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Sometimes it can feel awkward going into the neighbors his houses. I mean, we really take over their world, not just a room is being read decorated. Participants give up so much control when you're on Trading Spaces. They have to let go of expectations they have for their own room, they have to let go of doing things their way and if seen their house is a home. To some degree, their houses become TV sets. We leave runners on the floor, we keep up with the trash, and we're careful, but there is only so much you can do when every room is filled with TV equipment or catering or make up or supplies, not to mention 20 to 30 people running in and out. And let's not forget the tablesaws, hammers, compressors, and a construction madness going on outside. ~ Paige Davis
Maasland Catering quotes by Paige Davis
What you have in most education software is that they're catering to the decision-maker who makes the budget allocations, and that decision-maker has a lot of check boxes. Does it do this? Check. Does it do that? Check. They could care less about the end user experience. ~ Salman Khan
Maasland Catering quotes by Salman Khan
When you have people catering to you non-stop, you lose it. You need someone to kick you in the butt every now and then! ~ Alexa Vega
Maasland Catering quotes by Alexa Vega
The catering on 'True Blood' was so good - I'd be eating amazing doughnuts all day, then realised I was in danger of turning into a right fat faerie. ~ Robert Kazinsky
Maasland Catering quotes by Robert Kazinsky
There's only one thing you can do in bankruptcy: break your word, break your deals. It allows you to say to the small businesses, who have been catering lunches for you, 'Sorry, we're not paying you.' It allows you to go to the workers and say, 'Sorry, we're not paying you.' ~ Barney Frank
Maasland Catering quotes by Barney Frank
If I think of the audience too much, then I'm going to start catering to them ... and it turns into entertainment. And I've got time for entertainment; I'm just not at all that interested in doing it myself. I'd rather go for some pretty raw expression. ~ Henry Rollins
Maasland Catering quotes by Henry Rollins
I was feeding my need to be submissive to a great man since it has been so long since I had the privilege. That's what I missed most about Bradley; the joy I felt catering to someone who took good care of me emotionally, physically, and sexually. He deserved for me to cook, clean, and serve him. I ~ Jessica N. Watkins
Maasland Catering quotes by Jessica N. Watkins
A number of Chinese filmmakers, including Chen Kaige and Li Shaohong, imitated Zhang's visual style in the early 1990s by multiplying various erotic images of the oriental Other for global consumption. Consequently, these films, usually sponsored by multinational corporations and catering to the tastes of global audiences, can be perceived as following the same model -- the Zhang Yimou model. To a great degree, this model also marks the end of formal experiment for the Fifth Generation directors because they must adopt a much more conventional way of filmmaking in order to meed the demand of the global market. ~ Tonglin Lu
Maasland Catering quotes by Tonglin Lu
We had a tour bus! We had a couple of real hotel rooms! And catering! Fuck, yes! ~ Duff McKagan
Maasland Catering quotes by Duff McKagan
I actually gained a lot of weight when I started to do 'Grey's Anatomy.' Doing eight theater shows a week, girl, is such a workout. But with TV, you're, like, sitting in your trailer waiting to go to the set. And there's catering and craft service every place you look. ~ Sara Ramirez
Maasland Catering quotes by Sara Ramirez
The important thing is the family. If you can keep the family together - and that's the backbone of our whole business, catering to families - that's what we hope to do. ~ Walt Disney
Maasland Catering quotes by Walt Disney
Mom has the Touch. She knows what flowers go with what occasions, what hors d'oeuvres work with what people. She believes passionately in the power of food to heal, restore, and stimulate relationships, and she has built a following of loyal customers who really hope she's right. If she's wrong, says Sonia, no one wants to know. ~ Joan Bauer
Maasland Catering quotes by Joan Bauer
The abusive man's high entitlement leads him to have unfair and unreasonable expectations, so that the relationship revolves around his demands. His attitude is: "You owe me." For each ounce he gives, he wants a pound in return. He wants his partner to devote herself fully to catering to him, even if it means that her own needs - or her children's - get neglected. You can pour all your energy into keeping your partner content, but if he has this mind-set, he'll never be satisfied for long. And he will keep feeling that you are controlling him, because he doesn't believe that you should set any limits on his conduct or insist that he meet his responsibilities. ~ Lundy Bancroft
Maasland Catering quotes by Lundy Bancroft
Catering on planes, like on British Rail, is a standing joke, but I don't really have a problem with it. I don't quite know what people expect. ~ Phil Collins
Maasland Catering quotes by Phil Collins
What do artists do? Artists give people something they didn't know they were missing: a dance, a piece of music, a painting, a piece of sculpture. Catering to that need is the best business strategy. ~ Daniel H. Pink
Maasland Catering quotes by Daniel H. Pink
