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#1. I found that married life gave me the necessary freedom to follow an ambition which had been with me since childhood; and so I started to write in earnest. - Author: Jean Plaidy
Life Gave Me quotes by Jean Plaidy
#2. Life gave me everything I asked
If all I asked was not a great deal, that's my problem! - Author: Jean-Paul Sartre
Life Gave Me quotes by Jean-Paul Sartre
#3. Traitors."
"People," Marsh said. "People who were just trying to do the best with what life gave them."
"Well, I'm just doing the same thing," Kelsier said. "And, fortunately, life gave me the ability to push men like them off the tops of buildings. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
Life Gave Me quotes by Brandon Sanderson
#4. I've always tried to make the best of what life gave me. When I was a girl, I longed for a kitten. Instead, I got a weasel. Not the pet I wanted by I've done my best to love Snowdrop just the same ... Since my father died, I've been desperate for a place to call home. The humblest cottage would do. Instead, I've inherited a haunted, infested castle in Nowhere, Northumberland. Not the home I wanted, but I'm determined to make it a home. - Author: Tessa Dare
Life Gave Me quotes by Tessa Dare
#5. When I was a kid, my grandfather said that "if you say a word often enough, it becomes you." Thinking of that later in life gave me this idea that I could try to become America by learning the words of people from many aspects of the country. - Author: Anna Deavere Smith
Life Gave Me quotes by Anna Deavere Smith
#6. When I first read Lovecraft around 1971, and even more so when I began to read about his life, I immediately knew that I wanted to write horror stories. I had read Arthur Machen before I read Lovecraft, and I didn't have that reaction at all. It was what I sensed in Lovecraft's works and what I learned about his myth as the "recluse of Providence" that made me think, "That's for me!" I already had a grim view of existence, so there was no problem there. I was and am agoraphobic, so being reclusive was a snap. The only challenge was whether or not I could actually write horror stories. So I studied fiction writing and wrote every day for years and years until I started to get my stories accepted by small press magazines. I'm not comparing myself to Lovecraft as a person or as a writer, but the rough outline of his life gave me something to aspire to. I don't know what would have become of me if I hadn't discovered Lovecraft. - Author: Thomas Ligotti
Life Gave Me quotes by Thomas Ligotti
#7. Mum used to hide love letters from my boyfriends and put me down. Now I understand that she was a Polish immigrant forced to settle in Chicago. She was jealous of the freedom life gave me. - Author: Ruby Wax
Life Gave Me quotes by Ruby Wax
#8. Ignorance of the facts of life gave me my beloved son, Dickon, but at what cost to both him and me, I cannot hazard a guess. - Author: Kate O'Mara
Life Gave Me quotes by Kate O'Mara
#9. It's not right," he repeated, grabbing her again and turning her to face him. "I'm not having it."
"So you said, in clear terms."
"I don't mean that."
"Oh, well, if you've decided you'd like to have sex with me after all, I've changed my mind."
"I haven't decided
" He broke off, staggered. "Changed your mind?"
"I have. Kissing you wasn't altogether what I thought it would be. So you were right and I was wrong." She gave him a deliberately insulting pat on the cheek." And that's the end of it."
"The hell it is." He trapped her against the truck, quickly and firmly enough to have both excitement and annoyance rising inside her. "If I want you, I'll have you, and that's the end of it. - Author: Nora Roberts
Life Gave Me quotes by Nora Roberts
#10. You're a real cutie. I don't know who you are or who you belong to but while you're with me I'll give you a name."
He wagged his tail.
The tail stopped wagging and Jo gave a little smile, the first one since Rachel had walked out. "Don't you like Binky?"
He stared at her.
A low growl.
"Binky it is. - Author: Barbara Elsborg
Life Gave Me quotes by Barbara Elsborg
#11. Some of the best advice my aunt gave me was if you want to find out more about something you read. - Author: Amanda Penland
Life Gave Me quotes by Amanda Penland
#12. Tuppence was what my grandmother nicknamed my mother, so she gave it to me. My sister is called Angel, and my brother was going to be called Bubba or Sonny, until they let me and my sister name him Josh. - Author: Tuppence Middleton
Life Gave Me quotes by Tuppence Middleton
#13. He gave me a look, but in the dusk I couldn't make out very well what it conveyed. Then he bent over his mother, kissing her. "My news isn't particularly satisfactory. I'm going for you." "Oh you humbug!" she replied. But she was of course delighted. CHAPTER - Author: Henry James
Life Gave Me quotes by Henry James
#14. The first question sobbed out by his choking voice, oppressed with emotion, was--
"Where is she?"
