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#1. I've never understood white people who can't admit they're white. I mean, white isn't just a color. And maybe that's the problem for them. White is a passport. It's a ticket. The world is a white amusement park and your white skin buys you into it. A woman in economy argued with me about this once. She said, "I've heard this idea and it makes me uncomfortable."

"It probably should," I said.

Dad and I have been broke since he got cancer and sometimes he can't put the heat on over sixty-two or put food in the fridge, but we were always white and he always made sure I knew that. Which sounds stupid because how can a person not know they're white, right?

You don't have to be racist to not know you're white.

But sometimes you do. And Marla has no idea she's white or that the whole world was made for people like her. - Author: A.S. King
Levinsky Park quotes by A.S. King
#2. THE OLD FAITHFUL area was the largest complex in the park, consisting of hundreds of cabins, the Snow Lodge, retail stores, souvenir shops and snack bars, a rambling Park Service visitor center, and the showpiece structure of the entire park: the hundred-plus-year-old Old Faithful Inn that stood in sharp, gabled, epic relief against the star-washed sky. - Author: C.J. Box
Levinsky Park quotes by C.J. Box
#3. I tell you that I like being this close to you and how you feel against me. But now even I'm hesitant. I'm afraid that when we hit the ground, this will be over. We'll land and this feeling between us will vanish. That you won't feel it any longer. I can't stand that thought. - Author: Jessica Park
Levinsky Park quotes by Jessica Park
#4. Ordinary folk prefer familiar tastes - they'd sooner eat the same things all the time - but a gourmet would sample a fried park bench just to know how it tastes. - Author: Walter Moers
Levinsky Park quotes by Walter Moers
#5. Stupid kissing. Stupid roaming hands. Stupid boys. - Author: Jessica Park
Levinsky Park quotes by Jessica Park
#6. We made this really dumb decision to put on the cover nothing from South Park but just a real life photo of a piece of pooh dressed up like Mr. Hankey, and a lot of people didn't, they didn't even know what it was. - Author: Trey Parker
Levinsky Park quotes by Trey Parker
#7. Carter, who'd never seen a ghost, nonetheless found the idea of them wonderful. Who wouldn't want to see a ghost? Whenever he visited the park at night, he saw nothing. On weekend afternoons, he detoured through its rambles on his way to the ferry, watching the boaters, the Sunday painters, the wild and frantic children, and he thought how odd it was that the same joyful places, minus sunlight, became frightening. - Author: Glen David Gold
Levinsky Park quotes by Glen David Gold
#8. Welcome...to Jurassic Park! - Author: Michael Crichton
Levinsky Park quotes by Michael Crichton
#9. She tried to pretend things were normal and imagined that they could have a regular courtship with dating, holding hands, walks through Untermyer Park, romantic candlelit dinners, movie dates, and trips to exotic locales. If only life could be that way, but it wasn't. - Author: Jason Medina
Levinsky Park quotes by Jason Medina
#10. The oaks and firs stood up as they reached the interstate and pushed on through the South West Pacific Highway to the Salmon River Highway, past places with names like Falling Creek, Tualatin, Joe Dancer Park, and Erratic Rock. Places you could walk out into and die and never be found. He could imagine them seared by sun in summer and shrouded in snow in winter. Hammered by hail the size of coins in spring and autumn, pounding flesh and smashing bone, processed to be carried off chunk by speck in the guts of birds. - Author: Warren Ellis
Levinsky Park quotes by Warren Ellis
#11. The sun's champagne streamed from one body into another. And there was a couple on the green silk of the grass, covered by a raspberry umbrella. Only their feet and a little bit of lace could be seen. In the magnificent universe beneath the raspberry umbrella, with closed eyes, they drank in the sparkling madness.
'Extra! Extra! Zeppelins over the North Sea at 3 o'clock.'
But under the umbrella, in the raspberry universe, they were immortal. What did it matter that in another far-away universe people would be killing each other? - Author: Yevgeny Zamyatin
Levinsky Park quotes by Yevgeny Zamyatin
#12. Fire and falling water. Always the same, yet always changing. - Author: Linda Sue Park
Levinsky Park quotes by Linda Sue Park
#13. If you're bored with something, act as if you're seeing it for the first time. Look at it with new eyes. Pretend you're seeing it as a film director, theme park designer or your Aunt Josie - anything that provides a change in perspective. To beat boredom, make the familiar unfamiliar. - Author: Sam Harrison
Levinsky Park quotes by Sam     Harrison
#14. The poor Geordies are in the process of being rebuffed by every sentient human being whose ambition in life is more than simply to pocket six million quid for having been a failure and run for the hills. They want beautiful, flowing football and tangible success, at St James' Park. Fine. I, meanwhile, want Jessica Alba and the Nobel prize for literature. I make my prospects slightly more realistic. - Author: Rod Liddle
Levinsky Park quotes by Rod Liddle
#15. We had an apartment on west side of Central Park. The rent was very reasonable. We found out later that it belonged to a gangster called Legs Diamond and it was a front to his headquarters. It was fine. - Author: James Stewart
Levinsky Park quotes by James Stewart
#16. You may never learn the names of any of the people you talk to in a dog park, even after many, many hours spent there with them, and many hours of conversation. But if - knock on wood - anything should ever happen to your dog, these nameless non-strangers will rally, sympathize, offer to help, and hold your hand. I know this from experience. - Author: Susan Orlean
Levinsky Park quotes by Susan Orlean
#17. Try being a white person who adopts the trappings of black culture while still living in the white community. You will face more hate and ridicule and ostracism than you can even begin to fathom. People are willing to accept you if they see you as an outsider trying to assimilate into their world. But when they see you as a fellow tribe member attempting to disavow the tribe, that is something they will never forgive. That is what happened to me in Eden Park. - Author: Trevor Noah
Levinsky Park quotes by Trevor Noah
#18. We don't have a full black community in Boston. Our people are scattered. There's a middle class where I live in Highland Park but it's not like a piece of Washington or Chicago. - Author: Henry Hampton
Levinsky Park quotes by Henry Hampton
#19. Goodbye
Goodbye, Park
Goodbye, Eleanor. You know, until tonight. When you're going to call me. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
Levinsky Park quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#20. I'm a really bad driver. When I'm in L.A. my husband always has to park the car for me, because I'm likely to hit something. - Author: Gayle Tzemach Lemmon
Levinsky Park quotes by Gayle Tzemach Lemmon
#21. Then she said, with piteous defiance, "If I could love her, the Good Lord could, and he won't be too hard on an old lady who didn't have an easy life. - Author: Ruth Park
Levinsky Park quotes by Ruth Park
#22. I don't get discouraged because of the comments. After all, they don't really know me. - Author: Jay Park
Levinsky Park quotes by Jay Park
#23. The windblast sent people to the ground. A thunderhead of smoke and ash came moving toward them. The light drained dead away, bright day gone. They ran and fell and tried to get up, men with toweled heads, a woman blinded by debris, a woman calling someone's name. The only light was vestigial now, the light of what comes after, carried in the residue of smashed matter, in the ash ruins of what was various and human, hovering in the air above.

