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I'm telling you, this so-called 'prosperity' is going to be the downfall of Asia. Each new generation becomes lazier than the next. They think they can make overnight fortunes just by flipping properties and getting hot tips in the stock market. Ha! Nothing lasts forever, and when this boom ends, these youngsters won't know what hit them ~ Kevin Kwan
Libresse Overnight quotes by Kevin Kwan
That was on a night in August. Dad Lewis died early that morning and the young girl Alice from next door got lost in the evening and then found her way home in the dark by the streetlights of town and so returned to the people who loved her. And in the fall the days turned cold and the leaves dropped off the trees and in the winter the wind blew from the mountains and out on the high plains of Holt County there were overnight storms and three-day blizzards. ~ Kent Haruf
Libresse Overnight quotes by Kent Haruf
We never did figure out why that overnight spike had occurred; perhaps it was a reminder that sometimes, diabetes management is an ongoing experiment. No matter how perfect the system, how good the technology, your disease can sometimes take an unpredictable turn. The way to handle it? Don't panic. If you can't figure out a reason, don't worry, just figure out a solution. ~ Phil Southerland
Libresse Overnight quotes by Phil Southerland
When I turned 11, we had to leave East Germany overnight because of the political orientation of my father. Now I was going to school in West Germany, which was American-occupied at that time. There in school, all children were required to learn English and not Russian. To learn Russian had been difficult, but English was impossible for me. ~ Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Libresse Overnight quotes by Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Where did this absurd rule come from, and why did we so meekly obey it? Under a tyrannical regime--and the Ireland of those days was a spiritual tyranny--the populace becomes so cowed that it does the state's work for it voluntarily. And as every tyrant knows, a people's own self-censorship is the kind that works best. In the 1990s, when revelations of clerical sexual abuse and the Catholic Church's cover-ups put an end to its hegemony almost overnight, my generation scratched its head and asked, in voices trembling with incredulity, 'How could we let them get away with it for so long?' But the question, of course, contained its own answer: We let them get away with it. Power is more often surrendered than seized. ~ John Banville
Libresse Overnight quotes by John Banville
It takes twenty years to become an overnight success. ~ Eddie Cantor
Libresse Overnight quotes by Eddie Cantor
I have met guys who work the overnight shift at 7-11, selling Slurpees and Camels to insomniacs who have more introspection than a lot of people in the mainstream media. ~ Bernard Goldberg
Libresse Overnight quotes by Bernard Goldberg
New York was bad enough. By nine in the morning the fake, country-wet freshness that somehow seeped in overnight evaporated like the tail end of a sweet dream. ~ Sylvia Plath
Libresse Overnight quotes by Sylvia Plath
I don't want to stay here overnight,' said Harry angrily, sitting up and throwing back his covers. 'I want to find McLaggen and kill him. ~ J.K. Rowling
Libresse Overnight quotes by J.K. Rowling
Keep it. When you have enough of my clothes at your place, I'll have to start staying overnight so I can get dressed."
"Dream on, Savoie."
"Every night, detective. ~ Nancy Gideon
Libresse Overnight quotes by Nancy Gideon
I'm not going to change the world overnight. It's one person at a time, and hopefully they're people in positions of power who can help people get in those roles and really, truly embrace colorblind casting. ~ Gabrielle Union
Libresse Overnight quotes by Gabrielle Union
We all have a stake in the truth. Society functions based on an assumption that people will abide by their word - that truth prevails over mendacity. For the most part, it does. If it didn't, relationships would have a short shelf life, commerce would cease, and trust between parents and children would be destroyed. All of us depend on honesty, because when truth is lacking we suffer, and society suffers. When Adolf Hitler lied to Neville Chamberlain, there was not peace in our time, and over fifty million people paid the price with their lives. When Richard Nixon lied to the nation, it destroyed the respect many had for the office of the president. When Enron executives lied to their employees, thousands of lives were ruined overnight. We count on our government and commercial institutions to be honest and truthful. We need and expect our friends and family to be truthful. Truth is essential for all relations be they personal, professional, or civic. ~ Joe Navarro
Libresse Overnight quotes by Joe Navarro
There is a fantasy as old as the modern gay rights movement that if all our skins turned lavender overnight, the majority, confounded by our numbers and our diversity, and recognising a few of our faces, would at once let go of prejudice forevermore. ~ Ian McKellen
Libresse Overnight quotes by Ian McKellen
Ironically, the tattoo represents the opposite for me today. It reminds me that it's important to let yourself be vulnerable, to lose control and make a mistake. It reminds me that, as Whitman would say, I contain multitudes and I always will. I'm a level-one introvert who headlined Madison Square Garden - and was the first woman comic to do so. I'm the 'overnight success' who's worked her ass off every single waking moment for more than a decade. I used to shoplift the kind of clothing that people now request I wear to give them free publicity. I'm the SLUT or SKANK who's only had one one-night stand. I'm a 'plus-size' 6 on a good day, and a medium-size 10 on an even better day. I've suffered the identical indignities of slinging rib eyes for a living and hustling laughs for cash. I'm a strong, grown-ass woman who's been physically, sexually, and emotionally abused by men and women I trusted and cared about. I've broken hearts and had mine broken, too.
Beautiful, ugly, funny, boring, smart or not, my vulnerability is my ultimate strength. There's nothing anyone can say about me that's more permanent, damaging, or hideous than the statement I have forever tattooed upon myself. I'm proud of this ability to laugh at myself - even if everyone can see my tears, just like they can see my dumb, senseless, whack, lame lower back tattoo. ~ Amy Schumer
Libresse Overnight quotes by Amy Schumer
I'm quite certain that if the rest of the world vanished overnight and the development of cricket were left in Australian hands, within a generation, the players would be wearing shorts and using the bats to hit each other, and the thing is, it'd be a much better game for it. ~ Bill Bryson
Libresse Overnight quotes by Bill Bryson
If we [humans] disappeared overnight, the world would probably be better off. ~ David Attenborough
Libresse Overnight quotes by David Attenborough
I was an overnight success all right, but 30 years is a long, long night. ~ Ray Kroc
Libresse Overnight quotes by Ray Kroc
There is no substitute for hard work and taking responsibility for own own lives. And there is no substitute for love, patience, kindness and acceptance. ~ Jose N Harris
Libresse Overnight quotes by Jose N Harris
It is a mistake to think of the expatriate as someone who abdicates, who withdraws and humbles himself, resigned to his miseries, his outcast state. On a closer look, he turns out to be ambitious, aggressive in his disappointments, his very acrimony qualified by his belligerence. The more we are dispossessed, the more intense our appetites and illusions become. I even discern some relation between misfortune and megalomania. The man who has lost everything preserves as a last resort the hope of glory, or of literary scandal. He consents to abandon everything, except his name. [ . . . ]

