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#1. Relationships are like flash floods, they happen when you least expect it. Can be as quick as lightning, and they change all that stand before it, and after it,"

WIP Strands of Sollus Book 2 - Author: Cheryl Suchacek
Margins Book quotes by Cheryl Suchacek
#2. Of course no one is the Right Person when you meet her; this is just an illusion necessary to lure you into investing the years and making the sacrifices necessary to love someone. It's like telling yourself your book is going to be a masterpiece and make you rich in order to undertake the laborious ordeal of writing it. It's only after making all those compromises and forfeitures, and amassing a shared fortune in memories, regrets, in-jokes and secrets, fights and reconciliations, that that person becomes the only possible one for you, unique and irreplaceable. - Author: Tim Kreider
Margins Book quotes by Tim Kreider
#3. But I'm also addicted to books. And I know there has never been a human being or a television show, no matter how great, that could measure up to a great book. - Author: Sherman Alexie
Margins Book quotes by Sherman Alexie
#4. Victory must be real. It must be earned. That means it must be rare and difficult, against steep odds, and defeat must be the other. - Author: Rick Riordan
Margins Book quotes by Rick Riordan
#5. It was a singular bedroom, with its high walls of brown volumes, but there could be no more agreeable furniture to a bookworm like myself, and there is no scent so pleasant to my nostrils as that faint, subtle reek which comes from an ancient book. I assured him that I could desire no more charming chamber, and no more congenial surroundings. - Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
Margins Book quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
#6. "Okay! ... my three dots! have people ever reproached me for them! they've slobbered on about my three dots! ... 'Ah! his three dots! ... Ah, his three dots! ... He can't finish his sentences!' Every stupidity in the book! every one, Colonel!"
"Go!pss!pss! ... piss off, Colonel! and what's your opinion, Colonel?"
"Instead of those three dots, you might just as well put in a few words, that's what I feel!" - Author: Louis Ferdinand Celine
Margins Book quotes by Louis Ferdinand Celine
#7. They aren't for disguise at all. You just didn't want to leave behind your favorite book. - Author: Susan Dennard
Margins Book quotes by Susan Dennard
#8. The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ has the nourishing power to heal starving spirits of the world. - Author: Boyd K. Packer
Margins Book quotes by Boyd K. Packer
#9. I would like my book to give people insight to the war before and after, but I don't think anyone could read my book and suddenly make up her mind about the war. I want to write for everybody. - Author: Asne Seierstad
Margins Book quotes by Asne Seierstad
#10. An emulation operating at a speed of ten thousand times that of a biological brain would be able to read a book in a few seconds and write a PhD thesis in an afternoon. - Author: Nick Bostrom
Margins Book quotes by Nick Bostrom
#11. So much of what we do in life stays unexplained - Author: Jane Borodale
Margins Book quotes by Jane Borodale
#12. No one I know of has ever had this experience-where you had to sit and wait and wait for a DNA test to come back just so you can write the last page of the book. - Author: Joseph Wambaugh
Margins Book quotes by Joseph Wambaugh
#13. In his book Getting Things Done, David Allen shares a crucial insight: "You can't do a project. You can only do the next step. - Author: Michael Bungay Stanier
Margins Book quotes by Michael Bungay Stanier
#14. Scholarly translations of the Tao Te Ching as a manual for rulers use a vocabulary that emphasizes the uniqueness of the Taoist "sage," his masculinity, his authority. This language is perpetuated, and degraded, in most popular versions. I wanted a Book of the Way accessible to a present-day, unwise, unpowerful, and perhaps unmale reader, not seeking esoteric secrets, but listening for a voice that speaks to the soul. I would like that reader to see why people have loved the book for twenty-five hundred years. - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
Margins Book quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
