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#1. Of all the nouns we use to disguise the hollowness of the human condition, none is more influential than "myself". It consists of a collage of still images - name, gender, nationality, profession, enthusiasms, relationships - which are renovated from time to time, but otherwise are each a relic from one particular experience or another. The defining teaching of the Buddhist tradition, that of non-self, is merely pointing out the limitations of this reflexive view we hold of ourselves. It's not that the self does not exist, but that it is as cobbled together and transient as everything else. [With] the practice of meditation, ... we can begin to see how each artifact of the mind is raised and lowered to view, like so many flashcards. But we can also glimpse, once in a while, the sleight-of-hand shuffling the card and pulling them off the deck. Behind the objects lies a process. Self is a process. Self is a verb. - Author: Andrew Olendzki
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Andrew Olendzki
#2. All men are our brothers. As far as the discovery of the truth is concerned, they are all working for the same purpose; they may be separated by the accidents of space and time, and by the exigencies of race, religion, nationality, and other groupings; from the point of view of eternity they are working together. - Author: George Sarton
Maziarz Nationality quotes by George Sarton
#3. Contrasting British servicemen and women with the appeasers, it is hard not to laugh. Are these two sides even the same species, let alone the same nationality? On one hand the selflessness and internationalism of the soldiers; on the other the Whites-First isolationism of the protesters. Excuse me, who are the idealists here? - Author: Julie Burchill
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Julie Burchill
#4. [I]t is one of the central paradoxes of Belgium that it is possible for its citizens to deny totally the existence of their nationality while still believing passionately in their country. - Author: Harry Pearson
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Harry Pearson
#5. Africans in the United States must remember that the slave ships brought no West Indians, no Caribbeans, no Jamaicans or Trinidadians or Barbadians to this hemisphere. The slave ships brought only African people and most of us took the semblance of nationality from the places where slave ships dropped us off. - Author: John Henrik Clarke
Maziarz Nationality quotes by John Henrik Clarke
#6. It means that each factory will be making Robots of a different color, a different nationality, a different tongue; they'll all be different---as different from one another as fingerprints; they'll no longer be able to conspire with one another; and we---we people will help to foster their prejudices and cultivate their mutual lack of understanding, you see? So that any given Robot, to the day of its death, right to the grave, will forever hate a Robot bearing the trademark of another factory. - Author: Karel Capek
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Karel Capek
#7. great principles, great ideals know no nationality. - Author: Marcus Garvey
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Marcus Garvey
#8. There is a brotherliness about a drinking person, which is coldly lacking in the straight and narrow enemies of drink; the difference between the two is more marked than nationality or belief: it is an opposite species altogether. It is against the unwritten laws of congeniality for them to mix. For me, a man who does not drink is distinctly indecent ... - Author: Caitlin Thomas
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Caitlin Thomas
#9. Someone asks three people, a German, a Frenchman, and an Egyptian, what Adam and Eve's nationality was. The German answers, 'Adam and Eve exude good health and vital hygiene: they must be German!' The Frenchman declares, 'Adam and Eve have sublime, erotic bodies: they can only be French!' But the Egyptian concludes, 'Adam and Eve are naked as jaybirds, they don't have enough to buy shoes, and yet they're convinced they live in Paradise: what else could they be but Egyptians? - Author: Franck Thilliez
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Franck Thilliez
#10. It feels great and it's very beautiful when you can bring someone of your own nationality into a story, where even the historic element of it is important. I loved that I could use my own accent for the character. - Author: Penelope Cruz
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Penelope Cruz
#11. Slogan For Humanity (The Sonnet)

Let's slogan for humanity above the cacophony of politics.
Let's slogan all together for the people and not bookish morality.
Let's slogan for humanity above the drumbeats of bigotry.
Let's slogan for the souls in misery and not nationality.
Let's slogan for humanity above the foghorn of policies.
Let's slogan cause we are responsible, not cause we're aggressive.
Let's slogan for humanity above the siren of world peace.
Let's slogan being peace incarnate beyond all doctrines illusive.
Let's slogan for humanity above the noise of traditions.
Let's slogan all together trumping all worship of sects.
Let's slogan for humanity above the gunshots of authoritarianism.
Let's slogan as just, free and brave beings, not loyal subjects.
Awake and Arise my sisters and brothers to slogan for all of humankind.
