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#1. Forgiveness is greater than condemnation, and love stronger than hate. What is there left for us to contemplate?
-Reed Abbitt Moore- - Author: Reed Abbitt Moore
Love Stronger quotes by Reed Abbitt Moore
#2. Imperishable moments and immortal deeds, death itself and love stronger than death, will be as though they had never been. The energies of our system will decay, the glory of the sun will be dimmed and the earth tideless and inert, will no longer tolerate the race which has for the moment disturbed its solitude. Man will go down into the pit and all his thoughts will perish. The uneasy consciousness, which in this obscure corner has for a brief space broken the contented silence of the universe, will be at rest. - Author: Arthur Balfour
Love Stronger quotes by Arthur Balfour
#3. Mrs. Flanigan made this for you and dropped it off earlier. So pretty, wouldn't you agree?"...
"White roses - the bride's flower," Mrs. Norton said with a lilt in her voice. "For unity, purity, and a love stronger than death." She touched the edge of a blossom. "And, in addition, you have chrysanthemums for fidelity, optimism, joy, and long life, with the color white standing for truth and loyal love."
As if caught in a spell, Grace stared at the flowers, a lump forming in her throat, the words echoing in her mind... Joy, truth, fidelity, a love stronger than death.
Mrs. Flanigan chuckled. "Mrs. Norton, you make the bouquet sound so poetic. I'm afraid I can't take credit for such a romantic arrangement. I chose the only white flowers still blooming in my garden. - Author: Debra Holland
Love Stronger quotes by Debra Holland
#4. A dog - a dog teaches us so much about love. Wordless, imperfect love; love that is constant, love that is simple
goodness, love that forgives not only bad singing and embarrassments, but misunderstandings and harsh words.
Love that sits and stays and stays and stays, until it finally becomes its own forever. Love, stronger than death. A dog is a four-legged reminder that love comes and time passes and then your heart breaks. - Author: Deb Caletti
Love Stronger quotes by Deb Caletti
#5. We were soul mates. Bound through time with a love stronger than steel. He was mine. And I was his. Unquestionably. Forever. Yet here we were. He was half-dressed and embracing my sworn enemy. - Author: Courtney Cole
Love Stronger quotes by Courtney Cole
#6. Every chance you get you seem to hurt me more and more, but each hurt makes my love stronger than before. - Author: Marvin Gaye
Love Stronger quotes by Marvin Gaye
#7. Is love stronger when it let's go or when it holds on? - Author: Kamila Shamsie
Love Stronger quotes by Kamila Shamsie
#8. For you know that soft is stronger than hard, water stronger than rock, love stronger than force. Vesadeva to Siddartha - Author: Hermann Hesse
Love Stronger quotes by Hermann Hesse
#9. We celebrate [Easter] because now, thanks to the risen Lord, it is definitively established that reason is stronger than unreason, truth stronger than lies, love stronger than death. - Author: Pope Benedict XVI
Love Stronger quotes by Pope Benedict XVI
#10. You are afraid of it because it is stronger than you; you hate it because you are afraid of it; you love it because you cannot subdue it to your will. Only the unsubduable can be loved. - Author: Yevgeny Zamyatin
Love Stronger quotes by Yevgeny Zamyatin
#11. Ours is a love stronger than fear and deeper than the sea - Author: Renee Ahdieh
Love Stronger quotes by Renee Ahdieh
#12. The less you cling to something, the less fear you have of losing that something or someone. The less fear you have, the more love you have. It is true that you love even more when you let go of the need for it. Love grows when grief goes. Make your love stronger than your fear. Strive to make your love greater than your need and let love be the most powerful force in your life. Then nothing can overcome you. - Author: Kate McGahan
Love Stronger quotes by Kate McGahan
#13. I love cheese and biscuits, the stronger the better. - Author: Eric Bristow
Love Stronger quotes by Eric Bristow
#14. You don't force him, don't beat him, don't give him orders, because you know that 'soft' is stronger than 'hard', Water stronger than rocks, love stronger than force. Very good, I praise you. But aren't you mistaken in thinking that you wouldn't force him, wouldn't punish him? Don't you shackle him with your love? Don't you make him feel inferior every day, and don't you make it even harder on him with your kindness and patience? Don't you force him, the arrogant and pampered boy, to live in a hut with two old banana-eaters, to whom even rice is a delicacy, whose thoughts can't be his, whose hearts are old and quiet and beats in a different pace than his? Isn't forced, isn't he punished by all this? - Author: Hermann Hesse
Love Stronger quotes by Hermann Hesse
#15. To find magic in the mending. - Author: Marieke Nijkamp
Love Stronger quotes by Marieke Nijkamp
#16. Girls that I dated, it's ok I am not mad yo Unless you stabbed me in the heart, no love ho. - Author: Kid Cudi
Love Stronger quotes by Kid Cudi
#17. You're my best friend; I notice when your hands shake. I notice when your big mouth goes quiet! - Author: S.R. Crawford
