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The question is ... How did a girl like Annabelle manage to talk a man like you into joining our silly little family party?"
Annabelle smiled sweetly. "I promised he could tie me up afterward and spank me. ~ Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Little Family quotes by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
I flew over to Birmingham and did half a dozen scenes or so as a pastor in the film. I had a great time. I look forward to seeing the final version. I also am good friends with the Erwin Brothers who are co-directing and producing the film with Kevin. They also helped with Courageous. It's kind of a small little family in this arena and we love helping each other out. ~ Alex Kendrick
Little Family quotes by Alex Kendrick
I found Caeden lying on my bed with both the dogs. He was talking to them and petting Archie behind his ears.
It was like our own little family. ~ Micalea Smeltzer
Little Family quotes by Micalea Smeltzer
If I won the lottery I'd start a charity that helped little family hardware stores, cobblers and fruit shops open in city centres. ~ Alexei Sayle
Little Family quotes by Alexei Sayle
The village lay in the hollow, and climbed, with very prosaic houses, the other side. Village architecture does not flourish in Scotland. The blue slates and the grey stone are sworn foes to the picturesque; and though I do not, for my own part, dislike the interior of an old-fashioned pewed and galleried church, with its little family settlements on all sides, the square box outside, with its bit of a spire like a handle to lift it by, is not an improvement to the landscape. Still, a cluster of houses on differing elevations - with scraps of garden coming in between, a hedgerow with clothes laid out to dry, the opening of a street with its rural sociability, the women at their doors, the slow waggon lumbering along - gives a centre to the landscape. It was cheerful to look at, and convenient in a hundred ways. ("The Open Door") ~ Mrs. Oliphant
Little Family quotes by Mrs. Oliphant
I think making movies and being in theater and TV, there's this beautiful little family. It's so intense that you form these little families, and that's what I loved. ~ Mickey Sumner
Little Family quotes by Mickey Sumner
The threat of her relapsing had created a strong gravitational field around their little family and was part of the reason he had never left home. He ~ Reif Larsen
Little Family quotes by Reif Larsen
When I was a kid, I would sing in people's living rooms and for different little family things. ~ Kelli O'Hara
Little Family quotes by Kelli O'Hara
Despite my struggles, Mister had been an understanding soul, and I eventually came to realize that I was a part of his little family, and by his gracious consent was allowed to remain in his apartment. Cats. Go figure. I ~ Jim Butcher
Little Family quotes by Jim Butcher
It was funny how their odd little family of friends had changed him. Made him feel safe. Theta, Memphis, Henry, Jericho, Mabel, Ling, Isaiah, and especially Evie. They'd been there for him. Opened the parts of him he was afraid would be closed off forever. Why had he wasted so much time bottling up his feelings? What did that ever get anybody but dumb fights? He had friends. He had a home in them. And Evie was home, too. ~ Libba Bray
Little Family quotes by Libba Bray
The horrors of the world in general upset me. I cry when I think about how lucky I am with my lovely little family. ~ Sara Cox
Little Family quotes by Sara Cox
The desires our little family couldn't afford to indulge had never seemed important, only snobbish and silly and somehow misplaced, like Thurston Howell's priorities on Gilligan's Island. Besides, I'd had as much or more money than most kids I'd known in Brooklyn, if somewhat less than the majority of my Manhattan schoolmates at Stuyvesant, so figured I was somewhere in the middle. Yeah, sure, that was it: I was middle class. ~ Jonathan Lethem
Little Family quotes by Jonathan Lethem
My family, although they're very large on both my parents' sides, they don't know much about their family tree. Occasionally, they try to dig, but they can't get very far, and it's baffling. In Dublin, it seems that so many public records were wiped out; it's proven to be very difficult, so I know very little. ~ Morrissey
Little Family quotes by Morrissey
What is a family without love? And by family I don't just mean a packed kitchen table with a hoard of children around it. A family can be made up of any number of people. Me and my fiancee are our own little family, a family of two (and the dog!), and our love is at the heart of that. ~ Pink
Little Family quotes by Pink
My father, you must know, who was originally a Turkey merchant, but had left off business for some years, in order to retire to, and die upon, his paternal estate in the county of - - , was, I believe, one of the most regular men in every thing he did, whether 'twas matter of business, or matter of amusement, that ever lived. As a small specimen of this extreme exactness of his, to which he was in truth a slave, he had made it a rule for many years of his life, - on the first Sunday-night of every month throughout the whole year, - as certain as ever the Sunday-night came, - to wind up a large house-clock, which we had standing on the back-stairs head, with his own hands: - And being somewhere between fifty and sixty years of age at the time I have been speaking of, - he had likewise gradually brought some other little family concernments to the same period, in order, as he would often say to my uncle Toby, to get them all out of the way at one time, and be no more plagued and pestered with them the rest of the month.