#15. In December 2008, I had the book with me while we waited for Dr. O'Reilly. Mom had already finished it. Every time I put the book down to go grab some mocha, or check my email, or make a call, I returned to find Mom rereading it, sneakily wolfing down passages as though I'd left behind a bag of cookies, not a book, and she was scooping up crumbs behind my back. - Author: Will Schwalbe
Margins Book quotes by Will Schwalbe
#16. In 2007, I sold my first book, 'Grimspace.' It says it's SF on the spine. I believe it to be SF, though it's certainly written differently. I write in first person, present tense, and the protagonist is a woman with a woman's thoughts, feelings, and sexual desires. - Author: Ann Aguirre
Margins Book quotes by Ann Aguirre
#17. It is a question of our minds. What culture deals with is not that we have to learn to see all the Italian painting, all the Spanish painting, this is pilling up information about culture. But what culture means is that we are able to associate real things, nature, paintings we have seen, music we have heard, a book we have read, a film we saw, with our real life, our emotional life, which means a lot. - Author: Agnes Varda
Margins Book quotes by Agnes Varda
#18. History has shown that the less people read, the more books they buy. - Author: Albert Camus
Margins Book quotes by Albert Camus
#19. Feeling inspired, I grabbed one of Jay's cookbooks from the kitchen shelf and flicked through until I found a recipe for something I recognised. Lasagna. That was just pasta, and pasta was easy, right? Trying not to be put off by the list of ingredients longer than my small intestine, I scanned the instructions. Chop onions ... I could do that. Brown mince ... trickier but manageable. Probably. Make a roux in the usual way ... I sighed, shut the book with a snap and went off to make dinner in my usual way: pierce film; bung in microwave; wait for bell. - Author: J.L. Merrow
Margins Book quotes by J.L. Merrow
#20. The world needs you. It doesn't need you at a party having read a book about how to appear smart at parties - these books exist, and they're tempting - but resist falling into that trap. The world needs you at the party starting real conversations, saying, 'I don't know,' and being kind. - Author: Charlie Kaufman
Margins Book quotes by Charlie Kaufman
#21. Joaquin Jackson's frank and colorful account of his long career as a modern-day Texas Ranger thrills like an action novel, yet the stories are true, sometimes funny, sometimes tragic, but always gripping. I could hardly put the book down ... The writing is superb. - Author: Elmer Kelton
Margins Book quotes by Elmer Kelton
#22. Books are humanity in print. - Author: Barbara W. Tuchman
Margins Book quotes by Barbara W. Tuchman
#23. When you're 11 or 12 years old, you can get so swept up in a book that you start to believe that the fantasy is reality. I think when you have a giant crush when you're in fifth grade, it becomes your whole world. It's like being underwater; everything is different. - Author: Wes Anderson
Margins Book quotes by Wes Anderson
#24. Other people can smell nervousness and insecurities like a shark smells blood. These things can be cute on a first date but never when you're asking people to trust you in business or with the largest financial decision of their lives. The first secret of this book is that the only way to conquer those nerves is by being your true self. - Author: Fredrik Eklund
Margins Book quotes by Fredrik Eklund
#25. When I'm writing a book, I don't have any responsibility to anyone. I'm solitary. I'm writing on my own. I write by hand. And I write every day. I mean, it's part of my daily discipline. - Author: Patti Smith
Margins Book quotes by Patti Smith
#26. I don't always write in order, so composing multi-book stories could get complicated. - Author: Erin Morgenstern
Margins Book quotes by Erin Morgenstern
#27. If it's just brushstrokes wrestling around, it isn't much of a picture book, is it? There still has to be a picture. And maybe it needs to be a picture of a dog named Daisy or a little girl riding a bike. So I have to be careful before I get too carried away in the manner itself. - Author: Chris Raschka
Margins Book quotes by Chris Raschka
#28. Unfortunately, I know that some of you Hushlanders have trouble counting to three. (The Librarian- controlled schools don't want you to be able to manage complex mathematics.) So I've prepared this helpful guide.

