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My ultimate authority would be the school librarian Mrs. Greenbacher. ~ Shawn Stewart Ruff
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Shawn Stewart Ruff
See, you don't wanna be a Jew. Too much work--there's a lot of holidays but it's even more work. It's sanctioned oppression, it's God's tyranny. ~ Shawn Stewart Ruff
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Shawn Stewart Ruff
Congress, our leaders, voted against a proposal to have a national seven day waiting period to buy a gun. I don't want to sound like a Quaker, but when you think about it, is a week a long time to wait? To see if a former mental patient is qualified to own an Uzi? Con one, will ya Congress? It takes three weeks to get a phone! ~ Jimmy Tingle
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Jimmy Tingle
This unrequited love business was driving him crazy. It was a feeling that took you over, mind, body, and soul. Worse than a drug that tore apart your flesh and spirit, and without which you simply could not live. ~ Mirella Muffarotto
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Mirella Muffarotto
We combine our three packs of pasta for dinner – pesto. We tip the dried stuff into a pan, add water and simmer.
We try it, looking at each other with disbelief as it hits the tastebuds. 'It's pesto, Jim, but not as we know it,' I say.
'Fascinating,' says Lou, unsmiling humouring my Star Trek reference, while wincing at the foul food. (And what made me say that? Is there such a thing as a dad-joke vacuum that needs to be filled, even in the wild?) ~ Fiona Wood
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Fiona Wood
We forgive only that which requires forgiveness. To do otherwise is wasteful of grace.
Laniel, Abbot of Bilkar the Furred ~ Jordan MacLean
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Jordan MacLean
Her grin changed her quiet presence into something altogether different, something that made it hard to look away. There were lots of pretty girls in my hometown, including my on-again, off-again girlfriend, but no one who looked like this odd girl with her sprinkle of freckles and ragged haircut. Had someone attacked her head with a pair of scissors? ~ Katherine Fleet
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Katherine Fleet
I'm a little panicky when I realize he's not here. It's a lot easier to push down my doubt when he's with me. When I can see those eyes the color of melted chocolate and hear his deep voice that falls over me like a warm blanket on a cold night. ~ Rick Yancey
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Rick Yancey
Having something to fight for will make us stronger than anything they can throw at us. ~ Heather Anastasiu
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Heather Anastasiu
It wasn't premeditated. It was what needed to be done. So I did it. ~ Milly Silver
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Milly Silver
But in that moment, I didn't want to be trusted. I wanted something far more primal. I stretched up on my tiptoes and leaned in. I closed my eyes as his scent overcame me. When his lips touched mine it felt as if he'd caressed them with a feather. It was all I could do not to wrap myself around him and do things I'd never really thought about doing before. ~ Sara Hubbard
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Sara Hubbard
I don't believe in monsters."
"Well, Red, I think you might want to start." Pike turned and looked him in the eye. "What do you think those green things were? And what do you think is trying to smash its way in here? A pony? ~ Jack Keely
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Jack Keely
Seconds seem like a life time when the life you lived is slowly drained out of you by those who care not what you felt, hoped, or dreamed. When the darkness comes it is all consuming, there is no light and there is no pain. It is the never ending loss of hope that now consumes me as I die in his arms. ~ Cassandra Giovanni
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Cassandra Giovanni
I could kiss that girl. And ya know what? I will kiss that girl. As soon as I get back to school, I'm gonna grab her, and I'm gonna kiss her. ~ Flynn Meaney
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Flynn Meaney
Secrets, my mother told me once, are just stories turned inside out. ~ Janet McNally
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Janet McNally
A fight every now and again does make life more interesting. Don't ya think? ~ Dante Alighieri
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Dante Alighieri
But what she feels is sometimes hard to express ... Much of what is best in her is warped on the voyage from within to without. ~ Sonya Hartnett
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Sonya Hartnett
When you make such a large withdrawal of happiness, somewhere you'll have to make an equally large deposit. It all goes back to the universal law of equilibrium. ~ Gayle Forman
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Gayle Forman
Everybody's got a pas. " he said. "That dosen't mean you can't have a future ~ Meredith Russo
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Meredith Russo
We bumped into other silent lines of kids going in the same direction. We looked like we were much younger and our lines were headed to the cafeteria or recess or the carpool line. Or it could've been a fire drill. Except for the stone-faced police officers weaving between us with rifles. ~ Laura Anderson Kurk
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Laura Anderson Kurk
I have always kept a stack of library books next to my bed as a lifeline. If I ever woke in the middle of the night too scared to move or too sad to roll over, the books were my saviors. ~ Julie Halpern
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Julie Halpern
We have so long been subject to external criticism that we don't know how to react to internal criticism, because whereas the most enduring, positive and sensible response to the former is a united front – you shall not divide us, here we stand – responding to the latter is an entirely different ballgame.