What Claire could do with the edible flowers that grew around the cranky apple tree in the backyard was the stuff of legend. Everyone knew that if you got Claire to cater your anniversary party, she would make aioli sauce with nasturtiums and tulip cups filled with orange salad, and everyone would leave the party feeling both jealous and aroused. And if you got her to cater your child's birthday party, she would serve tiny strawberry cupcakes and candied violets and the children would all be well behaved and would take long afternoon naps. Claire had a true magic to her cooking when she used her flowers. ~ Sarah Addison Allen
Maasland Catering quotes by Sarah Addison Allen
The commercial media … help citizens feel as if they are successful and have met these aspirations, even if they have not. They tend to neglect reality (they don't run stories about how life is hard, fame and fortune elusive, hopes disappointed) and instead celebrate idealized identities – those that, in a commodity culture, revolve around the acquisition of status, money, fame and power, or at least the illusion of these things. The media, in other words, assist the commercial culture in "need creation", prompting consumers to want things they don't need or have never really considered wanting. And catering to these needs, largely implanted by advertisers and the corporate culture, is a very profitable business. A major part of the commercial media revolves around selling consumers images and techniques to "actualize" themselves, or offering seductive forms of escape through entertainment and spectacle. News is filtered into the mix, but actual news is not the predominant concern of the commercial media. ~ Chris Hedges
Maasland Catering quotes by Chris Hedges
I think it's important for bands to rough it. Whether you're in a van or a bus, it's still tough. You still have to stand in a two hour catering line with flies everywhere in the heat, and you still have to lug your gear. ~ Hayley Williams
Maasland Catering quotes by Hayley Williams
Marriage feels like an industry with catering and really expensive bands. ~ Rashida Jones
Maasland Catering quotes by Rashida Jones
But the reality is that women today do not think of themselves in the context of helping "their man." Women today have been brainwashed into thinking that efforts in that direction are in the category of oppression, subservience, and catering to frail male egos. It is sad that this is the prevalent point of view, because interdependence is what ultimately feeds both the man and the woman what they truly need to be happy. ~ Laura C. Schlessinger
Maasland Catering quotes by Laura C. Schlessinger
To the secular arm, therefore, be delivered any and every book which, catering for the youngsters, throttles the life of the old folktales with coils of explanatory notes, and heaps on their maimed corpses the dead weight of biographical appendices. Nevertheless, that which delighted our childhood may instruct our manhood; and notes, appendices, and all the gear of didactic exposition, have their place elsewhere in helping the student, anxious to reach the seed of fact which is covered by the pulp of fiction. For, to effect this is to make approach to man's thoughts and conceptions of himself and his surroundings, to his way of looking at things and to explanation of his conduct both in work and play. Hence the folk-tale and the game are alike pressed into the service of study of the human mind. Turn where we may, the pastimes of children are seen to mimic the serious pursuits of men. ~ Edward Clodd
Maasland Catering quotes by Edward Clodd
The big budget films have money to do things that are not necessarily essential but sure are comforting. The catering is usually much better. And you have way more of anything you could possibly need. You definitely get a trailer. My shirt and suit for 'Million Dollar Baby' were tailor made. ~ Mike Colter
Maasland Catering quotes by Mike Colter
I've gotten pretty good with a tray between acting jobs. In fact, when I got the TV show 'Gravity' I was still doing my catering work. I told my director I had to miss rehearsal because I had to work a party. He was like, 'You're on TV. You need to get over that.' ~ Seth Numrich
Maasland Catering quotes by Seth Numrich
Carve out the time. Notice I do not say find the time. That is an absurd and dangerous phrase. Time is never lying around waiting for us to find her. She is elusive. She wants you to sculpt her like clay, to mold her into exactly the form you desire your days to take. If you refuse to do that, if you spend your mornings worrying and your afternoons catering to others, always hoping there will be a few minutes left for you, time will play you like a sucker, making you run harder and faster with each passing week. Time wants you to realize that she is the most precious and irreducible fact in your live. Make her into what you will ~ Jennifer Louden
Maasland Catering quotes by Jennifer Louden
I tried being a mechanic and I tried catering, but I realized I had even less aptitude for semi-skilled labour than for academic work. ~ Toby Young
Maasland Catering quotes by Toby Young
When you're shooting a low-budget movie you're never just the director: you're also in the catering department, and hair and make-up and a part-time grip. I can't even imagine the luxury of not having to keep an eye on every aspect of production while directing. ~ Amber Sealey
Maasland Catering quotes by Amber Sealey
If baking at Zomick's bakery is any labor at all, it's a labor of love. A love that gets passed from one Zomick's generation to the next one. ~ Zomick's Bakery
Maasland Catering quotes by Zomick's Bakery
When Soyer said of pies that they are 'one of our best companions du voyage through life', he was referring consumers, but he might just as well been referring to his professional colleagues, for pies have always been enormously useful to caterers and cooks, particularly at events where a large number must be fed efficiently. In modern times this is usually at sporting events such as football games, but the original experts in mass catering were the military. ~ Janet Clarkson