Let us say a man writes a novel which makes him, overnight, a celebrity. In it he recounts his sufferings. His compatriots in exile envy him: they too have suffered, perhaps more. And the man without a country becomes - or aspires to become - a novelist. The consequence: an accumulation of confusions, an inflation of horrors, of frissons that date. One cannot keep renewing Hell, whose very characteristic is monotony, or the face of exile either. Nothing in literature exasperates a reader so much as The Terrible; in life, it too is tainted with the obvious to rouse our interest. But our author persists; for the time being he buries his novel in a drawer and awaits his hour. The illusion of surprise, of a renown which eludes his grasp but on which he reckons, sustains him; he lives on unreality. Such, however, is the power of this illusion that if, for instance, he works in some factor ~ Emil M. Cioran
Libresse Overnight quotes by Emil M. Cioran
The successful always has a number of projects planned, to which he looks forward. Anyone of them could change the course of his life overnight. ~ Mark Cane
Libresse Overnight quotes by Mark Cane
When we are properly prepared and the time is right, God can shift seasons very quickly. Overnight, it seems, He transforms dry times into rivers, barrenness into fruitfulness and makes a way where there is no way. Timing is a factor; but when it's right, God causes the shift, and the chronos changes into kairos. Allow this truth to bring faith and encouragement into your situation. ~ Dutch Sheets
Libresse Overnight quotes by Dutch Sheets
To-morrow I will begin, thought Katy, as she dropped asleep that night. How often we all do so! And what a pity it is that when morning comes and to-morrow is to-day, we so frequently wake up feeling quite differently; careless or impatient, and not a bit inclined to do the fine things we planned overnight. ~ Susan Coolidge
Libresse Overnight quotes by Susan Coolidge
It was as if she had grown, changed, overnight; her hair was different, her eyes; the shade and texture of her flesh, her limbs; and, most disconcerting and delightful of all, she was beginning to speak. She increasingly talked back to him when he murmured to her, and he understood that she was becoming what she was destined to become, when he first held her in the open air of the world: her own person, her own independent and particular self. He marveled at it all. And what would she grow up to be like? What was inside her, already formed, that would draw forth with time, and what was it that she most needed him to teach her? Would she be amenable to his help, his advice in worldly matters? And what advice did he have to give her? ~ Amanda Coplin
Libresse Overnight quotes by Amanda Coplin
But if you pick up every other magazine, it is the peanut butter diet, or the cabbage soup diet, and then you go to the radio and you hear that you can drink some solution and you will lose weight overnight. It just does not work that way! ~ Richard Simmons
Libresse Overnight quotes by Richard Simmons
Gail had a baby named Ned who was four months old, and a new look of baffled hurt, a left-behind sadness, like she saw that the great world kept spinning onward and away while she'd overnight become glued to her spot. ~ Daniel Woodrell
Libresse Overnight quotes by Daniel Woodrell
Everything we do and say will either underline or undermine our discipleship process.