It was attended but with one misfortune, which, in a great measure, fell upon myself, and the effects of which I fear I shall carry with me to my grave; namely, that from an unhappy association of ideas, which have no connection in nature, it so fell out at length, that my poor mother could never hear the said clock wound up, - but the thoughts of some other things unavoidably popped into her head. ~ Laurence Sterne
Little Family quotes by Laurence Sterne
When Augustus Townsend died in Georgia near the Florida line, he rose up above the barn where he had died, up above the trees and the crumbling smokehouse and the little family house nearby, and he walked away quick-like, toward Virginia. He discovered that when people were above it all they walked faster, as much as a hundred times faster than when they were confined to the earth. And so he reached Virginia in little or no time. He came to the house he had built for his family, for Mildred his wife and Henry his son, and he opened and went through the door. He thought she might be at the kitchen table, unable to sleep and drinking something to ease her mind. But he did not find his wife there. Augustus went upstairs and found Mildred sleeping in their bed. He looked at her for a long time, certainly as long as it would have taken him, walking up above it all, to walk to Canada and beyond. Then he went to the bed, leaned over and kissed her left breast.
The kiss went through the breast, through skin and bone, and came to the cage that protected the heart. Now the kiss, like so many kisses, had all manner ofkeys, but it, like so many kisses, was forgetful, and it could not find the right key to the cage. So in the end, frustrated, desperate, the kiss squeezed through the bars and kissed Mildred's heart. She woke immediately and she knew her husband was gone forever. All breath went and she was seized with such a pain that she had to come to her feet. But the room and the ~ Edward P. Jones
Little Family quotes by Edward P. Jones
Fine." Patrick muttered without confidence. "Anything is better than waiting around here." "Time for a little family reunion." Johnny remarked. At the agreement, the four trekked the rest of the way down the empty alley. As he passed the final building Patrick peered ~ Brendan Walsh
Little Family quotes by Brendan Walsh
I was occupied so entirely by each day, I felt detached from anything so large as a month or a year. History didn't cross my mind. Now it does. Now I know, whatever your burdens, to hold yourself apart from the lot of more powerful men is an illusion. On that awful day in January 1961, Lumumba paid with a life and so did I. On the wings of an owl the fallen Congo came to haunt even our little family, we messengers of goodwill adrift on a sea of mistaken intentions. ~ Barbara Kingsolver
Little Family quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
When I was a kid, my dad kind of forced me to sing the third harmony for our little family group, and I just kind of hated it. I just felt so uncomfortable on stage, too shy. ~ Nathaniel Rateliff
Little Family quotes by Nathaniel Rateliff
Every year, like a good Catholic, I wait for Christmas. Putting up the lights, decorating the tree, making sweets and then unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning ... it's a tradition my family has followed since I was very little. ~ Malaika Arora Khan
Little Family quotes by Malaika Arora Khan
She had got it into her head that we, her little family, would go on camping trips. Cook freshly caught trout beside a lake where the sun never set. I hope she got there with her drinking. ~ Jo Nesbo
Little Family quotes by Jo Nesbo
I was deeply interested in the little family history which he detailed to me with all that candor which a Frenchman indulges whenever mere self is the theme. ~ Edgar Allan Poe
Little Family quotes by Edgar Allan Poe
Instinct caused a woman who had once been so attractive to still attempt makeup and hairdos, Marisa guessed, but more often than not, the effort came off with Mama looking like a clown. Seeing it broke Marisa's heart, but she didn't interfere. Her mother didn't know the difference and these days, it was rare for anyone but Marisa to see her. What little family they had seldom came and Mama's friends in Agua Dulce, out of respect, were reluctant to gawk at her decline. ~ Anna Jeffrey
Little Family quotes by Anna Jeffrey
When I was very little, we would get letters from China, in Chinese, and they' be censored. We were a very insular little family. ~ Maya Lin
Little Family quotes by Maya Lin
To see Ramses, at fourteen months, wrinkling his brows over a sentence like 'The theology of the Egyptians was a compound of fetishism, totem-ism and syncretism' was a sight as terrifying as it was comical. Even more terrifying was the occasional thoughtful nod the child would give.
