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#1. His large hand closes across around my mouth to stop me from screaming, and he holds me easily in place. The logical part of my brain is expecting this and tries to quell the spike of adrenaline which rushes through my body, but the instinct to fight is stronger than I'd anticipated. Impulsively I struggle to break out of the bonds of his arms, and he tightens his grip on me instantly. - Author: Felicity Brandon
M M M M F quotes by Felicity Brandon
#2. My turn?" asks the blond from behind me. "Didn't you say she deserved a good spanking for her recent misdemeanours Mike?"
His voice has taken on a husky, carnal quality since our introduction at the bench, and I suspect there is another hard cock waiting for me. I struggle impatiently at the thought.
"Absolutely Niall," Mike replies, "but not here. I want her punished in public, to make sure she remembers the lesson. Sean, pull in at the next layby will you ... - Author: Felicity Brandon
M M M M F quotes by Felicity Brandon
#3. Like just any woman across the world, Persephone knew of the importance of threads. It mattered not what it was made of – thick woolen yarn or leather cords to slender linen strings or thin, delicate strands of silk. One could even say that without these threads, civilization would not exist. - Author: M.M. Kin
M M M M F quotes by M.M. Kin
#4. I do not doubt that you would have done all that was in your power to make her happy. But it is not in your power to build a new world; or to turn back time - Author: M.M. Kaye
M M M M F quotes by M.M. Kaye
#5. Nor have I become so blind that I cannot see what is written on your face, or so deaf that I cannot hear what is in your voice; and I am not yet so old that I cannot remember my own youth - Author: M.M. Kaye
M M M M F quotes by M.M. Kaye
#6. I thought that the world did not want me,
but the truth was that I did not want myself. - Author: M.M. Van Der Reijden
M M M M F quotes by M.M. Van Der Reijden
#7. In the absence of any concrete evidence. I plump for Leonard Stock as the murderer. First, because he's the most unlikely person, and as anyone who has ever read a murder story knows, it's always the most unlikely person who turns out to have done the deed--and fifty thousand authors can't be wrong. - Author: M.M. Kaye
M M M M F quotes by M.M. Kaye
#8. What I want is to tie you up and blindfold you and make you learn my touch, so you can't come with anyone else touching you, can't sleep in the dark without remembering my hand on you." Javier's voice drops even further, hushed, secret, only between them. "What I want is to ruin you for anyone else, shape you into something only my hands can hold. - Author: Dominique Frost
M M M M F quotes by Dominique Frost
#9. Turner's like an M&M or some shit; it's impossible to eat just one. Now that I've had a taste, I want all the colors. I kind of hate myself for it. - Author: C.M. Stunich
M M M M F quotes by C.M. Stunich
#10. Our lives are lived between madness and secrets ... Our secrets make us who we are. - Derek Quinn - Author: G.J. Paterson
M M M M F quotes by G.J. Paterson
#11. I'm not like some guys who, if the Ravens lose, are ready to jump off the top of M&M Stadium. There are other things in life besides pro football. - Author: Art Donovan
M M M M F quotes by Art Donovan