As long as there is one unsaved person on my campus or in my city, then my church is not big enough.

One of the underlying principles of our discipleship strategy is that every believer can and should make disciples.

When a discipleship process fails, many times the fatal flaw is that the definition of discipleship is either unclear, unbiblical, or not commonly shared by the leadership team.

Write down what you love to do most, and then go do it with unbelievers. Whatever you love to do, turn it into an outreach.

You have to formulate a system that is appropriate for your cultural setting. Writing your own program for making disciples takes time, prayer, and some trial and error - just as it did with us. Learn and incorporate ideas from other churches around the world, but only after modification to make sure the strategies make sense in our culture and community.

Culture is changing so quickly that staying relevant requires our constant attention. If we allow ourselves to be distracted by focusing on the mechanics of our own efforts rather than our culture, we will become irrelevant almost overnight.

The easiest and most common way to fail at discipleship is to import a model or copy a method that worked somewhere else without first understanding the values that create a healthy discipleship culture. Principles and ~ Steve Murrell
Libresse Overnight quotes by Steve Murrell
He'd spent the night in the boat. Next to the spaghetti queen.

William glanced at the hobo girl. She sat across from him, huddled in a clump. Her stench had gotten worse overnight, probably from the dampness. Another night like the last one, and he might snap and dunk her into that river just to clear the air.

She saw him looking. Dark eyes regarded him with slight scorn.

William leaned forward and pointed at the river. "I don't know why you rolled in spaghetti sauce," he said in a confidential voice. "I don't really care. But that water over there won't hurt you. Try washing it off."

She stuck her tongue out.

"Maybe after you're clean," he said.

Her eyes widened. She stared at him for a long moment. A little crazy spark lit up in her dark irises. She raised her finger, licked it, and rubbed some dirt off her forehead.

Now what?

The girl showed him her stained finger and reached toward him slowly, aiming for his face.

"No," William said. "Bad hobo."

The finger kept coming closer. ~ Ilona Andrews
Libresse Overnight quotes by Ilona Andrews
Summer has landed overnight, and the street is full of arms and legs that are not usually seen; they seem detached from their owners like so many piles of limbs in the death scene of a war film. ~ Caitriona Lally
Libresse Overnight quotes by Caitriona Lally
I never subscribed to what you might call the neo-Conservative position that somehow, at the barrel of a gun, overnight, liberty and democracy could be conjured up. ~ Gordon Brown
Libresse Overnight quotes by Gordon Brown
Words had become overnight just little coins, insignificant and unfreighted, to be exchanged for ribbons, buttons, for an apple or an egg. ~ Jo Baker
Libresse Overnight quotes by Jo Baker
I was twelve, after all, an age at which kids are bewildered and amorphous, transforming overnight, no matter how stable their lives are; ~ Tana French
Libresse Overnight quotes by Tana French
Poetry is not a waiting room where one stays overnight ... every word is war. ~ Rolf Dieter Brinkmann
Libresse Overnight quotes by Rolf Dieter Brinkmann
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