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A society which sees her modesty or her "hang-ups" as a problem is necessarily a society which will not be able to get him to commit. Conversely, a society which respected modesty, or what now goes by "hang-ups", was one in which men were obligated. ~ Wendy Shalit
Lies In Relationships quotes by Wendy Shalit
If you take the view that one of the chief objects in life is to remain in loving relationships with other people, straight-line power becomes useless. ~ Robert Farrar Capon
Lies In Relationships quotes by Robert Farrar Capon
Don't tell me what I want to hear. Tell me the truth. It may hurt, but it definitely won't hurt more than the feeling that I was told something out of pity, not out of honesty. If you mean it, say it. If you don't, keep your words until the right person is standing in front of you. If words are said too many times, they become cheap, and I only deserve to hear what is valuable ~ Najwa Zebian
Lies In Relationships quotes by Najwa Zebian
Man's happiness today consists in "having fun." Having fun lies in the satisfaction of consuming and "taking in" commodities, sights, food, drinks, cigarettes, people, lectures, books, movies - all are consumed, swallowed. The world is one great object for our appetite, a big apple, a big bottle, a big breast; we are the sucklers, the eternally expectant ones, the hopeful ones - and the eternally disappointed ones. ~ Erich Fromm
Lies In Relationships quotes by Erich Fromm
It was early in my career, and I had been seeing Mary, a shy, lonely, and physically collapsed young woman, for about three months in weekly psychotherapy, dealing with the ravages of her terrible history of early abuse. One day I opened the door to my waiting room and saw her standing there provocatively, dressed in a miniskirt, her hair dyed flaming red, with a cup of coffee in one hand and a snarl on her face. "You must be Dr. van der Kolk," she said. "My name is Jane, and I came to warn you not to believe any the lies that Mary has been telling you. Can I come in and tell you about her?" I was stunned but fortunately kept myself from confronting "Jane" and instead heard her out. Over the course of our session I met not only Jane but also a hurt little girl and an angry male adolescent. That was the beginning of a long and productive treatment. ~ Bessel A. Van Der Kolk
Lies In Relationships quotes by Bessel A. Van Der Kolk
It might be a good idea ... to start washing the laundry right at your feet. Of course it's important to think about what lies ahead, too ... but if you only look at what's down the road ... you'll get tangled in the laundry at your feet and you'll fall, won't you? You see ... it's also important to think about what you can do now, what you can do today. And if you keep washing things one day at a time ... you'll be done before you know it. Because fortune is looking out for you. ~ Natsuki Takaya
Lies In Relationships quotes by Natsuki Takaya
As machines increasingly do more of the work, and real-life relationships lose their allure, then the allegory of Plato's Cave becomes real. A mass of people living inside, disconnected from those who live their lives outside, systematically unable or unwilling to participate in the competition of life because they cannot stand the unpredictability of reality. ~ Sean A. Culey
Lies In Relationships quotes by Sean A. Culey
Perhaps one day someone from a distant land will listen to this story of mine. Isn't this what lies behind the desire to be inscribed in the pages of a book? Isn't it just for the sake of this delight that sultans and viziers proffer bags of gold to have their histories written? ~ Orhan Pamuk
Lies In Relationships quotes by Orhan Pamuk
What you are lies with you. If you are lazy, and accept your lot, you may live in it. If you are willing to work, you can write your name anywhere you choose, among the only ones who live beyond the grave in this world, the people who write books that help, make exquisite music, carve statues, paint pictures, and work for others. Never mind the calico dress, and the coarse shoes. Work at you books, and before long you will hear yesterday's tormentors boasting that they were once classmates of yours. ~ Gene Stratton-Porter
Lies In Relationships quotes by Gene Stratton-Porter
The Capitalist Class knows that what brings on the increased supply is not immigration so much, but the improved and ever improving machinery, held as private property. For every immigrant by whom the labor market is overstocked, it is overstocked by ten workingmen in the country whom privately owned machinery displaces. The Capitalist Class is full well aware that if this fact be known the conclusion would leap to sight ; to wit, that the solution oi" the Labor Problem is simply the public ownership of the machine. If fifty men, working ten hours a day, can, with improved machinery, produce as much as one hundred did before without such improved machinery, the publicly owned machine would not, as the privately owned machine does, throw out fifty men; it would throw out five of the former ten hours of work. It is clear as day to the Capitalist Class that it must raise dust over this fact so as to conceal it; and no better means to this end is offered than the fomenting of the plausible delusion that the evil lies in immigration. Anti-immigration laws are the fruit of these two purpose. Such laws kill two flies with one slap ; they draw attention away from the nerve that aches, and simultaneously they help to set the workers of the land in racial and creed hostility against the newcomers, who, of course, the Capitalist Class itself sees to shall not be lacking. Obviously, it is in the interest of the Working Class that this brace of fatal delusions be dispelled from their mind ~ Danie DeLeon
Lies In Relationships quotes by Danie DeLeon
Here lies the real terror in the international war of ideologies; that a city knows not whom it entertains. ~ Rebecca West