...the room was dark except for one lamp, by whose light Emerson was reading. Ramses, in his crib, contemplated the ceiling with rapt attention. It made a pretty little family scene, until one heard what was being said. '...the anatomical details of the wounds, which included a large gash in the frontal bone, a broken malar bone and orbit, and a spear thrust which smashed off the mastoid process and struck the atlas vertebra, allow us to reconstruct the death scene of the king.' ... From the small figure in the cot came a reflective voice. 'It appeaws to me that he was muwduwed.'...' a domestic cwime.'...'One of the ladies of the hawem did it, I think.' I seized Emerson by the arm and pushed him toward the door, before he could pursue this interesting suggestion. ~ Elizabeth Peters
Little Family quotes by Elizabeth Peters
Poor Metias. He's not supposed to be a father. He's supposed to be out on his own, independent and free to concentrate on his job as a young captain. But somebody has to take care of me, and I make his life so much harder than it needs to be. I wonder what things must have been like for him back when our parents were still alive, when I was a toddler and Metias was a teenager and he could focus on growing up instead of helping someone else grow up. Still, Metias hasn't complained once. Not a single time. And even though I wish our parents were here, sometimes I'm really happy that this is our little family unit, just me and my brother, each watching out for no one but the other. We do the best we can. ~ Marie Lu
Little Family quotes by Marie Lu
It's been a very interesting exercise as a writer - writing a little family group, like The Incredibles or The Simpsons or something like that, and setting it in a big Star Wars-type setting. It's been really fun, definitely different from the kind of thing I normally do. ~ Mark Millar
Little Family quotes by Mark Millar
Cast changes are a hard thing. For two years, we had this little family. We weren't together when these changes were decided upon. It all happened during our hiatus. ~ Victoria Pratt
Little Family quotes by Victoria Pratt
Seemed to arrive suddenly that year. The morning of the first of September was crisp and golden as an apple, and as the little family bobbed across the rumbling ~ J.K. Rowling
Little Family quotes by J.K. Rowling
The motto of the Little family was evidently "variety". Young Bingo is long and thin and hasn't had a superfluous ounce on him since we first met; but the uncle restored the average and a bit over. The hand which grasped mine wrapped it round and enfolded it till I began to wonder if I'd ever get it out without excavating machinery. ~ P.G. Wodehouse
Little Family quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
D.H. Lawrence had the impression – that psychoanalysis was shutting sexuality up in a bizarre sort of box painted with bourgeois motifs, in a kind of rather repugnant artificial triangle, thereby stifling the whole of sexuality as a production of desire so as to recast it along entirely different lines, making of it a 'dirty little secret', a dirty little family secret, a private theater rather than the fantastic factory of nature and production ~ Gilles Deleuze
Little Family quotes by Gilles Deleuze
I do all of the grocery shopping in my little family. I buy cheese, of many different kinds, sliced packaged meats and poultry, bagels, immense quantities of eggs, pre-made fried chicken. Milk. Bacon. It is insane how much dairy, deli and bakery stuff I buy. ~ Ben Stein
Little Family quotes by Ben Stein
Those who think that a woman detained at home by her little family is doing nothing, think the reverse of what is true. Scarcely can the godly mother quit her home for a place of worship; but dream not that she is lost to the work of the church; far from it, she is doing the best possible service for her Lord. Mothers, the godly training of your offspring is your first and most pressing duty. ~ Charles Spurgeon
Little Family quotes by Charles Spurgeon
We could sit here and get super-high and talk about the illusory nature of reality, drawing back the veil, and so on, but what I'm learning is this: that loving anything or anyone this much requires you to hold conflicting thoughts in your head and heart. I want to look at [my daughter's] dear, dear little face forever; [but] nothing lasts forever...I will die, her father will die, my little family that is the whole heart of me is the tiniest of tiny blips in the sweep of space and time. We are nothing. We are part of something so grand we cannot hope to apprehend it. We are all lost. We are all floating in space. We were never lost. We will go home. ~ Emily Flake
Little Family quotes by Emily Flake
I found him in a Dumpster one day when he was a kitten and he promptly adopted me. Despite my struggles, Mister had been an understanding soul, and I eventually came to realize that I was a part of his little family, and by his gracious consent was allowed to remain in his apartment. Cats. Go figure. ~ Jim Butcher
Little Family quotes by Jim Butcher
Most had faded to a light jade by now ... all except Chandra, I noted, with more than a little satisfaction. She was still a dazzling Day-Glo emerald, and I gave a little finger wave from across the room. She merely returned the finger. ~ Vicki Pettersson
