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Here is your cross, Your nails and your hill; And here is your love, That lists where it will ~ Leonard Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Leonard Cohen
Life is tough, get a helmet. ~ Sasha Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Sasha Cohen
A lot of people in spiritual life use the awareness of difference, and the spiritual glorification of difference, as a justification to indulge in that which is ultimately unreal. ~ Andrew Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Andrew Cohen
ATHEIST is really a thoroughly honest, unambiguous term, it admits of no paltering and no evasion, and the need of the world, now as ever, is for clear-cut issues and unambiguous speech. ~ Chapman Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Chapman Cohen
The trick is to fix the problem you have, rather than the problem you want. ~ Bram Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Bram Cohen
If you keep asking, eventually someone will say yes ~ Alan Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Alan Cohen
Ceremony-the wine of human existence - Morris R. Cohen ~ Barbara Jonas
Lital Cohen quotes by Barbara Jonas
On any given day you have the chance to be a hero or a victim, predator or prey. Most times, circumstances are beyond your control. Other times, you got a choice but you think about it too much and you freeze up. Sometime, though, you're forced to react and it's all instinct. May not make a damn bit of difference in a bad situation. But sometimes instinct squeezes the good out of you, forces you to be a hero before you even realize it. ~ Joshua C. Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Joshua C. Cohen
It's always hard to predict what's coming up next. My main guess is that content creators will increasingly start using BitTorrent to distribute their own work directly. ~ Bram Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Bram Cohen
To make the world a better place, see the world as a better place. ~ Alan Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Alan Cohen
Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves ~ William Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by William Cohen
I stood beside the U-Haul, and I just watched her. I stared at her while she looked on with the saddest look in her eyes. I wanted to know what she was thinking about, what was going on in her head. What had mad her so sad? I wanted to hug her so bad. When she finally got out of the U-Haul and I introduced myself to her, it took all I had to let go of her hand. I wanted to hold on to it forever. I wanted to let her know that she wasn't alone. Whatever burden it was that she was carrying around, I wanted to carry it for her. I wish I could, Lake. I wish I could take it all away. Unfortunately, that's not how it works. It doesn't just go away. ~ Colleen Hoover
Lital Cohen quotes by Colleen Hoover
Music is the emotional life of most people. ~ Leonard Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Leonard Cohen
I love attention. I love going to events and photo shoots ... I enjoy it all; the clothing, the makeup, the excitement. ~ Sasha Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Sasha Cohen
The Internet is a contest between people with the same name to be the person who dominates that online space. ~ Joshua Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Joshua Cohen
There is nowhere morning does not go. ~ Leah Hager Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Leah Hager Cohen
Imagine taking home this beautiful young paleskinned blackhaired late-model Jewess. Into fitness, healthy living. Raised good in better Yonkers. Mother a Hebrew School teacher, which means for her a traditional education. ~ Joshua Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Joshua Cohen
A psychologist's job (if it's done well) is to get you to seriously laugh at yourself. ~ Clifford Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Clifford Cohen
Initially, the site was favourably reviewed in a leading new media publication and the word spread. ~ Benjamin Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Benjamin Cohen
It was the work of a party, the dance of work. ~ Lisa Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Lisa Cohen
Memory. Such a strange phenomenon. What does a person remember, and what does he choose to forget? Perhaps he's not choosing, but forgetting. And what does he remember, and for what reason? ~ Rama Marinov Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Rama Marinov Cohen
For while the threat of nuclear holocaust has been significantly reduced, the world remains a very unsettled and dangerous place. ~ William S. Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by William S. Cohen
I haven't ever seen a period drama that has a fantasy element to it, that's set in London, that's as lavish as it is, and that's made for American TV. ~ Oliver Jackson-Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Oliver Jackson-Cohen
You need not wrestle for your good. Your good flows to you most easily when you are relaxed, open, and trusting. ~ Alan Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Alan Cohen
As the tall dark and handsome male star, Carey Grant always stands for male beauty and desirability, whether in a 30s screwball, a 40s film noir, or a 50s romantic comedy. He consequently turns around the orthodox gender between the one who looks and so desires, and the one who is looked at, and so is being desired. ~ Steven A. Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Steven A. Cohen
The apparent goal of the journey is simply the carrot the universe dangles before you to get you to learn the lessons the adventure yields. ~ Alan Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Alan Cohen
