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I snatched up the cardboard cup, plastered my lips to the plastic sippy-lid and sucked down a scalding hot mouthful. It burned, but I didn't give a damn. I held the cup to my chest as if it were my most special friend while feeling the instant affect the coffee had on my mood and I smiled. Hello lover. ~ Ethan Day
Manakala Coffee quotes by Ethan Day
It's funny, you learn a lot about people when you're on the road like that. Every morning, for example, Bill would have a cup of coffee, a glass of orange juice, a glass of milk, and a beer. Always in the same order. I asked him why he did it once.
'Well,' he said, 'the coffee's to wake me up, the orange juice is to give me some vitamins to stop me getting sick, the milk's to coat my stomach for the rest of the day, and the beer's to put me back to sleep again.' ~ Ozzy Osbourne
Manakala Coffee quotes by Ozzy Osbourne
Right. Put Some coffee on while I think about this. I'm in dire need"
Merrick gave him a look. "You can't work the stove, can you?"
"I'm the eighth Earl Crane and the twelfth Viscount Fortunegate. I don't have to work the stove."
"Two extra names and you can't lift your arms any more. Bloody lucky they didn't make you a duke too or you'd forget how to brush your own teeth. ~ K.J. Charles
Manakala Coffee quotes by K.J. Charles
Drinking coffee in the morning and throughout the day has been a routine of millions of people worldwide and there have been numerous reports of its benefits. What should be remembered though is that too much coffee can also be dangerous to the mind and body. ~ Chanel Diamond
Manakala Coffee quotes by Chanel Diamond
The coffee was so strong it snarled as it lurched out of the pot. ~ Betty MacDonald
Manakala Coffee quotes by Betty MacDonald
You don't meet nice girls in coffee shops. ~ Tom Waits
Manakala Coffee quotes by Tom Waits
New Rule: You're never going to pick up women at a coffee shop pretending to be working on your laptop. You don't look like you're sensitive, you look like you're homeless.The last guy to pick up a chick with an Apple was Adam. And when you sit across from another dateless loser with a laptop, it still doesn't look like you're working
it looks like you're playing Battleship. ~ Bill Maher
Manakala Coffee quotes by Bill Maher
Presently the small of coffee began to fill the room. This was morning's hallowed moment. In such a fragrance the perversity of the world is forgotten, and the soul is inspired with faith in the future ... ~ Halldor Laxness
Manakala Coffee quotes by Halldor Laxness
I do two cups of coffee with a little bit of raw sugar and soy creamer, and then I do a bowl of plain oatmeal with walnuts and blueberries. Now, if I could do what I really wanted to do with my life, every morning I would have a salami-and-cheese omelet with hash browns and a buttermilk biscuit - and pancakes. But my heart would explode. ~ Ike Barinholtz
Manakala Coffee quotes by Ike Barinholtz
The first morning I really sat and watched him it was a Tuesday. I know that because Tuesday is trash day for our neighborhood. Unlike me, he leaves gathering up his trash for the morning of pickup instead of doing it the night before. My alarm went off at 6 AM and I went in to start the coffee maker, and as I went about selecting a bit of fruit from the bowl on my kitchen table I looked out the window. It was just a casual glance, and the human eye is attracted to movement. ~ Benjamin R. Smith
Manakala Coffee quotes by Benjamin R. Smith
Coffee on an airplane always smells bad. Whenever it is served, suddenly the whole cabin stinks of it. ~ Jonathan Carroll
Manakala Coffee quotes by Jonathan Carroll
Don't buy preground coffee. ~ Howard Schultz
Manakala Coffee quotes by Howard Schultz
Even if you tell yourself "Today I'm going to drink coffee the wrong way ... from a dirty boot." Even that would be right, because you chose to drink coffee from that boot.
Because you can do nothing wrong. You are always right. Even when you say, "I'm such an idiot, I'm so wrong ... " you're right. You're right about being wrong. You're right even when you're an idiot.
No matter how stupid your idea, you're doomed to be right because it's yours. ~ Chuck Palahniuk
Manakala Coffee quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
It wasn't just coffee ... it was an experience. Smooth, roasted, buttery notes gave away to a velvet finish. ~ Lisa Kleypas
Manakala Coffee quotes by Lisa Kleypas
Cheri grinned cockily at Pam and turned to Chelsea. "I figure my coffee won't have time to get cold before this is over. ~ C.B. Cook
Manakala Coffee quotes by C.B. Cook
For wasn't it just a matter of time before we crossed each other's path?
