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#1. And at night, waking out of a dream, overwhelmed and bewitched by the crowding apparitions, a man perceives with alarm how slight is the support, how thin the boundary that divides him from the darkness. We are little flames poorly sheltered by frail walls against the storm of dissolution and madness, in which we flicker and sometimes almost go out. Then the muffled roar of the battle becomes a ring that encircles us, we creep in upon ourselves, and with big eyes stare into the night. - Author: Erich Maria Remarque
Little Flames quotes by Erich Maria Remarque
#2. And in the night you realize, when you wake out of a dream, overcome and captivated by the enchantment of visions that crowd in on each other, just how fragile a handhold, how tenuous a boundary separates us from darkness - we are little flames, inadequately sheltered by thin walls from the tempest of dissolution and insensibility in which we flicker and are often all but extinguished. Then the muted sounds of battle surrounds us, and we creep into ourselves and stare wide-eyed into the night. - Author: Erich Maria Remarque
Little Flames quotes by Erich Maria Remarque
#3. I plan on fulfilling our destiny, no matter the cost.
-Aurora - Author: Candace Knoebel
Little Flames quotes by Candace Knoebel
#4. Well, lucky you, you've landed in the right nest. Come, come, follow me, young hatchling.
-Keeper of the chronicles (Alister) - Author: Candace Knoebel
Little Flames quotes by Candace Knoebel
#5. Of Dragon born, a conqueror prevails. The chosen one fated to protect the dying race. Third of three deemed protector to the progeny. The other marked for revenge. The book of life pages turn yet unwritten. The canvas to your mortal soul. The connection to your immortal enemy. A death will come to He that breaks the barrier. Mr. Creepy/Sooth - Author: Candace Knoebel
Little Flames quotes by Candace Knoebel
#6. From chaos the universe was born, from void came life. From the abyss of despair came the spirit of survival. Flowers from earth. Gold from fire. I burn like fire. Little flames bloom first at my toes, then my stomach, then my heart. Now my soul is on fire. Do you feel the heat? - Author: Sanjay Bahadur
Little Flames quotes by Sanjay Bahadur
#7. Julian bent closer as if to soothe her. "Please continue. This is extremely interesting. I searched centuries for lost Carpathians but had given up hope. How all of you accomplished what you did is extraordinary."
Desari swallowed as little flames licked at her skin, as her breasts reacted to the pad of his thumb sliding sensuously over the soft swell. She glanced up at him, determined to reprimand him, but he was looking intellectual and earnestly interested in whatever she had been telling him. Except for his eyes. His eyes were molten gold and burning with a liquid fire that seemed to consume her, to mesmerize her.
"I have no idea what I was saying," she finally admitted, her voice so husky it was an invitation. - Author: Christine Feehan
Little Flames quotes by Christine Feehan
#8. Private prayer is like straw scattered here and there: If you set it on fire it makes a lot of little flames. But gather these straws into a bundle and light them, and you get a mighty fire, rising like a column into the sky; public prayer is like that. - Author: John Vianney
Little Flames quotes by John Vianney
#9. Each person shines with his or her own light. No two flames are alike. There are big flames and little flames, flames of every color. Some people's flames are so still they don't even flicker in the wind, while others have wild flames that fill the air with sparks. Some foolish flames neither burn nor shed light, but others blaze with life so fiercely that you can't look at them without blinking, and if you approach you shine in the fire. - Author: Eduardo Galeano
Little Flames quotes by Eduardo Galeano
#10. We are little flames poorly sheltered by frail walls against the storm of dissolution and madness, in which we flicker and sometimes almost go out ... we creep in upon ourselves and with big eyes stare into the night ... and thus we wait for morning. - Author: Erich Maria Remarque
Little Flames quotes by Erich Maria Remarque
#11. Her slender arms instantly circled his neck so that she could press her body against his hard frame. "I am a superstar,lifemate,yet you wish to leave me along at every opportunity. There are men everywhere who would be happy to take your place by my side."
He bent his head, his teeth scraping a provocative rythm over her pulse. Desari went liquid, boneless, her stomach clenching in anticipation. "No, they would not be happy to take my place at your side,cara mia, because I would promptly end their lives in a most unhappy way."
"You are such a caveman, Julian. You look tall and elegant and princely, yet you have not matured beyond the cave." Desari allowed her tongue a brief inspection of the taste of his skin. She closed her eyes to savor the moment.
"I have no intention of rising above caveman mentality," he growled in her ear, his breath teasing tendrils of hair and sending little flames dancing through her bloodstream. "There are so many benefits for the caveman."
"You like playing the part of the dominant male,no doubt," she whispered, her voice so husky with need that his body tightened in urgent, painful response. Her mouth moved over his throat, her hands seeking skin beneath his shirt. "I have a need of you, lifemate, and you are deliberately ignoring your sworn duties to me."