Little Family quotes by Vicki Pettersson
His fingertips moved soft and warm across the lightning crack that marred my cheek. "The Grand Canyon was carved by a river. It sliced through the rock, revealing layer upon layer of beauty. Beauty that couldn't be seen until the earth was cut open. One little sliver of water…"
"One little sliver." He traced the ragged seam down to my chin. "The majesty of the Canyon is that depth. All that beauty lay buried for years until the river cut it open. Then all was revealed. ~ Emma Scott
Little Family quotes by Emma   Scott
You know how everything seems so normal when you're growing up," she asked plaintively, "and then comes this moment when you realize your whole family is nuts? ~ Karen Joy Fowler
Little Family quotes by Karen Joy Fowler
The overreactor is responsible, as the psychological term puts it, for the 'transference' of an emotion from the past on to someone in the present -- who perhaps doesn't entirely deserve it.

Our minds are, oddly, not always good at knowing what era they are in. They jump a little too easily, like an erstwhile victim of burglary who keeps a gun by the bed and is startled awake by every rustle.

What's worse for the loved ones standing in the vicinity is the people in the throes of a transference have no easy way of knowing, let alone calmly explaining, what they are up to; they simply feel that their response is entirely appropriate to the occasion. Their partners, on the other hand, may reach a rather different and rather flattering conclusion: that they are distinctly odd -- and maybe even a little mad. ~ Alain De Botton
Little Family quotes by Alain De Botton
The world will little note nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. ~ Abraham Lincoln
Little Family quotes by Abraham Lincoln
Was this what he wanted? Some sort of domesticated bliss? Yes. He decided. He wasted it all. The whole gift wrapped Christmas Catalog Family Package. ~ Michele De Winton
Little Family quotes by Michele De Winton
The most important difference between these early American families and our own is that early families constituted economic unitsin which all members, from young children on up, played important productive roles within the household. The prosperity of the whole family depended on how well husband, wife, and children could manage and cultivate the land. Children were essential to this family enterprise from age six or so until their twenties, when they left home. ~ Kenneth Keniston
Little Family quotes by Kenneth Keniston
Look ... we're getting to be old men, and we've spent our lives looking for the weaknesses in one another's systems. I can see through Eastern values just as you can see through our Western ones. Both of us, I am sure, have experienced ad nauseam the technical satisfactions of this wretched war. But now your own side is going to shoot you. Don't you think it's time to recognise that there is as little worth on your side as there is on mine? ~ John Le Carre
Little Family quotes by John Le Carre
My mother's parents, Bernard and Rivka Levine, were from Russia and also immigrated to New York City. My mother, Rose, was the elder of their two daughters. My maternal grandmother's family included several scholars and professionals. ~ Robert Lefkowitz
Little Family quotes by Robert Lefkowitz
I don't think I ever said, "I want to be an actress." But for Halloween, I dressed up as a movie star from when I was seven to when I was twelve. The costume was always a long dress, with makeup, and my hair curled, and jewelry on. And the movie star was always Jenny McCarthy. So right there you could see a little pattern. ~ Jenny McCarthy
Little Family quotes by Jenny McCarthy
If, as the emperor Augustus says, from his time the coast of the ocean from Cadiz to the mouth of the Elbe obeyed the Romans, the obedience in this corner of it was far from voluntary and little to be trusted. ~ Theodor Mommsen
Little Family quotes by Theodor Mommsen
You know when I played, you had me and Kevin (McHale) and some others throughout the league. I think it's good for a fan base because as we all know the majority of the fans are white America. And if you just had a couple of white guys in there, you might get them a little excited. ~ Larry Bird
Little Family quotes by Larry Bird
I love animals. They give so much to you and demand so little. And you can trust them. ~ Olivia Newton-John
Little Family quotes by Olivia Newton-John
Imagine that - a werewolf who lets a girl pee in private. Little bits of coolness in my totally fucked-up life. This place was full of surprises. ~ Elle Casey
Little Family quotes by Elle Casey
You can let yourself off the hook anytime you want, Liz. That's the divine contract of a little something we call free will. ~ Elizabeth Gilbert
Little Family quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
To tell you the truth, I'm shocked, as I travel across this country, at how little people know or don't want to know about HIV/AIDS. There are a lot of people who don't know that HIV is one thing and AIDS is another. Those people just think it's one big old alphabet of a disease. ~ Sheryl Lee Ralph
Little Family quotes by Sheryl Lee Ralph
