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But what Kate and Grace," he looks pointedly at me to make sure he has my attention, "and you, my boy, have taught me over the years is that I am the student, not the teacher. The three of you young people are the most sincere, passionate human beings I've ever met. The care you put into your friendships is unsurpassed. ~ Kim Holden
Mathletics Student quotes by Kim Holden
I was never really cut out to be a student, I prefer to actually work and get a project done and learn that way- but I have a huge respect for good teachers and even enjoy teaching ... I am a conundrum! ~ Holly Golightly
Mathletics Student quotes by Holly Golightly
Phony gurus make themselves objects of adoration and worship. Real spiritual teachers aren't interested in adoration and worship. They like respect only because they realize respect will help the student. ~ Frederick Lenz
Mathletics Student quotes by Frederick Lenz
The student and the teacher had contrasting ideas about the sentence, which was: There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in. ~ John Irving
Mathletics Student quotes by John Irving
Right education should help the student, not only to develop his capacities, but to understand his own highest interest. ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti
Mathletics Student quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
Do not do that again," he said stiffly.
"Don't kiss me back then," I retorted.
He stared at me for what seemed like forever. "I don't give 'Zen lessons' to hear myself talk. I don't give them because you're another student. I'm doing this to teach you control."
"You're doing a great job," I said bitterly. ~ Richelle Mead
Mathletics Student quotes by Richelle Mead
Edgar Allan Poe, an earlier UVA student, once complained in a letter that his stepfather spoke to him as if Poe were one of the black slaves; some of the students at UVA surely felt the same about being told what to do by faculty. ~ Matthew Pearl
Mathletics Student quotes by Matthew Pearl
A hundred failures mean a thousand successes ~ Ady Mifarizki
Mathletics Student quotes by Ady Mifarizki
No two children learn in the same way. While we might agree that every American eight-year-old should be able to read and multiply, beyond those basics, there are few reasons to make every student follow the same path. ~ John Katzman
Mathletics Student quotes by John Katzman
I often think what interesting history we are making for the student of the twenty-first century. ~ William Carey
Mathletics Student quotes by William Carey
Universities have to tame their budgets, especially for student amenities that have nothing to do with education. ~ Robert Reich
Mathletics Student quotes by Robert Reich
it seems to me that one of the truths about history that needs to be made clear to a student or to a reader is that nothing ever had to happen the way it happened. ~ David McCullough
Mathletics Student quotes by David McCullough
I learned from teaching. If you are perceived by the student to be belittling them or purely criticizing them without offering up words of encouragement and support, they shut down and discredit you. ~ Tim Gunn
Mathletics Student quotes by Tim Gunn
Art is a thing so much of the imagination, of the soul, that it is difficult to descend to the fundamentals of technique and yet make it plain to the student that these are but the 'means' and not an end in themselves. ~ John F. Carlson
Mathletics Student quotes by John F. Carlson
Punk rock and skateboarding took the 'school' out of living your life, and I related to learning as I went, doing a lot of different things that I liked, when I liked. Consequently, I'm mediocre at all of the above, but still stoked on being a lifetime student of music, skating, painting, writing, etc. ~ Jeff Ament
Mathletics Student quotes by Jeff Ament
Wolf's wool is the best wool, but it cannot be sheared, because the wolf will not comply. With knowledge as with wolves' surliness, the student studies voluntarily, refusing to be less than individual. He "gives his opinion and then rests upon it"; he renders service when there is no reward, and is too reclusive for some things to seem to touch him; not because he has no feeling but because he has so much. ~ Marianne Moore
Mathletics Student quotes by Marianne Moore
If the Student thinks he is the Spirit, he will be a better Student. If the Lawyer thinks he is the Spirit, he will be a better Lawyer, and so on. ~ Swami Vivekananda
Mathletics Student quotes by Swami Vivekananda
A student who listens gains more than a sage who speaks. ~ Matshona Dhliwayo
Mathletics Student quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
