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#1. But now I'm wondering if I need it anymore, if we ever really need these words, "Dauntless," "Erudite," "Divergent," "Allegiant," or if we can just be friends or lovers or siblings, defined instead by the choices we make and the love and loyalty that binds us. - Author: Veronica Roth
Love And Loyalty quotes by Veronica Roth
#2. There was nothing the least bit radical about her. In fact, she was the most conventional creature alive. She believed in true love, and loyalty to one's monarch, and death before dishonor. It was just that, sometimes, things didn't quite turn out as one would have wished. In those cases, there was nothing to do but carry on. And on and on and on. - Author: Lauren Willig
Love And Loyalty quotes by Lauren Willig
#3. Human beings are capable of the kind of love and loyalty that transcends not only the physical debasement but even the spiritual weariness of the years of sorrow. - Author: Sherwin B. Nuland
Love And Loyalty quotes by Sherwin B. Nuland
#4. Add that to love, Mr. Lassiter. That's what we all need. Love and loyalty. - Author: Paul Levine
Love And Loyalty quotes by Paul Levine
#5. We are wolves of the guard,
soldiers of the light.
Hunted and haunted,bye the
beasts of night.
Friend to all and foe to none,
Love and loyalty bind us as one.
Time and tide shall heal all
Memories and madness shall
not consume.
To death and despair we shall
never surrender,
The pact never to be forsaken,
or torn asunder. - Author: Melissa De La Cruz
Love And Loyalty quotes by Melissa De La Cruz
#6. If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans. - Author: James Herriot
Love And Loyalty quotes by James Herriot
#7. The death of this honorable man upon this battlefield leaves all of us the poorer for his loss, yet so much the richer for the friendship and love and loyalty with which he gifted us in life. May his spirit speed unhindered to the other side to join those already there and to await us until we join him in our own times. - Author: Walter C. Conner
Love And Loyalty quotes by Walter C. Conner
#8. No Matter What

"No matter what"
Is just another way to say "I love you".
And sometimes
It actually means more
Because a commitment is something you sink into your bones
And love soars on loyal and giving wings. - Author: Christine Evangelou
Love And Loyalty quotes by Christine Evangelou
#9. I build my life with light, love and loyalty. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Love And Loyalty quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#10. ... a family was an act of creation, the piecing together of disparate fragments into one cloth -- often harmonious, occasionally clashing and discordant, but sometimes unexpectedly beautiful and strong. Without contrast, there was no pattern... and each piece... would endure if sewn fast to the others with strong seams -- bonds of love and loyalty, traditions and faith. - Author: Jennifer Chiaverini
Love And Loyalty quotes by Jennifer Chiaverini
#11. If the man be really the weaker vessel, and the rule is necessarily in the wife's hands, how is it then to be? To tell the truth, I believe that the really loving, good wife never finds it out. She keeps the glamor of love and loyalty between herself and her husband, and so infuses herself into him that the weakness never becomes apparent either to her or to him or to most lookers-on. - Author: Charlotte Mary Yonge
Love And Loyalty quotes by Charlotte Mary Yonge
#12. Equal laws protecting equal rights ... the best guarantee of loyalty and love of country. - Author: James Madison
Love And Loyalty quotes by James Madison
#13. You pretend to be cold, but you love deeper than anyone I've ever seen. I've never heard of a shifter suppressing their wolf, yet you released her when you needed strength to defend your mom. When you learn to harness your wolf and combine it with your love and loyalty, you're a mate I'd die for. - Author: A.P. Jensen
Love And Loyalty quotes by A.P. Jensen
#14. Coming of queer age in the 1990s, to love queers was to love damage. To love damage was a path to loving yourself. ...Queers do not come out of the minefield of homophobia without scars. We do not live through out families' rejection of us, our stunted life options, the violence we've faced, the ways in which we've violated ourselves for survival, our harmful coping mechanisms, our lifesaving delusions, the altered brain chemistry we have sustained as a result of this, the low income and survival states we've endured as a result of society's loathing, unharmed. Whatever of theses wounds I didn't experience firsthand, my lovers did, and so I say that, for a time, it was not possible to have queer love that was not ins some way damaged or defined by damage sustained, even as it desperately fought through that damage to access, hopefully, increasingly frequent moments of sustaining, lifesaving love, true love, and loyalty, and electric sex. - Author: Michelle Tea
Love And Loyalty quotes by Michelle Tea
#15. From both my families, I've learnt important things.