They led him to the room where his mother sat. They had told her of her son's acquittal, and now she was laughing, and crying, and talking, and giving way to all those feelings which she had restrained with such effort during the last few days. They brought her son to her, and she threw herself upon his neck, weeping there. He returned her embrace, but looked around, beyond. Excepting his mother, there was no one in the room but the friends who had entered with him.
"Eh, lad!" she said, when she found voice to speak. "See what it is to have behaved thysel! I could put in a good word for thee, and the jury could na go and hang thee in the face of th' character I gave thee. Was na it a good thing they did na keep me from Liverpool? But I would come; I knew I could do thee good, bless thee, my lad. But thou'rt very white, and all of a tremble."

He kissed her again and again, but looking round as if searching for some one he could not find, the first words he uttered were still--
"Where is she? - Author: Elizabeth Gaskell
Life Gave Me quotes by Elizabeth Gaskell
#15. Beth stared at the bowl, a fragile piece of the past, such a delicate object in Ian's large, blunt fingers. "Are you certain?"
"Of course I'm certain." His frown returned. "Do you not want it?"
"I do want it," Beth said hastily. She held her hands out for it. "I'm honored." The frown faded, to be replaced by a slight quirk of his lips.
"Is it better than a new carriage and horses and a dozen frocks?"
"What are you talking about? It's a hundred times better."
"It's only a bowl."
"It's special to you, and you gave it to me." Beth took it carefully and smiled at the dragons chasing one another in eternal determination. "It's the best gift in the world."
Ian took it gently back from her and replaced it in its slot. That made sense; in here it would stay safe and unbroken.
But the kiss Ian gave her after that was anything but sensible. It was wicked and bruising, and she had no idea why he smiled so triumphantly. - Author: Jennifer Ashley
Life Gave Me quotes by Jennifer Ashley
#16. Every fictional thing I wrote gave me strength to write another and another. By the end I wasn't remaining true to anything but the story I wanted to tell. - Author: Lily King
Life Gave Me quotes by Lily King
#17. Years ago, a member of Congress slipped a laminated quote into my hand that he must have thought I would find meaningful. I paid little attention at first and unfortunately I don't recall just who gave me the quote. I placed it next to my voting card and have carried it ever since. The quote came from Elie Wiesel's book One Generation After. The quote was entitled "Why I Protest."

Author Elie Wiesel tells the story of the one righteous man of Sodom, who walked the streets protesting against the injustice of this city. People made fun of him, derided him. Finally, a young person asked: "Why do you continue your protest against evil; can't you see no one is paying attention to you?" He answered, "I'll tell you why I continue. In the beginning, I thought I would change people. Today, I know I cannot. Yet, if I continue my protest, at least I will prevent others from changing me."

I'm not that pessimistic that we can't change people's beliefs or that people will not respond to the message of liberty and peace. But we must always be on guard not to let others change us once we gain the confidence that we are on the right track in the search for truth. - Author: Ron Paul
Life Gave Me quotes by Ron Paul
#18. ... P doth protest to much. It would be one thing if P were merely silent about Midian. But P is hostile to Midian. Its author tells a story of a complete massacre of the Midianites. He wants no Midianites around. And he especially wants no Midianite women around. This author buried the Moses-Midian connection. We can know why he did this. Practically all critical scholars ascribe this Priestly work to the established priesthood at Jerusalem. For most of the biblical period, that priesthood traced its ancestry to Aaron, the first high priest. It was a priesthood of Levites, but not the same Levites who gave us the E text. Some, including me, ascribe the E text to Levites who traced their ancestry to Moses. These two Levite priestly houses, the Aaronids and the Mushites, were engaged in struggles for leadership and in polemic against each other. The E (Mushite) source took pains, as we have seen to connect Moses' Midianite family back to Abraham. That is understandable. E was justifying the Mushite Levites' line in Israel's history. And it is equally understandable why their opponents, the Aaronids, cast aspersions on any Midianite background. That put a cloud over any Levites, or any text, that claimed a Midianite genealogy. We all could easily think of parallel examples in politics and religion in history and today. - Author: Richard Elliott Friedman
Life Gave Me quotes by Richard Elliott Friedman
#19. Her house looked cold from the foggy lea,
And the square of each window a dull black blur
Where showed no stir:
Yes, her gloom within at the lack of me
Seemed matching mine at the lack of her.
