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I will go further and say all cats are wicked, though often useful ~ Charles Portis
Mainzer Cats quotes by Charles Portis
And he was introduced to Loki, the family's hairless cat.

"The kids wanted another pet," Becky explained as Felix stared in horror at the creature beside him. "But with Polly's allergies . . ."

"You are lying to me. You borrowed this creature from a zoo to play a prank on me. This isn't even really a cat, is it? This is some sort of rat and opossum hybrid. This is a lifelike Japanese robot that can dance to disco music."

"Funny. They're called sphinx cats. Come on, feel her skin. Like peach fuzz, right? Isn't she sweet? Give her a good rub. She's very affectionate."

"Ah-ha, yes, isn't that just . . . er, what is coating my hands?"

"It's . . . it's like a body wax. I should've bathed her before you came. The hairless cats, they ooze this waxy stuff to protect their skin. 'Cause they don't have hair. To protect them. So the waxy ooze helps. You see."

Felix stared at her for several seconds, his hands held up like a doctor about to perform surgery.

"I'm going to wash my hands now. And I'm going to try very hard not to run out of this house screaming. ~ Shannon Hale
Mainzer Cats quotes by Shannon Hale
My family suffered. My hair turned up in every corner, every drawer, every meal. Even in the rice puddings Tessie made, covering each little bowl with wax paper before putting it away in the fridge
even into these prophylactically secure desserts my hair found its way! Jet black hairs wound themselves around bars of soap. They lay pressed like flower stems between the pages of books. They turned up in eyeglass cases, birthday cards, once
I swear
inside an egg Tessie had just cracked. The next-door neighbor's cat coughed up a hairball one day and the hair was not the cat's. ~ Jeffrey Eugenides
Mainzer Cats quotes by Jeffrey Eugenides
Most users of social media have experienced catfishing (which cats hate), senseless rejection, being belittled or ignored, outright sadism, or all of the above, and worse. ~ Jaron Lanier
Mainzer Cats quotes by Jaron Lanier
The Grand Ole Opry used to come on, and I used to watch that. They used to have some pretty heavy cats, heavy guitar players ~ Jimi Hendrix
Mainzer Cats quotes by Jimi Hendrix
There is a certain irony here, because many of the first werewolves to be outed in society from the 16th through the 18th centuries were actually women. Just as our American ancestors had their Salem Witch Trials, Europe had its Werewolf Trials, and a large number of the so-called "werewolves" tortured and burned at the stake were female. […] In the 17th-century werewolf trials of Estonia, women were about 150 percent more likely to be accused of lycanthropy; however, they were about 100 percent less likely to be remembered for it."