Love Stronger quotes by S.R. Crawford
#18. Love is not vain because it is frustrated, but because it is fulfilled. The people we love turn to ashes when we posess them. - Author: Marcel Proust
Love Stronger quotes by Marcel Proust
#19. Maybe that's what love meant, both people thinking they were the lucky one. - Author: Meera Syal
Love Stronger quotes by Meera Syal
#20. When two hearts become one,
It cannot be undone.
A promise has been made
And cannot be broken or swayed.
For this love will last an eternity and will not fade. - Author: Charlene M. Martin
Love Stronger quotes by Charlene M. Martin
#21. We cannot protect something we do not love, we cannot love what we do not know, and we cannot know what we do not see. Or hear. Or sense. - Author: Richard Louv
Love Stronger quotes by Richard Louv
#22. I wanted to be in love with her. I wanted to overcome my emotional and sexual fears, to marry, have children, settle down. - Author: Daniel Keyes
Love Stronger quotes by Daniel Keyes
#23. I'd love to have a hit record. I don't believe anyone that says they wouldn't like that. - Author: Colin Hay
Love Stronger quotes by Colin Hay
#24. Love in your mind is peace.
Love in your heart is joy.
Love in your soul is God.
Love in your life is power. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
Love Stronger quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#25. Who are we, as we stand before the child Jesus? Who are we, standing as we stand before today's children? Are we like Mary and Joseph, who welcomed Jesus and cared for him with the love of a father and a mother? Or are we like Herod, who wanted to eliminate him? Are we like the shepherds, who went in haste to kneel before him in worship and offer him their humble gifts? Or are we indifferent? - Author: Pope Francis
Love Stronger quotes by Pope Francis
#26. My son took many years to learn the simple truth. You cannot love any one person adequately until you have made friends with the rest of the human race also. Adult love demands qualities which cannot be learned living in a vacuum of resentment. - Author: Dorothy Dunnett
Love Stronger quotes by Dorothy Dunnett
#27. Islam didn't make it Haram for you to fall in love. It didn't forbid you from wanting someone. It only guides that love so it protects you, her, your families and especially saves you from humiliation on judgment day. If you love her so much, why are you ok with letting her engage in this questionable relationship knowing full well that she will have to answer Allah just like you will. You don't love her enough to save her from that? - Author: Nouman Ali Khan
Love Stronger quotes by Nouman Ali Khan
#28. the truth is, he just doesn't love me. - Author: Lauren Barnholdt
Love Stronger quotes by Lauren Barnholdt
#29. Love creates bridges much more than all the engineers of the world! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
Love Stronger quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#30. Maybe we're like the cherry blossom, Rune. Like shooting stars. Maybe we loved too much too young and burned so bright that we had to fade out." She pointed behind us, to the blossom grove. "Extreme beauty, quick death. We had this love long enough to teach us a lesson. To show us how capable of love we truly are. - Author: Tillie Cole
Love Stronger quotes by Tillie Cole
#31. Instead it's slow and insidious, slinking through you like ink through water, until it permeates every inch of your soul. - Author: Karina Halle
Love Stronger quotes by Karina Halle
#32. We often try to see the reflections of the people who left us in the people who come to stay with us and in the course of doing so, we often try to change them to someone who they are not and we often end up turning them into the pieces of same shattered mirror that used to hurt us before they came. - Author: Akshay Vasu
Love Stronger quotes by Akshay Vasu
#33. I have two homes in Malibu, a home in Canada that I'm building, and I just love pouring my heart out into this part of my life. - Author: Pamela Anderson
Love Stronger quotes by Pamela Anderson
#34. [The] noblest of [Arabs] united the love of arms with the profession of merchandise. - Author: Edward Gibbon
Love Stronger quotes by Edward Gibbon
#35. I have fallen in love with all sorts of girls and I fully intend to go on doing so. - Author: Jacques Charles
Love Stronger quotes by Jacques Charles
#36. Life was a bitch. Love also was a bitch. - Author: Edna O'Brien
Love Stronger quotes by Edna O'Brien
#37. It's true what they say, you know. First fuck. First love. First kill. You never forget your first. - Author: Nenia Campbell
Love Stronger quotes by Nenia Campbell
#38. I'm tempted by everything. My husband makes fun of me because every day it's a new food that I love. I have a weakness for butterscotch pudding, ice cream in any flavor and dark chocolate, although that's one thing I do keep in my house - 70% dark chocolate. - Author: Gail Simmons
Love Stronger quotes by Gail Simmons
#39. I intercepted Chaol, and he informed me of your 'condition.' You'd think a man in his position wouldn't be so squeamish, especially after examining all of those corpses."