As a twenty-one-year-old college student, Daisy Richmond's answer to the question "If you knew you were going to die in one month, what would you do?" was full of adventure and travel to exotic lands. As a twenty-seven-year-old woman who is faced with a recurrence of breast cancer, her answer is very different. Before I Go is the poignant story of Daisy's journey to navigate the unexpected twists and turns of life, and the painful process of letting go of everything but love. ~ Colleen Oakley
Mathletics Student quotes by Colleen Oakley
Then he asked my age and I asked his. That's the tradition in China. If we know each other's ages we can understand each other's past. We Chinese have been collective for so long, personal histories are not worth mentioning. Therefore as soon as Xiaolin and I knew how old the other was, we knew exactly what big shit had happened in our lives. The introduction of the One Child Policy shortly before out births, for instance and the fact that, in 1985, two pandas were sent to the USA as a national gift and we had to sing a tearful panda song at school. 1989 was the Tiananmen Square student demonstration. Anyway, Xiaolin was one year younger than me, so I assumed we were from the same generation. ~ Xiaolu Guo
Mathletics Student quotes by Xiaolu Guo
An old Hasidic rabbi asked his pupils how they could tell when the night had ended and day begun, for daybreak is the time for certain holy prayers. "Is it," proposed one student, "when you can see an animal in the distance and tell whether it is a sheep or a dog?" "No," answered the rabbi. "Is it when you can clearly see the lines on your own palm?" "Is it when you can look at a tree in the distance and tell if it is a fig or a pear tree?" "No," answered the rabbi each time. "Then what is it?" the pupils demanded. "It is when you can look on the face of any man or woman and see that they are your sister or brother. Until then it is still night. ~ Jack Kornfield
Mathletics Student quotes by Jack Kornfield
Ben Affleck exec-produced a documentary for HBO called 'Reporter' about my 2007 win-a-trip journey. I take the trip each year partly to encourage young people to think about global humanitarian issues: I think blogs by a student may be more compelling for that audience than my own work. ~ Nicholas Kristof
Mathletics Student quotes by Nicholas Kristof
In the United States we spend $40,000 a year to incarcerate each prison inmate and $8,000 to educate each elementary school student. ~ John Grisham
Mathletics Student quotes by John Grisham
When one devotes oneself to meditation, mental burdens, unnecessary worries, and wandering thoughts drop off one by one; life seems to run smoothly and pleasantly. A student may now depend on intuition to make decisions. As one acts on intuition, second thought, with its dualism, doubt and hesitation, does not arise. ~ Nyogen Senzaki
Mathletics Student quotes by Nyogen Senzaki
In 2009, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation launched a massive project to study 3,000 teachers in seven cities and learn what made them effective. The five metrics that most correlated with student learning were:
1. Students in this class treat the teacher with respect.
2. My classmates behave the way my teacher wants them to.
3. Our class stays busy and doesn't waste time.
4. In this class, we learn a lot almost every day.
5. In this class, we learn to correct our mistakes. ~ Thomas Kane
Mathletics Student quotes by Thomas Kane
The real difficulty is that people have no idea of what education truly is. We assess the value of education in the same manner as we assess the value of land or of shares in the stock-exchange market. We want to provide only such education as would enable the student to earn more. We hardly give any thought to the improvement of the character of the educated. The girls, we say, do not have to earn; so why should they be educated? As long as such ideas persist there is no hope of our ever knowing the true value of education. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
Mathletics Student quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
I needed to pass on those secrets to a man I knew well. All my students are terribly virtuous and only show their good qualities. That is dangerous, for virtue often serves to hide vanity, pride and intolerance. That is why I chose the one student I knew really well, the one whose faults I could see most clearly. ~ Paulo Coelho
Mathletics Student quotes by Paulo Coelho
Most of my friends from college became dental hygienists or went into retail, a lot went into sales. They all started getting married and having kids and buying homes and I was still living like a college student. ~ Patricia Heaton
Mathletics Student quotes by Patricia Heaton
My definition of Blues is that it's a musical form which is very disciplined and structured coupled with a state of mind, and you can have either of those things but it's the two together that make it what it is. And you need to be a student for one, and a human being for the other, but those things alone don't do it. ~ Eric Clapton
