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#1. You realize true magic of cinema when you put the right people together, at the right time, with the right kind of project, where they're not worried about their salary, they're not worried about their caravan. - Author: Jean-Marc Barr
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Jean-Marc Barr
#2. As time passes, the cast and crew go the way of all flesh, though their celluloid echoes remain--walking, talking, fighting, fucking. After enough time, every person you see onscreen will have died, transformed through the magic of cinema into a collection of visible memories: light on a screen, pixels on a videotape, information on a DVD. We bring them back every time we start a movie, and they live again, reflected in our eyes. It's a cruel sort of immortality, I guess, though it probably beats the alternative. - Author: Gemma Files
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Gemma Files
#3. If there's no magic of cinema, you only have the plain imagery of television. We are moving more and more towards a world devoid of meaningful experiences. We're going to the surface. - Author: Laszlo Nemes
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Laszlo Nemes
#4. We're losing film, especially in projection, we're losing a great achievement of civilization. A still image and darkness make up 50% of the experience. The still images become movement in your head. That's the magic of cinema. - Author: Laszlo Nemes
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Laszlo Nemes
#5. The magic in new beginnings is truly the most powerful of them all. - Author: Josiyah Martin
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Josiyah Martin
#6. Now Vegas, while you were asleep your classmates and I were discussing time manipulation. What are your thoughts on the subject?"
"Well," Vegas turned to the class, his captive audience and smiled, "if you can manipulate time so this bell would hurry up and ring, I'd think it's fabuloso." The class snickered again, but not everyone since someone else had made a similar joke just several minutes prior. Naturally, Vegas hadn't been able to hear it over the sound of his own snoring. - Author: Charlie Fey
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Charlie Fey
#7. Rincewind agreed moodily. He tried to explain that magic had indeed once been wild and lawless, but had been tamed back in the mists of time by the Olden Ones, who had bound it to obey among other things the Law of Conservation of Reality; this demanded that the effort needed to achieve a goal should be the same regardless of the means used. In practical terms this meant that, say, creating the illusion of a glass of wine was relatively easy, since it involved merely the subtle shifting of light patterns. On the other hand, lifting a genuine wineglass a few feet in the air by sheer mental energy required several hours of systematic preparation if the wizard wished to prevent the simple principle of leverage flicking his brain out through his ears. - Author: Terry Pratchett
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Terry Pratchett
#8. Where did this come from? Do you know what this is? Luca is going to sneak out of bed in the middle of the night and squirt it on his tongue. It's like drugs for ten-year-olds. Today it's Ice Magic. Tomorrow, heroin. - Author: Melina Marchetta
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Melina Marchetta
#9. I wanted to direct when I was very young. I had no idea of cinema, of who's doing what. That was my first instinct: "Okay, I want to be the boss." - Author: Thomas Bidegain
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Thomas Bidegain
#10. Walking under Dusk, Moonlit leaf shadows were cast on my skin from the trees above, every step I took was taking a step deeper into magic. Silent whispers of mystical mouthes pulling me in deeper. Then the lights from inside the house turned on. A few seconds later, the fence lights went on. Just like that, the leafy ghosts on my skin ran away and the faery voices ran home. It seems like the creations of man kill magic in so many ways - even the light bulb does this! Oh to be a race of people designing magical things, if someone could capture pieces of Moonlight and place it in a jar; or other things like that, then we could stop killing the magic and be filled with it instead. Or maybe we are already always filled with it. It's the bringing out that we have trouble with. Stop being a doorknob, darling! Be magical, instead! - Author: C. JoyBell C.