Despite all the hoopla, wasn't Manhattan just ten miles long and a mile or two wide? So in the days that followed, I kept an eye out, I looked for his figure on the street corners and in the coffee shops. I imagined coming home and having him emerge once more from the doorway across the street. But as the weeks turned into months, and the months into years, this sense of anticipation waned, and slowly but surely, I stopped expecting to see him in a crowd. ~ Amor Towles
Manakala Coffee quotes by Amor Towles
One interesting thing is the idea that people have of a kind of science of Aesthetics. I would almost like to talk of what could be meant by Aesthetics.
You might think Aesthetics is a science telling us what's beautiful - almost too ridiculous for words. I suppose it ought to include also what sort of coffee tastes well.
I see roughly this - there is a realm of utterance of delight, when you taste pleasant food or smell a pleasant smell, etc., then there is a realm of Art which is quite different, though often you may make the same face when you hear a piece of music as when you taste good food. (Though you may cry at something you like very much.)
Supposing you meet someone in the street and he tells you he has lost his greatest friend, in a voice extremely expressive of his emotion. You might say: 'It was extraordinarily beautiful, the way he expressed himself.' Supposing you then asked: 'What similarity has my admiring this person with my eating vanilla ice and like it?' To compare them seems almost disgusting. (But you can connect them by intermediate cases.) Suppose someone says 'But this is a quite different kind of delight.' But did you learn two meanings of 'delight'? You use the same word on both occasions. There is some connection between these delights. Although in the first case the emotion of delight would in our judgement hardly count. ~ Ludwig Wittgenstein
Manakala Coffee quotes by Ludwig Wittgenstein
Real-life things, like spiders and snakes, that doesn't scare me, but if it's a monster or a ghost or an alien, that will always scare me. ~ Claire Coffee
Manakala Coffee quotes by Claire Coffee
A lot of weird ads. Sally Struthers with that little kid: 'Just 55 cents, the price of a cup of coffee, feeds this kid and his family for a week.' Yeah, where is that? 'Cause I wanna move there. ~ Robert Schimmel
Manakala Coffee quotes by Robert Schimmel
If you can't dance on it, it isn't coffee. ~ Nora Roberts
Manakala Coffee quotes by Nora Roberts
They tied his arms behind his back to teach him how to swim, they put blood in his coffee and milk in his gin. ~ Lou Reed
Manakala Coffee quotes by Lou Reed
Coffee is a warm drink that fosters friendship and tastes great. What more is there to life? ~ Kevin Sinnott
Manakala Coffee quotes by Kevin Sinnott
It tastes of the most bitter poison . . I've never tasted something so disgusting." - Mark Blackthorn ~ Cassandra Clare
Manakala Coffee quotes by Cassandra Clare
Coffee is the highlight of my day. After coffee everything is downhill. ~ Bill Simmons
Manakala Coffee quotes by Bill Simmons
Coffee just makes me happy. ~ Stacey King
Manakala Coffee quotes by Stacey King
Do you find it erotic how my pants bulge in the crotch, where I keep my coffee cup? ~ Jarod Kintz
Manakala Coffee quotes by Jarod Kintz
Coffee is far more than a beverage. It is an invitation to life, disguised as a cup of warm liquid. It's a trumpet wakeup call or a gentle rousing hand on your shoulder ... Coffee is an experience, an offer, a rite of passage, a good excuse to get together. ~ Nichole Johnson
Manakala Coffee quotes by Nichole  Johnson
People get into relationships. They get married and have kids, and all of a sudden, you can't just pick up and go get coffee, or go away for the weekend together, or go to a costume party together. It becomes a thing you have to plan. ~ Cristin Milioti
Manakala Coffee quotes by Cristin Milioti
When we rise in the morning ... at the table we drink coffee which is provided to us by a South American, or tea by a Chinese, or cocoa by a West African; before we leave for our jobs we are already beholden to more than half the world. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
Manakala Coffee quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Let us toast to animal pleasures, to escapism, to rain on the roof and instant coffee, to unemployment insurance and library cards, to absinthe and good-hearted landlords, to music and warm bodies and contraceptives ... and to the "good life", whatever it is and wherever it happens to be. ~ Hunter S. Thompson
Manakala Coffee quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
So what does the color blue say about you?" He studies all the parts of my face - mouth, nose, ears, chin - as if he's memorizing it for an exam. Then his eyes return to mine. "It says I never had a favorite color until I met this girl in a coffee shop with eyes so blue, they're almost purple, like the absolute final moments before sunrise. This girl stayed on my mind. When I saw things like a cluster of irises or a peacock at the zoo, I would think of her and say to myself, that is my favorite color. ~ Jessica Hawkins
Manakala Coffee quotes by Jessica Hawkins
But is not an event in fact more significant and noteworthy the greater the number of fortuities necessary to bring it about? Chance and chance alone has a message for us. Everything that occurs out of necessity, everything expected, repeated day in and day out, is mute. Only chance can speak to us. We read its message much as gypsies read the images made by coffee grounds at the bottom of a cup. ~ Milan Kundera
Manakala Coffee quotes by Milan Kundera
I didn't have the heart to tell Brian that if I were waiting on him I would not only spit in his coffee but lick his silverware for good measure. "Of course they wouldn't do that," I lied. "I was just messing with you. ~ Amanda M. Lee
Manakala Coffee quotes by Amanda M. Lee
How strange is it
that our beloved
finds its way to us
in everything?
