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#1. I closed what little distance was left between us, one hand sliding through his soft hair, the other gathering the back of his shirt into my fist. When my lips finally pressed against his, I felt something coil deep inside of me. There was nothing outside of him, not even the grating of cicadas, not even the gray-bodied trees. My heart thundered in my chest. More, more, more - a steady beat. His body relaxed under my hands, shuddering at my touch. Breathing him in wasn't enough, I wanted to inhale him. The leather, the smoke, the sweetness. I felt his fingers counting up my bare ribs. Liam shifted his legs around mine to draw me closer.

I was off-balance on my toes; the world swaying dangerously under me as his lips traveled to my cheek, to my jaw, to where my pulse throbbed in my neck. He seemed so sure of himself, like he had already plotted out this course.

I didn't feel it happen, the slip. Even if I had, I was so wrapped up in him that I couldn't imagine pulling back or letting go of his warm skin or that moment. His touch was feather-light, stroking my skin with a kind of reverence, but the instant his lips found mine again, a single thought was enough to rocket me out of the honey-sweet haze.

The memory of Clancy's face as he had leaned in to do exactly what Liam was doing now suddenly flooded my mind, twisting its way through me until I couldn't ignore it. Until I was seeing it play out glossy and burning like it was someone else's mem - Author: Alexandra Bracken
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Alexandra Bracken
#2. Owens, our minister, would get up from his seat and stop the song. He'd sit behind his pulpit in a spiritual trance, his eyes closed, clad in a long blue robe with a white scarf and billowed sleeves, as if he were prepared to float away to heaven himself, until one of Mommy's clunker notes roused him. One eye would pop open with a jolt, as if someone had just poured cold water down his back. He'd coolly run the eye in a circle, gazing around at the congregation of forty-odd parishioners to see where the whirring noise was coming from. When his eye landed on Mommy, he'd nod as if to say, "Oh, it's just Sister Jordan"; then he'd slip back into his spiritual trance. - Author: James McBride
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by James McBride
#3. You have to work ceaselessly on your end to digest and imbibe your opportunities or, I have come to believe, they will gradually slip away and knock on someone else's more receptive door. - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#4. Party lights hang over the street, yellow and red and green. Sadie stumbles over someone's chair, but I'm ready for this and I catch her easily by the arm.

"Sorry, clumsy," she says.

"You always were, Sadie. One of your more endearing traits."

Before she can ask about that I slip my arm around her waist. She slips hers around mine, still looking up at me. The lights skate across her cheeks and shine in her eyes. We clasp hands, fingers folding together naturally, and for me the years fall away like a coat that's too heavy and too tight. In that moment, I hope on thing above all others: that she was not too busy to find at least one good man …

She speaks in a voice almost too low to be heard over the music. But I hear her – I always did. "Who are you, George?"

"Someone you knew in another life, honey. - Author: Stephen King
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Stephen King
#5. When on the very edge of death, matters such as fortune and legacy are meaningless in the face of knowing that someone who cares for you will hold your hand as you slip away. - Author: Morgan Rhodes
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Morgan Rhodes
#6. For some time now the impression has been growing upon me that everyone is dead.
It happens when I speak to people. In the middle of a sentence it will come over me: yes, beyond a doubt this is death. There is little to do but groan and make an excuse and slip away as quickly as one can. At such times it seems that the conversation is spoken by automatons who have no choice in what they say. I hear myself or someone else saying things like: "In my opinion the Russian people are a great people, but
" or "Yes, what you say about the hypocrisy of the North is unquestionably true. However
" and I think to myself: this is death. Lately it is all I can do to carry on such everyday conversations, because my cheek has developed a tendency to twitch of its own accord. - Author: Walker Percy
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Walker Percy
#7. Everything can change in a heartbeat; it can slip away in an instant. Everything you trust, and treasure, whatever brings you comfort, comes at a terrible cost. Health is temporary; money disappears. Safety is nothing big an illusion.

So when the moment comes, and everything you depend upon changes, or perhaps someone you love disappears, or no longer loves you, must disaster follow? Or will you-somehow-adapt? - Author: Margaret Overton
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Margaret Overton
#8. Maybe he was reaching out to me through those words, and I let him slip away. I stayed silent. If I had written to him more often, been more honest, would it have helped him work through some of his problems so he wouldn't have run away from home? Maybe if I tried to find him, I would have. Maybe he wouldn't have become an addict if someone were there for him.

