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#1. We have never lost a crew member on the space station, but of course, the Columbia accident. I was - I'd already been an astronaut for a decade when the crew of Columbia was killed. And I went through test pilot school. Rick Husband and I were out at Edwards at test pilot school together. He was the commander of Columbia. - Author: Chris Hadfield
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Chris Hadfield
#2. I do not know your woes, Humans, but I do know that they are abundant. Believe in each other, and stand together, and you will conquer them all. - Author: Paul The Astronaut
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Paul The Astronaut
#3. What I was most curious about was why Armstrong, a top U.S. Navy test pilot, flying the most advanced aircraft in the world, would want to join the astronaut corps in 1962, which included chimpanzees and monkeys. - Author: Douglas Brinkley
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Douglas Brinkley
#4. I'd love to be an astronaut. I bet you get a better understanding of our planet seeing it from a distance. - Author: Tony DiTerlizzi
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Tony DiTerlizzi
#5. As she lies in the bed she weeps, for Bing, for the melting, shimmering candles, the filigree on the holiday tablecloth. She is an unwilling astronaut, bumping against the thick glass of the ship, her line tangling lazily in zero gravity, face mask fogged with fear. My sister reaches across, over the bed, and we both embrace the mother, holding her on earth, pulling her onto the ship, breathing our oxygen into her line. Ten hours later she is dead. - Author: Jo Ann Beard
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Jo Ann Beard
#6. It is a little-known but significant fact that no president has appeared more times in Superman comic books than JFK. He was even entrusted with Superman's secret identity and once pretended to be Clark Kent so as to prevent it from being exposed. When Supergirl debuted as a character, she was formally presented to the Kennedys. (Not surprisingly, the president took an immediate liking to her.) In a special issue dedicated to getting American youth to become physically fit - just like the astronaut 'Colonel Glenn' - Kennedy enlists Superman on a mission to close 'the muscle gap'. - Author: Jonah Goldberg
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Jonah Goldberg
#7. It was feminism that made it possible for women to go to the Ivy League and women to be astronauts and women to have their own TV shows. What happened, though, was that the generation after feminism, which is my generation, misunderstood what feminism was saying. - Author: Debora Spar
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Debora Spar
#8. Until there is no longer the possibility of sadness, of isolation, there can be no gravity. We all float by, rootless, taking clumsy astronaut steps and calling it progress. - Author: Meg Wolitzer
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Meg Wolitzer
#9. Spacemen die if they stay in one place. - Author: Robert A. Heinlein
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
#10. We are all astronauts on spaceship earth - Author: Wubbo Ockels
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Wubbo Ockels
#11. The astronaut in his technical and complex machine, effortlessly orbiting the earth, alone and weightless in the emptiness of space, is the perfect symbol of man today. Despite our domination of the forces of nature and our highly developed technology, we have come to feel ourselves as empty, alienated, anxious, and lonely, without any real inner purpose or meaning to our existence. - Author: Stephen Batchelor
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Stephen Batchelor
#12. Audiences of critical thinkers are my favorite kinds of audiences. There are jokes I tell in the show that don't get laughs unless I am in front of an audience of critical thinkers. Put me in front of a crowd of science teachers or astronauts! The guileless aren't our audience - it's the critical thinkers we love. - Author: Adam Savage
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Adam Savage
#13. The purpose of going to Mars is for humans to first begin to occupy, permanently, another planet in the solar system. The astronauts or pilgrims, whatever you might call them, are going to be very historically unique human beings. - Author: Buzz Aldrin
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Buzz Aldrin
#14. As a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut. And my own passion was that I wanted to be a film director. I realized that being an astronaut was not going to be an option, so I said, "Well, I'm going to be a director and do films in space." - Author: Alfonso Cuaron
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Alfonso Cuaron
#15. I wanted to be an astronaut and wanted to go to space camp, but then I found out that I was too short to become an astronaut. My mom really made me believe that if I worked hard enough and if I really wanted to do it, I could do it. - Author: Soleil Moon Frye
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Soleil Moon Frye
#16. And just when we were at the end of our design process there was the news that the Italian government and the U.S. government had signed an agreement to fly the first Italian astronaut on that flight. - Author: Umberto Guidoni
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Umberto Guidoni
#17. When I was younger, humans went to the moon when I was about 4 years old, and I imagined that as I got older and became an adult that traveling in space was going to be fairly common and something that we all did. So I grew up believing that I'll be an astronaut just like these guys were that were going to the moon. - Author: Andrew J. Feustel
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Andrew J. Feustel
#18. No, I think most astronauts recognize that the space shuttle program is very high-risk, and are prepared for accidents. - Author: Sally Ride
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Sally Ride
#19. Then, much later, my next dream was to become an astronaut, and I was fortunate to realize that dream, also. - Author: Claude Nicollier
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Claude Nicollier
#20. If you're an adrenaline junkie, I understand why you'd find that exciting. But I'm not, and I don't.

