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#1. Truth is not spoken in anger. Truth is spoken, if it ever comes to be spoken, in love. The gaze of love is not deluded. It sees what is best in the beloved even when what is best in the beloved finds it hard to emerge into the light. - Author: J.M. Coetzee
Love Is Truth quotes by J.M. Coetzee
#2. If love is truth then give me love, or else give me truth. - Author: Prajyoti Pati
Love Is Truth quotes by Prajyoti Pati
#3. Truth is in your sahasrara. And when the truth comes in, you are surprised that truth is love and love is truth, pure love. - Author: Nirmala Srivastava
Love Is Truth quotes by Nirmala Srivastava
#4. We may tell ourselves that love is not really available. but the deeper truth is that we don't entirely trust it, and therefore have a hard time fully opening to it or letting it all the way into us. This disconnects us from our own heart, exacerbating our sense of love's scarcity. - Author: John Welwood
Love Is Truth quotes by John Welwood
#5. If fun is good, truth is still better, and love best of all. - Author: William Makepeace Thackeray
Love Is Truth quotes by William Makepeace Thackeray
#6. The truth is, indeed, that love is the threshold of another universe. - Author: Pierre Teilhard De Chardin
Love Is Truth quotes by Pierre Teilhard De Chardin
#7. The mere lapse of years is not life. To eat, to drink, and sleep; to be exposed to darkness and the light; to pace around in the mill of habit, and turn thought into an instrument of trade-this is not life. Knowledge, truth, love, beauty, goodness, faith, alone can give vitality to the mechanism of existence. - Author: James Martineau
Love Is Truth quotes by James Martineau
#8. Love is the beauty; love is the truth. Love is the creative and sustaining energy of life - Author: Debasish Mridha
Love Is Truth quotes by Debasish Mridha
#9. Do not hate someone else's 'shine'…but have enough courage to look in the mirror and see the truth for what it is. - Author: T.F. Hodge
Love Is Truth quotes by T.F. Hodge
#10. The word nature has given rise to a multitude of errors. Let me repeat that the nature of any being is the sum of the qualities attributed to it by the Creator. With immeasurable profundity, Burke said that art is man's nature. This is beyond doubt; man with all his affections, all his knowledge, all his arts is the true natural man, and the weaver's cloth is as natural as the spider's web. Man's natural state is therefore to be what he is today and what he has always been, that is to say, sociable. All human records attest to this truth.. - Author: Joseph De Maistre
Love Is Truth quotes by Joseph De Maistre
#11. My mother was all about unconditional love, and I don't think we give that to our patients a lot. At the end of the day, what they really need you to do is to look at them in the eye and say, 'I'm here for you. I'm going to make sure this works out.' - Author: Mehmet Oz
Love Is Truth quotes by Mehmet Oz
#12. But as time goes on we not only remember specific things in relation to the people we have loved; their lives get built into our lives and finally the transference is complete. We are what we are because of them. - Author: May Sarton
Love Is Truth quotes by May Sarton
#13. One is easily fooled by that which one loves. - Author: Moliere
Love Is Truth quotes by Moliere
#14. need to assess what you love right now and what is authntic to your way of living in this season of life. - Author: Melissa Michaels
Love Is Truth quotes by Melissa Michaels
#15. The fight you have to fight is for you so that the love you feel for her has a chance. - Author: Emma Scott
Love Is Truth quotes by Emma Scott
#16. it is natural to want to employ your friends when you find yourself in times of need. The world is a harsh place, and your friends soften the harshness. Besides, you know them. Why depend on a stranger when you have a friend at hand?