Magic Of Cinema quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#11. What's simple to do is also simple not to do." The magic is not in the complexity of the task; the magic is in the doing of simple things repeatedly and long enough to ignite the miracle of the Compound Effect. So, beware of neglecting the simple things that make the big things in your life possible. The biggest difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that successful people are willing to do what unsuccessful people are not. Remember that; it will come in handy many times throughout life when faced with a difficult, tedious, or tough choice. - Author: Darren Hardy
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Darren Hardy
#12. I didn't want any middle-of-the-road creep. I always wanted the toughest guy in school, the guy from south Philly who wore tight black pants. Y'know, the guy who carried the umbrella and wore white shirts with real thin black ties. I was really nuts over this guy named Butchie Magic 'cause he let me carry his switchblade. - Author: Patti Smith
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Patti Smith
#13. If Goddess religion is not to become mindless idiocy, we must win clear of tendency of magic to become supertition. Magic - and among its branches I include psychology as its purpose to describe and change consciousness - is an art. - Author: Starhawk
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Starhawk
#14. I have a thing - I call it magic - but I feel like I can write stuff down in the middle of the night and wake up and it happens. I write what I want in my journal. - Author: Ester Dean
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Ester Dean
#15. Across the river, a row of crystal castles glittered in the sunlight in a way that would make Walt Disney want to throw rocks at his Magic Kingdom. - Author: Shannon Messenger
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Shannon Messenger
#16. I don't think there's any border between science and art. All the fiction films I have made were always on the same subject, - a discovery of the "Other," an exploration of difference. - Author: Jean Rouch
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Jean Rouch
#17. She especially liked my bedside lamp, which had a five-sided porcelain shade. Unlit, the shade seemed like bumpy ivory. Lit, each panel came to life with the image of a bird: a blue jay, a cardinal, wrens, an oriole, and a dove. Kathleen turned it off and on again, several times. "How does it do that?"
"The panels are called lithophanes." I knew because I'd asked my father about the lamp, years ago. "The porcelain is carved and painted. You can see it if you look inside the shade."
"No," she said. "It's magic. I don't want to know how it's done. - Author: Susan Hubbard
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Susan Hubbard
#18. I sit up in bed and watch her fiddle about in the back of my wardrobe. I think she's got a plan. That's what's good about Zoey. She'd better hurry up though, because I'm starting to think of things like carrots. And air. And ducks. And pear trees. Velvet and silk. Lakes. I'm going to miss ice. And the sofa. And the lounge. And the way Cal loves magic tricks. And white things- milk, snow, swans. - Author: Jenny Downham
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Jenny Downham
#19. The buzzer rang. Magnus pressed the button to let him enter, speechless for a moment because he had wanted Alec there, so badly, and here he was. It felt more like magic than anything he could do.
Then Alec was there, standing in the open doorway.
"I wanted to see you," said Alec with devastating simplicity. "Is this okay? I can go away if you're busy or anything."
It must have been raining a little outside. There were sparkling drops of water in Alec's messy black hair. He was wearing a hoodie that Magnus thought he might have found in a Dumpster, and sloppy jeans, and his whole face was lit up just because he was looking at Magnus.
"I think," said Magnus, pulling Alec in by the strings on his awful gray hoodie, "that I could be persuaded to clear my schedule. - Author: Cassandra Clare
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Cassandra Clare
#20. ... he closed the venetian blinds and then the drapes, and he lay down on the outside of the coverlet. But sleep would not come. Tears came instead. They seeped. Billy turned on the Magic Fingers, and he was jiggled as he wept. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#21. Ministry of magic?' bellowed Uncle Vernon. 'People like you in government? Oh this explains everything, everything, no wonder the country's going to the dogs ... - Author: J.K. Rowling
Magic Of Cinema quotes by J.K. Rowling
#22. Now, the magic of British parks at night, as Bill Oddie presents.. Gaywatch. - Author: Frankie Boyle
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Frankie Boyle
#23. When I put magic into a book - whether it's a wizard or a crusty old werewolf - I'm asking a reader to swallow a huge leap that is counter to everything he or she knows. An extra big helping of reality makes that leap go down a lot easier. - Author: Patricia Briggs
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Patricia Briggs
#24. The government pretends to be endowed with the mystical power to accord favors out of an inexhaustible horn of plenty. It is both omniscient and omnipotent. It can by a magic wand create happiness and abundance. The truth is the government cannot give if it does not take from somebody. - Author: Ludwig Von Mises
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#25. I have always believed in the magic of childhood and think that if you get your life right that magic should never end. I feel that if adults cannot enjoy a children's book properly there is something wrong with either the book or the adult reading it. This of course, is just a smart way of saying I don't want to grow up. - Author: Colin Thompson