He'd [Cork] learned early not to invest a lot of emotion in thinking about the truth in a crime. As a cop, he'd gathered evidfence that had been used to guess at the truth, but in the end responsibility for assembling the pieces and nailing truth to the wall was in the hands of others - lawyers, judges, and juries. Truth became a democratic process, the will of twelve. He'd been burned when he cared too deeply. As a result, he'd trained himself to remain a little distant in his emotional involvement on a case. In the end, the outcome was out of his hands, and to allow himself to believe too strongly in the absoluteness of a thing he couldn't control was useless. He felt different now. Desperate in a way. This time he had to hold the truth in his own hands like a beating heart. ~ William Kent Krueger
Little Family quotes by William Kent Krueger
I always wanted to be a farmer. There is a tradition of that in my family. ~ Bjork
Little Family quotes by Bjork
In the years that I could not see him, I came to know my father through the medium of photography. My perceptions of him were forged on black-and-white squares that stole an instant out of history and immortalized it between the pages of a family album. When I summoned up the image of the man, it came to me frozen, black-bordered, flat. He stood pale above the creases of his uniform, framed in the foamy wake of some ship, drops of sunlight caught in the buttons on his jacket. He winked at me from the liberty ports of countless exotic places. In an atrocious hand he scrawled stilted, affectionate words to the stranger that bore his name and his features, telling of adventures far away, misbehavings under suns hotter than that which shone over the Greater German Reich. ~ Miles Watson
Little Family quotes by Miles Watson
He pulled the Carstairs family ring from his finger and held it out to Will. "Take it."
Will let his eyes drift down toward it, and then up to Jem's face. A dozen awful things he could say, or do, went through his mind. One did not slough off a persona so quickly, he had found. He had pretended to be cruel for so many years that the pretense was still what he reached for first, as a man might absently turn his carriage toward the home he had lived in for all his life, despite the fact that he had recently moved. "You wish to marry me now?" he said, at last. ~ Cassandra Clare
Little Family quotes by Cassandra Clare
On a film, you start to get closer and closer with the people you're working with, and it becomes like this circus act or this travelling family. ~ Johnny Depp
Little Family quotes by Johnny Depp
She had left her legs bare, and if he wasn't mistaken, they had a slight sheen. He realized she'd caught him staring when she cleared her throat.
"Are your legs ... sparkly?" he managed to ask, feeling the need to explain since he'd been caught leering.
"My body lotion has a little bit of glitter in it," she said with a trace of diffidence.
She seemed apologetic. For what, he had no idea. ~ Linda Morris
Little Family quotes by Linda Morris
He'd never admit it, but he counted Dex among his family. Sort of like the annoying brother-in-law. You're happy he's making your bro happy, but damn, sometimes you just wanted to punch him in his stupid smiley face. Who the hell smiled that much, anyway? A crazy person, that's who. ~ Charlie Cochet
Little Family quotes by Charlie Cochet
The fact that the scientist has succeeded where the magician failed has put such a wide contrast between them in popular thought that the real story of the birth of Science is misunderstood. You will even find people who write about the sixteenth century as if Magic were a medieval survival and Science the new thing that came in to sweep it away. Those who have studied the period know better. There was very little magic in the Middle Ages: the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries are the high noon of magic. The serious magical endeavour and the serious scientific endeavour are twins: one was sickly and died, the other strong and throve. But they were twins. They were born of the same impulse. I allow that some (certainly not all) of the early scientists were actuated by a pure love of knowledge. But if we consider the temper of that age as a whole we can discern the impulse of which I speak. There is something which unites magic and applied science while separating both from the 'wisdom' of earlier ages. For the wise men of old the cardinal problem had been how to conform the soul to reality, and the solution had been knowledge, self-discipline, and virtue. For magic and applied science alike the problem is how to subdue reality to the wishes of men: the solution is a technique; and both, in the practice of this technique, are ready to do things hitherto regarded as disgusting and impious - such as digging up and mutilating the dead. ~ C.S. Lewis
Little Family quotes by C.S. Lewis
I retired from the army." Her eyebrows shot up. "Like my uncle!" "No, not like your uncle. Like a warrant officer, helicopter pilot. Jack said your uncle is a retired three-star. A whole different thing, kid." She grinned at him, but her cheeks took on a little flush. "Just remember, he's retired. He really isn't in charge anymore." He ~ Robyn Carr
Little Family quotes by Robyn Carr
It was a bordello - in reverse.