The authentic self is the best part of a human being. It's the part of you that already cares, that is already passionate about evolution. When your authentic self miraculously awakens and becomes stronger than your ego, then you will truly begin to make a difference in this world. You will literally enter into a partnership with the creative principle. ~ Andrew Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Andrew Cohen
It's an old story, amigo mío. Be careful of those closest to you because they can do the most damage. ~ Theodore Jerome Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Theodore Jerome Cohen
And may my bronze name / touch always her thousand fingers / grow brighter with her weeping / until I am fixed like a galaxy / and memorized / in her secret and fragile skies. ~ Leonard Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Leonard Cohen
A community is an alibi for the failure of individual love. ~ Leonard Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Leonard Cohen
The words "genius" and "genuine" derive from the same root. The core of genius is authenticity. ~ Alan Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Alan Cohen
Only one thing made him happy and now that it was gone everything made him happy. ~ Leonard Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Leonard Cohen
Anger is the ego's way of cloaking fear to make what is frail seem formidable. ~ Alan Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Alan Cohen
But death on the page is just a typo, I said: You can't say for example, She is dead–"she" no longer is. You can't say for example, She was dead–death itself, a condition coterminous with eternity, renders the past tense inaccurate. ~ Joshua Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Joshua Cohen
I love a smart, well-written show, and '30 Rock,' well, you can't get any better than that. Tina Fey poos funny. There's nothing that she does that isn't funny. That show is an example of how brilliant she is. It's so smart. They've done some brilliant commentary about the 'Housewives' with 'Queen of Jordan,' their show-within-the-show. ~ Andy Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Andy Cohen
Fame does different things to different people. For some people it makes them a better person. ~ Andy Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Andy Cohen
Personal growth is not a matter of learning new information but of unlearning old limits. ~ Alan Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Alan Cohen
Lyor Cohen, who I consider my mentor, once told me something that he was told by a rabbi about the eight degrees of giving in Judaism. The seventh degree is giving anonymously, so you don't know who you're giving to, and the person on the receiving end doesn't know who gave. The value of that is that the person receiving doesn't have to feel some kind of obligation to the giver and the person giving isn't doing it with an ulterior motive. It's a way of putting the giver and receiver on the same level. It's a tough ideal to reach out for, but it does take away some of the patronizing and showboating that can go on with philanthropy in a capitalist system. The highest level of giving, the eight, is giving in a way that makes the receiver self-sufficient. ~ Jay-Z
Lital Cohen quotes by Jay-Z
Football is an angry game, played with punishing violence," he writes. "People get destroyed on the field, lives end. It makes sense that its first star was someone who'd already lost everything, a ruined man, ill-treated, stripped to his essential qualities: speed, strength, power. Jim Thorpe is the spirit of the game. Every NFL hit still carries the fury of the disgraced Indian, prowling the field, seeking justice. ~ Rich Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Rich Cohen
Suddenly Guy appeared in the doorway. Emma was surprised to see he had his jacket on, a black leather biker-style one he wore with the self-consciousness of a girl in her first pre-teen bra. ~ Tammy Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Tammy Cohen
Well I am the one who loves changing from nothing to one. ~ Leonard Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Leonard Cohen
Ed Lim's daughter, Monique, was a junior now, but as she'd grown up, he and his wife had noted with dismay that there were no dolls that looked like her. At ten, Monique had begun poring over a mail-order doll catalog as if it were a book–expensive dolls, with n ames and stories and historical outfits, absurdly detailed and even more absurdly expensive.
'Jenny Cohen has this one,' she'd told them, her finger tracing the outline of a blond doll that did indeed resemble Jenny Cohen: sweet faced with heavy bangs, slightly stocky. 'And they just made a new one with red hair. Her mom's getting it for her sister Sarah for Hannukkah.' Sarah Cohen had flaming red hair, the color of a penny in the summer sun. But there was no doll with black hair, let alone a face that looked anything like Monique's. Ed Lim had gone to four different toy stores searching for a Chinese doll; he would have bought it for his daughter, whatever the price, but no such thing existed.
He'd gone so far as to write to Mattel, asking them if there was a Chinese Barbie doll, and they'd replied that yes, they offered 'Oriental Barbie' and sent him a pamphlet. He had looked at that pamphlet for a long time, at the Barbie's strange mishmash of a costume, all red and gold satin and like nothing he'd ever seen on a Chinese or Japanese or Korean woman, at her waist-length black hair and slanted eyes. I am from Hong Kong, the pamphlet ran. It is in the Orient, or Far East. Throughout the Orient, people shop a ~ Celeste Ng
Lital Cohen quotes by Celeste Ng
Take a break from dating. This can be for as long as you need. But give yourself time to heal. I like to use the Wite-Out example. Unless you allow the Wite-Out to dry on the paper, writing over it will just cause a smudge and uncover what is still underneath. Wait until you heal before getting back out there. ~ Harlan Cohen
Lital Cohen quotes by Harlan Cohen
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