This is my fear: that as a community, we don't know how to critique ourselves, and that this is dong us damage. Criticism, and specifically the criticism of both literary publications and the mainstream press, has so long been the weapon of the enemy that our first response on seeing it wielded internally is to call it the work of traitors. We have found strength in the creation of our own conventions and the hallowing of our own legends, flourishing to such an extent that, even if we are not yet accepted into the mainstream literary establishment, we are nonetheless part of the cultural mainstream. We are written about inaccurately, yet we are written about; and if there ever was a time when the whole genre seemed a precarious, faddish endeavour, then that time is surely past.

Blog post: Criticism in SFF and YA ~ Foz Meadows
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Foz Meadows
[There is less precision in the Chinese than I have thought it well to introduce into my translation, and the commentaries on the passage are by no means explicit. But, having regard to the context, we can hardly doubt that Sun Tzu is holding up I Chih and Lu Ya as illustrious ~ Sun Tzu
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Sun Tzu
It's true that when you read YA you rarely have to read about middle-aged men having affairs. Personally I consider that a plus. ~ Erin Bow
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Erin Bow
In terms of age, I think I've covered about as wide a range as is possible, having written everything from picture books to early chapter books to middle grade novels to YA to one adult novel - and having been editor and lead writer for a magazine for retired people! ~ Bruce Coville
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Bruce Coville
All of my books are acts of subversion disguised as historical fiction. ~ Kelly Gardiner
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Kelly Gardiner
We're all just moments and most of us don't matter. We study less than one percent of all humanity in our history books. ~ Emily Lloyd-Jones
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Emily Lloyd-Jones
And just so you know, we might be having dinner together,
but this isn't a date," Neil says, completely straight-faced. "I just
don't want you to get too excited. I mean, your parents are going
to be there, so it would be really awkward if you were fawning over
me the whole time. ~ Rachel Lynn Solomon
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Rachel Lynn Solomon
I don't think you really know for sure what you'll do until it comes down to the moment when you have to make that decision for real. ~ J.W. Lynne
Lgbtq Ya quotes by J.W. Lynne
--'What did Mum want?'
--'She said not to give away the milk for free.'
--'You're not livestock. Go out with me?'
--Not two sentences I've ever heard used together before. ~ Emily Evans
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Emily Evans
The horse seems to wanna please the human and so many times if the human isn't much of a leader well then the horse has gotta do it's own thinking. The horse isn't really designed very well to be the leader but just because the horse is responding to ya, I don't really think of it as it succumbing to you. I think it's more of the horse sort of joining you, being more of a partner. ~ Buck Brannaman
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Buck Brannaman
Hi-YA!" Hedge executed a roundhouse kick on him.
This was a notoriously difficult move. Even Ares sometimes fell and broke his tailbone when practicing it in his dojo (witness the 'Ares so lame' video that went viral on Mount Olympus last year, and which I absolutely was not responsible for uploading. ~ Rick Riordan
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Rick Riordan
When Dad was a kid, he wanted to be a lumberjack, but unfortunately he'd been cursed with the build of an accountant and the brain of an astrophysicist. These qualities had combined to make him the third-most-visited orthodontist in northern New Jersey. ~ Kieran Scott
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Kieran Scott
Oh, stick a cork in it, B," Jen snarled at Decebel.
Vasile cocked his head to the side as he looked at Jen. "B?"
"Yeah. Ya know, for Beta. Although, I like it because I could also be calling him the technical term for a female dog and he wouldn't know it. So really, calling him B totally works to my advantage," Jen explained in all seriousness.