We are the light and we are the might that's needed during this ominous tide. - Author: Abhijit Naskar
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#12. No. She told me she was going to marry him, to get French nationality . . . She was obsessed with getting a nationality... - Author: Patrick Modiano
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Patrick Modiano
#13. In my native valley of the middle Dniester, gentry spoke Polish, peasants - Ukrainian, officials - Russian with the Odessa accent, merchants - Jewish, carpenters and joiners - being Filippians and Old Believers - Russian with the Novogrod accent, the kabanists spoke in their own dialect. Additionally, in the same area there were also villages of Polish-speaking noblemen, and nobles who spoke Ukrainian, Moldovan villages speaking in Romanian; Gypsies speaking in Gypsy, Turks were no longer there, but in Khotyn, on the other side of the Dniester and in Kamieniec, their minarets were still standing...All these shades of nationality and languages were also in a semi-fluid state. Sons of Poles sometimes became Ukrainians, sons of Germans and French - Poles. In Odessa, unusual things happened: the Greeks became Russians, Poles were seen joining Soyuz Russkavo Naroda. Even stranger combinations arose from mixed marriages. 'If a Pole marries a Russian woman,' my father used to say, 'their children are usually Ukrainians or Lithuanians'. - Author: Jerzy Stempowski
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Jerzy Stempowski
#14. Science is the one culture that's truly global - protons, proteins and Pythagoras's Theorem are the same from China to Peru. It should transcend all barriers of nationality. It should straddle all faiths, too. - Author: Martin Rees
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Martin Rees
#15. What binds us together is not common education, common race, common income levels, common politics, common nationality, common accents, common jobs, or anything else of that sort. Christians come together because they have all been loved by Jesus himself. They are a band of natural enemies who love one another for Jesus' sake. - Author: D. A. Carson
Maziarz Nationality quotes by D. A. Carson
#16. In a global world, we should be citizens. Dignity has no nationality. - Author: Tania Bruguera
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Tania Bruguera
#17. Jewish people have given me all the breaks you can possibly have. But of course, it's wonderful when you feel that your own nationality has made it. It gives you hopes. - Author: Jamie Farr
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Jamie Farr
#18. By afternoon, a dense crowd had gathered around the Bedford as word spread that an enormous infidel in brown pajamas was loading a truck full of supplies for Muslim schoolchildren ... Mortenson's size-fourteen feet drew a steady stream of bouncing eyebrows and bawdy jokes from onlookers. Spectators shouted guesses at Mortenson's nationality as he worked. Bosnia and Chechnya were deemd the most likely source of this large mangy-looking man. When Mortenson, with his rapidly improving Urdu, interrupted the speculation to tell them he was American, the crowd looked at his sweat-soaked and dirt-grimed shalwar, at his smudged and oily skin, and several men told him they didn't think so. - Author: Greg Mortenson
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Greg Mortenson
#19. I thought I had not been out for long; I showed no symptoms of concussion or other ill effects from the blow, save a sore patch on the base of my skull. My captor, a man of few words, had responded to my questions, demands and acerbic remarks alike with the all-purpose Scottish noise which can best be rendered phonetically as "Mmmmphm." Had I been in any doubt as to him nationality, that sound alone would have been sufficient to remove it. - Author: Diana Gabaldon
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#20. If I give you two possible worlds to choose from, in which you would like your children and grandchildren to live, which one would you choose - a world filled with hatred and discrimination, or a world where the humans care about their fellow humans beyond the petty little man-made labels of religion, race, nationality, intellect, gender etc.!

We do not need to make efforts and be kind in order to keep Nature running, she can do that quite well and far better than us herself, in fact, it'd benefit Nature, if suddenly the humans were to disappear. It is us who need Nature in order to exist, not the other way around.

We must stand on the side of kindness, goodness, compassion and conscience, not to keep the processes in Nature functioning, but because if we don't, the environment that we would be giving our future generations, would be no different than the violent and lethal environment of the wild. Hence, our kindness would make no difference to Nature whatsoever, rather it would simply be a selfish yet humanely necessary act on our part, that we must carry out to create a humane environment for the human species.