"Here's also a pronounced lack of female werewolves in popular culture. Their near absence in literature and film is explained away by various fancies: they're sterile, an aberration, or - most galling of all - they don't even exist.Their omission from popular culture does one thing very effectively: It prevents us, and men especially, from being confronted by hairy, ugly, uncontrollable women. Shapeshifting women in fantasy stories tend to transform into animals that we consider feminine, such as cats or birds, which are pretty and dainty, and occasionally slick and wicked serpents. But because the werewolf represents traits that are accepted as masculine - strength, large size, violence, and hirsutism - we tend to think of the werewolf as being naturally male. The female werewolf is disturbing because she entirely breaks the rules of femininity. ~ Julia Oldham
Mainzer Cats quotes by Julia Oldham
She smiled again. "Do you like cat?" she said.
"Yes," said Richard. "I quite like cats."
Anaesthesia looked relieved. "Thigh?" she asked, "or breast? ~ Neil Gaiman
Mainzer Cats quotes by Neil Gaiman
Cats of good breed hunt better fat than lean. ~ Benvenuto Cellini
Mainzer Cats quotes by Benvenuto Cellini
A little drowsing cat is an image of perfect beatitude. ~ Champfleury
Mainzer Cats quotes by Champfleury
You have a cat and go on vacation, you know who to call. Though, I warn you, I do both dry and wet food. I'm not into doin' just wet or just dry. They need a treat, but they need to keep their teeth clean. It's important."
Rock Chick ~ Kristen Ashley
Mainzer Cats quotes by Kristen Ashley
Cats love to sleep softly. ~ Theocritus
Mainzer Cats quotes by Theocritus
Cats are the tigers of us poor devils. ~ Theophile Gautier
Mainzer Cats quotes by Theophile Gautier
Might I not be able to love God in the ways that Katie was loving me? A desire to be close, to be in touch, to receive strokes and caresses from the Eternal, to feel warm and safe and comfortable with God? Was this not exactly what I longed for -- the experience of stretching out, so to speak, on the breast of God, purring in contentment, safely supported by the everlasting arms? ~ Don Holt Jr.
Mainzer Cats quotes by Don Holt Jr.
It was a fitting animal for a priest. Cats guard the secrets of the otherworld and are liaisons with mystic realms. Protectors of esoteric knowledge, cats can open the gates through which a priest can see the future and gain insight. ~ M.J. Rose
Mainzer Cats quotes by M.J. Rose
I read that when cats are cuddling and kneading you, and you think it's cute, they're really just checking your vitals for weak spots. ~ Kandyse McClure
Mainzer Cats quotes by Kandyse McClure
Proportion ... You can't help thinking about it in these London streets, where it doesn't exist ... It's like listening to a symphony of cats to walk along them. Senseless discords and a horrible disorder all the way ... We need no barbarians from outside; they're on the premises, all the time. ~ Aldous Huxley
Mainzer Cats quotes by Aldous Huxley
The Big L was cold crazy, A top-notch crook snatchin' pocket books from old ladies I told him, "Give up the dough, before you get smoked! Oh you broke? ( *shots* ) Now you're dead broke" My name is L and I'm from a part of town where clowns, Get beat down and all you hear is gunshot sounds 'Cause at nighttime niggas try to tax, they're sneakier than alley cats, that's why I carry gats ~ Big L
Mainzer Cats quotes by Big L
bees and elephants and dogs piled up in squirmin' mounds like Loma's dang cats tryin' to keep warm in the wintertime. Does all this make any sense, Will Tweedy?" "Yessir, Grandpa." I wanted to go lay down. But I also wanted some more answers. "Grandpa, uh, why you think Jesus said ast the Lord for anything you want and you'll get it? 'Ast and it shall be given,' the Bible says. But it ain't so." I felt blasphemous even to think it, much less say it out loud. Grandpa was silent a long time. "Maybe Jesus was talkin' in His sleep, son, or folks heard Him wrong. Or maybe them disciples tryin' to start a church thought everbody would join up if'n they said Jesus Christ would give the Garden a-Eden to anybody believed He was the son a-God and like thet." Grandpa laughed. Gosh, I'd get a whipping if Papa knew what was going on with the Word in his kitchen. "All I know," he added, "is thet folks pray for food and still go hungry, and ~ Olive Ann Burns
Mainzer Cats quotes by Olive Ann Burns
Of course, maybe I'd end up like one of those crazy old people with, like, sixty cats. And one day, the neighbors would complain about the smell, and it would turn out I'd died and the cats had eaten me.
Still, it might be nice to have a cat. ~ Alex Flinn
Mainzer Cats quotes by Alex Flinn
I found him in a Dumpster one day when he was a kitten and he promptly adopted me. Despite my struggles, Mister had been an understanding soul, and I eventually came to realize that I was a part of his little family, and by his gracious consent was allowed to remain in his apartment. Cats. Go figure. ~ Jim Butcher
Mainzer Cats quotes by Jim Butcher
Cats are the flowers in all animals kept at home. ~ Jade King
Mainzer Cats quotes by Jade King
After a pointless delay for the humans to collect all their toys and keepsakes, he was able to take his rightful place in Littlemouse's arms and heard them all in the proper direction. ~ Jim Butcher
Mainzer Cats quotes by Jim Butcher
Why should cats care about the rules of men? In their minds, everyone else here is a tourist. ~ Maria Lehtman
Mainzer Cats quotes by Maria Lehtman
Like all cats, they could see what was invisible and could not be deceived by a simple spell. 'This parade ~ Andrzej Sapkowski
Mainzer Cats quotes by Andrzej Sapkowski
Photography is not cute cats, nor nudes, motherhood or arrangements of manufactured products. Under no circumstances it is anything ever anywhere near a beach. ~ Walker Evans
Mainzer Cats quotes by Walker Evans
So do all animals react that way to you? I know you said rats steer clear."
"Most do. They see a human, but they smell someting else. It confuses them. Canines are the worst, though." He paused. "No, cats are the worst. I really don't like cats."
I laughed. ~ Kelley Armstrong
Mainzer Cats quotes by Kelley Armstrong
I'm a cat whisperer. When I go to people's houses, their cats always like me better than the owners. ~ Cory Monteith
Mainzer Cats quotes by Cory Monteith
I love my cats more than I love most people. Probably more than is healthy. ~ Amy Lee
Mainzer Cats quotes by Amy Lee
I scooped the cat up and snuggled him against my chest for comfort. He was warm and soft, a smooth fluffy ball of fur in my arms. I'd cuddled up with the little guy countless times over the years without thinking much about it, but now, for the first time ever, it occurred to me that maybe this little act of comfort was what life was all about. ~ Genki Kawamura
Mainzer Cats quotes by Genki Kawamura
I know I did the right thing, but no one would ever understand. ~ Erin Hunter
Mainzer Cats quotes by Erin Hunter
Cats gravitate to kitchens like rocks gravitate to gravity. ~ Terry Pratchett
Mainzer Cats quotes by Terry Pratchett
You can make a lot of money with a good cat." -Ty Warner ~ Zac Bissonnette
Mainzer Cats quotes by Zac Bissonnette
It all began with a bucket of eggs. ~ H.L. Stephens
Mainzer Cats quotes by H.L. Stephens
Seize the night.
And I blink and feel a surge of certainty and excitement, because of course that's what one does when one wants something. One seizes it. Well, maybe not all things. Cats, for example, do not respond well to seizure. Probably girls don't, either. So this might not be a good credo in life, but for Saturday nights in general and this one in particular, it works. ~ Laini Taylor
Mainzer Cats quotes by Laini Taylor
The only identification that would be inscribed on any cat's collar would be "This is the cat's cat." ~ Elmer Davis
Mainzer Cats quotes by Elmer Davis
For he will do
As he do do
And there's no doing anything about it! ~ T. S. Eliot
Mainzer Cats quotes by T. S. Eliot
Nurse Angela, with her love of cats and orphans, once remarked of Homer Wells that the boy must adore the name she gave him because he fought so hard not to lose it. ~ John Irving
Mainzer Cats quotes by John Irving
I saw 'Cats' on a school trip. I thought it was neat and a little weird. The set was cool. ~ Rob McClure
Mainzer Cats quotes by Rob McClure
There are many, many serial sexual murders that have a history of killing cats, torturing cats, tormenting cats, ~ Jack Rosewood
Mainzer Cats quotes by Jack Rosewood
Cats learned how to fly that evening,... ~ Obert Skye
Mainzer Cats quotes by Obert Skye
I'd bet a month of dawn patrols those apprentices had something to do with it," Birchfall meowed. "Why else would they disappear back to ShadowClan without their mother?"
Dustpelt let out a snort of amusement. "I can just picture those three holding Blackstar down until he agreed. ~ Erin Hunter
Mainzer Cats quotes by Erin Hunter
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