The problem is that you often do not know your friends as well as you imagine. Friends often agree on things in order to avoid an argument. They cover up their unpleasant qualities so as not offend each other. They laugh extra hard at each others jokes. Since honesty rarely strengthens friendship, you may never know how a friend truly feels. Friends will say they love your poetry, adore your music, envy your taste in clothes - maybe they mean, often they do not. - Author: Robert Greene
Love Is Truth quotes by Robert Greene
#17. The true Mason is not creed-bound. He realizes with the divine illumination of his lodge that as Mason his religion must be universal: Christ, Buddha or Mohammed, the name means little, for he recognizes only the light and not the bearer. He worships at every shrine, bows before every altar, whether in temple, mosque or cathedral, realizing with his truer understanding the oneness of all spiritual truth. All true Masons know that they only are heathen who, having great ideals, do not live up to them. They know that all religions are but one story told in divers ways for peoples whose ideals differ but whose great purpose is in harmony with Masonic ideals. North, east, south and west stretch the diversities of human thought, and while the ideals of man apparently differ, when all is said and the crystallization of form with its false concepts is swept away, one basic truth remains: all existing things are Temple Builders, laboring for a single end. No true Mason can be narrow, for his Lodge is the divine expression of all broadness. There is no place for little minds in a great work. - Author: Manly P. Hall
Love Is Truth quotes by Manly P. Hall
#18. Death is but a transition from this life to another existence where there is no more pain and anguish. All the bitterness and disagreements will vanish, and the only thing that lives forever is love. - Author: Elisabeth Kubler Ross
Love Is Truth quotes by Elisabeth Kubler Ross
#19. There is pain in the body or the heart or the soul or the mind or all of the above. Body pain is obvious. Heart pain is the pain that comes from others, when they love you too much or not enough or the wrong way. Soul pain comes from feel your life is one big waste. Mind pain is what I can't figure out. It's like when you throw body, heart, and soul pain into a blender, then you add a cup of disgust at all that you are, at all that you've become, at all that you will ever be. - Author: Francisco X Stork
Love Is Truth quotes by Francisco X Stork
#20. Samuel Taylor Coleridge was right when he claimed, 'In politics, what begins in fear usually ends up in folly.' Political activists are more inclined, though, to heed an observation from Richard Nixon: 'People react to fear, not love. They don't teach that in Sunday school, but it's true.' That principle, which guided the late president's political strategy throughout his career, is the sine qua non of contemporary political campaigning. Marketers of products and services ranging from car alarms to TV news programs have taken it to heart as well.

The short answer to why Americans harbor so many misbegotten fears is that immense power and money await those who tap into our moral insecurities and supply us with symbolic substitutes. - Author: Barry Glassner
Love Is Truth quotes by Barry Glassner
#21. I believe there is only one truly courageous thing we can do with our lives: to love unconditionally. Absolutely, with all of ourselves, so much that it hurts and then more. - Author: Katie Davis
Love Is Truth quotes by Katie Davis
#22. I think if you meet the right person in life and you fall in love, that is a miracle. My husband saw me on the subway. That is a miracle! - Author: Eva Marie Saint
Love Is Truth quotes by Eva Marie Saint
#23. God's love does not love that which is worthy of being loved, but it creates that which is worthy of being loved. - Author: Martin Luther
Love Is Truth quotes by Martin Luther
#24. An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love, and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sensation of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant ... - Author: Thomas Moore
Love Is Truth quotes by Thomas Moore
#25. Hinduism is not just a faith. It is the union of reason and intuition that can not be defined but is only to be experienced. Evil and error are not ultimate. There is no Hell, for that means there is a place where God is not, and there are sins which exceed his love. - Author: Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
Love Is Truth quotes by Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
#26. She then pulled him to the ground and clasped him in her arms.

Immediately, the cry went up: "Tam Lin is away!" The Elf Queen's black horse reared and she pulled him to a halt. Turning, she cast her mesmerizing emerald eyes toward Janet and Tam Lin. As Janet held Tam Lin fast, the Elf Queen put a spell upon them. Tam Lin shrank and became a small, scaly lizard which Janet clutched to her breast. Janet then felt a slithering sensation through her fingers. The lizard had become a cold, slippery snake which she gripped tightly, even as it coiled around her neck. Suddenly, a searing pain ran through her hands. The snake had been turned into a red-hot cinder. Tears of agony ran down her cheeks, but still, Janet held on to Tam Lin and would not let him go.