Upon the kindness of us humans, the fate of humanity is predicated, not the fate of Nature. We are born in a world filled with hatred and discrimination, hence it is our existential responsibility as sentient and conscientious beings to contribute in the elimination of such discrimination and hatred. Kindness of ours in our daily wal - Author: Abhijit Naskar
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#21. Love's nationality is separate from all other religions, The lover's religion and nationality is the Beloved (God). The lover's cause is separate from all other causes Love is the astrolabe of God's mysteries. - Author: Rumi
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Rumi
#22. Nationality is a very curious thing. The blood is Scots and the temperament is Scots, but I am, in fact, 100% American. - Author: Alexander Mackendrick
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Alexander Mackendrick
#23. Will gritted his teeth as Will Junior and Nellie continued their debate. He loved his son, but he found him
and many members of hisgeneration
ruthless in their pursuit of money and standing and harsh toward the less fortunate. He had reminded him on many occasions that both the McClanes and their mother's family
the Van der leydens
had at one time been immigrants. As had members of all the city's wealthy families. But Will's lectures made no difference to his son. He was an American. And those getting off the boat at Castle Garden were not. Italian, Irish, Chinese, Polish
nationality made no difference. They were lazy, stupid, and dirty. Their numbers spelled ruin for the country. p. 264 - Author: Jennifer Donnelly
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Jennifer Donnelly
#24. It seems to me that the Swedish Academy of Science may be qualifying for the Nobel Peace Prize. It recognises no nationality; it discourages unworthy national feeling and prejudice. - Author: Charles Glover Barkla
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Charles Glover Barkla
#25. No arbitrary obstacles should prevent people from achieving those positions for which their talents fit them and which their values lead them to seek. Not birth, nationality, color, religion, sex, nor any other irrelevant characteristic should determine the opportunities that are open to a person - only his abilities. - Author: Milton Friedman
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Milton Friedman
#26. I don't have any religion. I'm Hebrew by nationality. My religion is just God. I have no religion, I just believe in the Most High. - Author: Killah Priest
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Killah Priest
#27. Mime, like music, knows neither borders nor nationalities, - Author: Marcel Marceau
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Marcel Marceau
#28. A person with a higher consciousness belongs to mankind and the universe belongs to her. She cannot have a country, nationality, or party. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Debasish Mridha
#29. Kindness is a universal language regardless of age, nationality or religion. - Author: Alex Ferguson
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Alex Ferguson
#30. Boundaries, rulers, and names of nations can change, but the Earth is always our home and our source of life. Earth is the only indelible identity we can have. This is why I am suggesting that we expand our identities beyond the limits of nationality and culture to encompass the only identity that is definite and real by identifying ourselves, first and foremost, as Earth Citizens. - Author: Ilchi Lee
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Ilchi Lee
#31. The difference between a nation and a nationality is clear, but it is not always observed. Likeness between members is the essence of nationality, but the members of a nation may be very different. A nation may be composed of many nationalities, as some of the most successful nations are. - Author: Louis D. Brandeis
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Louis D. Brandeis
#32. Let us consider the actual, worldly Jew
not the Sabbath Jew, as Bauer does, but the everyday Jew ... What is the worldly religion of the Jew? Huckstering. What is his worldly God? Money.. Money is the jealous god of Israel, in face of which no other god may exist. Money degrades all the gods of man
and turns them into commodities. The bill of exchange is the real god of the Jew. His god is only an illusory bill of exchange. The chimerical nationality of the Jew is the nationality of the merchant, of the man of money in general. - Author: Karl Marx
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Karl Marx
#33. Europe thus divided into nationalities freely formed and free internally, peace between States would have become easier: the United States of Europe would become a possibility. - Author: Napoleon Bonaparte
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Napoleon Bonaparte
#34. There are so many things in life that divide us, that separate us and tear us apart, be it race, religion, creed, socioeconomic level, nationality or any variety of other factors. But running is something that we all share in common. - Author: Dean Karnazes
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Dean Karnazes
#35. Antiwhite racism is developing in sections of our cities where individuals - some of whom have French nationality - contemptuously designate French people as gaulois on the pretext they don't share the same religion, color or origins. - Author: Jean-Francois Cope
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Jean-Francois Cope