He took one step and then the next, smoke blowing over him. He felt rubble underfoot and there was motion everywhere, people running, things flying past. He walked by the Easy Park sign, the Breakfast Special and Three Suits Cheap, and they went running past, losing shoes and money. He saw a woman with her hand in the air, like running to catch a bus.

He went past a line of fire trucks and they stood empty now, headlights flashing. He could not find himself in the things he saw and heard. Two men ran by with a stretcher, someone facedown, smoke seeping out of his hair and clothes. He watched them move into the stunned distance. That's where everything was, all around him, falling away, street signs, people, things he could not name.

Then he saw a shirt come down out of the sky. He walked and saw it fall, arms waving like nothing in this life. - Author: Don DeLillo
Levinsky Park quotes by Don DeLillo
#24. I've met so many fans over the years and some have actually become friends of mine and I actually look forward to sharing my stories. - Author: Ray Park
Levinsky Park quotes by Ray Park
#25. I'm kinda disapointed that Canada isn't like the South Park movie said it was. - Author: Joel Madden
Levinsky Park quotes by Joel Madden
#26. One thing has become crystal clear to me overnight: I have never felt as close to anyone as I do to Chris. It is not from the amount of time we've spent together, but from the strength of the unquestionable bond we share. - Author: Jessica Park
Levinsky Park quotes by Jessica Park
#27. I am honestly afraid of getting sucked into Facebook like Stan did on South Park. Mostly cause I hate Yahtzee. - Author: Cain S. Latrani
Levinsky Park quotes by Cain S. Latrani
#28. As his mind continues to drift away from his body, he had one final realization. The world itself was alive, too. It swirled around you and sped past your eyes and ears, so fast you could never see it, but slow at the same time, like a tree growing taller in a park. And all the sounds you hears-the wind whipping past your ears and the ocean's whispering and the tickle of the whitecaps against your boat-that was earth's blood pumping through imperceptible veins, and some of those veins were nothing more than people like Shy or Carmen, or Addie. - Author: Matt De La Pena
Levinsky Park quotes by Matt De La Pena
#29. Chapter Eleven