"Little minx. - Author: Christine Feehan
Little Flames quotes by Christine Feehan
#12. When you stay with the Draconta, you will begin to understand more about yourself than I could ever teach you, But for now, I can share what little I do know. The song that plays between you and Fenn is a soul song heard between two dragons that are mated
-Astral - Author: Candace Knoebel
Little Flames quotes by Candace Knoebel
#13. He'd discovered the tables now and was staring at the pile. It looked like the work of a miniaturist beaver: a heap of objects that was illegible yet clearly not random. To Sasha's eye, it almost shook under its load of embarrassments and close shaves and little triumphs and moments of pure exhilaration. It contained years of her life compressed. The screwdriver was at the outer edge. Sasha moved closer to Alex, drawn to the sight of him taking everything in. - Author: Jennifer Egan
Little Flames quotes by Jennifer Egan
#14. Art should be witty, like a good Eddie Murphy movie, to make your life a little easier and better. - Author: William Quigley
Little Flames quotes by William Quigley
#15. Oxford is a little aristocracy in itself, numerous and dignified enough to rank with other estates in the realm; and where fame and secular promotion are to be had for study, and in a direction which has the unanimous respect of all cultivated nations. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Little Flames quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#16. We have little choice but to place a certain level of trust in scientists - even when it comes to the model-driven speculative discipline of climate change. And, need it be said, most scientists take great care in being honest, principled and precise. - Author: David Harsanyi
Little Flames quotes by David Harsanyi
#17. I played trumpet for about two weeks. Sixth grade. And I didn't practice. Maybe a little longer than two weeks, but I didn't practice and I was faking it. - Author: Wendell Pierce
Little Flames quotes by Wendell Pierce
#18. Last night, there was a moment before you got into bed. You stood, quite naked, bending forward a little - talking. It was only for an instant. I saw you - I loved you so - loved your body with such tenderness - Ah my dear - And I am not thinking now of 'passion.' No, of that other thing that makes me feel that every inch of you is so precious to me. Your soft shoulders - your creamy warm skin, your ears, cold like shells are cold - your long legs and your feet that I love to clasp with my feet - the feeling of your belly - & your thin young back - Just below that bone that sticks out at the back of your neck you have a little mole. It is partly because we are young that I feel this tenderness - I love your youth - I could not bear that it should be touched even by a cold wind if I were the Lord. - Author: Katherine Mansfield
Little Flames quotes by Katherine Mansfield
#19. Simple daily disciplines - little productive actions, repeated consistently over time - add up to the difference between failure and success. The slight edge is relentless and cuts both ways: simple daily disciplines or simple errors in judgment, repeated consistently over time, make you or break you. Without the slight edge, you can start with a million and lose it all. With the slight edge, you can start with a penny and accomplish anything you want. - Author: Anonymous
Little Flames quotes by Anonymous
#20. It fells incredible, but it's not what I'm desperate for. I am desperate for him. I know what I have to do to get what I want, and I've made my peace with it. He wants me to beg... I'll beg. He wants me to plead... I will. Because right now he knows he's got me wrapped around his little finger... and it's right where I want to be. I'm sick. I'm deluded. I'm lost. I'm his. - Author: Callie Hart
Little Flames quotes by Callie Hart
#21. The pattern of your breathing affects the pattern of your performance. When you are under stress, deep breathing helps bring your mind and body back into the present.Over the years I have handed out thousands of little stickers to athletes that read 'Breathe and Focus.' A baseball player will place the bright orange circle on the shoulder of his uniform or underneath the bill of his cap, or on the barrel of his bat. A hockey player might affix it to his stick. Firefighters I have worked with place the stickers on their self-contained breathing apparatus. The stickers serve as a reminder. Whenever they feel themselves growing anxious, breathe in energy. Breathe out negativity. Breathe in relaxation. Breathe out stress. - Author: Gary Mack
Little Flames quotes by Gary Mack
#22. What did she love Shelley for? His reckless spontaneity
like this. His helpless generous nature
like this. His treatment of her as a reasonable human being and not a trembling little rose
and so on. If she loved him for these things, could she hate him for them? Could she? - Author: Jude Morgan