#12. A psycho murderer who lubed. How considerate. - Author: Jordan Castillo Price
M M M M F quotes by Jordan Castillo Price
#13. 'All we can see is the surface. But there's so much more we can't see beneath. I bet it's as big as the world down there, underneath the water. There could be anything down there. Things we can't even imagine. How can we understand anything if we can see so little of it?' - Author: Augusta Li
M M M M F quotes by Augusta Li
#14. Are we just going to keep having sex so we can avoid talking about what we need to talk about?"
Prophet pulled back and looked between Tom's legs.
"Just checking to make sure you still have a dick."
"Same one that fucked you through the wall while you begged for it," Tom pointed out, and Prophet eyes grew heavy lidded with lust again. "You're so easy, Proph."
"For you. - Author: S.E. Jakes
M M M M F quotes by S.E. Jakes
#15. 'I'm happy,' David said. 'All the time. It's amazing. I think of you and I want to smile. Do I make you want to smile?'
'No,' Alec said, and kissed him. David could feel the curve of his mouth against his own. - Author: Wheeler Scott
M M M M F quotes by Wheeler Scott
#16. In the religion of the savage one is struck by the presence of two things. First is the performance of rites and ceremonies, the practice of magic or tabu and the worship of fetish or totem. The second thing that is noticeable is that the rites, ceremonies, magic, tabu, totem and fetish are conspicuous by their - Author: M.M. Ninan
M M M M F quotes by M.M. Ninan
#17. He shook his head and thought about it for a second. "Maybe I'm not straight? Can I still be straight when I'm sitting here looking into your eyes?" he asked. Maybe it was the alcohol talking or maybe he wasn't as straight as he thought he was.
"Yes. Absolutely." Cormag nodded and watched him closely.
"Even when I think they're so pretty? They are, you know. So many different shades of brown ... and a little green. Just a touch; not a lot. So pretty." He sighed happily, watching those dark eyes staring back at him in surprise. He lay his head on his arms, smiling at the way Cormag flushed in embarrassment and turned his full attention onto his bottle of beer.
"Wow, you are super drunk. - Author: Elaine White
M M M M F quotes by Elaine White
#18. We're gay, we're in love, and we're married. It's not wrong. We're not wrong! - Avery Adams - Author: Kindle Alexander
M M M M F quotes by Kindle Alexander
#19. Ready to see your new home?"
Kellan grinned back. "Yes." He sighed. "My new home."
Vic helped him with the jacket and made a silent vow that he'd do everything in his power to keep Kellan safe and happy from then on. The young swan wasn't the only one who never thought they'd find someone who cared that much about them - Author: M.M. Wilde
M M M M F quotes by M.M. Wilde
#20. Leaning down for a quick peck on Jeff's lips, and then he starts squirming and rearranging and manhandling until somehow they end up with Dan in the middle, Jeff stretched out on his left side, Evan on his right. Dan isn't really sure how that happened, and he's not at all confident that it's a good idea. - Author: Kate Sherwood
M M M M F quotes by Kate Sherwood
#21. Danny squinted up at the sky and saw--nothing. No moon. No stars. Nothing. The heavens were buried in clouds. Big fat black ones. No wonder it felt like rain. One never really expects that in San Diego.