To me, the only good reason to take a risk is that there's a decent possibility of a reward that outweighs the hazard. Exploring the edge of the universe and pushing the boundaries of human knowledge and capability strike me as pretty significant rewards, so I accept the risks of being an astronaut, but with an abundance of caution: I want to understand them, manage them and reduce them as much as possible.

It's almost comical that astronauts are stereotyped as daredevils and cowboys. As a rule, we're highly methodical and detail-oriented. Our passion isn't for thrills but for the grindstone, and pressing our noses to it. We have to: we're responsible for equipment that has cost taxpayers many millions of dollars, and the best insurance policy we have on our lives is our own dedication to training. Studying, simulating, practicing until responses become automatic - astronauts don't do all this only to fulfill NASA's requirements. Training is something we do to reduce the odds that we'll die. - Author: Chris Hadfield
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Chris Hadfield
#21. If we adopt the same collaborative mindset and practices that got to the moon and back, and that built the International Space Station, we can alleviate poverty - and do much more. - Author: Ron Garan
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Ron Garan
#22. Any astronaut can tell you you've got to do everything you can to learn about your life support system and then do everything you can to take care of it. - Author: Sylvia Earle
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Sylvia Earle
#23. If you're the very luckiest kind of astronaut ever, your big payoff is that you get to visit a barren airless wasteland for five minutes, do some more math, and then go home - ice cream not guaranteed. - Author: Lindy West
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Lindy West
#24. I had a lot of things I wanted to do ... I want to be a teacher ... I also want to be an astronaut ... and also make my own cake shop ... I want to go to the sweets bakery and say "I want one of everything", ohhhh I wish I could live life five times over ... Then I'd be born in five different places, and I'd stuff myself with different food from around the world ... I'd live five different lives with five different occupations ... and then, for those five times ... I'd fall in love with the same person ... - Author: Tite Kubo
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Tite Kubo
#25. So most astronauts are astronauts for a couple of years before they are assigned to a flight. - Author: Sally Ride
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Sally Ride
#26. We are limited only by our imagination and our will to act. - Author: Ron Garan
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Ron Garan
#27. I think if a writer is being honest they'd admit to a file full of a dozen or more stories that are all started to varying degrees. They're like the kid who wants to be a firefighter and a police officer and an astronaut. - Author: Dan Alatorre
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Dan Alatorre
#28. Is that what depression is about-the sinking feeling that your connection to God is broken and you are left to float on your own in a liquid black space, like an astronaut who has been cut loose from his spaceship and all that linked him to Earth? - Author: Elif Shafak
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Elif Shafak
#29. And people are different from animals because they can have pictures on the screens in their heads of things which they are not looking at. They can have pictures of someone in another room. Or they can have a picture of what is going to happen tomorrow. Or they can have pictures of themselves as an astronaut. Or they can have pictures of really big numbers. Or they can have pictures of Chains of Reasoning when they're trying to work something out.