Little Flames quotes by Jude Morgan
#23. Where the past is venerated the clean and those who clean things up should be kept out. Piety is never happy without a little dust, dirt, and rubbish. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
Little Flames quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#24. I really have to edit myself - I need someone with a censor button around me all the time. I'm just a little unaware of what's deemed appropriate. - Author: Andy Dick
Little Flames quotes by Andy Dick
#25. Listen to me, my deadly little pearl. Choose love. Always choose love. If the decision is between love and anything else, choose love." "And - Author: Gail Carriger
Little Flames quotes by Gail Carriger
#26. It's not a country of articulate people, sophisticated people. There's too little subtlety. Men and women don't enjoy each other very much in Australia. I don't find very many men sexy in Australia. Of course, I'm married and out of it, but still. - Author: Judy Davis
Little Flames quotes by Judy Davis
#27. Honey Boo Boo is a handful, baby. She says what she wants to say, does what she wants to do. I've only seen, like, snippets, like one or two or three, you know, little shots of her, but yeah, she's a handful, baby. - Author: Ashanti
Little Flames quotes by Ashanti
#28. They had been through hell when their little boy was born, and now they were suffering again. Knowing something, but then having it confirmed by an expert are two different things. Their life with autism had begun. - Author: Michael Braccia
Little Flames quotes by Michael Braccia
#29. Tito snored away on the other bed. Out there, all around them to the last fringes of occupancy, were Toobfreex at play in the video universe, the tropic isle, the Long Branch Saloon, the Starship Enterprise, Hawaiian crime fantasies, cute kids in make-believe living rooms with invisible audiences to laugh at everything they did, baseball highlights, Vietnam footage, helicopter gunships and firefights, and midnight jokes, and talking celebrities, and a slave girl in a bottle, and Arnold the pig, and here was Doc, on the natch, caught in a low-level bummer he couldn't find a way out of, about how the Psychedelic Sixties, this little parenthesis of light, might close after all, and all be lost, taken back into darkness ... - Author: Thomas Pynchon
Little Flames quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#30. Gregory picks up his little dog. He hugs her, and nuzzles the fur at the back of her neck. He waits. 'Rafe and Richard say that when my education is sufficient you mean to marry me to some old dowager with a great settlement and black teeth, and she will wear me out with lechery and rule me with her whims, and she will leave her estate away from the children she has and they will hate me and scheme against my life and one morning I shall be dead in my bed.'
The spaniel swivels in his son's arms, turns on him her mild, round, wondering eyes. 'They are making sport of you, Gregory. If I knew such a woman, I would marry her myself. - Author: Hilary Mantel
Little Flames quotes by Hilary Mantel
#31. I got a mother who wasn't having it. She wasn't having a minute of my drama, which is probably the luckiest thing that ever happened to me ... she was not about to raise a little candy ass. Not on her watch. - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
Little Flames quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#32. This is going to make me sound ancient, but I remember Juhu Beach when there weren't any buildings on it. You'd go through countryside and arrive at this amazing beach. I remember driving from Delhi to the Qutab Minar through countryside. Mehrauli was a little village - that's all gone. - Author: Salman Rushdie
Little Flames quotes by Salman Rushdie
#33. Slavery, though under modifications which rendered it little more than the apprenticeship of our day, was permitted under the Mosaic dispensation; but it is contrary to the whole tenor of Christianity; and a system which lowers man as an intellectual and responsible being is no less morally than politically wrong. - Author: Isabella Bird
Little Flames quotes by Isabella Bird
#34. As you get to the end of the project you want to run all the tests cases against one version and make sure that you know that that version passed everything. And so as you get late in the project you get a little more conservative about making radical changes to the software. - Author: Bill Gates
Little Flames quotes by Bill Gates
#35. The art of moviemaking seems to get thrown away. The cinematography is gone, and the look of everything becomes of little importance. You lose the memorable images; everything looks like it's been shot at night with a security camera. - Author: Rob Zombie
Little Flames quotes by Rob Zombie
#36. He stepped back, cursing. "Hey, haven't you heard of the First Amendment? You jerk!"

