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Self-love is a key, to having someone else love you. ~ Auliq Ice
Love Mang Aagaw quotes by Auliq Ice
Love is never any better than the lover. ~ Toni Morrison
Love Mang Aagaw quotes by Toni Morrison
What makes a Man love Death, Fanny? Is it because he hopes to avert his own by watchin' the Deaths of others? Doth he hope to devour Death by devourin' Executions with his Eyes? I'll ne'er understand it, if I live to be eight hundred Years. The Human Beast is more Beast than Human, 'tis true ... ~ Erica Jong
Love Mang Aagaw quotes by Erica Jong
A home is much more than a house built of lumber, brick, or stone. A home is made of love, sacrifice, and respect. We are responsible for the homes we build. We must build wisely, for eternity is not a short voyage. There will be calm and wind, sunlight and shadows, joy and sorrow. But if we really try, our home can be a bit of heaven here on earth. The thoughts we think, the deeds we do, the lives we live not only influence the success of our earthly journey, they also mark the way to our eternal goals. ~ Thomas S. Monson
Love Mang Aagaw quotes by Thomas S. Monson
Just see the difference - in the ancient days, people used to "fall in love." Now people "make love." You see the difference? Falling in love is being overwhelmed by love; it is passive. Making love is almost profane, almost destroying its beauty. It is active, as if you are doing something; you are manipulating and controlling. Now people have changed the language - rather than using "falling in love" they use "making love. ~ Osho
Love Mang Aagaw quotes by Osho
Love and hunger rule the world. Ergo, to rule the world, one must master love and hunger. ~ Yevgeny Zamyatin
Love Mang Aagaw quotes by Yevgeny Zamyatin
She's like a sister. People say we're such opposites, but that's what makes us such good friends. She's incredibly blunt. I love that about her. If some guy has said or done something to me she doesn't like, she'll grab my cell phone and say, 'I'm deleting his number. ~ Taylor Swift
Love Mang Aagaw quotes by Taylor Swift
Will you live your very last day,
The same way as you lived
Your first?

Will you cry, smile, laugh, and play -
The same way as you did following

Will you still look at the world
Full of wonder, love, curiosity, and excitement?
Or will you be dark, bitter and cold,
Without a single drop
Of enlightenment?

Do you live your current days -
Feeling confused,

Or do you share your light
In the company
And service of others,
To synergize
Like we were

Will you live TODAY
With an unquenchable thirst for

Will you wait until your very last day -

Wishing you had just

To go out and spend
Your time

Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun (2010) ~ Suzy Kassem
Love Mang Aagaw quotes by Suzy Kassem
Love and friendship are the only selfless quantities in the cosmos ~ Aditya Bisht
Love Mang Aagaw quotes by Aditya Bisht
Having felt people's love and support first hand through difficult moments in my life makes me feel it's our responsibility to help one another. ~ Gloria Estefan
Love Mang Aagaw quotes by Gloria Estefan
Silence the mind and the soul will whisper. ~ Jennifer Pierre
Love Mang Aagaw quotes by Jennifer Pierre
I spend these days in confusion, trying my best to fathom the significance of that shade....