"Oh," she repeated. "That would explain why Nelson was so very charming."

"Nelson is very good at his work."

"I can imagine," she said, softly.

"I'd prefer you not." Devil gave a little growl. ~ Sarah MacLean
Little Family quotes by Sarah MacLean
I had an Indian face, but I never saw it as Indian, in part because in America the Indian was dead. The Indian had been killed in cowboy movies, or was playing bingo in Oklahoma. Also, in my middle-class Mexican family indio was a bad word, one my parents shy away from to this day. That's one of the reasons, of course, why I always insist, in my bratty way, on saying, Soy indio! - "I am an Indian!" ~ Richard Rodriguez
Little Family quotes by Richard Rodriguez
Hope your new boots are fast Bella. One little jar isn't going to keep a hungry bear occupied for long."
"I only have to be faster than you. ~ Stephenie Meyer
Little Family quotes by Stephenie Meyer
No matter how much they tried to dress her up with neon and family entertainment she [Las Vegas] was still a whore. ~ Michael Connelly
Little Family quotes by Michael Connelly
We have been married little more than a year and already there is a terrible silence around some subjects. We never speak of the disappearance of my brothers - a stranger listening to us would think it was a secret between us, a guilty secret. We never speak of my year at Richard's court. We never speak of the conception of Arthur and that he was not, as My Lady so loudly celebrates, a honeymoon child conceived in sanctified love on the very night of a happy wedding. Together we hold so many secrets in silence, after only a year. What lies will we tell each other in ten years? ~ Philippa Gregory
Little Family quotes by Philippa Gregory
It is difficult to see why lace should be so expensive; it is mostly holes. ~ Mary Wilson Little
Little Family quotes by Mary Wilson Little
Those traumas when it comes to the historical past generation to generation; our children, our grandchildren, our future grandchildren learn these behaviors. We have to know that they exist and we have to take care of those traumas and learn to heal from them. This movie shows that perspective from Scott's character, and I love it. It shows the American Indians as the ones who respect and help out when people are needed. It's a nice little twist. ~ Adam Beach
Little Family quotes by Adam Beach
Little badass," he amused in her ear and she beamed, clutching his chest. "I'd walk through fire for you, you have to know that. ~ V. Theia
Little Family quotes by V. Theia
But when you lose a family member or something tragic happens, that stays with you forever. You never get over it. Knowing that you have to deal with that for the rest of your life ... Football is important, but not as important as you once thought it was. ~ Brett Favre
Little Family quotes by Brett Favre
The sad thing is that sometimes I just wanna roll over and give her a little cuddle, but the bolster pillow she insists on sleeping with down the middle of the bed between us means I'd need to be a mountaineer as well as a locksmith. ~ Poppet
Little Family quotes by Poppet
The grief of a child is always terrible. It is bottomless, without hope. A child has no past and no future. It just lives in the present moment - wholeheartedly. If the present moment spells disaster, the child suffers it with his whole heart, his whole soul, his whole strength, his whole little being ... ~ Maria Franziska Von Trapp
Little Family quotes by Maria Franziska Von Trapp
Er ... er ... Just because someone's a member of an ethnic minority doesn't mean they're not a nasty small-minded little jerk, sir? ~ Terry Pratchett
Little Family quotes by Terry Pratchett
I was very impressed with Hanson's performance. I thought that little drummer was a kick-ass drummer, and uh, that they sang great, I mean I didn't know either, y'know, that these little boys, y'know, I was very impressed. I think they'll probably be around in 20 years writing good songs, and being a great band. ~ Stevie Nicks
Little Family quotes by Stevie Nicks
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