And that is why a dog can go to the vet and have a really big operation and have metal pins sticking out of its leg but if it sees a cat it forgets that it has pins sticking out of its leg and chases after the cat. But when a person has an operation it has a picture in its head of the hurt carrying on for months and months. - Author: Mark Haddon
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Mark Haddon
#30. I suppose the one quality in an astronaut more powerful than any other is curiosity. They have to get some place nobody's ever been. - Author: John Glenn
Linenger Astronaut quotes by John Glenn
#31. Not everyone can be an astronaut and go into space, some people with sufficient resources can purchase and fly sub-orbitally thanks to various companies and for more money (considerably) fly into orbit. - Author: Buzz Aldrin
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Buzz Aldrin
#32. NASA appreciates the efforts of Congress to resolve restrictions placed on our partnership with Russia. Congress' action helps to ensure the continuous presence of U.S. astronauts on the International Space Station. - Author: Michael D. Griffin
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Michael D. Griffin
#33. Now, as an astronaut, I have to bring a Sharpie with me everywhere - so I have a pen to sign autographs. - Author: Chris Hadfield
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Chris Hadfield
#34. After an orange cloud - formed as a result of a dust storm over the Sahara and caught up by air currents - reached the Philippines and settled there with rain, I understood that we are all sailing in the same boat. - Author: Vladimir Kovalyov
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Vladimir Kovalyov
#35. I never went into physics or the astronaut corps to become a role model. But after my first flight, it became clear to me that I was one. And I began to understand the importance of that to people. Young girls need to see role models in whatever careers they may choose, just so they can picture themselves doing those jobs someday. You can't be what you can't see. - Author: Sally Ride
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Sally Ride
#36. Chester watched it shining clearly above the picnic grounds. Soon an astronaut would step down off the LEM of Apollo 11 and plant his foot on what had once been hallowed ground. Science would intrude on what for all known time had been the sole domain of poets and dreamers alone: the moon. After that, well
one thing was for certain: no matter what they found up there, it would never again be as easy for a father to tell his young son that the mysterious ball of light that appeared in the heavens each night was really just a hunk of old cheese floating in the sky. Nothing would ever be that simple again. - Author: Quentin R. Bufogle
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Quentin R. Bufogle
#37. Everybody knows what the moon is, everybody knows what this decade is, and everybody can tell a live astronaut who returned from the moon from one who didn't - Author: Wernher Von Braun
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Wernher Von Braun
#38. It so happened that my goals kind of matched my career progression toward becoming an astronaut. - Author: John L. Phillips
Linenger Astronaut quotes by John L. Phillips
#39. I cannot join the space program and restart my life as an astronaut, but this opportunity to connect my abilities as an educator with my interests in history and space is a unique opportunity to fulfill my early fantasies. - Author: Christa McAuliffe
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Christa McAuliffe
#40. The photographs of space taken by our astronauts have been published all over the place. But the eye is a much more dynamic mechanism than any camera or pictures. It's a more exciting view in person than looking at the photographs. Of course, I personally am sick and tired of hearing people talk like that: I want to see it myself! - Author: Burt Rutan
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Burt Rutan
#41. Sometimes people ask me how difficult the astronaut program was, but being in Sierra Leone, being responsible for the health of more than 200 people, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at age 26 - that prepared me to take on a lot of different challenges. - Author: Mae Jemison
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Mae Jemison
#42. Every astronaut flew into space for a living. But while NASA has not solved the security problems, I would not put me back into a shuttle - and no other astronaut. The confidence is shaken. - Author: Ulrich Walter
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Ulrich Walter
#43. I think there would be no shortage of applicants to the government astronaut corps to be settlers on the planet Mars. And I think this would be very inspiring. - Author: Buzz Aldrin
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Buzz Aldrin
#44. Some of the senior people, the very senior astronauts, shook my hand and said, 'K.C., you did a great job. Don't let anyone tell you different.' - Author: Kalpana Chawla
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Kalpana Chawla
#45. No matter how competent or how seasoned, every astronaut is essentially a perpetual student, forever cramming for the next test. It's not how I envisioned things when I was 9 years old. Then I dreamed of blasting off in a blaze of glory to explore the universe, not sitting in a classroom studying orbital mechanics. In Russian. - Author: Chris Hadfield
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Chris Hadfield
#46. This was exactly what I experienced in space: immense gratitude for the opportunity to see Earth from this vantage, and for the gift of the planet we've been given. - Author: Ron Garan
Linenger Astronaut quotes by Ron Garan

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