The black squares grew to be squares of light
As the eyeshade swathed the house and lawn,
And viols gave tone;
There was glee within. And I found that night
The gloom of severance mine alone - Author: Thomas Hardy
Life Gave Me quotes by Thomas Hardy
#20. So you give me nothing."
"When have I ever given you anything?"
Softly, Arin said, "You gave me much, once. - Author: Marie Rutkoski
Life Gave Me quotes by Marie Rutkoski
#21. After several moments of hesitation, Olive nodded and stepped off the porch. Sydney understood
my cautious approach and quietly kept her distance. Rose, on the other hand, clearly wanted to come
with Olive and me, but I gave her a quick shake of the head. Dimitri rested his hand on her arm to
emphasize the point. - Author: Richelle Mead
Life Gave Me quotes by Richelle Mead
#22. Now, I'm asking for my favor. Are you going to refuse me, Judge?" Son of a - . Judge gritted his teeth. God knew he'd never go back on his word. God gave him a few minutes to stew in his anger. All eyes were on him, waiting. Reluctantly he asked, "Who is he?" "Detective Austin Michaels," God replied. His voice and demeanor looked as if he was proud to present this guy. Judge rolled his eyes when he saw Detective Michaels stand up. Of course it had to be him. The sexiest one of them all. Shit. - Author: A.E. Via
Life Gave Me quotes by A.E. Via
#23. You could buy a car for fifty thousand dollars. A really nice car." Ascanio's eyes lit up. "A Hummer. You could buy a converted Hummer."
"You don't need a Hummer." I said.
"Chicks dig the Hummer."
"You don`t need any chicks either."
He gave me an injured look. "I have needs."
"I have needs too and right now I need you to concentrate on tracking down Jamar`s collection. Get to it."
- Andrea & Ascanio - Author: Ilona Andrews
Life Gave Me quotes by Ilona Andrews
#24. I never gave up rapping - it gave up on me. There was no industry and no appetite for UK rap back then and I had a daughter to feed. I couldn't keep doing something full time that didn't pay the bills. - Author: Doc Brown
Life Gave Me quotes by Doc Brown
#25. Are you sure you wouldn't rather hear a story you know already?" Martin gave me a look far older than his years. "No. I want to hear new stories. There are so many out there I haven't heard yet." Rose - Author: Bryan Fields
Life Gave Me quotes by Bryan Fields
#26. I was bargaining for time away from Hollywood, and Columbia was bargaining for money. I got what I wanted and they got what they wanted. They knew I was so anxious to do Born Yesterday that I'd have done it for a dollar. They gave me the next best thing. - Author: Judy Holliday
Life Gave Me quotes by Judy Holliday
#27. A charm has only as much power as one puts into it./ I wear it because it is such a pretty thing./ And the person who gave it to me/ cared enough for my protection:/ a reason greater than any faith. - Author: Justin Chin
Life Gave Me quotes by Justin Chin
#28. Because he is good and kind," she explained softly, then went on. "Because he treats me like a princess. Because he makes me laugh. Because he makes me happy. Because he took the trouble to read to me when I could not read to myself. Because he fed me and gave me wine when I could not eat or drink at balls. Because when he kisses me my toes curl, and when he makes love to me I cannot contain my passion. - Author: Lynsay Sands
Life Gave Me quotes by Lynsay Sands
#29. My my Laura Goodman. I must say that is a charming name for a charming young lady."
"Eric's old." I broke in. "Really really old."
"Er - really?" Laura asked. "Gosh you don't look even out of your thirties."
