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#1. A stock market index helps investors track the performance of a group of stocks. NRDC worked with FTSE to develop comprehensive and transparent methodologies that screen out companies linked to owning, exploring, or extracting fossil fuels. - Author: Frances Beinecke
Market Index quotes by Frances Beinecke
#2. Today, Labour has a disruptive economic narrative - that Britain needs fundamental change in its market structure and culture to compete in the modern world. - Author: David Miliband
Market Index quotes by David Miliband
#3. Look at it this way: if you write the novel of 'Cold Mountain,' it costs exactly the same to produce and market as a novel set in a room. If you make the film, the disparity of costs is huge. - Author: Anthony Minghella
Market Index quotes by Anthony Minghella
#4. All those feminists who had hoped that women's liberation could be brought about by putting pressure on the state and thus getting more social welfare for women, or by demanding equal opportunities for women in the job market, particularly in the higher ranks of this market, or by increasing women's participation in political and other decision-making bodies, find their expectations shattered. They have to realize today that the fundamental democratic rights, the claim to equality and freedom, are also fair-weather rights, as far as women are concerned, and that these rights, in spite of the rhetoric of their universality, are suspended when the accumulation needs of capital require this. - Author: Maria Mies
Market Index quotes by Maria Mies
#5. In the stock market ... You can be right for the wrong reasons or wrong for the right reasons. - Author: John Allen Paulos
Market Index quotes by John Allen Paulos
#6. I'm just conveying the brutality of the market to you, Katherin,' I say. That's one of my favourite lines. Good old market, always there to be blamed. "The people don't want history in their crochet books. They want cute pictures and easy instructions. - Author: Beth O'Leary
Market Index quotes by Beth O'Leary
#7. I'm not really a mass market writer. - Author: Alan Furst
Market Index quotes by Alan Furst
#8. Dead on time. Not late at all. He was small, white as a sheet, thin as a specter, always moving, even when he was still. The twenty-nine-year-old veteran. He was dressed all in black. He saw Westwood and headed over. He nodded three ways and sat down. He said, "The Valley likes irony, but you got to agree happy hour in a Soviet shrine is the ultimate contradiction in terms. And speaking of the former USSR, my blog alerts tell me a Ukrainian named Merchenko was a mob hit last night. Which is a happy coincidence. But he will be replaced. The market will fill the void. So I'm still not going public. - Author: Lee Child
Market Index quotes by Lee Child
#9. There is a growing market today for local, organic foods produced by small farmers. And farmers' markets have played a large role in making that happen. - Author: Eric Schlosser
Market Index quotes by Eric Schlosser
#10. The inability to envision a certain kind of person doing a certain kind of thing because you've never seen someone who looks like him do it before is not just a vice. It's a luxury. What begins as a failure of the imagination ends as a market inefficiency: when you rule out an entire class of people from doing a job simply by their appearance, you are less likely to find the best person for the job. - Author: Michael Lewis
Market Index quotes by Michael Lewis
#11. 'Borderlands' came out of nowhere to appease the gnawing hunger left behind with the dearth of quality dungeon crawlers on the market. - Author: Rob Manuel
Market Index quotes by Rob Manuel
#12. Although Adam Smith is today often regarded as a "conservative" figure, he in fact attacked some of the dominant ideas and interests of his own times. Moreover, the idea of a spontaneously self-equilibrating system - the market economy - first developed by the Physiocrats and later made part of the tradition of classical economics by Adam Smith, represented a radically new departure, not only in analysis of social causation but also in seeing a reduced role for political, intellectual, or other elites as guides or controllers of the masses. - Author: Thomas Sowell
Market Index quotes by Thomas Sowell
#13. Go to Old Delhi,and look at the way they keep chickens there in the market. Hundred of pale hens and brightly colored roosters, stuffed tightly into wire-mesh cages. They see the organs of their brothers lying around them.They know they are next, yet they cannot rebel. They do not try to get out of the coop. The very same thing is done with humans in this country. - Author: Aravind Adiga
Market Index quotes by Aravind Adiga
#14. Multinational corporations and a market economy have transformed human beings into instruments of making money. Human beings should be the end. And money should be the means to an end. - Author: Satish Kumar
Market Index quotes by Satish Kumar
#15. My favorite leather jacket I got for 40 bucks at the Fairfax Flea Market, like, eight years ago. Leather just gets better over time. There's something about a jacket that you have over years and years - just fits like a glove. - Author: Jack Falahee
Market Index quotes by Jack Falahee
#16. Anyone will be glad to admit that he knows nothing about beagling, or the Chinese stock market, or ballistics, but there is not a man or woman alive who does not claim to know how to cure hiccoughs. - Author: Robert Benchley
Market Index quotes by Robert Benchley
#17. The received wisdom in advanced capitalist societies is that there still exists an organic "civil society sector" in which institutions form autonomously and come together to manifest the interests and will of citizens. The fable has it that the boundaries of this sector are respected by actors from government and the "private sector," leaving a safe space for NGOs and nonprofits to advocate for things like human rights, free speech, and accountable government.