At last, the Elf Queen knew that she had lost Tam Lin because of the steadfast love of a mortal woman. She then shaped him in Janet's arms in his own form - as naked as the day he was born. In triumph, Janet covered Tam Lin with her cloak. - Author: Bridget Haggerty
Love Is Truth quotes by Bridget Haggerty
#27. What's so funny about cats is that they have this kind of aloof, superior vibe to them. Even if you love them, they are unpredictable. Dogs are more social, and the way that they attach and bond to us is much more human. - Author: Ze Frank
Love Is Truth quotes by Ze Frank
#28. My temperament is not the adventuresome sort that enjoys starting new projects every six months. I love ensemble, nine-to-five stability. There's a family dynamic in making a television show that you don't get on a movie, where you're a hired gun for a few months. - Author: Ted Danson
Love Is Truth quotes by Ted Danson
#29. Truth is congenial to man. Moral truth is then most consummate when, like beauty, it commends itself without argument. The righteous not only does right, but loves to do right. - Author: Francis William Newman
Love Is Truth quotes by Francis William Newman
#30. Love is a blazing, crackling, green-wood flame, as much smoke as flame; friendship, married friendship particularly, is a steady,intense, comfortable fire. Love, in courtship, is friendship in hope; in matrimony, friendship upon proof. - Author: Samuel Richardson
Love Is Truth quotes by Samuel Richardson
#31. Very different from eros is philia, a serene love much more akin to friendship, with its reciprocal kindnesses. You love each other for the happy experiences and pleasures you share. - Author: Francois Lelord
Love Is Truth quotes by Francois Lelord
#32. When it's allowed to be free, love is what makes life alive, joyful and new. - Author: Michael Jackson
Love Is Truth quotes by Michael Jackson
#33. But man has such a predilection for systems and abstract deductions that he is ready to distort the truth intentionally, he is ready to deny the evidence of his senses only to justify his logic. - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Love Is Truth quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#34. It's normally agreed that the question "How are you?" doesn't put you on your oath to give a full or honest answer. So when asked these days, I tend to say something cryptic like, "A bit early to say." (If it's the wonderful staff at my oncology clinic who inquire, I sometimes go so far as to respond, "I seem to have cancer today.") Nobody wants to be told about the countless minor horrors and humiliations that become facts of "life" when your body turns from being a friend to being a foe: the boring switch from chronic constipation to its sudden dramatic opposite; the equally nasty double cross of feeling acute hunger while fearing even the scent of food; the absolute misery of gut–wringing nausea on an utterly empty stomach; or the pathetic discovery that hair loss extends to the disappearance of the follicles in your nostrils, and thus to the childish and irritating phenomenon of a permanently runny nose. Sorry, but you did ask... It's no fun to appreciate to the full the truth of the materialist proposition that I don't have a body, I am a body. But it's not really possible to adopt a stance of "Don't ask, don't tell," either. Like its original, this is a prescription for hypocrisy and double standards. Friends and relatives, obviously, don't really have the option of not making kind inquiries. One way of trying to put them at their ease is to be as candid as possible and not to adopt any sort of euphemism or denial. The swiftest way of doing this is to note that the thin - Author: Christopher Hitchens
Love Is Truth quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#35. I marveled at how mixed up people got when it came to love. I myself, for instance. It seemed like I was now thinking of Zach forty minutes out of every hour, Zach, who was an impossibility. That's what I told myself five hundred times: impossibility. I can tell you this much: the word is a great big log throw on the fires of love. - Author: Sue Monk Kidd
Love Is Truth quotes by Sue Monk Kidd
#36. The love of a wife to her husband may begin from the supply of her necessities, but afterwards she may love him also for the sweetness of his person; so the soul first loves Christ for salvation but when she is brought to Him and finds what sweetness there is in Him then she loves Him for Himself. - Author: Richard Sibbes
Love Is Truth quotes by Richard Sibbes
#37. My philosophy of life is simple: I need someone to love, something to wait and do something. - Author: Elvis Presley
Love Is Truth quotes by Elvis Presley
#38. The church, although lapsing more and more into deflection from the truth and into a corrupting of apostolic practice, had not instrumental music for 1200 years (that is, it was not in general use before this time); The Calvinistic Reform Church ejected it from its service as an element of popery, even the church of England having come very nigh its extrusion from her worship. It is heresy in the sphere of worship. - Author: John Lafayette Girardeau
Love Is Truth quotes by John Lafayette Girardeau
#39. Husbands are not Christ. But they are called to be like him. And the specific point of likeness is the husband's readiness to suffer for his wife's good without threatening or abusing her. This includes suffering to protect her from any outside forces that would harm her, as well as suffering disappointments of abuses even from her. This kind of love is possible because Christ died for both husband and wife. Their sins are forgiven. Neither needs to make the other suffer for sins. Christ has borne that suffering. Now as two sinful and forgiven people we can return good for evil. - Author: John Piper
Love Is Truth quotes by John Piper
#40. But there is no veil like light
no adamantine armor against hurt like the truth. - Author: George MacDonald
Love Is Truth quotes by George MacDonald
#41. A lot of the time I hate acting. It has a lot to do with the way I was brought up in a world where showing your emotions is frowned upon. It's just not manly. I don't do anything in life because I love doing it. It's because I want to be good at it. - Author: Matthew Fox
Love Is Truth quotes by Matthew Fox
#42. She drinks pints of coffee and writes little observations and ideas for stories with her best fountain pen on the linen-white pages of expensive notebooks. Sometimes, when it's going badly, she wonders if what she believes to be a love of the written word is really just a fetish for stationery. - Author: David Nicholls
Love Is Truth quotes by David Nicholls
#43. Happiness is knowing those you love not only feel your love, but understand that love is unconditional. - Author: Jenni Boyd
Love Is Truth quotes by Jenni Boyd

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