"Tons of face-lifts. He's a surgical addict. I'm trying to get him help." I added defensively when they both gave me strange looks. - Author: MaryJanice Davidson
Life Gave Me quotes by MaryJanice Davidson
#30. In the Catholic Church, there are many other things which most justly keep me in her bosom. The consent of peoples and nations keeps me in the Church; so does her authority, inaugurated by miracles, nourished by hope, enlarged by love, established by age. The succession of priests keeps me, beginning from the very seat of the Apostle Peter, to whom the Lord, after His resurrection, gave it in charge to feed His sheep (Jn 21:15-19), down to the present episcopate. - Author: Saint Augustine
Life Gave Me quotes by Saint Augustine
#31. I gave her a dangerous smile of my own. "Do not," I warned, "try to threaten, bribe, or blackmail me. Ever. You won't like the consequences. - Author: Richelle Mead
Life Gave Me quotes by Richelle Mead
#32. I obeyed, so far as to quit the chamber; when, ignorant where the narrow lobbies led, I stood still, and was witness, involuntarily, to a piece of superstition on the part of my landlord which belied, oddly, his apparent sense. He got on to the bed, and wrenched open the lattice, bursting, as he pulled at it, into an uncontrollable passion of tears. 'Come in! come in!' he sobbed. 'Cathy, do come. Oh, do - ONCE more! Oh! my heart's darling! hear me THIS time, Catherine, at last!' The spectre showed a spectre's ordinary caprice: it gave no sign of being; but the snow and wind whirled wildly through, even reaching my station, and blowing out the light. - Author: Emily Bronte
Life Gave Me quotes by Emily Bronte
#33. I didn't mind staying home from school and medicating myself with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. Being sick always gave me another chance to break an old-fashioned mercury thermometer, too. - Author: Sam Kean
Life Gave Me quotes by Sam Kean
#34. When I entered and shut the door, the Darkling gave me a small bow. "How are you, Alina?"
"I'm fine," I managed.
"She's fine!" hooted Baghra. "She's fine! She cannot light a hallway, but she's fine."
I winced and wished I could disappear into my boots.
To my surprise, the Darkling said, "Leave her be."
Baghra's eyes narrowed. "You'd like that, wouldn't you?"
The Darkling sighed and ran his hands through his dark hair in exasperation. When he looked at me, there was a rueful smile on his lips, and his hair was going every which way. "Baghra has her own way of doing things," he said.
"Don't patronize me, boy!" Her voice cracked out like a whip. To my amazement, I saw the Darkling stand up straighter and then scowl as if he'd caught himself.
"Don't chide me, old woman," he said in a low, dangerous voice. - Author: Leigh Bardugo
Life Gave Me quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#35. The sun has come.
The mist has gone.
We see in the distance...
our long way home.
I was always yours to have.
You were always mine.
We have loved each other in and out of time.

When the first stone looked up at the blazing sun
and the first tree struggled up from the forest floor
I had always loved you more.
You freed your braids...
gave your hair to the breeze.
It hummed like a hive of honey bees.
I reached in the mass for the sweet honey comb there....
Mmmm...God how I love your hair.

You saw me bludgeoned by circumstance.
Lost, injured, hurt by chance.
I screamed to the heavens....loudly screamed....
Trying to change our nightmares into dreams...
The sun has come.
The mist has gone.
We see in the distance our long way home.

I was always yours to have.
You were always mine.
We have loved each other in and out
in and out
in and out
of time. - Author: Maya Angelou
Life Gave Me quotes by Maya Angelou
#36. God gave them [the discoveries] to me; how can I sell them to someone else? - Author: George Washington Carver
Life Gave Me quotes by George Washington Carver
#37. I was told I had to go to business school to succeed. I gave it a shot, but eventually dropped out to bootstrap a restaurant with just a Visa card and a $20,000 line of credit. Everyone told me restaurants were hard work (and they were right! I have so much respect for anyone in the restaurant business). I ran the restaurant for two years, sold a franchise, decided to change paths, and sold the whole operation at a modest profit. - Author: Ryan Holmes
Life Gave Me quotes by Ryan Holmes
#38. Do you have a formal gown to wear?'
I made a face.
'Of course not.'
'What size are you?'
'Size awesome.'
He gave me a blank stare.