From my family of chance, I learnt what it was like to be alone and unrecognized, to be perceived through the prism of delusion, a lost soul marooned in the belly of bedlam. I learned the beauty and power of language, but also its capacity for subtle perfidy, how it can be used to subvert and distort reality, to sanction cruelty and sugarcoat abuse. I learned that words can be the path to freedom or just another lock on the caged door.

And from my family of choice, I learn on a daily basis about love and loyalty, about burdens shared and intimacies treasured, about forgiveness and atonement and joy. I learn about the gift of a difficult childhood and the fact that 'it's never too late to have a happy one. - Author: Lucy Taylor
Love And Loyalty quotes by Lucy Taylor
#16. The biggest is family- unless they are certifiable or criminals, try to keep your kids connected to their cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, whatever you've got, even if it means sacrificing vacations and that new fridge. And visit each other in good times and bad. It teaches your kids more than you can imagine about love and loyalty, and means they will not always have a place to celebrate and someone to celebrate with, but a net to catch them if they fall. - Author: Melissa Shultz
Love And Loyalty quotes by Melissa Shultz
#17. Sin does not leap upon us fully armed. It steals in through a look, a swift, silent suggestion or imagination, but love and loyalty to Jesus will make you watchful and swift to rise up and cast out the subtle enemy. Do this and you shall live, and live victoriously. - Author: Samuel Logan Brengle
Love And Loyalty quotes by Samuel Logan Brengle
#18. Long time friends have a way of touching and impacting our lives in ways never imagined. As we all try to find our own place in this ever changing world, it's comforting to know, that even though separated by time, distance or circumstance, what remains constant is an unspoiled bond of love and loyalty that can be depended upon for a lifetime. One of God's most special gifts…is friendship. - Author: Jason Versey
Love And Loyalty quotes by Jason Versey
#19. I have, however, to live in an age of Faith - the sort of thing I used to hear praised and recommended when I was a boy. It is damned unpleasant, really. It is bloody in every sense of the word. And I have to keep my end up in it. Where do I start?

With personal relationships. Here is something comparatively solid in a world full of violence and cruelty. Not absolutely solid... We don't know what other people are like. How then can we put any trust in personal relationships, or cling to them in the gathering political storm? In theory we can't. But in practice we can and do. Though A is unchangeably A or B unchangeably B, there can still be love and loyalty between the two. For the purpose of loving one has to assume that the personality is solid, and the "self" is an entity, and to ignore all contrary evidence. And since to ignore evidence is one of the characteristics of faith, I certainly can proclaim that I believe in personal relationships. - Author: E. M. Forster
Love And Loyalty quotes by E. M. Forster
#20. For forty years I have been married to one of the greatest women the world has ever produced. All I could produce - small as it may be - was love and loyalty. - Author: Denis Thatcher
Love And Loyalty quotes by Denis Thatcher
#21. don't belong to Abnegation, or Dauntless, or even the Divergent. I don't belong to the Bureau or the experiment or the fringe. I belong to the people I love, and they belong to me - they, and the love and loyalty I give them, form my identity far more than any word or group ever could. I - Author: Veronica Roth
Love And Loyalty quotes by Veronica Roth
#22. Dogs come into our lives to teach us about love and loyalty. They depart to teach us about loss. A new dog never replaces an old dog; it merely expands the heart. If you have loved many dogs, your heart is very big. - Author: Erica Jong
Love And Loyalty quotes by Erica Jong
#23. The best things in life are never rationed. Friendship, loyalty, love do not require coupons. - Author: George Hewitt Myers
Love And Loyalty quotes by George Hewitt Myers
#24. It isn't things and proximity, or even blood that holds us all together. What makes a family is love and loyalty. - Author: Genevieve Dewey
Love And Loyalty quotes by Genevieve Dewey
#25. I have my own high standards for what I want in a partner and how I want to be treated. I bring a lot to the table. I'm not talking about material things but what I have to offer as a person - love and loyalty and all the things that make a good relationship. - Author: Jennifer Lopez
Love And Loyalty quotes by Jennifer Lopez
#26. But is not one a result of the other?" she asked. "Love and loyalty? I cannot see how could you prefer one to the other. - Author: Julie Anne Long
Love And Loyalty quotes by Julie Anne Long
#27. Good friend, don't forget all I've taught you; take to heart my commands. They'll help you live a long, long time, a long life lived full and well. 3-4 Don't lose your grip on Love and Loyalty. Tie them around your neck; carve their initials on your heart. Earn a reputation for living well in God's eyes and the eyes of the people. 5-12 Trust GOD from the bottom of your heart; don't try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for GOD's voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; he's the one who will keep you on track. Don't assume that you know it all. - Author: Anonymous
