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#1. I'm kind of a grandma, so I like cooking for my boyfriend and watching a movie. I cook a lot, actually. I'll make bacon-wrapped asparagus, steak, and pesto pasta with chicken ... but we go out to dinner a fair amount, too. - Author: Gigi Hadid
Masterless Movie quotes by Gigi Hadid
#2. I went back to China and did a movie in Mandarin, and I don't speak Mandarin, so I learned it phonetically. Now, when I'm on set and somebody gives me English lines, I'm like, "Are you kidding? What's happening? This is amazing!" - Author: Maggie Q
Masterless Movie quotes by Maggie Q
#3. It's always great to do a movie that you find is entertaining, but also can give some sort of political or social message. - Author: Edward Zwick
Masterless Movie quotes by Edward Zwick
#4. I think American Werewolf in London is the greatest werewolf movie of all time. - Author: David Hayter
Masterless Movie quotes by David Hayter
#5. It takes a while to get a movie together, and they don't start talking books until the movie is close to being finished. - Author: Gregory Keyes
Masterless Movie quotes by Gregory Keyes
#6. I discovered early in my movie work that a movie is never any better than the stupidest man connected with it. There are times when this distinction may be given to the writer or director. Most often it belongs to the producer. - Author: Ben Hecht
Masterless Movie quotes by Ben Hecht
#7. I think people today are very cynical. They need to bring other people down. Reality television and tabloid magazines-never before did we need to see movie stars taking out their garbage. But all of a sudden, it's front-page news-trying to figure out who's dating whom, all that stuff. Who cares? - Author: Scarlett Johansson
Masterless Movie quotes by Scarlett Johansson
#8. I know it sounds earnest, but I do really feel in my bones that acting is just a small part of the equation when you are making a movie. The director really is in charge. Actors are as important or unimportant as the rest of the people around them. - Author: Julia Stiles
Masterless Movie quotes by Julia Stiles
#9. Life is a road movie whose destination is death. Direct your own instead of watching others. - Author: Dean Cavanagh
Masterless Movie quotes by Dean Cavanagh
#10. I always have to presume that each movie is my last movie because I never know if I'll get money again. - Author: Todd Solondz
Masterless Movie quotes by Todd Solondz
#11. The thing I find about the movie industry is that 99 percent of the people are absolute scum. They're horrible people, they really are. Very nasty killer rabbits who hate movies. But the other 1 percent are really the greatest, most wonderful people in the world. - Author: Lloyd Kaufman
Masterless Movie quotes by Lloyd Kaufman
#12. For some reason, Horror movies, they seem like good date movies. When you go to them it's all high school kids, all over each other, running up and down the isles, no one is even looking at the screen anyways, they figure they don't have to pay attention to the story anyways. We scream and yell ... it's like mayhem. - Author: Rob Zombie
Masterless Movie quotes by Rob Zombie
#13. Movie studios aren't making too many dramas anymore; they're in the superhero business. Material for television is much, much stronger for actors now. - Author: Julianne Moore
Masterless Movie quotes by Julianne Moore
#14. Sometimes, just sometimes, if you close your eyes and wish really hard, life can be just like a movie. - Author: L.S. Hilton
Masterless Movie quotes by L.S. Hilton
#15. She reached down to help him stand. "Where did you learn that move?" he asked.
"From an old movie on TV," said Buffy proudly. "I think it starred somebody - Flynn, or maybe what's-his-name - Lancaster, I forget which. Are we done?"
"No, we must complete the session." He rubbed his back and groaned. "As difficult as that might prove to be."
"Okay! But don't say I didn't warn you - I've been watching a lot of old movies lately."