Lies In Relationships quotes by Rebecca West
It is not until you have the courage to engage in human relationships that you grow. ~ Gary Zukav
Lies In Relationships quotes by Gary Zukav
He turned and saw her. Ah! She was lovely, lovelier now than ever he thought. But he could not speak to her. He could not interrupt her. He wanted urgently to speak to her now that ames was gone and she was alone at last. But he resolved, no; he would not interrupt her. She was aloof from him now in her beauty, in her sadness. He would let her be, and he passed her without a word, though it hurt him that she should look so distant, and he could not reach her, he could do nothing to help her. And again he would have passed her without a word had she not, at that very moment given him of her own free will what she knew he would never ask, and called to him and taken the green shawl off the picture frame, and gone to him. For he wished, she knew, to protect her. ~ Virginia Woolf
Lies In Relationships quotes by Virginia Woolf
The city lies at the galaxy's dust-stranded edge, enfolding a moon that used to be a world, or a world that used to be a moon; no one is certain anymore. In the mornings its skies are radiant with clouds like the plumage of a bird ever-rising, and in the evenings the stars scatter light across skies stitched and unstitched by the comings and goings of fire-winged starships. Its walls are made of metal the color of undyed silk, and its streets bloom with aleatory lights, small solemn symphonies, the occasional duel. ~ Yoon Ha Lee
Lies In Relationships quotes by Yoon Ha Lee
To speak of a communication failure implies a breakdown of some sort. Yet this does not accurately portray what occurs. In truth, communication difficulties arise not from breakdown but from the characteristics of the system itself. Despite promising beginnings in our intimate relationships, we tend over time to evolve a system of communication that suppresses rather than reveals information. Life is complicated, and confirming or disconfirming the well-being of a relationship takes effort. Once we are comfortably coupled, the intense, energy-consuming monitoring of courtship days is replaced by a simpler, more efficient method. Unable to witness our partners' every activity or verify every nuance of meaning, we evolve a communication system based on trust. We gradually cease our attentive probing, relying instead on familiar cues and signals to stand as testament to the strength of the bond: the words "I love you," holidays with the family, good sex, special times with shared friends, the routine exchange, "How was your day?" We take these signals as representative of the relationship and turn our monitoring energies elsewhere.
Not only do the initiator's negative signals tend to become incorporated into the existing routine, but, paradoxically, the initiator actively contributes to the impression that life goes on as usual. Even as they express their unhappiness, initiators work at emphasizing and maintaining the routine aspects of life with the other person, ~ Diane Vaughan
Lies In Relationships quotes by Diane Vaughan
The more secrets you have from someone, the harder it is to look them in the eye. Now I could barely look at him at all. ~ Lynn Weingarten
Lies In Relationships quotes by Lynn Weingarten
In reality, I know I'm not hurt directly by sexism; however, my life is made less because of it, so I started thinking about the fallout from relationships in which people feed off each other. ~ Boots Riley
Lies In Relationships quotes by Boots Riley
There is going to come a time when we have to accept who we are without the assistance of religion. That will be the dawn of true faith. We leave the big decisions to invisible consultants and pray we get the answers we are looking for. The late great George Carlin once said he gave up praying to God and started praying to Joe Pesci because his prayers to Joe Pesci were answered with as much accuracy and frequency as those to God. [ ... ] If we as people are still looking for answers, we should turn our eyes away from the heavens and look to each other. I know we do not play well together - hell, some of us do not even like being in the same room with each other - but the divine lies in all of us. We are miracles. We are "god." If we shared a little more, we would not be left feeling less. We hold the keys to our own destinies. It is time we started looking for the locks. ~ Corey Taylor
Lies In Relationships quotes by Corey Taylor
Pundits are always blaming TV for making people stupid, movies for desensitizing the world to violence, and rock music for making kids take drugs and kill themselves. These things should be the least of our worries. The main problem with mass media is that it makes it impossible to fall in love with any acumen of normalcy. There is no 'normal,' because everybody is being twisted by the same sources simultaneously. ~ Chuck Klosterman
Lies In Relationships quotes by Chuck Klosterman
The world lies in the hands of those that have the courage to dream and who take the risk of living out their dreams - each according to his or her own talent. ~ Paulo Coelho
Lies In Relationships quotes by Paulo Coelho
There are families whose greatness lies in their past, and in their legacies, Mrs. Schuyler answered. That is a quality much to be admired, for tradition is what binds us as a society. But there are some families, like some nations, whose greatness is a future development, and that quality, though harder to discern than the prestige of manor houses and coats of arms and titles of rank and office, is no less valuable, if, indeed, not more so. ~ Melissa De La Cruz
Lies In Relationships quotes by Melissa De La Cruz
American Jihad
I've heard the lullabies of celestial spheres,
the songs of clouds which falls like tears,
sang paeans of praise to anthem skies,
in soulful strains of knee-jerk lies.