Calaena opened an eye and frowned as Dorian sat on her bed. "I'm in a state of absolute agony and I can't be bothered."

"It can't be that bad," he said, fishing a deck of cards from his jacket. "Want to play?"

"I already told you that I don't feel well."

"You look fine to me." He skillfully shuffled the deck. "Just one game."

"Don't you pay people to entertain you?"

He glowered, breaking the deck. "You should be honored by my company."

"I'd be honored if you would leave."

"For someone who relies on my good graces, you're very bold."

"Bold? I've barely begun." Lying on her side, she curled her knees to her chest.

He laughed, pocketing the deck of cards. "Your new canine companion is doing well, if you wish to know."
She moaned into her pillow. "Go away. I feel like dying."

"No fair maiden should die alone," he said, putting a hand on hers. "Shall I read to you in your final moments? What story would you like?"

She snatched her hand back. "How about the story of the idiotic prince who won't leave the assassin alone?"

"Oh! I love that story! It has such a happy ending, too - why, the assassin was really feigning her illness in order to get the prince's attention! Wh - Author: Sarah J. Maas
Love Stronger quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#40. I love stories about two people who are doing illegal things, who we really enjoy watching despite the fact that we know they are doomed in some way. - Author: Famke Janssen
Love Stronger quotes by Famke Janssen
#41. I love dark humor. I love things that are so grounded in life, but just happen to be just a little bit twisted because my sense of humor is a little bit twisted. I love jokes that shouldn't be funny, but are. Those types of things just really make me laugh. - Author: Rockmond Dunbar
Love Stronger quotes by Rockmond Dunbar
#42. Sometimes souls are meant to meet and fleet for they have different contracts to complete. - Author: Nikki Rowe
Love Stronger quotes by Nikki Rowe
#43. It's in our nature to want to watch our human frailties played out on a huge, epic canvas. Ancient societies had anthropomorphic gods: a huge pantheon expanding into centuries of dynastic drama: fathers and sons, star-crossed lovers, warring brothers, martyred heroes. Tales that taught us the danger of hubris and the primacy of humility. It's the everyday stuff of everyman's life, but it's writ large, and we love it. - Author: Tom Hiddleston
Love Stronger quotes by Tom Hiddleston
#44. I think sometimes we fall in love just because it feels so good to love someone, to desire them, to yearn for another human being, to cross the boundary of aloneness that is part of human existence. - Author: Jacqueline Simon Gunn
Love Stronger quotes by Jacqueline Simon Gunn
#45. Leadership, Alpha, comes at a cost. You see, we expect that when danger threatens us from the outside, that the person who is actually stronger, the person who is better fed, and the person who is teaming with serotonin and actually has higher confidence than the rest of us; we expect them to run towards the danger to protect us. This is what it means to be a leader. The cost of leadership is self interest. If you're not willing to give up your perks when it matters, then you probably shouldn't get promoted. You might be an authority but you will not be a leader. Leadership comes at a cost. You don't get to do less work when you get more senior, you have to do more work. And the more work you have to do is put yourself at risk to look after others. That is the anthropological definition of what a leader IS.