Love And Loyalty quotes by Anonymous
#28. Love and Loyalty
If ever men and women are their simplest, sincerest selves, it is when suffering softens the one, and sympathy strengthens the other. - Author: Louisa May Alcott
Love And Loyalty quotes by Louisa May Alcott
#29. I remember once, in talking to Mr. Burne-Jones about modern science, his saying to me, 'the more materialistic science becomes, the more angels shall I paint: their wings are my protest in favour of the immortality of the soul.' But these are the intellectual speculations that underlie art. Where in the arts themselves are we to find that breadth of human sympathy which is the condition of all noble work; where in the arts are we to look for what Mazzini would call the social ideas as opposed to the merely personal ideas? By virtue of what claim do I demand for the artist the love and loyalty of the men and women of the world? I think I can answer that. Whatever spiritual message an artist brings to his aid is a matter for his own soul. He may bring judgment like Michael Angelo or peace like Angelico; he may come with mourning like the great Athenian or with mirth like the singer of Sicily; nor is it for us to do aught but accept his teaching, knowing that we cannot smite the bitter lips of Leopardi into laughter or burden with our discontent Goethe's serene calm. But for warrant of its truth such message must have the flame of eloquence in the lips that speak it, splendour and glory in the vision that is its witness, being justified by one thing only - the flawless beauty and perfect form of its expression: this indeed being the social idea, being the meaning of joy in art. Not laughter where none should laugh, nor the calling of peace where there is no peace; not in paintin - Author: Oscar Wilde
Love And Loyalty quotes by Oscar Wilde
#30. Or perhaps, despite your brave words to my parents, you've forgotten what love and loyalty look like. They aren't sacraments, Jane, for only God is perfect, only Go deserves our love without judgement. Men--women--we make mistakes. We judge those we love. But we keep loving them anyway, because we know that mistakes can be repaired, and that tomorrow, our love will be deserved again. It only takes faith--or loyalty, as you called it. Those ARE what tie a family together, through tick and thin. And they tie a husband and wife together, too. There is no happy ending, you're right--not in the singular. but in a marriage, there might be countless happy endings and even more sweet beginnings, if loyalty and love are what guide you. - Author: Meredith Duran
Love And Loyalty quotes by Meredith Duran
#31. Very well," she said after a moment. "Here is how I see that loyalty and love are the same: You would lay down your life for someone for reasons of both love and loyalty. But loyalty implies dependence, doesn't it? For instance, dogs are loyal. It also implies indebtedness. For instance, servants are loyal."
"It also implies integrity. And honor. And - "
"Steadfastness," she completed, with only a hint of irony.
"So you see them as absolutes then, Miss Redmond? Love means to be willing to die for someone, and loyalty perhaps the same?"
"How can they be otherwise? - Author: Julie Anne Long
Love And Loyalty quotes by Julie Anne Long
#32. This place was the "ART" that gave form to the feelings of our heartbeats. Here the consciousness of knowing you "belonged" nestled into that warm feeling of finally being HOME. And Home engenders love and loyalty quite naturally. So, we loved the Stonewall. - Author: New York Public Library
Love And Loyalty quotes by New York Public Library
#33. Wherever is love and loyalty, great purposes and lofty souls, even though in a hovel or a mine, there is fairyland. - Author: Charles Kingsley
Love And Loyalty quotes by Charles Kingsley
#34. relationship between creatures and their creators, the love between parent and children, artists and their art, all creators and their creations. The poem celebrated love and loyalty but teetered on the brink of nihilism with its constant thread of corruption through love of power, human ambition and intellectual hubris. Martin - Author: Dan Simmons
Love And Loyalty quotes by Dan Simmons
#35. It seems we are capable of immense love and loyalty, and as capable of deceit and atrocity. It's probably this shocking ambivalence that makes us unique. - Author: John Scott
Love And Loyalty quotes by John Scott
#36. I think I'd probably tell you that it's easier to desire and pursue the attention of tens of millions of total strangers than it is to accept the love and loyalty of the people closest to us. - Author: William Gibson
Love And Loyalty quotes by William Gibson
#37. Women's loyalty has to be earned with trust and affection, rather than barbaric rituals. The time has come to leave the old ways of suffering behind - Author: Waris Dirie
Love And Loyalty quotes by Waris Dirie
#38. But as the good-hearted young man discovers, a hero is not merely born, he is honed in the moments when his love and loyalty are the most sorely tested."