Everyone turned when a quick burst of laughter came from the right side of the room. When Sorin saw everyone turn their eyes on him, he quickly began coughing.
Holding up his hands, he finally composed himself. "Pardon me, Alpha. I seemed to have swallowed wrong."
"You have to be careful while swallowing smart ass comments, Sorin," Jen teased.
"They tend to have a choking effect. ~ Quinn Loftis
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Quinn Loftis
When I first started I didn't know a lot about the job, so I kinda had to figure it out by wire, ya know? It was hit and miss, I made mistakes, and fortunately I was able to recover from most of 'em. But I promised myself if I ever get to a point where I can help somebody that's trying to learn how to do this, that I would try to do that. ~ Billy Joel
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Billy Joel
Media over here, coming to ya like a world premiere. Trench coat and my underwear, let's go with this freak show. ~ Britney Spears
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Britney Spears
Predictions are just good guesses or stories for the gullible. ~ Wynne Channing
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Wynne Channing
Something crackles on my skin like a fire. He felt me in that moment, he understood what it was to me. ~ Kelly Loy Gilbert
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Kelly Loy Gilbert
And without my consent, with my defences in ruins, while my brain was sleeping, my stupid heart went and fell headfirst into love. ~ N.R. Walker
Lgbtq Ya quotes by N.R. Walker
Here I was with Barrons dead. Again.
I knew he wasn't really dead, or at least he wouldn't be for long, but my grief was too fresh and my emotions too complicated.
"How long until he - " I broke off, horrified to hear the catch of a sob in my voice.
"Why do you give a fuck?"
"I don't, I mean, I just - shit!" I turned and beat at the wall with my fists. I didn't care that my parents could hear the dull thud or that the wall shuddered beneath my blows. I didn't care what Lor thought of me. I hated Barrons being dead. Hated it. Beyond reason. Beyond my understanding.
I punched until Lor caught my bloody fists and pulled me away.
"How long?" I demanded. "I want to know! Answer me or else!"
He grinned faintly. "What, you gonna feed me bloody runes?"
I scowled. "Do you guys tell each other everything?"
"Not everything. Pri-ya sounded pretty fucking fascinating to me. Never did get all the details. ~ Karen Marie Moning
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Karen Marie Moning
I wondered if this was how it felt to sell your soul to the devil. I bet there were awesome cookies in hell, too. ~ Lisa Brown Roberts
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Lisa Brown Roberts
Antonio looked down, silent, as Shillitoni kept talking. There he was, among cold-blooded killers, talking to a gangster. A much different picture than a year prior.
"Can't trust priests, can't trust cops either. Can't trust nobody! Whaddaya say?"
"I am not like you," Antonio said. "I'm not like them, either. That's what I say. I am not a cold-blooded killer!"
"Ya killed, you a killa! There's not'ng more to it!" Shillitoni said. ~ Yasmin Tirado-Chiodini
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Yasmin Tirado-Chiodini
The ice cold fear I'd felt, not knowing if Wyatt was alive, pressed into the wall with other girls and surrounded by guys who were unspeakably brave, hit my body again in a wave. This was trauma - the gift that keeps on giving. ~ Laura Anderson Kurk
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Laura Anderson Kurk
We kissed and pressed up against each other, and I said to her "Ya know, my first kiss I ever had with anyone, it was with a boy, in the back of a school bus at night." Lotty stopped kissing me for a second.
"That's disgusting," she said.
"What? It's not like we had much choice in where we did it. Kinda had to sneak around in those days. Get it in when and where we could."
"No, I mean the fact that your first kiss was with a boy."
"What's wrong with that?"
"Boys are gross. ~ Dave Matthes
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Dave Matthes
I'll feel better when Trent gets his punk ass here."
"I'm here, you whiny little girl," Trent said in a hushed voice. I could barely see his outline in the darkness, but his smile gleamed in the moonlight.
"How ya been, sis?" he said. He hugged me with one arm, and then playfully shoved Travis with the other. ~ Jamie McGuire
Lgbtq Ya quotes by Jamie McGuire
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