Definition of "book one": The best place to start a series. You can identify "book one" by the fact that it has a little "1" on the spine. Smedrys do a happy dance when you read book one first. Entropy shakes its angry fist at you for being clever enough to organize the world.

Definition of "book two": The book you read after book one. If you start with book two, I will make fun of you. (Okay, so I'll make fun of you either way. But honestly, do you want to give me more ammunition?)

Definition of "book three": The worst place, currently, to start a series. If you start here, I will throw things at you.

Definition of "book four": And . . . how'd you manage to start with that one? I haven't even written it yet. (You sneaky time travelers.) - Author: Brandon Sanderson
Margins Book quotes by Brandon Sanderson
#29. Thomas Randall and Christopher Golden not only are inventive writers but write in a sense to grab your attention cover to cover! I absolutely advise you to read,"The Waking" series. You'll love it if you are into the movie,"The- Grudge". I'm currently working on reading the second book of the trilogy. - Author: Thomas Randall
Margins Book quotes by Thomas Randall
#30. The only pressure I feel is to write good books. And to not replicate the previous book. Whether you have a thousand readers or a million readers it doesn't change the pressure. I never feel tempted to give the reader what I think the reader wants. - Author: Jo Nesbo
Margins Book quotes by Jo Nesbo
#31. Designers provide ways into - and out of - the flood of words by breaking up text into pieces and offering shortcuts and alternate routes through masses of information. ( ... ) Although many books define the purpose of typography as enhancing the readability of the written word, one of design's most humane functions is, in actuality, to help readers avoid reading. - Author: Ellen Lupton
Margins Book quotes by Ellen Lupton
#32. No Mr. West, it was not a choice
New children's chapter book disputes the notion that 400 years of slavery was a result of "mental imprisonment"

Cleveland, OH, - .In the words of the great Stan Lee, "With great power, comes great responsibility." When icons make erroneous statements, often they do so with out recognizing the long reaching effects their thoughtless statements may have. When Kanye West made his very controversial statements regarding slavery, describing it as a choice, an entire generation of young minds were watching and absorbing as inaccurate picture of history was painted for them and presented as fact. Author Michelle Person, former teacher, elementary school principal, and founder of Just Like Me Books (JLM) could not stand by and allow that fallacy to linger unchecked. Committed to promoting a love of reading and increasing literacy rates among high risk readers through an interactive platform that prominently features characters of color, JLM's newest release Leaders of the Revolution tells the story of Toussaint L'Ouverture and the first successful slave uprising in the western world.

