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#1. Don't let your past dictate who you are, but let it be part of who you will become. - Author: Louis Mandylor
Mandylor Louis quotes by Louis Mandylor
#2. There is a romance about all those who are abroad in the black hours. - Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Mandylor Louis quotes by Robert Louis Stevenson
#3. I read slave narratives, books like Bullwhip Days, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl. [The Root's chairman] Henry Louis Gates has an amazing documentary called Many Rivers to Cross - really, his whole writings; he's such a wealth of knowledge. - Author: Jurnee Smollett
Mandylor Louis quotes by Jurnee Smollett
#4. The cry 'Liberty, equality, fraternity or death!' was much in vogue during the Revolution. Liberty ended by covering France with prisons, equality by multiplying titles and decorations, and fraternity by dividing us. Death alone prevailed. - Author: Louis De Bonald
Mandylor Louis quotes by Louis De Bonald
#5. I shall always rebel against any attempt to reduce a human being to a kind of mannequin, whose deeds and questions would be comprehensible like the deeds and gestures of monarchs recorded day after day in official communiques. Six months of a life cannot catalogue the vitality, the activity of an individual; only death stops development and then, what is important is the overall meaning of a life, not the details of that life, edifying to some, scandalous to others. - Author: Louis Aragon
Mandylor Louis quotes by Louis Aragon
#6. Without garlic I simply would not care to live. - Author: Louis Diat
Mandylor Louis quotes by Louis Diat
#7. I don't care about his quest for redemption. I don't want him anywhere
near Quinn," Alaric snarled. "I will leave for St. Louis as soon as we
adjourn this meeting." - Author: Alyssa Day
Mandylor Louis quotes by Alyssa Day
#8. Her eyes took hold upon mine and clung there, and bound us together like the joining of hands; and the moments we thus stood face to face, drinking each other in, were sacramental and the wedding of souls. - Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Mandylor Louis quotes by Robert Louis Stevenson
#9. Symmetry is only a property of dead things. Did you ever see a tree or a mountain that was symmetrical? It's fine for buildings, but if you ever see a symmetrical human face, you will have the impression that you ought to think it beautiful, but that in fact you find it cold. The human heart likes a little disorder in its geometry, Kyria Pelagia. Look at your face in a mirror, Signorina, and you will see that one eyebrow is a little higher than the other, that the set of the lid of your left eye is such that the eye is a fraction more open that the other. It is these things that make you both attractive and beautiful, whereas ... otherwise you would be a statue. Symmetry is for God, not for us. - Author: Louis De Bernieres
Mandylor Louis quotes by Louis De Bernieres
#10. But I'm afraid you've blotted your copybook fatally with Clara. - Author: Louis Auchincloss
Mandylor Louis quotes by Louis Auchincloss
#11. Narnia, held captive by the "post-Christian" Telmarines, cannot be rescued and renewed until Peter and Edmund exercise their masculine gifts to defeat the Telmarine army while Susan and Lucy exercise their feminine gifts to wake up the trees from their deep slumber. - Author: Louis A. Markos
Mandylor Louis quotes by Louis A. Markos
#12. Captain," said the squire, "the house is quite invisible from the ship. It must be the flag they are aiming at. Would it not be wiser to take it in?"
"Strike my colours!" cried the captain, "No sir, not I"... - Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Mandylor Louis quotes by Robert Louis Stevenson
#13. Has there ever been an age so rife with neurotic sensibility, with that state of near shudders, or near hysteria, or near nausea, much of it induced by trifles, which used to belong to people who were at once ill-adjusted and over-civilized? - Author: Louis Kronenberger
Mandylor Louis quotes by Louis Kronenberger
#14. I never heard a wood thrush until I was a grown man, though I must have been surrounded by them every spring.
Each year I discover new sights and sounds to teach me how blind and deaf I must still be. - Author: Louis J. Halle
Mandylor Louis quotes by Louis J. Halle
#15. The only people who make love all the time are liars. - Author: Louis Jordan
Mandylor Louis quotes by Louis Jordan
#16. My father was the funniest man I ever met. He made Redd Foxx look like an undertaker. - Author: Henry Louis Gates
Mandylor Louis quotes by Henry Louis Gates
#17. In this business of getting killed, it's no use being picky and choosy…You've got to act as if life were going on, and that lie is the hardest part of it. - Author: Louis Ferdinand Celine
Mandylor Louis quotes by Louis Ferdinand Celine
#18. Ni dieu ni maître!