Mathletics Student quotes by Eric Clapton
Mathematics may, be briefly defined as the science of quantities, and is one of the most important of disciplining studies which engage the practical student. ~ Rufus Choate
Mathletics Student quotes by Rufus Choate
When we think about even the PC market and what is required in the student as well as in the consumer market, we want to be able to compete in the opening price point. ~ Satya Nadella
Mathletics Student quotes by Satya Nadella
appreciating the progress made by your child or student. ~ Ariana Kats
Mathletics Student quotes by Ariana Kats
As an impoverished student I used to spend days out in Selfridges, nibbling on samples of free cheese and dousing myself with scent in the perfume department. ~ Zoe Tapper
Mathletics Student quotes by Zoe Tapper
The fact is that if the Christian home, church, and school have done their job well and the student has learned well, he may be one of the few on the earth who understand the real world. ~ Jim Berg
Mathletics Student quotes by Jim Berg
As a student, frustrated by the limitations of conventional mathematics, he invented an entirely new form, the calculus, but then told no-one about it for twenty-seven years5. ~ Bill Bryson
Mathletics Student quotes by Bill Bryson
No method nor discipline can supersede the necessity of being forever on the alert. What is a course of history, or philosophy, or poetry, or the most admirable routine of life, compared with the discipline of looking always at what is to be seen? Will you be a reader, a student merely, or a seer? ~ Henry David Thoreau
Mathletics Student quotes by Henry David Thoreau
I am convinced that this is the only means of advancing science, of clearing the mind from a confused heap of contradictory observations, that do but perplex and puzzle the Student, when he compares them, or misguide him if he gives himself up to their authority; but bringing them under one general head, can alone give rest and satisfaction to an inquisitive mind. ~ Joshua Reynolds
Mathletics Student quotes by Joshua Reynolds
To sustain the value of education, students should be respected as much as the teachers. ~ Amit Kalantri
Mathletics Student quotes by Amit Kalantri
It is not easy to imagine how little interested a scientist usually is in the work of any other, with the possible exception of the teacher who backs him or the student who honors him. ~ Jean Rostand
Mathletics Student quotes by Jean Rostand
Technological innovation is not what is hammering down working peoples' share of what the country earns; technological innovation is the excuse for this development. Inno is a fable that persuades us to accept economic arrangements we would otherwise regard as unpleasant or intolerable - that convinces us that the very particular configuration of economic power we inhabit is in fact a neutral matter of science, of nature, of the way God wants things to be. Every time we describe the economy as an "ecosystem" we accept this point of view. Every time we write off the situation of workers as a matter of unalterable "reality" we resign ourselves to it.

In truth, we have been hearing some version of all this inno-talk since the 1970s - a snarling Republican iteration, which demands our submission before the almighty entrepreneur; and a friendly and caring Democratic one, which promises to patch us up with job training and student loans. What each version brushes under the rug is that it doesn't have to be this way. Economies aren't ecosystems. They aren't naturally occurring phenomena to which we must learn to acclimate. Their rules are made by humans. They are, in a word, political. In a democracy we can set the economic table however we choose.

"Amazon is not happening to bookselling," Jeff Bezos of Amazon likes to say. "The future is happening to bookselling." And what the future wants just happens to be exactly what Amazon wants. What an amazing coinciden ~ Thomas Frank
Mathletics Student quotes by Thomas Frank
While day by day the overzealous student stores up facts for future use, he who has learned to trust nature finds need for ever fewer external directions. He will discard formula after formula, until he reaches the conclusion: Let nature take its course. ~ Larry Bird
Mathletics Student quotes by Larry Bird
Girls are more academically powerful. They make the grades, they run the student activities, they are the valedictorians. ~ Christina Hoff Sommers
Mathletics Student quotes by Christina Hoff Sommers
Well, our victim had a thirst for knowledge," said Stephanopoulos. "He was a student at St. Martins College. ~ Ben Aaronovitch
Mathletics Student quotes by Ben Aaronovitch
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