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The same areas which are active in listening to music are also active when you imagine music, and this includes the motor areas, too. That explains why earlier, even though I was only thinking of the mazurka, I was thinking in terms of movement. ~ Oliver Sacks
Mazurka Boholana quotes by Oliver Sacks
Both Pasquale and Rino turned out to be surprisingly good dancers, and we learned from them the tango, the waltz, the polka, and the mazurka. ~ Elena Ferrante
Mazurka Boholana quotes by Elena Ferrante
The discovery of useful forms is precious. Once found, they should never be abandoned for trivial reasons. It's easy to imagine today's art instructor cautioning Chopin that the Mazurka thing is getting a little repetitive, that the work is not progressing. Well, true, it may not have been progressing - but that's not the issue. Writing Mazurkas may have been useful only to Chopin - as a vehicle for getting back into the work, and as a place to begin making the next piece. For most artists, making good art depends upon making lots of art, and any device that carries the first brushstroke to the next blank canvas has tangible, practical value. Only ~ David Bayles
Mazurka Boholana quotes by David Bayles
A great artist can really enter the logic of any particular mazurka and fully understand the language of Chopin's music. ~ Rafal Blechacz
Mazurka Boholana quotes by Rafal Blechacz
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