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Colin Thompson
#26. When I'm an audience member I do not want to go and see something that I already know, I want to see something that I don't know. I want to be surprised and stimulated to think about something. I want the magic. I want to be in a situation of uncertainty; that's what excites me. - Author: Meredith Monk
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Meredith Monk
#27. As Wendy watched them they burst into a chord of tinkling, girlish laughter. She felt a smile touch her own lips; not one of them could be under sixty. - Author: Stephen King
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Stephen King
#28. Hope is the magic carpet that transports us from the present moment into the realm of infinite possibilities. - Author: H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
Magic Of Cinema quotes by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
#29. Words are sigils that can hide the coded language of your Soul. - Author: Luis Marques
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Luis Marques
#30. Boys are found everywhere- on top of, underneath, inside of, climbing on, swinging from, running around or jumping to. Mothers love them, little girls hate them, older sisters and brothers tolerated them, adults ignore them and Heaven protects them. A boy is Truth with dirt on its face, Beauty with a cut on its finger, Wisdom with bubble gum in its hair and the Hope of the future with a frog in its pocket. A boy is a magical creature- you can lock out of your workshop, but you can't lock him out of your heart. You can get him out of your study, but you can't get him out of your mind. Might as well give up- he is your captor, your jailor, your boss and your master- a freckled-faced, pint-sized, cat-chasing bundle of noise. But when you come home at night with only the shattered pieces of your hopes and dreams, he can mend them like new with two magic words- 'Hi, Dad! - Author: Alan Beck
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Alan Beck
#31. He read the veinings of a leaf, the pattern on a mushroom cap, and divined mysteries, relations, futures, possibilities: the magic of symbols, the foreshadowing of numbers and writing, the reduction of infinitudes and multiplicities to simplicity, to system, to concept. For all these ways of comprehending the world through the mind no doubt lay within him, nameless, unnamed, but not inconceivable, not beyond the bounds of presentiment, still in the germ, but essential to his nature, part of him, growing organically within him. And if we were to go still further back beyond this Rainmaker and his time which to us seems so early and primitive, if we were to go several thousand years further back into the past, wherever we found man we would still find - this is our firm belief - the mind of man, that mind which has no beginning and always has contained everything that it later produces. - Author: Hermann Hesse
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Hermann Hesse
#32. Music has a role, fashion has a role, cinema has a role, intellectuals have a role, parliamentarians, politicians, diplomats
all of it. - Author: Riyad Mansour
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Riyad Mansour
#33. Seeing Shakespeare in the Park, for me, it's just this side of feeling like you've witnessed some kind of magic. It's this spell that you're under, to be part of that! - Author: Julia Roberts
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Julia Roberts
#34. There is no perfectly shaped part of the motorcycle and never will be, but when you come as close as these instruments take you, remarkable things happen, and you go flying across the countryside under a power that would be called magic if it were not so completely rational in every way. - Author: Robert M. Pirsig
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Robert M. Pirsig
#35. Ministry of Magic (M.O.M) Classification.
xxxxx Known wizard killer / impossible to train or domesticate / or anything Hagrid likes - Author: J.K. Rowling
Magic Of Cinema quotes by J.K. Rowling
#36. Yet within Mr Norrell's dry little heart there was as lively an ambition to bring back magic to England as would satisfied even Mr Honeyfoot, and it was with the intention of bring that ambition to a long-postponed fulfilment that Mr Norrell now proposed to go to London. - Author: Susanna Clarke
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Susanna Clarke
#37. You do not believe in the magic and power of this book only because you cannot comprehend that it is possible. The lack of faith of your part does not make the power less capable or less real...You only have to open up your mind to the possibilities. There is a sea of power out there, all around us. It doesn't wait until someone believes in order for it to exist. It just does."
-Madison Thorne Grey, Sustenance - Author: Madison Thorne Grey
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Madison Thorne Grey
#38. You can control your power in human form--keep it dormant. But the moment you switch, the moment you get agitated or angry or afraid, the moment you remember how much your power scares you, your magic rises up to protect you. It doesn't understand that YOU are the source of those feelings, not some external threat. When there IS an outside threat, when you forget to fear your power long enough, you have control. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#39. One of the powerful temptations is that of the cinema palace. The cinema has undoubtedly an enormous attraction for boys, and people are constantly cudgelling their brains how to stop it. But it is one of those things which would be very difficult to stop even if it were altogether desirable. - Author: Robert Baden-Powell
Magic Of Cinema quotes by Robert Baden-Powell

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