#36. An entirely new factor has appeared in the social development of the country, and this factor is the Irish-American, and his influence. To mature its powers, to concentrate its action, to learn the secret of its own strength and of England's weakness, the Celtic intellect has had to cross the Atlantic. At home it had but learned the pathetic weakness of nationality; in a strange land it realised what indomitable forces nationality possesses. What captivity was to the Jews, exile has been to the Irish: America and American influence have educated them. - Author: Oscar Wilde
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Oscar Wilde
#37. I feel very comfortable in New York, in a city where there is no such thing as 'nationality.' - Author: Bernard Tschumi
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Bernard Tschumi
#38. If Glenn Hoddle had been any other nationality, he would have had 70 or 80 caps for England. - Author: John Barnes
Maziarz Nationality quotes by John Barnes
#39. I was having dinner…in London…when eventually he got, as the Europeans always do, to the part about "Your country's never been invaded." And so I said, "Let me tell you who those bad guys are. They're us. WE BE BAD. We're the baddest-assed sons of bitches that ever jogged in Reeboks. We're three-quarters grizzly bear and two-thirds car wreck and descended from a stock market crash on our mother's side. You take your Germany, France, and Spain, roll them all together and it wouldn't give us room to park our cars. We're the big boys, Jack, the original, giant, economy-sized, new and improved butt kickers of all time. When we snort coke in Houston, people lose their hats in Cap d'Antibes. And we've got an American Express card credit limit higher than your piss-ant metric numbers go. You say our country's never been invaded? You're right, little buddy. Because I'd like to see the needle-dicked foreigners who'd have the guts to try. We drink napalm to get our hearts started in the morning. A rape and a mugging is our way of saying 'Cheerio.' Hell can't hold our sock-hops.
We walk taller, talk louder, spit further, fuck longer and buy more things than you know the names of. I'd rather be a junkie in a New York City jail than king, queen, and jack of all Europeans. We eat little countries like this for breakfast and shit them out before lunch. - Author: P.J. O'Rourke
Maziarz Nationality quotes by P.J. O'Rourke
#40. The path to the ethnic democratization of American society is through its culture, that is to say through its cultural apparatus, which comprises the eyes, the ears, and the "mind" of capitalism and is twentieth-century voice to the world. Thus to democratize the cultural apparatus is tantamount to revolutionizing American society itself into the living realization of its professed ideas. Seeing the problem in another way, to revolutionize the cultural apparatus is to deal fundamentally with the unsolved American question of nationality--Which group speaks for America and for the glorification of which ethnic image? Either all group images speak for themselves and for the nation, or American nationality will never be determined. - Author: Harold Cruse
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Harold Cruse
#41. It is not we Greeks alone who are the inheritors of Greek civilisation... all, of whatever nationality, who share the ancient Greek attitude to life, are Greeks. - Author: Leonard Cottrell
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Leonard Cottrell
#42. Parents and schools should place great emphasis on the idea that it is all right to be different. Racism and all the other 'isms' grow from primitive tribalism, the instinctive hostility against those of another tribe, race, religion, nationality, class or whatever. You are a lucky child if your parents taught you to accept diversity. - Author: Roger Ebert
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Roger Ebert
#43. There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism. The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities. - Author: Theodore Roosevelt
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
#44. Cosmopolitan discourse emphasizes the _cosmic belonging_ of all individual human beings as the ground of our hospitality, solidarity, justice and neighbor-love. Cosmopolitan discourse is about turning a _compassionate gaze_ onto others regardless of one's nationality and citizenship, origin of birth, religion, gender; race and ethnicity, sexuality, or ability - Author: Namsoon Kang
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Namsoon Kang
#45. The tree can teach you forbearance and tolerance. It offers shade to all, irrespective of age, sex or religion, nationality or status. It helps with fruit and shade even to the foe who lays his axe on its trunk! The dog can teach you a lesson in Faith, Self-less service and the process of Dedication. - Author: Sathya Sai Baba
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Sathya Sai Baba
#46. We must cherish our inheritance. We must preserve our nationality for the youth of our future. The story should be written down to pass on. - Author: Louis Riel
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Louis Riel
#47. Poems and songs penned as an unstoppable outpouring of the heart take on a life of their own. They transcend the limits of nationality and time as they pass from person to person, from one heart to another. - Author: Daisaku Ikeda
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Daisaku Ikeda
#48. Communist ideology in its pure form is akin to
Christianity. Its main ideas are the brotherhood of all
peoples irrespective of their nationality, justice and
equality, peace, and an end to all hostility between
peoples. - Author: Mikhail Gorbachev
Maziarz Nationality quotes by Mikhail Gorbachev

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