― Jin Yong - Author: Jin Yong
Love And Loyalty quotes by Jin Yong
#39. Amaryllis in Blueberry is a rich, evocative story about an unusual family that will sweep readers away to another place and time. Amaryllis's voice is a spellbinding and unique blend of naivet and wisdom. A perfect melding of family saga, murder mystery and a meditation on faith, loyalty and love, this novel will both haunt and entertain you. - Author: Susan Wiggs
Love And Loyalty quotes by Susan Wiggs
#40. Love and Loyalty, run deeper than blood. Love that quote even though I haven't read the book. - Author: Richelle Mead
Love And Loyalty quotes by Richelle Mead
#41. Love and loyalty runs deeper than blood. - Author: Richelle Mead
Love And Loyalty quotes by Richelle Mead
#42. Take one cup of love, two cups of loyalty, three cups of forgiveness, four quarts of faith and one barrel of laughter. Take love and loyalty and mix them thoroughly with faith; blend with tenderness, kindness and understanding. Add friendship and hope. Sprinkle abundantly with laughter. Bake it with sunshine. Wrap it regularly with lots of hugs. Serve generous helpings daily. - Author: Zig Ziglar
Love And Loyalty quotes by Zig Ziglar
#43. She kissed his lips and felt his smile form. Alone in this beautiful space, Blake and Livia made things right. Blake kissed her slowly and patiently, like he had all the time in the world. - Author: Debra Anastasia
Love And Loyalty quotes by Debra Anastasia
#44. You are blinded and you serve the God of the Jews, who is not the God of love but the God of hatred. Why don't you listen to Christ Himself, who said to the Jews: Ye are of your father the devil! - Author: Julius Streicher
Love And Loyalty quotes by Julius Streicher
#45. The world may or may not need another cookbook, but it needs all the lovers – amateurs – it can get. It is a gorgeous old place, full of clownish graces and beautiful drolleries, and it has enough textures, tastes, and smells to keep us intrigued for more time than we have. Unfortunately, however, our response to its loveliness is not always delight: It is, far more often than it should be, boredom. And that is not only odd, it is tragic; for boredom is not neutral – it is the fertilizing principle of unloveliness.

In such a situation, the amateur – the lover, the man who thinks heedlessness is a sin and boredom a heresy – is just the man you need. More than that, whether you think you need him or not, he is a man who is bound, by his love, to speak. If he loves Wisdom or the Arts, so much the better for him and for all of us. But if he loves only the way meat browns or onions peel, if he delights simply in the curds of his cheese or the color of his wine, he is, by every one of those enthusiasms, commanded to speak. A silent lover is one who doesn't know his job. - Author: Robert Farrar Capon
Love And Loyalty quotes by Robert Farrar Capon
#46. Work som', twerk som' basis. She just tryna make it so she's right here gettin naked. I don't judge her-I don't judge her. But I could never love her cause to her I'm just a rapper and soon she'll have met another. - Author: Drake
Love And Loyalty quotes by Drake
#47. Vinyl is the real deal. I've always felt like, until you buy the vinyl record, you don't really own the album. And it's not just me or a little pet thing or some kind of retro romantic thing from the past. It is still alive. - Author: Jack White
Love And Loyalty quotes by Jack White
#48. I love dogs. I grew up with dogs in my family from the time that I was a little boy; we always had German Shepherds and Labradors. I get on very well with dogs, they trust me. - Author: Paul Walker
Love And Loyalty quotes by Paul Walker
#49. Fatherhood means a great deal to me. I love it. To me, there aint nothing better, because your kids keep it real with you. When you think things are bad, you look at them and they show you how things could be all right, and it's all worth it. - Author: Martin Lawrence
Love And Loyalty quotes by Martin Lawrence
#50. Those who would know much, and love little, will ever remain at but the beginning of a godly life. - Author: Mechthild Of Magdeburg
Love And Loyalty quotes by Mechthild Of Magdeburg
#51. Love is patient and love is kind. Damn! Why'd it have to be the two qualities I wasn't born with? - Author: Jarod Kintz
Love And Loyalty quotes by Jarod Kintz
#52. But what do I love when I love my God? Not the sweet melody of harmony and song; not the fragrance of flowers, perfumes, and spices; not manna or honey; not limbs such as the body delights to embrace. It is not these that I love when I love my God. And yet, when I love Him, it is true that I love a light of a certain kind, a voice, a perfume, a food, an embrace; but they are of the kind that I love in my inner self, when my soul is bathed in light that is not bound by space; when it listens to sound that never dies away; when it breathes fragrance that is not borne away on the wind; when it tastes food that is never consumed by the eating; when it clings to an embrace from which it is not severed by fulfillment of desire. This is what I love when I love my God. - Author: Augustine
