go out to bars every night while your pregnant wife stayed at home, and even more existentialist to go off with girls--young existentialist girls--you met in bars. It was a good life being an existentialist, although not too good for all the other, nonexistentialist people around one. - Author: Alexander McCall Smith
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Alexander McCall Smith
#29. Girls have periods and boys wank. Everybody. - Author: Haruki Murakami
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Haruki Murakami
#30. Why are girls to be told that they resemble angels; but to sink them below women? Or, that a gentle, innocent female is an object that comes nearer to the idea which we have formed of angels than any other. Yet they are told, at the same time, that they are only like angels when they are young and beautiful; consequently, it is their persons, not their virtues, that procure them this homage. - Author: Mary Wollstonecraft
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Mary Wollstonecraft
#31. I believe reading books is one of the best ways to gain real empathy for people different from ourselves, and helping boys develop empathy for girls is a cause worth fighting for. - Author: Shannon Hale
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Shannon Hale
#32. People ask for this life, but they don't really understand what comes with it. People just see the outside and that looks good - big houses, cars, girls, but you never see how the person is feeling deep down inside. Me personally, being a man, I'm going to feel better displaying all of this and pouring my heart out on each record. - Author: Bow Wow
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Bow Wow
#33. When I was little, I guess I was just an ordinary kid. But then things changed when I was in junior high. You know, kids that become geeks become one because of something. Like, they aren't good at sports, or girls don't like them. I, too, for some reason, got into things like science fiction and, well, especially science fiction as an escape. - Author: Takashi Murakami
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Takashi Murakami
#34. People say the beach is the great equaliser
Who are they kidding?
Sit at Bondi and watch the boys flex
And the girls walk bolt upright
It looks like a nightmare episode of Baywatch.
The true equaliser is the mountain cold
And stacks of cold flung together
Maybe then we'd listen to what each other is saying
Instead of checking out the best bods.
And as I wrap another layer
Around my Size 10
I think of Jack's favourite saying:
"today's tan is tomorrow's cancer"
I walk outside
And whistle at the wind. - Author: Steven Herrick
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Steven Herrick
#35. As much as I'm drawn to writing about teenage girls, I like the idea of having the freedom to branch out and write about different ages, for different ages. - Author: Ann Brashares
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Ann Brashares
#36. Minimalism is a girl's best asset, blend tones, smudge hard outlines; if all else fails; Photoshop it. - Author: Judith Chambers
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Judith Chambers
#37. Everyone goes to the 'Grands-Boulevards' (in Paris, ed.) and let himself loose ... Do not picture these in costume, they are not for the most part ... perhaps a clown with a big nose, or two girls with bare necks and short skirts ... the parade of the queens of the halls (markets) is also one of the events ... Some are pretty but look awkward in their silk dresses and crowns, particularly as the broad sun displays their defects - perhaps a neck too thin or a painted face which shows ghastley white in the sunlight. - Author: Edward Hopper
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Edward Hopper
#38. means. I try not to roll my eyes. I remember women like me can't scream at women like her. I can't grab her by the shoulders and shake her until she listens. I need to cooperate. I need her on my side. I'm already in the negative with her. My build, my skin - shit, even my voice. Brooklyn and I both, since we hit puberty, have deep and raspy voices that can carry across a few rooms. Those Lewis girls sure pack a presence. To the detective, I've already been hysterical. To D.A. Flora Rivers, the next step paints me as someone who overreacts, the step beyond that means I'm unreasonable, then hostile and then I'm the one getting arrested.

(p. 35) Kindle Edition. - Author: Rebekah Weatherspoon
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Rebekah Weatherspoon
#39. It's been really fun to see with each album when I change to see the fans of the show emulate my style and with the first record a lot of the kids in the crowd were wearing neck ties like I was and now you'll see a lot of girls with pink hair. It's cool, it's actually really neat. - Author: Avril Lavigne
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Avril Lavigne
#40. I feel like girls are always fighting guys off at bars, always. Usually girls don't really have to do anything except be there. And if alcohol is involved, you're gonna get hit on. No matter what. - Author: Brody Jenner
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Brody Jenner
#41. Livia wiped her cheeks and eyes, then tucked the tissue into her bouquet instead of giving it back to her sister.