She did not spend long in the supermarket at Riverwalk, confining her purchases to supplies she would need for the next few days. There was beef for stew, a large pumpkin, a packet of beans, a dozen eggs, and two loaves of bread. The pumpkin looked delicious - almost perfectly round and deep yellow in colour, it sat on the passenger seat beside her so comfortably as she drove out of the car park, so pleased to be what it was, that she imagined conducting a conversation with it, telling it about the Orphan Farm and Mma Potokwane and her concerns over Mma Makutsi. And the pumpkin would remain silent, of course, but would somehow indicate that it knew what she was talking about, that there were similar issues in the world of pumpkins.

She smiled. There was no harm, she thought, in allowing your imagination to run away with you, as a child's will do, because the thoughts that came in that way could be a comfort, a relief in a world that could be both sad and serious. Why not imagine a talk with a pumpkin? Why not imagine going off for a drive with a friendly pumpkin, a companion who would not, after all, answer back; who would agree with everything you said, and would at the end of the day appear on your plate as a final gesture of friendship? Why not allow yourself a few minutes of imaginative silliness so that you could remember what it was like when you believed such things, when you were a child at the feet of your grandmother, listening t - Author: Alexander McCall Smith
Levinsky Park quotes by Alexander McCall Smith
#30. When you have so little, just the smallest thing can make you happy - and - Author: Yeonmi Park
Levinsky Park quotes by Yeonmi Park
#31. The lumbering bagos and topheavy
four-wheelers form a moving slalom course for Hiro on his black
All these beefy Caucasians with guns! Get enough of them together, looking for
the America they always believed they'd grow up in, and they glom together like
overcooked rice, form integral, starchy little units. With their power tools,
portable generators, weapons, four-wheel-drive vehicles, and personal computers,
they are like beavers hyped up on crystal meth, manic engineers without a
blueprint, chewing through the wilderness, building things and abandoning them,
altering the flow of mighty rivers and then moving on because the place ain't
what it used to be.
The byproduct of the lifestyle is polluted rivers, greenhouse effect, spouse
abuse, televangelists, and serial killers. But as long as you have that fourwheel-
drive vehicle and can keep driving north, you can sustain it, keep moving
just quickly enough to stay one step ahead of your own waste stream. In twenty
years, ten million white people will converge on the north pole and park their
bagos there. The low-grade waste heat of their thermodynamically intense
lifestyle will turn the crystalline icescape pliable and treacherous. It will
melt a hole through the polar icecap, and all that metal will sink to the
bottom, sucking the biomass down with it. - Author: Neal Stephenson
Levinsky Park quotes by Neal Stephenson
#32. When we first sold the Wallace and Gromit shorts to America, people suggested we get rid of the strange British accents and put clear American voices on them, and we held out. - Author: Nick Park
Levinsky Park quotes by Nick Park
#33. park at the horse ranch. As he grabbed his phone and got out, - Author: Robert Ellis
Levinsky Park quotes by Robert Ellis
#34. Nocturnă

Uitarea venea... a venit.
O lacrimă cade jos, totul tace,
Lampa obosită a clipit,
Orice obiect atins şopteşte: lasă-mă-n pace...

Auzi, ploaia plânge pe drum
Pe un adânc tumult,
Pe urma unui mic pantof într-un parc
de demult...

Adorm... ascult...
Afară, la fereastră, toamna a spus:
- Of!


Oblivion comes . . . came.
A tear falls; total silence,
The tired lamp twinkles,
Every touched thing whispers, let me alone.

Listen, outside the rain sheds its tears ―
A serious dispute centers on
A scrap of a small shoe in an old park . . .