This sounds like a great idea. But if it was ever true, it has not been for decades. Since at least the 1970s, authentic actors like unions and churches have folded under a sustained assault by free-market statism, transforming "civil society" into a buyer's market for political factions and corporate interests looking to exert influence at arm's length. The last forty years have seen a huge proliferation of think tanks and political NGOs whose purpose, beneath all the verbiage, is to execute political agendas by proxy. - Author: Julian Assange
Market Index quotes by Julian Assange
#18. A small businesses ability to gain an edge for a profitable niche is not by just focusing on the dynamic market gap, but by identifying a market within the gap. - Author: Wayne Chirisa
Market Index quotes by Wayne Chirisa
#19. The mass-market paperback, for one, is too expensive. - Author: Walter Jon Williams
Market Index quotes by Walter Jon Williams
#20. The market made up new standards as it went along, by accepting the current price - however high - as the sole measure of value. Any idea of safety based on this uncritical approach was clearly illusory and replete with danger. - Author: Benjamin Graham
Market Index quotes by Benjamin Graham
#21. You pay a very high price in the stock market for a cheery consensus. - Author: Warren Buffett
Market Index quotes by Warren Buffett
#22. The market is a tool, and a useful one. But the worship of this tool is a hollow faith. Far more important than any tool is what you make with it. - Author: Eric Schlosser
Market Index quotes by Eric Schlosser
#23. We know that in our free market economy some will prosper more than others. What we don't accept is the idea that some folks won't even get a chance. - Author: Julian Castro
Market Index quotes by Julian Castro
#24. I think I had a fur coat that someone bought me from Portobello Market back in the 1960s, but I think as soon as you think about it, what it is you're wearing, make that connection, then you realise it's just not right. I don't lecture people about it, but it's not something I'd ever wear. - Author: Twiggy
Market Index quotes by Twiggy
#25. The market is like the police: of course you need it, but if it becomes the central organizing principle of your culture then you're in deep trouble. - Author: Philip E. Agre
Market Index quotes by Philip E. Agre
#26. Venture-backed startups with billion dollar market caps are called 'unicorns' because they are supposed to be rare mythical creatures that few entrepreneurs will ever ride. - Author: Jay Samit
Market Index quotes by Jay Samit
#27. We like to say that India has the advantage of being a large market. We have provinces, we have the rule of law, we have a system of justice. But those are also weaknesses when compared with China. On the other hand, one of our strengths is that we are very individualistic, and as individuals we are very creative. But that, too, is a weakness, because it keeps us from working well together. Everyone thinks only about his own profit. - Author: Ratan Tata
Market Index quotes by Ratan Tata
#28. I love Italian food; it's soulful like French food. Italian food is original and homey; it's market-driven, but also can be locally sourced. - Author: Daniel Boulud
Market Index quotes by Daniel Boulud
#29. From the very first inkling of a concept, founders need to gather a target group of five to ten potential users to begin the feedback loop. We all think we know how the market will react to new ideas, but actual users live with the pros and cons of the existing market conditions every day. They are the market experts. - Author: Jay Samit
Market Index quotes by Jay Samit
#30. The best way in my view is to just buy a low-cost index fund and keep buying it regularly over time, because you'll be buying into a wonderful industry, which in effect is all of American industry ... People ought to sit back and relax and keep accumulating over time. - Author: Warren Buffett
Market Index quotes by Warren Buffett
#31. Trade and money, which go together in a stream of energy, inevitably wash away the enclosing walls of a society of status. - Author: Isabel Paterson
Market Index quotes by Isabel Paterson
#32. It has suddenly occurred to me to write out word for word all that has happened to me during this last year, simply from an inward impulse, because I am so impressed by all that has happened. I shall simply record the incidents, doing my utmost to exclude everything extraneous, especially all literary graces. The professional writer writes for thirty years, and is quite unable to say at the end why he has been writing for all that time. I am not a professional writer and don't want to be, and to drag forth into the literary market-place the inmost secrets of my soul and an artistic description of my feelings I should regard as indecent and contemptible. - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Market Index quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#33. The flaw is when the "might makes right" rule vests property rights in whichever local actors can be the most ruthless or terrifying. That first step is the flaw that any market system worthy of the name must correct. - Author: Christopher Heath Wellman
Market Index quotes by Christopher Heath Wellman

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