The security guard, still gunning like a mad scientist, said over the loudspeaker, "Sure, you little shit, and Prince Charles is a Tampax - Author: Catherine Coulter
Little Flames quotes by Catherine Coulter
#37. Have yourself a merry little Christmas, make the Yuletide gay. - Author: Ralph Blane
Little Flames quotes by Ralph Blane
#38. Many of the little intrusions into our lives, the little difficulties and the petty problems that beset us, are put into proper perspective when we view the linking of the generations for the eternities. We become much more patient then. So if you want the influence of dignity and wisdom and inspiration and spirituality to envelop your life, involve yourself in temple and genealogical work. - Author: Boyd K. Packer
Little Flames quotes by Boyd K. Packer
#39. I always was a performer, from the time I was little. It was always a natural place for me to be. - Author: Billy Crystal
Little Flames quotes by Billy Crystal
#40. Developed countries depend very little on rain, as this dependence creates high fluctuations in the output, year after year. Apart - Author: Chetan Bhagat
Little Flames quotes by Chetan Bhagat
#41. He gets a little hot sometimes, but that's fine. It shows he wants to win ... he fires at pins. I'd rather have someone miss some cuts who's shooting at pins and playing aggressively. - Author: Ryan Kuehl
Little Flames quotes by Ryan Kuehl
#42. By the time I was five, I was a little diva. - Author: Stevie Nicks
Little Flames quotes by Stevie Nicks
#43. Yon Kippur. Greatest Jewish holiday ever. The Jewish day of attonement. You don't ear for one day, all your sins for the year are wiped clean. Beat that with your little Lent. What is Lent? Forty days of absolution. Forty days to one day. Even in sin you're paying retail. - Author: Jon Stewart
Little Flames quotes by Jon Stewart
#44. I know that that doesn't make even a little bit of sense. That was the point, that beautiful incongruence. - Author: Hank Green
Little Flames quotes by Hank Green
#45. Anson looked searchingly at her. His eyes moved over her body. He thought: you meet a woman and she starts a chemical reaction in you. You think there is no one like her in the world, then something happens, and it is finished. She means less to me now than the used plate after a good meal, and how little can that be? - Author: James Hadley Chase
Little Flames quotes by James Hadley Chase
#46. Warm honey, a shot of raw whiskey, and a little hot puff of smoke wafted from his mouth like a fine and rare brandy being decanted. -- Chloe San Valentine from 3 WISHES - Author: Peggy Jaeger
Little Flames quotes by Peggy Jaeger
#47. It's a little dangerous for me to get outside myself and think about how I want people to see me. - Author: Rosanne Cash
Little Flames quotes by Rosanne Cash
#48. So I'm in that half-hour business where the most money is, so that eventually I feel like the people that put on the Dupont show, like maybe my artistic effort is going to be a little different. - Author: Jackie Cooper
Little Flames quotes by Jackie Cooper
#49. I was moving among two groups ... who had almost ceased to communicate at all, who in intellectual, moral, and psychological climate had so little in common that ... one might have crossed the ocean. - Author: C.P. Snow
Little Flames quotes by C.P. Snow
#50. What if something were to happen? What if something suddenly started throbbing? Then they would notice it was there and they'd think their hearts were going to burst. Then what good would their dykes, bulwarks, power houses, furnaces and pile drivers be to them? It can happen any time, perhaps right now: the omens are present. For example, the father of a family might go out for a walk, and, across the street, he'll see something like a red rag, blown towards him by the wind. And when the rag has gotten close to him he'll see that it is a side of rotten meat, grimy with dust, dragging itself along by crawling, skipping, a piece of writhing flesh rolling in the gutter, spasmodically shooting out spurts of blood. Or a mother might look at her child's cheek and ask him: "What's that, a pimple?" and see the flesh puff out a little, split, open, and at the bottom of the split an eye, a laughing eye might appear. Or they might feel things gently brushing against their bodies, like the caresses of reeds to swimmers in a river. And they will realize that their clothing has become living things. And someone else might feel something scratching in his mouth. He goes to the mirror, opens his mouth: and his tongue is an enormous, live centipede, rubbing its legs together and scraping his palate. He'd like to spit it out, but the centipede is a part of him and he will have to tear it out with his own hands. And a crowd of things will appear for which people will have to find new names, st - Author: Jean-Paul Sartre
Little Flames quotes by Jean-Paul Sartre
#51. Still in Bed?" Thomas had asked with amusement, as Lissianna had blinked at them. "I am so glad you got at least a little rest today. I feared you'd work Greg to death while the rest of us tried to sleep. - Author: Lynsay Sands
Little Flames quotes by Lynsay Sands
#52. That's the business model. How quickly can they be made to grow, how tightly can they be packed, how much or little can they eat, how sick can they get without dying. This isn't animal experimentation, where you can imagine some proportionate good at the other end of the suffering. This is what we feel like eating ... Why doesn't a horny person have as strong a claim to raping an animal as a hungry one does to killing and eating it? It's easy to dismiss that question but hard to respond to it ... How riveting wold the sound of a tortured animal need to be to make you want to hear it that badly? - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
Little Flames quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
#53. Sometimes there are accidents in our lives the skillful extrication from which demands a little folly. - Author: Francois De La Rochefoucauld
Little Flames quotes by Francois De La Rochefoucauld
#54. This is what it is to live in the world. You have to give yourself over to the cold, at least a little bit. - Author: Anne Ursu
Little Flames quotes by Anne Ursu
#55. I was raised in a mostly white neighborhood. I was this little white girl jamming out to Ella Fitzgerald and Bobby Brown. - Author: Jojo
Little Flames quotes by Jojo
#56. Literature deserves its prestige for one reason above all others - because it's a tool to help us live and die with a little bit more wisdom, goodness, and sanity. - Author: Alain De Botton
Little Flames quotes by Alain De Botton

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