Trying to fathom the suitable answers to my ambiguities, if they can be called as such." - Basil ~ Amna Iqbal
Love Mang Aagaw quotes by Amna Iqbal
We were together even when we were apart. ~ Shannon A. Thompson
Love Mang Aagaw quotes by Shannon A. Thompson
The two qualities essential to a good man were honesty and compassion, Malin felt. His father lived his life as if he had rejected these qualities. Saviman Kabalana reasoned that loving kindness and compassion were weaknesses. Therefore he hid behind a mask that concealed his innate human qualities of love and kindness, both in his office and at home. ~ Martin Wickramasinghe
Love Mang Aagaw quotes by Martin Wickramasinghe
The journey from love to love. This is the journey all of us are on- what happens between teh beginning and end of the journey is your life. ~ Gary Zukav
Love Mang Aagaw quotes by Gary Zukav
Is this different? Does love make lovemaking better? Does Nick feel this holy consummation, this wonder and beauty, this eternity, the way I do? Or is sex simply like this, designed by Nature to fool us all into multiplying? ~ Beatriz Williams
Love Mang Aagaw quotes by Beatriz Williams
All that mattered was reaching Anna.
Anna, with her bright smile, bubbly enthusiasm, big eyes, and need to fill every moment with chatter.
Anna, with her feisty nature and strong will that had saved him from the wolves... and cost him his sleigh.
Anna, who was willing to risk her life to save her village and help a princess she didn't think she knew.
Leave it to him to wait till now to realize he was falling for her. ~ Jen Calonita
Love Mang Aagaw quotes by Jen Calonita
I'm not comfortable with words. I love images ,and I love sounds, and I love feelings. I like the idea of intuition. I think a lot of things in life are understood that way. But you internalize these things; they don't really pop out. Certain things are built inside - little areas of understanding. I feel that I live in darkness and confusion, and I'm trying, like we all are, to make some sort of sense of it. ~ David Lynch
Love Mang Aagaw quotes by David Lynch
A flame burned in him, a faith that a comprehending Power existed, animating all this that it had created, and sustaining it with a love beyond anything that he, Reuben, could imagine. ~ Anne Rice
Love Mang Aagaw quotes by Anne Rice
And here I am, instead of there. I'm sitting in this library, thousands of miles from my life, writing another letter I know I won't be able to send, no matter how hard I try and how much I want to. How did that boy making love behind that shed become this man writing this letter at this table? ~ Jonathan Safran Foer
Love Mang Aagaw quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
All that I desire in life are three ...
A wilderness: A beach on the sun-drenched sea,
A puff of opium,
And thee. ~ Roman Payne
Love Mang Aagaw quotes by Roman Payne
Writing is a form of art. It is a skill; a gift. It is addiction; passion; love. It is my life. ~ Helen Deakin
Love Mang Aagaw quotes by Helen Deakin
I'd love to cover an 'Incubus' song. I don't think anybody in a cowboy hat on a country stage has ever done that, and I'd love to be the first. ~ Dustin Lynch
Love Mang Aagaw quotes by Dustin Lynch
I love Halloween and dressing up. I usually have at least three costumes. ~ Audrina Patridge
Love Mang Aagaw quotes by Audrina Patridge
We are not to reflect on the wickedness of men but to look to the image of God in them, an image which, covering and obliterating their faults, an image which, by its beauty and dignity, should allure us to love and embrace them. ~ John Calvin
Love Mang Aagaw quotes by John Calvin
She sits in the driveway, freezing, for thirty-six minutes. Arguing with herself. Because she thinks she's in love with him too. And there are two ways she can be a fool in love right now. She chooses the harder one. And knocks on the door. ~ Lisa McMann
Love Mang Aagaw quotes by Lisa McMann
I will treat language with resigned delight, embrace it like unrequited love, offer words to you with a kind of secret shame, for I know that sometimes there is such a thing as too much language, and that language can hold a kind of sincerity that is tiresome and overwrought. ~ Meia Geddes
Love Mang Aagaw quotes by Meia Geddes
Here's the truth, simply stated ... bookstores are suffering from a serious crisis of falling sales. Don't believe a single zero of all those editions claimed to be 100,000! 40,000! ... even 400 copies! just for the suckers! Alack! ... Alas! ... only love and romance ... and even then! ... manage to keep selling ... and a few murder mysteries ... ~ Louis Ferdinand Celine
Love Mang Aagaw quotes by Louis Ferdinand Celine
The first step towards love is to listen to your love. ~ Amit Kalantri
Love Mang Aagaw quotes by Amit Kalantri
A wife is meant to be cherished and to be treated with a gentle hand, while a mistress is a convenient cunt to rut in. ~ Sylvia Day
Love Mang Aagaw quotes by Sylvia Day
Sometimes you're crazy enough about someone to protect them even from yourself. ~ Deborah Cooke
Love Mang Aagaw quotes by Deborah Cooke
I think that I have this core group of fans that fell in love with the character I played on Buffy and now they're following me to everything I do. They're very dedicated and loyal. I'm very lucky. ~ Amber Benson
Love Mang Aagaw quotes by Amber Benson
The saddest truth is realising you have fallen madly in love with what can never be. ~ Michael Faudet
Love Mang Aagaw quotes by Michael Faudet
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