He didn't get it - Author: J.C. McKenzie
Life Gave Me quotes by J.C. McKenzie
#39. Mara," his arms gave me a squeeze, "baby, you've got to live in the now. Not in your head. Not controlled by your fears. You can't live for what might happen five months in the future. You got issues you gotta face today. You gotta deal with them now. You got two kids who count on you and their lives aren't gonna go perfect every day because you weigh every decision you make and tread cautiously. Those options are no longer available to you. You're gonna have to live day to day and make decisions on the fly. And I'm tellin' you I'm here to help. You need it and they need it. Are you honestly gonna say no? - Author: Kristen Ashley
Life Gave Me quotes by Kristen Ashley
#40. What do you think love is- a thing to startle from the heart like a bird at every shout or blow? You can fly from me, high as you choose into your darkness, but you will see me always beneath you, no matter how far away, with my face turned to you. My heart is in your heart. I gave it to you with my name that night and you are its guardian, to treasure it, or let it whither and die. I do not understand you. I am angry with you. I am hurt and helpless, but nothing will fill the ache of the hollowness in me where your name would echo if I lost you. - Author: Patricia A. McKillip
Life Gave Me quotes by Patricia A. McKillip
#41. For me, the reputation for teaching language in general, and East European languages most particularly, gave Glasgow University, and by reflection the country, a distinction. - Author: Tom Stoppard
Life Gave Me quotes by Tom Stoppard
#42. 'West Wing' was huge. Like 'Hamilton,' it pulls back the curtain on how decision-making happens at the highest level, or at least how you hope it would be. The amount of information Aaron Sorkin packs into a scene gave me this courage to trust the audience to keep up. - Author: Lin-Manuel Miranda
Life Gave Me quotes by Lin-Manuel Miranda
#43. I already knew what I'd research. I wrote the words 'Courtly love' on my notepad in swirly script, then caught Hayden peering at it.
'Courtly love? Sorry, Aurora, but I think I've already got that one in the bag.'
'I think you'd better think again, because I've already claimed it,' I replied.
'You just said you're not the Mills & Boon type and, technically, courtly love could be considered historical romance.' He grinned. 'As you don't want to pollute your mind with any clichéd topics, you should probably leave that one to me.'
'You, discussing romance? Ha!'
Hayden put on a hurt face. 'I think I might be alright at it. After all, I've been doing a lot of observing lately.' He gave me a significant look.
'Observing?' I repeated, curiosity getting the better of me.
'Well, you keep accusing me of spying on your dates,' he said, and shrugged. 'So, technically, I guess I'm learning about romance firsthand. It seems kind of brutal, judging from the goodnight ritual I saw last night.'
My blood wasn't boiling, but it was pretty warm. Despite that, I was not going to lose my temper. I was determined that this year Hayden Paris wasn't going to destroy my composure. - Author: Tara Eglington
Life Gave Me quotes by Tara Eglington
#44. Walking across campus made me feel sad, and I thought to myself, I wasn't happy there. Then, after reading, we walked past Butler Library. It was dark, but the light inside illuminated the windows. Students were reading and working, and those lit windows gave me a wonderful, weightless feeling. I understood for the first time how happy I had been there - in the library. - Author: Siri Hustvedt
Life Gave Me quotes by Siri Hustvedt
#45. He gave me a wink and a crooked smile, and I was left there, grinning like an idiot. - Author: Kiera Cass
Life Gave Me quotes by Kiera Cass
#46. He was about to pocket a list of local sanitariums when he heard "Traitor," and saw Mickey and Herman Gerstein standing a few feet away. Cohen with a clean shot, but a half dozen witnesses spoiling his chance. Buzz said, "I suppose this means my guard gig's kaput. Huh, Mick?" The man looked hurt as much as he looked mad. "Goyishe shitheel traitor. Cocksucker. Communist. How much money did I give you? How much money did I set up for you that you should do me like you did?" Buzz said, "Too much, Mick." "That is no smart answer, you fuck. You should beg. You should beg that I don't do you slow." "Would it help?" "No." "There you go, boss." Mickey said, "Herman, leave this room"; Gerstein exited. The typers kept typing and the clerks kept clerking. Buzz gave the little hump's cage a rattle. "No hard feelin's, huh?" Mickey said, "I will make you a deal, because when I say "deal," it is always to trust. Right?" "Trust" and "deal" were the man's bond-it was why he went with him instead of Siegel or Dragna. "Sure, Mick." "Send Audrey back to me and I will not hurt a hair on her head and I will not do you slow. Do you trust my word?" "Yes." "Do you trust I'll get you?" "You're the oddson favorite, boss." "Then be smart and do it." "No deal. Take care, Jewboy. I'll miss you. I really will. - Author: James Ellroy
Life Gave Me quotes by James Ellroy
#47. He took from my body, my heart, my soul. In return he gave himself to me the only way he knew how: with bruising hands, passionate kisses, and hard thrusts.
His body was sin, his cock was sin, and I was a sinner. - Author: K.I. Lynn
Life Gave Me quotes by K.I. Lynn
#48. I was once being interviewed by Barbara Walters ... In between two of the segments she asked me ... "But what would you do if the doctor gave you only six months to live?" I said, "Type faster. - Author: Isaac Asimov
Life Gave Me quotes by Isaac Asimov

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