Love And Loyalty quotes by Augustine
#53. And there's nothing sadder, nothing harder in the world than watching the person you love fall apart right before your eyes - and you can't say or do anything to change it. - Author: Jay McLean
Love And Loyalty quotes by Jay McLean
#54. Rather than accepting that we are the loving beings that He created, we have arrogantly thought that we could create ourselves, and then create God. Because we are angry and judgmental, we have projected those characteristics onto Him. We have made up a God in our image. But God remains who He is and always has been: the energy, the thought of unconditional love. - Author: Marianne Williamson
Love And Loyalty quotes by Marianne Williamson
#55. 'Modern Family' is one of my favorite shows on television right now. I just think that show is so brilliantly done. It's so fun, I love it. Eric Stonestreet I could just sit and watch forever. They're all great. That would be on the top of my list. - Author: Joanna Garcia
Love And Loyalty quotes by Joanna Garcia
#56. We have to end the capitalist system. We have to make love our value. You are rich when you love and you are rich when you are giving away your time and what you have to help other people. - Author: Patch Adams
Love And Loyalty quotes by Patch Adams
#57. We would also have to say goodbye to the joy of watching this next generation soak up the massive quantities of love their grandmother would have given them, and seeing them learn that there was someone in the world who loved them as much as their parents did: a grandmother who was delighted by all their quirks and who thought they were the most amazing creatures on earth. - Author: Will Schwalbe
Love And Loyalty quotes by Will Schwalbe
#58. The life of hope, then, is shot through with social influences at every level. We learn to formulate ideals in tandem with others. We pursue particular hopes, sometimes succeeding and sometimes failing, in the company of those we love. And as we develop habits of hope and the hopefulness which helps us weather our trials, we reach out to others, inspiring them, sharing our own hopes with them, and contributing our abilities as best we can to foster the growth of agency. - Author: Patrick Shade
Love And Loyalty quotes by Patrick Shade
#59. The truth was that if the man came with a harsh past and an emptiness in his soul, she was metal to his magnet. - Author: Bella Andre
Love And Loyalty quotes by Bella Andre
#60. What! are you never to hear yourself praised! Then you must be no friend of mine; for those who will accept of my love and esteem, must submit to my open commendation. - Author: Jane Austen
Love And Loyalty quotes by Jane Austen
#61. It's useless to criticize things that people love and something that speaks to them. - Author: Kaui Hart Hemmings
Love And Loyalty quotes by Kaui Hart Hemmings
#62. Whiskey, like a beautiful woman, demands appreciation. You gaze first, then it's time to drink. - Author: Haruki Murakami
Love And Loyalty quotes by Haruki Murakami
#63. There can be no passion, and by consequence no love, where there is not imagination. - Author: William Godwin
Love And Loyalty quotes by William Godwin
#64. I think love is one of those things that it's only really bad because it was once good. You can't miss something that was never amazing. So, what I've learned is that even if it ends badly, it's worth it if it made you feel something, if it taught you something. - Author: Taylor Swift
Love And Loyalty quotes by Taylor Swift
#65. She was both strikingly gorgeous and completely natural, and her perceptive eyes said she was not afraid to wield said power over a man. - Author: Kelly Moran
Love And Loyalty quotes by Kelly Moran
#66. We are a simple creation ever eager to complicate ourselves. We are a loving animal, capable of showing so much love, who even though does not walk on all-four, is also capable, many a time, of nefarious, savage, demeaning, degrading and unfathomable acts against fellow humans. - Author: Levi Cheruo Cheptora
Love And Loyalty quotes by Levi Cheruo Cheptora
#67. Real fatherhood means love and commitment and sacrifice and a willingness to share responsibility and not walking away from one's children. - Author: William Bennett
Love And Loyalty quotes by William Bennett
#68. Consumers around the world always want something unexpected and exciting, and that's what drives me. I love the challenge of reinterpreting my designs in new ways each season to keep the "prep look" modern and fresh. - Author: Tommy Hilfiger
Love And Loyalty quotes by Tommy Hilfiger
#69. He plants himself right there in front of Craig's mother and says, "You need to love him. I don't care who you thought he was, or who you want him to be, you need to love him exactly as he is because your son is a remarkable human being. You have to understand that."