The third book in the Nathaniel English series, aimed at children ages 6-11, follows 5th grade Nathaniel as he searches for solutions to his present day problems by learning about important historical figures of the past. Thanks to his mother's extensive at home library, Nathaniel is exposed to information that his teachers don't share, helpin - Author: Michelle Person
Margins Book quotes by Michelle Person
#33. Listening to a book and in the same time playing chess is one of the best decision ever made. - Author: Deyth Banger
Margins Book quotes by Deyth Banger
#34. The real power of this book comes from its documentation from major sources. In fact, you will quickly discover that most of my documents about Jewish Supremacism are from Jewish sources. They argue more convincingly for my point of view than anything I could write. I encourage you to go to the sources that I quote and check them out for yourself. In this book I take you along with me on a fascinating journey of discovery in a forbidden subject. I urge you to courageously keep an open mind while you explore the topics ahead, for that is the only way any of us can find the truth. - Author: David Duke
Margins Book quotes by David Duke
#35. I come to oil country with a book about radicals who wish for the end of pipelines. But that's not what it's about. It's the friction point of prosperity and concern, ability and disability, the loss of bodily presence and the gain of ghost messages. It's misplaced outrage and well-placed courage. It's banjo song and smoke in your eye. Stories hinge there, swinging this way and that. - Author: Kate Inglis
Margins Book quotes by Kate Inglis
#36. Students learn best not by reading the Great Books in a closed room but by opening the doors and windows of experience. - Author: Thomas Ehrlich
Margins Book quotes by Thomas Ehrlich
#37. It is both revealing and invigorating to occasionally set aside the worries of life, seek the company of a friendly book and mingle with the great of the earth, counsel with the wise of all time, look into the unlived days with prophets ... To become acquainted with real nobility as it walks the pages of history and science and literature is to strengthen character and develop life in its finer meanings. - Author: Gordon B. Hinckley
Margins Book quotes by Gordon B. Hinckley
#38. People in this country are still waiting for the war of their freedom to come from somewhere else, from the jungles, from the mountains, from China, from Pakistan. That will never happen. Every man must make his own Benaras.
The book of your revolution sits in the pit of your belly, young Indian. Crap it out, and read. - Author: Aravind Adiga
Margins Book quotes by Aravind Adiga
#39. Reader, I am myself the subject of my book; you would be unreasonable to spend your leisure on so frivolous and so vain a matter. - Author: Bernard Malamud
Margins Book quotes by Bernard Malamud
#40. And, after boasting this way of my tolerance, I come to the admission that it has a limit. Conduct may be founded on the hard rock or the wet marshes, but after a certain point I don't care what it's founded on. When I came back from the East last autumn I felt that I wanted the world to be in uniform and at a sort of moral attention forever; I wanted no more riotous excursions with privileged glimpses into the human heart. Only Gatsby, the man who gives his name to this book, was exempt from my reaction - Gatsby, who represented everything for which I have an unaffected scorn. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
Margins Book quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#41. This was what I came to found. The conquest of loneliness was the missing link that was one day going to make a decent novelist out of me. If you are out here and cannot close off the loves and hates of all that back there in the real world the memories will overtake you and swamp you and wilt your tenacity. Tenacity stamina ... close off to everything and everyone but your writing. That s the bloody price. I don t know maybe it's some kind of ultimate selfishness. Maybe it's part of the killer instinct. Unless you can stash away and bury thoughts of your greatest love you cannot sustain the kind of concentration that breaks most men trying to write a book over a three or four year period. - Author: Leon Uris
Margins Book quotes by Leon Uris
#42. Parenting has no guide book; we come to it with what came at us. It's only the conscious mind that can shift the paradigm. - Author: Katey Sagal
Margins Book quotes by Katey Sagal
#43. Books succeed; and lives fail. - Author: Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Margins Book quotes by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
#44. I'm not about love, but in this moment, I wish that I were. - Author: Brenna Yovanoff
Margins Book quotes by Brenna Yovanoff
#45. Told with rare honesty, My Accidental Jihad is the story of Krista Bremer's lifelong quest for insight and understanding, a search that leads her out of the Pacific surf to journalism school in North Carolina and through the complex challenges and unexpected joys of a cross-cultural marriage and family. This book is a powerfully personal account of the courage and hard work necessary to open one's heart and keep it that way. - Author: Maggie Shipstead
Margins Book quotes by Maggie Shipstead
#46. Why does the writing make us chase the writer? Why can't we leave well enough alone? Why aren't the books enough? - Author: Julian Barnes
Margins Book quotes by Julian Barnes
#47. So much of what we read nowadays is there one moment and gone the next. When you read something good, cherish it. - Author: Carla H. Krueger
Margins Book quotes by Carla H. Krueger
#48. The book, 'Citizen,' begins with daily encounters, little moments, places where language reveals how racism determines how we interact. - Author: Claudia Rankine
Margins Book quotes by Claudia Rankine
#49. I think writing comics is predicated on being a fan - there's no either/or. I'd argue I'm an even bigger fan now than when I started because I know how the hot dogs get made. And I kinda always saw the moving parts. I think I appreciate the good ones more now that I realize how lousy the production process can be, how hard it can be, and how easily something good can get crushed in its cogs. - Author: Matt Fraction
Margins Book quotes by Matt Fraction

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