Of course, one never really expects to find a serial killer chopping people up on the other side of their back fence either. The world was packed full of surprises. Sort of like a piñata. - Author: John Inman
M M M M F quotes by John    Inman
#22. It was the same smile he used in bed with Crick
the gentle, sweet smile that made him look young and a little vulnerable. Crick turned the picture around, and Benny had written, I asked him to think of you. - Author: Amy Lane
M M M M F quotes by Amy Lane
#23. I'm glad I found you," Kane said quietly, stepping back as Avery stood.
"I think it was more like me finding you, handsome." For Kane, the sentimental memories were so strong; all he could do was stand there as they held their babies, thinking about their lives, their future,and his love for Avery.
"I can't imagine my life without you," Kane proclaimed sweetly.
"Good. I don't want you to. - Author: Kindle Alexander
M M M M F quotes by Kindle Alexander
#24. Impressive," Court offered, gallantly bending to retrieve the shoe. "You should join the theater."
"Fuck you."
"I owed you that."
"Revenge is a dish best served with a side of handcuffs and a hard ass-fucking. Remember that."
Really is a dirty fighter. Goddamn. - Author: Finn Marlowe
M M M M F quotes by Finn Marlowe
#25. Killing somebody is not so strange here. Whether it is with poison, drugs or a gunshot, every person you meet is a potential murderer or an accomplice. I'm no different. I've worked for them for years. I had a goal and threw away any morale to get what I wanted. This world is cruel, Drew. I'd like to believe it's just and fair, and the bad guys are the exception, but it's only a petty lie. People won't be good to you just because you're good to them. And if you want something, you have to be ready to give up something else. You have to be determined. Determined enough to live sacrificing ideals, pity, hope. I understand you cannot accept it. Deep down I'm happy you don't. Because the world you're looking at, despite everything you went through, is still clean. You still believe in justice. You're not like me. My world is dirty. I hate to disappoint you, but the truth is that your Shallie died because of people… like me. - Author: Elen Chase
M M M M F quotes by Elen Chase
#26. -I suck cock because I like cock. I like getting my cock sucked and I really--yes, really--like sucking the cocks of other men! And you know what I like the best of all? I like sticking my cock up some other man's ass! - Author: Tali Spencer
M M M M F quotes by Tali Spencer
#27. I was his heartbeat. I was his fucking universe.
Now I was, but soon I wouldn't be.
I would miss that, miss being important.
I would miss having someone. - Author: Lisa Henry
M M M M F quotes by Lisa Henry
#28. Our once simple, unified meaning of life is being shattered into many, sometimes competing, concepts. - Author: M..
M M M M F quotes by M..
#29. Thomas moves even closer until their faces were less than an inch apart, their breath mixed and harsh. He sees Taylor's eyes move to his lips. Thomas's breath hitches. He couldn't resist darting his eyes lower as well to look at Taylor's pink full lips. Taylor licks them, then parts them slightly. Almost like he was begging to be kissed.
"Fuck it" Thomas says before leaning to crush their mouths together. - Author: Alexandra B. Donna
M M M M F quotes by Alexandra B. Donna
#30. Adin looked up at Donte, who was then in the middle of taking a sip of his wine. He took in Donte's demonically beautiful face, long and angular, with its hooded eyes and high cheekbones, its wine-darkened lips. He watched as Donte savored it, imagining the warmth of the wine on the inside of Donte's mouth and against his tongue. He could almost feel it as it slid down the column of Donte's throat, teasing his Adam's apple into a subtle bob, and suddenly Adin was the wine, slipping down that throat, and just as inexplicably, Adin felt Donte's mouth on him everywhere at once, biting ... licking ... sucking. Adin's breath sped up; his skin warmed with the beginnings of a flush brought on by arousal. - Author: Z.A. Maxfield
M M M M F quotes by Z.A. Maxfield
#31. My heart was happier than a fly sucking on shit. - Author: Wulf Francu Godgluck
M M M M F quotes by Wulf Francu Godgluck
#32. They were a fanatically independent people, much addicted to intrigue, treachery and murder, and that among their other national traits was an intolerance of rulers (or, if it came to that, of any form of authority whatsoever, other than their own desires). - Author: M.M. Kaye
M M M M F quotes by M.M. Kaye
#33. Cam shook his head. 'Do you ever listen to how much crazy shit comes out of your mouth?'
'Nope.' I hooked my fingers into his waistband and pulled him closer. 'Nobody does. That's why I remain undiagnosed.' - Author: Lisa Henry
M M M M F quotes by Lisa Henry
#34. I really hate threesomes when one of the participants is dead. - Author: Jordan Castillo Price
M M M M F quotes by Jordan Castillo Price
#35. Because enough talking. It was time for the goddamned kissing, hard and fast and smooth and slow and any and every way in between, until Tommy was humping his thigh. - Author: S.E. Jakes
M M M M F quotes by S.E. Jakes
#36. If a man is not peaceful and non-violent, whichever religion he belongs to, he is not a man! Violence degrades man to a low-degree creature! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
M M M M F quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#37. You've been watching to much Pretty Woman, and I'm sorry, but there's no way I'm the hooker in this arrangement. - Author: A.J. Rose
M M M M F quotes by A.J. Rose
#38. So those are your roommates, eh? What're the odds of having three gay-or-at-least-bi guys in one house, do you think?"