"I was afraid of that." Stiffly, Giles assumed a fighting position. "This is called a wombat stance-"
"Looks more like a drunken squirrel to me," Buffy giggled. - Author: Arthur Byron Cover
Masterless Movie quotes by Arthur Byron Cover
#16. I don't want to play a laptop live if I'm just going to sit there, so it's also a problem of working at my movie theater job long enough to get money to get better equipment. - Author: Kyle Parker
Masterless Movie quotes by Kyle Parker
#17. My partner, Danny Strong, came to me with this idea of telling a story about my life and merging that with music and the hip-hop world. He wrote 'The Butler' and originally wanted to do 'Empire' also as a movie. - Author: Lee Daniels
Masterless Movie quotes by Lee Daniels
#18. When a horror movie is well done, I love it and I put it up in esteem with any other genre. - Author: David Hayter
Masterless Movie quotes by David Hayter
#19. And I think one way or another it's evident to those who work with me that as a writer, a director, a friend, as somebody's there that's very anxious to get the movie made. - Author: Robert Towne
Masterless Movie quotes by Robert Towne
#20. Do you ever think what might've happened if they weren't so damn impatient? If Romeo had stopped for a second and gotten a doctor, or waited for Juliet to wake up? Not jumped to conclusions and gone and poisoned himself thinking she was dead when she was just sleeping? I've seen that movie so many times, and every damn time, it's like screaming at the girl in the horror movie. Don't go in the basement. The killer's down there. With Romeo and Juliet, I yell, 'Don't jump to conclusions.' But do those fools ever listen to me? I always imagine what might've happened if they'd waited. Juliet would've woken up. They'd already be married. They might've moved away, far away from the Montagues and the Capulets, gotten themselves a cute castle of their own. Decorated it up nice. Maybe it would've been like The Winter's Tale. By thinking Hermione was dead, Leontes had time to stop acting like a fool and then later he was so happy to find out she was alive. Maybe the Montagues and the Capulets would find out later that their beloved kids weren't dead, and wasn't it stupid to feud, and everyone would be happy. Maybe it would've turned the whole tragedy into a comedy. - Author: Gayle Forman
Masterless Movie quotes by Gayle Forman
#21. I am actually working on The Neighbors sitcom. We are starting from scratch. I am also working on a comedy movie and a vampire movie. I also have the pilot for The Tommy Wiseau Show and of course The House That Drips Blood On Alex, which we are hoping to make a sequel. - Author: Tommy Wiseau
Masterless Movie quotes by Tommy Wiseau
#22. Sometimes when you do big movies, you can lose sometimes a little bit of soul. - Author: Emmanuelle Seigner
Masterless Movie quotes by Emmanuelle Seigner
#23. When I hit New York in 1972, I thought I was a sprinter. I thought that I would star in a Broadway show and do a movie and win an Oscar by the time I was 25. It turned out that I'm a long distance runner. - Author: Beth Grant
Masterless Movie quotes by Beth Grant
#24. Lord Cutler Beckett: [Jack is about to light a cannon that's pointed at the mast] You're mad.

Jack Sparrow: Thank goodness for that, 'cause if I wasn't this would probably never work.

[fires the cannon, which catapults him onto his ship, landing safely on his feet behind his crew]

Jack Sparrow: And that was without even a single drop of rum. - Author: Jack Sparrow
Masterless Movie quotes by Jack Sparrow
#25. When our citizens are determined to openly wear pistols on their belts to go shopping at Walmart, that signifies to me a failure on the part of the macho ideal. Ostensibly, the handgun is displayed to let evildoers know, in no uncertain terms, that this is not a person with whom to trifle. It then follows that the wearing of the pistol presumes a situation in which the bearer will need to shoot someone, rendering the brandishing of the weapon a badge of fear, does it not? It occurs to me that if we keep on turning to such "masculine" methodology to solve our conflicts, the only inevitable ending is a bunch of somebody's family lying in a bloody schoolhouse, movie theater, or smoking Japanese city. I guess we just hope it's not our family? I don't like the odds. - Author: Nick Offerman
Masterless Movie quotes by Nick Offerman
#26. To invoke an analogy, consider a movie: it consists of thousands upon thousands of individual pictures, and each of them makes sense and carries a meaning, yet the meaning of the whole film cannot be seen before its last sequence is shown. However, we cannot understand the whole film without having first understood each of its components, each of the individual pictures. Isn't it the same with life? Doesn't the final meaning of life, too reveal itself, if at all, only at its end, on the verge of death? And doesn't this final meaning, too, depend on whether or not the potential meaning of each single situation has been actualized to the best of their respective individual's knowledge and belief? - Author: Victor Frankl
Masterless Movie quotes by Victor Frankl