Why Leaders Eat Last: - Author: Simon Sinek
Love Stronger quotes by Simon Sinek
#46. Animus is the soul in woman just as anima is the soul in man. Animus usually personifies himself as a masculine force and appears in women's dreams as a masculine figure. Women relate to their animus side differently than men relate to anima, but there is one thing that men and women have in common: Romantic love always consists in the projection of the soul-image. When a woman falls in love it is animus that she sees projected onto the mortal man before her. When a man drinks of the love potion, it is anima, his soul, that he sees superimposed on a woman. - Author: Robert A. Johnson
Love Stronger quotes by Robert A. Johnson
#47. It seems to me that romantic comedies used to be about falling in love, but in recent years they've really become just comedies where the love story is only there as a spine to hang the jokes on. - Author: Nigel Cole
Love Stronger quotes by Nigel Cole
#48. With love comes responsibility and possibility, fear and hope, quests and suffering - Author: Carrie Jones
Love Stronger quotes by Carrie Jones
#49. Who should I send for now?"
Using the last of his strength, Sebastian managed to drag her hand up to his mouth. "You," he whispered, holding her fingers to his lips. "Just you. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Love Stronger quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#50. If you write something that you love beyond all reason, it is wrong and you should strike it out. - Author: William Faulkner
Love Stronger quotes by William Faulkner
#51. If you want something, my dearest love, the duke had once told her, you will never get it. Want is a timid, abject word. It implies that you know you will be left wanting, that you know you do not deserve the object of your desire but can only hope for a miracle. You must expect that object instead, and it will be yours. There is no such thing as a miracle. - Author: Mary Balogh
Love Stronger quotes by Mary Balogh
#52. I'll move heaven and earth to make you happy, Evie. I want you there when I wake up every morning and there when I go to sleep at night. I love you, even if you don't do a damn thing I tell you to do. - Author: Lynn Raye Harris
Love Stronger quotes by Lynn Raye Harris
#53. Dogs are the closest we come to knowing the divine love of God on this side of eternity. - Author: Anne Lamott
Love Stronger quotes by Anne Lamott
#54. I just want some time, Mikhail, to think things through. It's frightening, the way I am about you. I think about you every minute; I want to touch you, just to know I can, to feel you beneath my fingers. It's as if you crawled into my head and my heart, even my body, and I can't get you out. - Author: Christine Feehan
Love Stronger quotes by Christine Feehan
#55. So I'm smoking in the house, Mother said. And Bobbie's got a dog in her room. And your son Will's got an Injun in his. So there it is, Mother said. Like it or lump it! - Author: Tom Spanbauer
Love Stronger quotes by Tom Spanbauer
#56. People you love should always be more important than people who judge you. - Author: Aimee L. Salter
Love Stronger quotes by Aimee L. Salter
#57. When I burst into the terminal, my eyes swept around, bouncing from person to person in the crowded, bustling space. My stomach fell a little when I didn't see him, but I knew he probably couldn't come this far. He was probably at baggage claim.
I looked around for a sign to point me in the right direction and finally saw one labeled Baggage Claim with an arrow pointing off to the left.
But I didn't follow the arrow.
My eyes fixed on someone standing beneath the sign.
His hands were jammed into the pockets of his well-worn slouchy jeans. The relaxed action pulled the waistband low, highlighting his flat, narrow waist his Henley tee molded to. As usual, he was wearing his varsity jacket and his blond hair was a mess.
My gaze locked on his sapphire-blue eyes and didn't let go. His eyes, ohmigod, his eyes. The blue was so intense it served as an emergency brake on everything in my life. The second I looked at him, everything else came to a screeching halt. I no longer noticed the huge crowd rushing around.
The anxiety-causing flight was just a distant memory, and the two weeks I spent longing for his touch became something I would live through ten times over just to be in this moment with him again.
His lips pulled into a smile and the charm that oozed from every pore in his body made me almost lightheaded. Romeo pulled his hands out of his pockets and straightened, motioning for me.
I rushed across the space separating us, my bag - Author: Cambria Hebert
Love Stronger quotes by Cambria Hebert
#58. Every king of love, it seems, is the only one. It doesn't happen twice. - Author: Jodi Lynn Anderson
Love Stronger quotes by Jodi Lynn Anderson
#59. In all our losses, all our gains,
In all our pleasures, all our pains,
The life of life is: Love remains.
In every change from good to ill,-
If love continues still,
Let happen then what will. - Author: Theodore Tilton
Love Stronger quotes by Theodore Tilton
#60. All right, Chris, you've given me a breather. I'm prepared for
And thank you for saying all of that, and for loving me, for you
haven't gone unloved, or unadmired, yourself." I kissed him quickly on
the lips, and told him to go on, to hit me with his knockout blow.
"Really, Chris, I know you must have something perfectly awful to tell
me-so out with it. Keep holding me as you tell me, and I can stand
anything you have to say. - Author: V.C. Andrews
Love Stronger quotes by V.C. Andrews
#61. I dont care if you have the smallest part to do with my life or the largest, I love everyone I've ever met, and if you don't like me i still respect you as a person rather than hate you for what you believe in. - Author: Shane Phillips
Love Stronger quotes by Shane Phillips

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