I sleep . . . I listen . . .
Outside a window, autumn says:
Oh! - Author: George Bacovia
Levinsky Park quotes by George Bacovia
#35. She spent much of her childhood and adolescence planning elaborate scheme to remove herself from family conflict: staying completely silent, keeping her face and body expressionless and immobile, wordlessly leaving the room and making her way to her bedroom, closing the door quietly behind her. Locking herself in the toilet. Leaving the house for an indefinite number of hours and sitting in the school car park by herself. None of these strategies had ever proven successful. In fact her tactics only seemed to increase the possibility that she would be punished as the primary instigator. - Author: Sally Rooney
Levinsky Park quotes by Sally Rooney
#36. I don't think I've ever tried to make something happen that I've absolutely had to force. You know how they say: if you can't avoid it, enjoy it. For me, it's the other way around: if I can't enjoy it, I avoid it. - Author: Park Chan-wook
Levinsky Park quotes by Park Chan-wook
#37. Me myself I park in handicap, the reason why ... ya know my bankroll make me walk with a crazy limp. - Author: Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
Levinsky Park quotes by Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
#38. She had the kind of smile you see in toothpaste commercials, where you can see practically all of somebody's teeth. She should smile like that all the time, Park thought; it made her face cross over from weird to beautiful. He wanted to make her smile like that constantly. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
Levinsky Park quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#39. The new French theme park based on Napoleon is named Napoleon's Bivouac, and will honor Napoleon with rides, battle reenactments, and the brutal March on Moscow ride. That's a walk-in freezer you stand in for 18 months while you try to eat a dead horse. - Author: Peter Sagal
Levinsky Park quotes by Peter Sagal
#40. Former Journey lead singer Steve Perry was a lifelong Giants fan who grew up in the San Joaquin Valley. When the Dodgers started showing him on the big screen during their nightly sing-along, Perry protested by sneaking out of his seats before the eighth inning began. Now the Giants were making their playoff run, and Perry had become a regular sight at AT&T park, thrashing around from a club-level suite as he spurred on the crowd. - Author: Andrew Baggarly
Levinsky Park quotes by Andrew Baggarly
#41. I will be the president of the nation who keeps pledges. - Author: Park Geun-hye
Levinsky Park quotes by Park Geun-hye
#42. This new baseball is like a golf ball. I think there are going to be a lot more dents put in the wall at Fenway Park this year. - Author: Don Zimmer
Levinsky Park quotes by Don Zimmer
#43. Yeah, I'm a drug addict. And a prostitute. The whole world knows. Not because I robbed my own family. Not because I ended up behind bars. Not because I've been hassled by the cops when soliciting customers from a local street corner. Not because I'm shooting up in the public bathrooms at your city park. Everyone knows because I told them all. I never tried to hide any of it. I never felt the need to. - Author: Ashly Lorenzana
Levinsky Park quotes by Ashly Lorenzana
#44. Our favorite: a former garbage dump converted into a riverside park. I first ran there more than 30 years ago when a marathon passed through this park that later became home to Pre's Trail. - Author: Joe Henderson
Levinsky Park quotes by Joe Henderson
#45. I don't know how to fit you in my world without hurting you too." The truth in my words revealed more than he'd ever know.
"Don't worry about hurting me," he replied calmly. "I like being a part of your world, and I understand that it's more complicated than you're willing to share with me. But I'll respect that, for now."
He pulled into the parking lot of a drugstore and put the car in park. Evan seemed nervous as he turned to speak to ne. He released a quick breath before he spoke. My chest tightened, afraid to hear what he had to say."
"I don't do this." His hands gestured between us. My eyes narrowed, trying to inerpret his meaning. He exhaled and looked out the windshield. "I don't stay, and I'm used to that. And I'm always prepared to leave-because I have to eventually.
He stopped again, frustrated with himself. I sat motionless, absolutely convinced I didn't want him to continue - but I couldn't bring myself to ask him to stop.
"I want to stay here," he finally decalred. "It would bother me if I left. I mean, I've already unpacked. - Author: Rebecca Donovan
Levinsky Park quotes by Rebecca    Donovan
#46. As a person, to inspire some young girls and give them something to look at and give them something to play for, I think is such a great position to be in. I'm glad that I can follow all of the great Korean players' footsteps. - Author: Inbee Park
Levinsky Park quotes by Inbee Park
#47. I don't really believe in pretending to be happy when you're not. Mostly I believe that you should burden your friends with your problems. - Author: Barbara Park
Levinsky Park quotes by Barbara Park

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