Maasland Catering quotes by Janet Clarkson
Once you've been on tour six, seven years, you get an idea of what works and what doesn't work universally. There will be some crowds that we just can't play a song, but we've got 90% of a show that we know is going to be a hit with the Lupe Fiasco fan. I think the catering has already been done. ~ Lupe Fiasco
Maasland Catering quotes by Lupe Fiasco
Created by writer Beau Willimon, who's worked on several political campaigns, 'House of Cards' cannily exploits the current widespread cynicism for our politics, catering to a public scorn that's warranted and also glib in the sort of cheap pox-on-both-houses way that means not having to pay attention. ~ Steve Erickson
Maasland Catering quotes by Steve Erickson
I have a different mentality when it comes to catering to a man, I just won't allow it. Don't get me wrong, I'll do for you but I'm not taking care of no man and catering to him for life; he better be bringing something to the table. I learned that from my mother and my grandmother. ~ Teena Marie
Maasland Catering quotes by Teena Marie
I grew up in Birmingham, but my parents are originally from Barbados. My dad, Romeo, was a long-distance lorry driver, and my mother, Mayleen, worked in catering. ~ David Harewood
Maasland Catering quotes by David Harewood
It is also true that memory sometimes comes to him as a voice. It is a voice that speaks inside him, and it is not necessarily his own. It speaks to him in the way a voice might tell stories to a child, and yet at times this voice makes fun of him, or calls him to attention, or curses him in no uncertain terms. At times it willfully distorts the story it is telling him, changing the facts to suit its whims, catering to the interests of drama rather than truth. Then he must speak to it in his own voice and tell it to stop, thus returning it to the silence it came from. At other times it sings to him. At still other times it whispers. And then there are the times it merely hums, or babbles, or cries out in pain. And even when it says nothing, he knows it is still there, and in the silence of this voice that says nothing, he waits for it to speak. ~ Paul Auster
Maasland Catering quotes by Paul Auster
In catering, you're always changing; the client is always dictating to you in terms of their wishes. ~ Carla Hall
Maasland Catering quotes by Carla Hall
We're making a commercial Hindi film catering to all types of audiences. ~ Sanjay Dutt
Maasland Catering quotes by Sanjay Dutt
Did you get your money by fraud? By pandering to men's vices or men's stupidity? By catering to fools, in the hope of getting more than your ability deserves? By lowering your standards? By doing work you despise for purchasers you scorn? If so, then your money will not give you a moment's or a penny's worth of joy. Then all the things you buy will become, not a tribute to you, but a reproach; not an achievement, but a reminder of shame. ~ Ayn Rand
Maasland Catering quotes by Ayn Rand
The city of Gloucester, by ancient custom, presented a lamprey pie to the sovereign at Christmas time, as a token of loyalty. Lampreys are scaleless freshwater sucker-fish resembling eels, desirable in the past for their oily, gamey flesh. The tradition of gifting lamprey pies to the royal family continued until the end of Queen Victoria's reign, but was revived for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 when a 42-pound pie was cooked by the RAF catering crops. ~ Janet Clarkson
Maasland Catering quotes by Janet Clarkson
In many careers, crucial decisions are deliberated in meetings with white boards and breakout sessions. Options are weighed. Exploratory committees are formed. Ideas are mulled over and then discarded. Gourmet coffee is consumed. Perhaps finger sandwiches are ordered from the catering joint down the street. The whole process can take hours, days, weeks.

One of the most crucial decisions you make as a cop is Shoot or Don't Shoot. Given how quickly situations can go all sorts of wrong, you will probably have about a second and a half to deliberate before you make this call. Critics then have a lifetime to pick apart your decision over that coffee and those sandwiches. ~ Adam Plantinga
Maasland Catering quotes by Adam Plantinga
For all the concern about bodies and weight, 'Baywatch' has three huge catering trucks on the set at all times. One for entrees, one appetizers and one for junk food. ~ Nicole Eggert
Maasland Catering quotes by Nicole Eggert
I think the Democrats are catering to them, but, you know, in the entire history of the United States of America, there has never been a judge who has been refused a vote when there was a majority of Senators willing to vote for his confirmation, never in history. ~ Pat Robertson
Maasland Catering quotes by Pat Robertson
Growing up, my mom had a catering business. I used to help her pretty early on and loved doing it. My mom is an amazing cook, and she helped me cultivate a love for food. She taught me that food can be beautiful. We eat not just for survival, but we survive to eat. It's part of who I am. ~ Kelis
Maasland Catering quotes by Kelis
'Time' is an internationalist publication catering to internationalist readers who are not only interested in their own backyard. ~ Bobby Ghosh
Maasland Catering quotes by Bobby Ghosh
When I was younger, all I cared about was what people thought of me and my films. Now I care less about catering, hand-serving, hand-feeding the audience. I've gotten to the point now in my life where I'm serving myself. ~ Steven Spielberg
Maasland Catering quotes by Steven Spielberg
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