#27. I came from advertising. For me it's about protecting the director's vision. That's always the goal. There's keeping things on budget and on time and dealing with selling the movie so that to me is a focus. But also it's about serving the script. We are genre filmmakers, those are the films we love to make, so my perspective is a little different. - Author: Charles Roven
Masterless Movie quotes by Charles Roven
#28. A movie playing on the TV screen in front of us. Some sort of bad Tom Cruise drama. I've never liked Tom Cruise. He always reminded me of someone's creepy cousin, who smiles too big before he touches your butt and whispers something gross in your ear with hot whiskey breath. - Author: Erin McCarthy
Masterless Movie quotes by Erin McCarthy
#29. I've got to see my movie to see how I'm acting, see what little things I can learn about my craft. - Author: LL Cool J
Masterless Movie quotes by LL Cool J
#30. Reading subtitles is reading. - Author: Bert McCoy
Masterless Movie quotes by Bert McCoy
#31. A tall, fragile woman with pale blond hair and a face of such beauty that it seemed veiled by distance, as if the artist had been merely able to suggest it, not to make it quite real ... she was Kay Ludlow, the movie star who, once seen, could never be forgotten; the star who had retired and vanished five years ago, to be replaced by girls of indistinguishable names and interchangeable faces ... she felt that the glass cafeteria was a cleaner use for Kay Ludlow's beauty than a role in a picture glorifying the commonplace for possessing no glory. - Author: Ayn Rand
Masterless Movie quotes by Ayn Rand
#32. Sometimes I'll watch a movie, and it's got some big star in it playing a working-class person, and the character is in a grocery store, and you can kind of tell, from just watching the scene, that this actor doesn't do their own shopping. So you have to have some sense of reality. - Author: Winona Ryder
Masterless Movie quotes by Winona Ryder
#33. I went to see that movie 'From Hell,' or as Osama bin Laden calls it - 'Roots.' - Author: Jay Leno
Masterless Movie quotes by Jay Leno
#34. I saw 'The Fountain' because my friend came over one day and said, 'This is my favorite movie I've ever seen. Please watch this,' and I watched it, and that was amazing. - Author: Douglas Booth
Masterless Movie quotes by Douglas Booth
#35. In England we have this saying about Marmite: people either love it or hate it. That's like a lot of the movie work I've done. People either find it repulsive or find it really interesting and get engaged in it. - Author: Eddie Redmayne
Masterless Movie quotes by Eddie Redmayne
#36. I can create clothes for so many different time periods. I've always tried to avoid being pigeonholed. Plus, everything I learn about design and costume from one movie somehow works its way into something else. - Author: Colleen Atwood
Masterless Movie quotes by Colleen Atwood
#37. I went to Art College and during the summer I made a movie with my brother. I got hold of a little camera, wrote a script and dragged my brother, Tony, out of bed to help me (which he did not like), so that we could shoot a film every day for six weeks. It was made for £65 and it was called Boy On A Bicycle. - Author: Ridley Scott
Masterless Movie quotes by Ridley Scott
#38. I do a little improv in my shows. Kind of like our movie, I'll do beats and ideas of dialogue, but I think there's less pressure because it's a live show. If you mess up, the audience laughs because we don't really know what we're doing. But as far as shooting, that was very scary, trying to make a point and drive the film. It definitely helped improvising. - Author: Charlyne Yi
Masterless Movie quotes by Charlyne Yi
#39. The term projection is used by Jungians to mean that each of us places some quality of our own being onto something or someone else. Aspects of reality of which we are unconscious are projected onto the outer world, where we see them in terms of events and people outside of ourselves. This psychological process works like a projector in a movie theater: we take something that is within the projector and blow it up onto a screen or backdrop, where we see it more clearly. Since this process is unconscious, we often think it belongs to the outer object when, in fact, it belongs to us. It is not only a person's negative qualities that are projected outward in this way; in equal measure we project our positive qualities, including our gold. I had projected my gold - Author: Robert A. Johnson
Masterless Movie quotes by Robert A. Johnson
#40. Do you know what directors go through? It's just hell. Like, why do I work so hard - to think I'm only going to see this movie five times and then never see it again 'cause I'm so sick of it? What is it worth, honestly? - Author: Michael Bay
Masterless Movie quotes by Michael Bay
#41. I really did Regression to work with Alejandro [Amenabar]. I found him very interesting. His movie, The Others, is one of the better scary movies of the last period of time. - Author: Ethan Hawke
Masterless Movie quotes by Ethan Hawke

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