And Craig's mother whispers back, "I know. I know. - Author: David Levithan
Love And Loyalty quotes by David Levithan
#70. He never had a positive feeling of love towards any of them, however. He just went with them and had sex with them. They filled each other's emptiness. Strange as it may seem, he never once felt a strong emotional attraction to any of the women who had a strong emotional attraction to him. - Author: Haruki Murakami
Love And Loyalty quotes by Haruki Murakami
#71. A lot of what we do in relationships involve compromises. A lot of our relationships are exchanges in currencies like affection, acceptance, money, sexual and other sorts of pleasure, shelter, convenience, belonging etc. The self in relation with the communal is always trading something. The important question is what aspect of the self should not be traded. - Author: Dew Platt
Love And Loyalty quotes by Dew Platt
#72. As we passed over the dark bridge her wan face fell lazily against my coat's shoulder and the formidable stroke of thirty died away with the reassuring pressure of her hand. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
Love And Loyalty quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#73. Selden and Lily stood still, accepting the unreality of the scene as a part of their own dream-like sensations. It would not have surprised them to feel a summer breeze on their faces, or to see the lights among the boughs reduplicated in the arch of a starry sky. The strange solitude about them was no stranger than the sweetness of being alone in it together. - Author: Edith Wharton
Love And Loyalty quotes by Edith Wharton
#74. Yu come face to face with love, and before the sun sets you've become someone you didn't used to be...

It's the reason a wolf would chase a crow, even knowing he can't fly and she don't ever need to touch the ground. - Author: Jonathan Hickman
Love And Loyalty quotes by Jonathan Hickman
#75. I imagine the gods saying, We will
make it up to you. We will give you
three wishes, they say. Let me see
the squirrels again, I tell them.
Let me eat some of the great hog
stuffed and roasted on its giant spit
and put out, steaming, into the winter
of my neighborhood when I was usually
too broke to afford even the hundred grams
I ate so happily walking up the cobbles,
past the Street of the Moon
and the Street of the Birdcage-Makers,
the Street of Silence and the Street
of the Little Pissing. We can give you
wisdom, they say in their rich voices.
Let me go at last to Hugette, I say,
the Algerian student with her huge eyes
who timidly invited me to her room
when I was too young and bewildered
that first year in Paris.
Let me at least fail at my life.
Think, they say patiently, we could
make you famous again. Let me fall
in love one last time, I beg them.
Teach me mortality, frighten me
into the present. Help me to find
the heft of these days. That the nights
will be full enough and my heart feral. - Author: Jack Gilbert
Love And Loyalty quotes by Jack Gilbert
#76. need to assess what you love right now and what is authntic to your way of living in this season of life. - Author: Melissa Michaels
Love And Loyalty quotes by Melissa Michaels
#77. We had been given flowers, good food, and a soft bed, all in exchange for declaring our love. I thought we might go from town to town and marry in each one. - Author: William Klaber
Love And Loyalty quotes by William Klaber
#78. Maybe the people that we expect to love us is not like what we want. So, just accept it with truly heart and waybe we can consider them as our role model or senior, (only for the good one) and we also can be motivated from that. - Author: Miraeniuzz Sanaf
Love And Loyalty quotes by Miraeniuzz Sanaf
#79. When your heart connects through prayer to the One who is the source of true love, you'll find that praying for your future husband will wondrously result in your heart being changed. And when your heart is changed, your life is transformed. - Author: Robin Jones Gunn
Love And Loyalty quotes by Robin Jones Gunn
#80. I shall speak of love...
and of hate.