(Neither God nor master)

[Feminist and labour slogan translated to 'No gods, no masters'] - Author: Louis-Auguste Blanqui
Mandylor Louis quotes by Louis-Auguste Blanqui
#19. The most brilliant qualities become useless when they are not sustained by force of character. - Author: Louis-Philippe I Of France
Mandylor Louis quotes by Louis-Philippe I Of France
#20. Virulence appears in a new light which cannot but be alarming to humanity; unless nature, in her evolution down the ages (an evolution which, as we now know, has been going on for millions, nay, hundreds of millions of years), has finally exhausted all the possibilities of producing virulent or contagious diseases - which does not seem very likely. - Author: Louis Pasteur
Mandylor Louis quotes by Louis Pasteur
#21. The 2-D movie works as well as the 3-D movie. I want to make sure that people like the 2-D version. It's not a gimmick. It actually improves the viewing experience, but the movie stands on its own. - Author: Louis Leterrier
Mandylor Louis quotes by Louis Leterrier
#22. No danger flowing from speech can be deemed clear and present unless the incidence of the evil apprehended is so imminent that it may befall before there is an opportunity for full discussion. Only an emergency can justify repression. - Author: Louis D. Brandeis
Mandylor Louis quotes by Louis D. Brandeis
#23. When I'm offered a role, I look at what I think I can do with it. I look to see if I can project myself into it. - Author: Louis Gossett Jr.
Mandylor Louis quotes by Louis Gossett Jr.
#24. Don't punish small businesses with over-regulation. - Author: Louis Navellier
Mandylor Louis quotes by Louis Navellier
#25. I like girls who eat carrots! - Author: Louis Tomlinson
Mandylor Louis quotes by Louis Tomlinson
#26. The Lebanese government has officially recognized the Armenian genocide, but nowhere is there any official memorial to the victims of the World War I famine. - Author: Louis Farshee
Mandylor Louis quotes by Louis Farshee
#27. A lot of people don't believe in curses.
A lot of people don't believe in yellow-spotted lizards either, but if one bites you, it doesn't make a difference whether you believe in it or not. - Author: Louis Sachar
Mandylor Louis quotes by Louis Sachar
#28. Anybody who is an ambitious politician would never ever aspire to a Vice Presidency. And yet, people find themselves in that position, and so, therein lies the rub. - Author: Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Mandylor Louis quotes by Julia Louis-Dreyfus
#29. The departure of our boys to foreign parts with the ever-present possibility that they might never return, taught the real value of photography to every father and mother. To many a mother the photograph of her boy in his country's uniform was the one never-failing consolation. - Author: Louis Fabian Bachrach, Jr.
Mandylor Louis quotes by Louis Fabian Bachrach, Jr.
#30. Bill Gates has 90 billion dollars ... If I had 90 billion dollars, I wouldn't have it for long because I would just dream of all the crazy stuff I could do with it. This guy, 90 billion dollars. He could buy every baseball team and make them all wear dresses and still have 88 billion dollars. - Author: Louis C.K.
Mandylor Louis quotes by Louis C.K.
#31. Every building must have ... its own soul. - Author: Louis Kahn
Mandylor Louis quotes by Louis Kahn
#32. The happiest lot on earth is to be born a Scotchman. You must pay for it in many ways, as for all other advantages on earth. You have to learn the paraphrases and the shorter catechism; you generally take to drink; your youth is a time of louder war against society, of more outcry and tears and turmoil, than if you had been born, for instance, in England. But somehow life is warmer and closer; the hearth burns more redly; the lights of home shine softer on the rainy street; the very names, endeared in verse and music, cling nearer round our hearts. - Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Mandylor Louis quotes by Robert Louis Stevenson
#33. Every time I bestow a vacant office I make a hundred discontented persons and one ingrate. - Author: Louis XIV
Mandylor Louis quotes by Louis XIV
#34. There's a huge amount of work that goes into placating a network in regular television. It's literally 70% or 80% of your workload, is showing them the material, getting their notes and presenting it to them and making sure they weigh in. It's a huge amount of work. - Author: Louis C.K.
Mandylor Louis quotes by Louis C.K.
#35. Not everyone is as nice as us. - Author: Louis Sachar
Mandylor Louis quotes by Louis Sachar
#36. ...if we are to become a land of homes and people, evil men must not be allowed to persist in their evil. - Author: Louis L'Amour
Mandylor Louis quotes by Louis L'Amour
#37. Men strive for peace, but it is their enemies that give them strength, and I think if man no longer had enemies, he would have to invent them, for his strength only grows from struggle. - Author: Louis L'Amour
Mandylor Louis quotes by Louis L'Amour
#38. When I wrote 'Sideways Stories from Wayside School' I never expected it to be published. It was kind of a hobby. Now, it's a job, but it's a job I like very much. - Author: Louis Sachar
Mandylor Louis quotes by Louis Sachar

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