"Who knows. Just too bad I couldn't have used those odds to win the lottery instead."

"You did win the lottery. The gay roommate lottery."

Rob turned his attention to his cereal. "I don't consider it a win unless I'm getting laid out of it. - Author: Heidi Belleau
M M M M F quotes by Heidi Belleau
#39. Steve smiled, the rug not only pulled out from under him but rolled up and put away. - Author: Heidi Cullinan
M M M M F quotes by Heidi Cullinan
#40. I knew you were all smitten and shit, but fuck, you really do love this guy." The smirk in Darren's voice was obvious. And annoying. "Aw, come on, admit it - you feel like Cinderella, don't you?"
"No, Darren, I don't. And do you know why?"
"No sugar, tell me why."
"Because I'm a man. I've got a big fat one and I like to fuck other guys." Darren was laughing over the phone now, and it made Reece grin. "And Ben isn't a prince, he's a cop. A big, sexy cop who fucks like a machine. He's a man. I'm a man. We're men." He nodded sharply. "Now fuck off. I'm arranging flowers. - Author: L.A. Gilbert
M M M M F quotes by L.A. Gilbert
#41. We are essence of love, and when we die that love returns to our Father. This angel's love was corrupted, so I believe my Father sent his essence elsewhere. Possible Detroit, but that my have just been a joke. - Author: John Wiltshire
M M M M F quotes by John Wiltshire
#42. Mike's booming voice was downstairs. He was on the phone, as usual.
"M-m-m-my sister is gettin' married," I heard him announce to the person on the other end of the line. "And I am gonna s-s-s-sing at duh reception."
A long pause followed. I braced myself.
"Oh, p-p-p-prolly 'Elvira,'" Mike said.
Perfect, I thought, pulling myself out of bed. Mike singing "Elvira" at my reception. As if my scaly chin wasn't enough, I needed one more thought to terrorize me for the rest of my wedding way. - Author: Ree Drummond
M M M M F quotes by Ree Drummond
#43. Know what the best thing about morning sex is?" Caesar snorted and pinched Nate's hip.
"No," Nate laughed, "nobody has to sleep on the wet spot. - Author: James Buchanan
M M M M F quotes by James Buchanan
#44. So where do you want to cut then? My neck? Chest maybe, or we could go for something a little…" He ran his hand down his stomach and then played with the waistband of his underwear briefly. Finally, he reached down and started to hike the leg of his boxers up, pivoting his leg at the hip to point to his inner thigh. "…lower? - Author: A.L. Wilson
M M M M F quotes by A.L.  Wilson
#45. And it didn't matter. It wouldn't make a fucking difference if I dropped to the floor and started crying like a baby. No point in panicking. No point in breaking. No point in anything at all. - Author: Lisa Henry
M M M M F quotes by Lisa Henry
#46. Grey refused to shy away from the intensity heating in Sirus's eyes to charcoal. As he waited for the man to roll over, Grey watched, unwavering, challenging the fire burning hot in Sirus's gaze. Sirus lifted up to his elbows, but didn't make any effort to shift his position. In fact, he looked downright defiant, and Grey's pulse started to race.

"I want a nice view of my cock taking your sweet ass."
"You want me to flip you over and hold you down, fuck you that way?"

"Yeah, you want it." Grey said to Sirus. "But is it the fucking that has you leaking so damn hard, or is it the thought of force?"

"Don't try to overtake me," Sirus bit Grey's lower lip and tugged, letting it pull through his teeth until it released, "unless you're ready to be the one who ends up on the bottom, with my cock buried in your ass."

Grey wrapped his hand around Sirus's throat, yanked the man's head back and took his mouth in a hard, thrusting kiss, going deep and aggressive enough to make Sirus jerk and go compliant. An almost silent whimper escaped the man, begging without words for more. Knowing he was in charge fully once again, Grey reached between their bodies, positioned the head of his cock and drove his length home. - Author: Cameron Dane
M M M M F quotes by Cameron Dane
#47. I don't want to live here. I want my old life back and I'll do anything for it. - Author: M.M. Lindelo
M M M M F quotes by M.M. Lindelo
#48. Jamie - "Shame the Bruins got punished by the Ducks last month."
I see the flash of arrogance return at lightning speed.
Wes - "That was a fluke. And a terrible call in the third. Your wing tripped over his own duck feet."
Jamie - "With a little help from your D-man."
Wes - "Oh fuck that. Twenty bucks says the Ducks don't make it past the first round this year."
Jamie - "Twenty is all you're willing to bet? Sounds like you're afraid. Twenty and a YouTube video proclaiming my greatness."
Wes - " Done, but when you lose, you make that video in a Bruins T-shirt."
Jamie - "Sure." I shrug. And just like that, the night gets easier. - Author: Sarina Bowen
M M M M F quotes by Sarina Bowen
#49. Beneath his hands, my skin is so light and tight I half imagine I'm transparent. I'm glass for him, all the way to my blood-red, shining heart. - Author: Alexis Hall
M M M M F quotes by Alexis Hall
#50. He brought the tray into the bedroom, then set it on the floor next to the bed. At Kellan's perplexed expression, Vic jerked a thumb over his shoulder. "Hold on, I have to grab one more thing."
Vic scurried to the living room then retrieved the item he wanted. As soon as Kellan's gaze landed on the gift bag holding the stuffed wolf they'd bought at the market, he slapped a hand to his mouth, his eyes glittering, but happy. Vic sat on the bed and placed the bag next to the egg.
"For our baby. I'll always protect and love them as I protect and love you." Vic leaned over and kissed the top of the shell peeking out from under the blankets.
Kellan grabbed Vic's hand, twining their fingers together. "I love you, Vic, my big bad wolf." A lone tear slid down Kellan's cheek, but his smile remained wide. "Merry Christmas."
Vic pressed a kiss to Kellan's palm. "Merry Christmas, sweetheart - Author: M.M. Wilde
M M M M F quotes by M.M. Wilde

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