The orange moon,
a freckle,
the smell of coffee -
are all bridges
to the one we desire.
How does our beloved find us
in this way?
are we the ones instead
who find our beloved in everything?
Our intense want of them
necessitates the nearness of them.
And so we seek beauty
only to be flooded with the beauty
of our beloved.
And we write ellipses on the page
only to be thrice reminded
of the freckle
below their lips... ~ Kamand Kojouri
Manakala Coffee quotes by Kamand Kojouri
I must say, some are not very beautifully made. They're coffee-table books for people who drink alcohol. I have nothing against coffee-table books as long as they are well done. They must not look like gravestones on a table. Sometimes they are too big, they come in boxes and things like this. No, a book has to be easy to open and you don't have to be a bodybuilder to lift it. I like books I can read in bed. Those big tombstones would kill me. ~ Karl Lagerfeld
Manakala Coffee quotes by Karl Lagerfeld
Tate was sprawled across the bed in his robe early the next morning when the sound of the front door opening penetrated his mind. There was an unholy commotion out there and his head was still throbbing, despite a bath, several cups of coffee and a handful of aspirin that had been forced on him the day before by two men he'd thought were his friends. He didn't want to sober up. He only wanted to forget that Cecily didn't want him anymore.
He dragged himself off the bed and went into the living room, just in time to hear the door close.
Cecily and her suitcase were standing with mutual rigidity just inside the front door. She was wearing a dress and boots and a coat and hat, red-faced and muttering words Tate had never heard her use before.
He scowled. "How did you get here?" he asked.
"Your boss brought me!" she raged. "He and that turncoat Colby Lane and two bodyguards, one of whom was the female counterpart of Ivan the Terrible! They forcibly dressed me and packed me and flew me up here on Mr. Hutton's Learjet! When I refused to get out of the car, the male bodyguard swept me up and carried me here! I am going to kill people as soon as I get my breath and my wits back, and I am starting with you!"
He leaned against the wall, still bleary-eyed and only half awake. She was beautiful with her body gently swollen and her lips pouting and her green eye sin their big-lensed frames glittering at him.
She registered after a minute that he wasn't himsel ~ Diana Palmer
Manakala Coffee quotes by Diana Palmer
The bottom of a cup of coffee is not as good as the bottom of her body - which is actually in the middle of her body. ~ Jarod Kintz
Manakala Coffee quotes by Jarod Kintz
Then he drank the coffee.

"Ahhh! Ohh! Oh, oh, oh, what? What? What is that?!"

"What?" I asked, alarmed. I swiveled my head back and forth, looking for some danger.

"A new sense. It... I cannot explain it. It is... it comes rom this mouth." He pointed at his mouth. "It happened when I drank thsi liquid. It was pleasant. Very pleasant."

-Animorphs #5, The Predator page 19 ~ K.A. Applegate
Manakala Coffee quotes by K.A. Applegate
Getting up too early is a vice habitual in horned owls, stars, geese, and freight trains. Some hunters acquire it from geese, and some coffee pots from hunters. ~ Aldo Leopold
Manakala Coffee quotes by Aldo Leopold
Once again, that startled, wary look. "I'm treating you to coffee," he said. That ~ Neal Stephenson
Manakala Coffee quotes by Neal Stephenson
I never got into coffee. ~ Marisa Tomei
Manakala Coffee quotes by Marisa Tomei
When a man of forty falls in love with a girl of twenty, it isn't her youth he is seeking but his own. ~ Lenore Coffee
Manakala Coffee quotes by Lenore Coffee
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