Years later, a little girl would pull that tissue out and ask her mother about it. "The Sobbing Bride" would become one of the girl's favorite tales She would request it from her mother's point of view, then run to have her father tell his version. - Author: Debra Anastasia
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Debra Anastasia
#42. A musical laugh sprang free, her happy smile trailing behind, and I was in heaven. "Until you," she agreed. She squinted one eye and added, "Though you should know, I'm probably gonna be really, really bad at it."
The expression on her face said she honestly believed it, and I couldn't wait to prove her wrong. I leaned close to her ear and whispered across her skin, "That's impossible."
Peyton's breath caught in a gasp, and I angled back to see her face.
That's when the moment changed.
Sounds of the emptying baseball field fell away. The cool air around us kindled. The soft smile on her face faded as she looked into my eyes, shifting her gaze between them to see what I'd do next. Part of me wondered the same thing.
I'd kissed dozens of girls before. Some I wanted, others purely because I was bored. But I'd never felt anything like this. Anticipation. Want. Fear. Unlike any other kiss I'd ever shared, this one needed to be epic. Girls remembered their first kiss for the rest of their lives, and I had to leave Peyton with something good to cling to later… when I inevitably screwed everything up.
Gauging her reaction, I slowly lowered my head and watched her soft lips part. Adrenaline surged through my veins at the swipe of her tongue. She nodded once, silently giving me permission, then closed her eyes.
Inhaling the scent of sunflowers, I kissed her. - Author: Rachel Harris
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Rachel  Harris
#43. When I was young,
I was so gay and mean,
And I drank and chased the girls,
Just like young St Augustine.
Saint Augustine,
He got to be a saint.
So if I get to be one, also. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#44. [Christy] joined some other girls from her floor who had gathered in the den to watch THe Princess Bride. The last time Christy had watched the movie was before she went to Switzerland. Katie had rented it and brought it over for their final girls' night. After watching it, Katie had declared she would never trust a guy who said "As you wish" to her every whim. She wanted a guy with gusto who would say, "Get it yourself," otherwise she knew she would sit around and get fat while he catered to her. - Author: Robin Jones Gunn
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Robin Jones Gunn
#45. When I first entered the school, I was all set to tie my hair in a ponytail, get a fake tan, and write my homework in pink gel ink. I was prepared to hear girls bragging nonchalantly about the BMWs and diamond earrings they recieved for their birthday. I almost looked forward to hearing the flashlight-wielding nuns tell me to "leave room for the holy ghost" when I danced lewedly with messy-haired prep-school boys - Author: Jennifer Allison
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Jennifer Allison
#46. Slowly, he lifts the flashlight. Her shorts are torn and frayed, her shirt ripped from chest to naval, exposing her black bra and dirty stomach. And then he raises the light so it reflects off her face, off the crimson tears streaming from the girl's eyes. Her boney hands fly up to protect her face, and her head tilts sharply as she hisses. - Author: Laura Kreitzer
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Laura Kreitzer
#47. Sure, there are good things, lots, sure, blow jobs, chocolate mousse, winning streaks, the warm fire in your enemy's house, good book, hunk of cheese, flagon of ale, office raise, championship ring, the misfortunes of others, sure, good things, beyond count, queens, kings, old clocks, comfy clothes, lots, innumerable items in stock, baseball cards and bingo buttons, pot-au-feu, listen, we could go on and on like a long speech, sure it's a great world, sights to see, canyons full of canyon, corn on the cob, the eroded great pyramids, contaminated towns, eroded hillsides, deleafed trees, those whitened limbs stark and noble in the evening light, geeeez, what gobs of good things, no shit, service elevators, what would we do without, and all the inventions of man, Krazy Glue and food fights, girls wrestling amid mounds of Jell-O, drafts of dark beer, no end of blue sea, formerly full of fish, eroded hopes, eruptions of joy, because we're winning, have won, won, won what? the . . . the Title. - Author: William H. Gass
Mcangus And Girls quotes by William H. Gass
#48. She's one of those third year girls who gripe my liver ... You know, American college kids. They come over here to take their third year and lap up a little culture ... They're officious and dull. They're always making profound observations they've overheard. - Author: Gene Kelly
Mcangus And Girls quotes by Gene Kelly

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