It is truly a marvel, but I tell you, hatred and love may live cramped together, crouching in the same heart. - Author: M T Anderson
Love And Loyalty quotes by M T Anderson
#81. I found myself grinning until my cheeks hurt, my scalp prickling till I thought it might lift off my head. My tongue ran away from me, giddy with freedom. This, and this, and this, I said to him. I did not have to fear that I spoke too much. I did not have to worry that I was too slender, or too slow. This and this and this! I taught him how to skip stones, and he taught me how to carve wood. I could feel every nerve in my body, every brush of air against my skin. - Author: Madeline Miller
Love And Loyalty quotes by Madeline Miller
#82. I can't believe he's going to make me give him the speech. I am livid that he's going to make me give him the speech. I do it, piecing it together from times I've seen it done on TV and in movies. I tell him that there are many people who love him and would be crushed if he were to kill himself, while wondering, distantly, if that is the truth. I tell him that he has so much potential, that he has so many things to do, while most of me believes that he will never put his body and brain to much use at all. I tell him that we all have dark periods, while becoming ever more angry at him, the theatrics, the self-pity, all this, when he has everything. He has a complete sort of freedom, with no parents and no dependents, with money and no immediate threats of pain or calamity. He is the 99.9th percentile, as I am. He has no real obligations, can go anywhere at any moment, sleep anywhere, move at will, and still he is wasting everyone's time with this. But I hold that back--I will save that for later--and instead say nothing but the most rapturous and positive things. And though I do not believe much of it, he does. I make myself sick saying it all, everything so obvious, the reasons to live not at all explainable in a few minutes on the edge of a psychiatric ward bed, but still he is roused, making me wonder even more about him, why a fudge-laden pep talk can convince him to live, why he insists on bringing us both down here, to this pedestrian level, how he cannot see how silly w - Author: Dave Eggers
Love And Loyalty quotes by Dave Eggers
#83. I love God, and when you get to know Him, you find He's a Livin' Doll. - Author: Jane Russell
Love And Loyalty quotes by Jane Russell
#84. Even though we've written epic poems and made incredible films about love, I still don't think anyone can understand what it is, or why it means everything. - Author: Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor
Love And Loyalty quotes by Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor
#85. We've told men for so long that we're equal, we can open our own doors, carry our own bags, pay our own way, that now they're afraid to offer in case we accuse them of sex discrimination. If you were a man would you buy a woman underwear? I wouldn't dare. What if she throws it back in your face and calls you a sexist pig? So they've tried to turn into new men, but that's no good either, because now we're telling them to be masculine. We don't just want them in a pair of Marigolds cleaning the oven, that's not good enough. We want them to take control, to whisk us off hotels, buy us dinner, and make mad passionate love to us all night. We want it all ways. We want them heroes and handy with the vacuum. No wonder the poor guys are confused - Author: Alexandra Potter
Love And Loyalty quotes by Alexandra Potter
#86. O magnet-South! O glistening perfumed South! My South! O quick mettle, rich blood, impulse and love! Good and evil! O all dear to me! - Author: Walt Whitman
Love And Loyalty quotes by Walt Whitman
#87. No doctor can write a prescription for friendship and love: These are complex and hard-earned capacities. You don't need a history of trauma to feel self-conscious and even panicked at a party with strangers - but trauma can turn the whole world into a gathering of aliens. - Author: Bessel A. Van Der Kolk
Love And Loyalty quotes by Bessel A. Van Der Kolk
#88. You will NEVER be just a guy, Rome. You're the best brother a guy could have. You're a fucking hero. No one, and I mean no one, has ever had my back the way you have. You are an incredible person, be it in the army fighting a war or sitting on the goddamn couch watching the game. Don't forget it. - Author: Jay Crownover
Love And Loyalty quotes by Jay Crownover
#89. I've come to realize that if me gets his way, I'll miss out on the real life I'm meant to live. The life in which I love others and make a difference in the world. - Author: Kyle Idleman
Love And Loyalty quotes by Kyle Idleman
#90. Let everything we do and say be an expression of the beauty in our heart, always based on love. - Author: Miguel Ruiz
Love And Loyalty quotes by Miguel Ruiz

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