I've shot children clutching Kalashnikovs,
gunned down women tossing molotovs;
'Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
And this be our motto: "In God is our trust."'

Now the dead have camped out in my dreams,
each night I listen to their screams,
I count the lullaby stars, one-by-one,
while under my pillow I keep a gun. ~ Beryl Dov
Lies In Relationships quotes by Beryl Dov
Museums are just a lot of lies, and the people who make art their business are mostly imposters. We have infected the pictures in museums with all our stupidities, all our mistakes, all our poverty of spirit. We have turned them into petty and ridiculous things. ~ Pablo Picasso
Lies In Relationships quotes by Pablo Picasso
If all I have to do is remain awake to be considered romantic, than I can promise you a great deal of romance in our marriage. ~ Sherry Thomas
Lies In Relationships quotes by Sherry Thomas
In El-harím, there lived a man, a man with yellow eyes.
To me, he said, "Beware the whispers, for they whisper lies.
Do not wrestle with the demons of the dark,
Else upon your mind they'll place a mark;
Do not listen to the shadows of the deep,
Else they haunt you even when you sleep. ~ Christopher Paolini
Lies In Relationships quotes by Christopher Paolini
And up close, in person, those eyes are even more terrifying. Where there should be emotion, soul, and intimacy, there instead lies a wall, cold and dark, barricading the boy from the rest of the world. And Louis can't look away. ~ Velvetoscar
Lies In Relationships quotes by Velvetoscar
Entrepreneurial management in the new venture has four requirements: It requires, first, a focus on the market. It requires, second, financial foresight, and especially planning for cash flow and capital needs ahead. It requires, third, building a top management team long before the new venture actually needs one and long before it can actually afford one. And finally, it requires of the founding entrepreneur a decision in respect to his or her own role, area of work, and relationships. ~ Peter F. Drucker
Lies In Relationships quotes by Peter F. Drucker
I spent my life folded between the pages of books.
In the absence of human relationships I formed bonds with paper characters. I lived love and loss through stories threaded in history; I experienced adolescence by association. My world is one interwoven web of words, stringing limb to limb, bone to sinew, thoughts and images all together. I am a being comprised of letters, a character created by sentences, a figment of imagination formed through fiction. ~ Tahereh Mafi
Lies In Relationships quotes by Tahereh Mafi
There is no doubt that you will touch a life today. It's just the manner in which you choose to do so, and how that will leave both yourself and everyone you touched once it's over. ~ Craig D. Lounsbrough
Lies In Relationships quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Since I was both an atheist and an absurdist, I had decided that the most absurd thing I could do would be to develop an intimate relationship with the God I didn't believe in. ~ Paul Krassner
Lies In Relationships quotes by Paul Krassner
Control and violence that is best reflected in the state, are evil in themselves. In this knowledge lies the great truth of anarchism. ~ Nikolai A. Berdyaev
Lies In Relationships quotes by Nikolai A. Berdyaev
It's not enough to listen to their words. You have to mine their silences for buried ore. It's often only in the lies that we refuse to speak that truth can be heard at all. ~ Karen Marie Moning
Lies In Relationships quotes by Karen Marie Moning
Srinagar is a medieval city dying in a modern war. It is empty streets, locked shops, angry soldiers and boys with stones. It is several thousand military bunkers, four golf courses, and three book-shops. It is wily politicians repeating their lies about war and peace to television cameras and small crowds gathered by the promise of an elusive job or a daily fee of a few hundred rupees. It is stopping at sidewalks and traffic lights when the convoys of rulers and their patrons in armored cars, secured by machine guns, rumble on broken roads. It is staring back or looking away, resigned. Srinagar is never winning and never being defeated. ~ Basharat Peer
Lies In Relationships quotes by Basharat Peer
Funny how much things can change in such a short amount of time when you're being honest about what you want. ~ Melanie A. Smith
Lies In Relationships quotes by Melanie A. Smith
We are different because our brain is wired differently. This causes us to perceive the world in different ways and have different values and priorities. Not better or worse - different. ~ Allan Pease
Lies In Relationships quotes by Allan Pease
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