Maybe he wouldn't have been killed in the street by the police, his death tallied as an improvement to society. - Author: Randy Ribay
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Randy Ribay
#9. I cannot say for sure when my reliable ideas about God began to slip away, but the big chest I used to keep them in is smaller than a shoebox now. Most of the time, I feel so ashamed about this that I do not own up to it unless someone else mentions it first. Then we find a quiet place where we can talk about what it is like to feel more and more devoted to a relationship that we are less and less able to say anything about. - Author: Barbara Brown Taylor
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Barbara Brown Taylor
#10. There's an old poem by Neruda that I've always been captivated by, and one of the lines in it has stuck with me ever since the first time I read it. It says "love is so short, forgetting is so long." It's a line I've related to in my saddest moments, when I needed to know someone else had felt that exact same way. And when we're trying to move on, the moments we always go back to aren't the mundane ones. They are the moments you saw sparks that weren't really there, felt stars aligning without having any proof, saw your future before it happened, and then saw it slip away without any warning. - Author: Taylor Swift
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Taylor Swift
#11. Sometimes when you lose someone, it's at that moment that you realize how much they mean to you. And when that happens, and when you think about how you let them slip away, you know you'd do anything just to have them there with you again. - Author: Jennifer Farwell
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Jennifer Farwell
#12. I know that collector types can be a pain in the neck and seem perpetually frozen in time - or at least in their parents' basement - but someone has to look out for the past, lest it slip away forever. - Author: Henry Rollins
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Henry Rollins
#13. If someone had told me six moons ago, before I watched my life slip through my hands like water, that my mother would be cursed, locked away, and drugged by my own hand, I would have laughed in their face. Then I would have kicked them for the insult and laughed again. - Author: Melinda Salisbury
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Melinda Salisbury
#14. Love. I think an angel would fear falling in love with a mortal - someone who could be theirs for only a short time and then would slip away forever. He - Author: C.S. Harris
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by C.S. Harris
#15. Well, I certainly don't," said Percy sanctimoniously. "I shudder to think what the state of my in-tray would be if I was away from work for five days."
"Yeah, someone might slip dragon dung in it again, eh, Perce?" said Fred.
"That was a sample of fertilizer from Norway!" said Percy, going very red in the face. "It was nothing personal!"
"It was," Fred whispered to Harry as they got up from the table. "We sent it. - Author: J.K. Rowling
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by J.K. Rowling
#16. Take it from someone who's had it before ... you don't want to let it slip away. Fight for her. - Author: Colleen Hoover
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Colleen Hoover
#17. It may seem that every time someone offers you a hand up, they just let go and you slip further down. - Author: Jay Asher
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Jay Asher
#18. But surely the idea that one might slip away unseen and take up another life is nearly universal. Is there anything more fundamentally human than the desire to live in another world, as someone other than our own earthbound selves? - Author: Jennifer Finney Boylan
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Jennifer Finney Boylan
#19. You are FAR too fabulous to cling to someone or something that doesn't fit you, doesn't want you, or doesn't belong to you. While you're clinging to the WRONG thing, you're letting the RIGHT thing slip right through your fingers! - Author: Mandy Hale
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Mandy Hale
#20. My heartaches, sadness has consumed me, emptiness has filled me, hold me do not let me slip away. - Author: Jonah Books.com
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Jonah Books.com
#21. On every thing are traced decay and change. Look! how the shifting seasons slip away. - Author: Isaac McLellan
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Isaac McLellan
#22. Think of the millions of young men who died fighting for democracy. We spit on their graves when we let democracy slip away into the sewer of illegal money. - Author: Doris "Granny D" Haddock
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Doris
#23. When he was younger, he used the slightest opportunity to slip away from people, without his being able to understand very clearly why he did so: a longing to break free and to breathe in the fresh air? - Author: Patrick Modiano
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Patrick Modiano
#24. By letting go of dieting, I free up mental and emotional room. I have more space, I can move. The pursuit of another, elusive body, the body someone else says I should have, is a terrible distraction, a side-tracking that might have lasted my whole life long. By letting myself go, I go places. - Author: Sallie Tisdale
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Sallie Tisdale
#25. Hate is a terrible thing. It's a wasteful, stupid emotion. You can hate someone with all your heart, but it'll never do them a bit of harm. The only person it hurts is you. You can spend your days hating, letting it eat away at you, and the person you hate will go on living just the same. So, what's the point? - Author: Stuart Neville
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Stuart Neville
#26. Here's the thing, people: We have some serious problems. The lights are off. And it seems like that's affecting the water flow in part of town. So, no baths or showers, okay? But the situation is that we think Caine is short of food, which means he's not going to be able to hold out very long at the power plant."
"How long?" someone yelled.
Sam shook his head. "I don't know."
"Why can't you get him to leave?"
"Because I can't, that's why," Sam snapped, letting some of his anger show. "Because I'm not Superman, all right? Look, he's inside the plant. The walls are thick. He has guns, he has Jack, he has Drake, and he has his own powers. I can't get him out of there without getting some of our people killed. Anybody want to volunteer for that?"
"Yeah, I thought so. I can't get you people to show up and pick melons, let alone throw down with Drake."
"That's your job," Zil said.
"Oh, I see," Sam said. The resentment he'd held in now came boiling to the surface. "It's my job to pick the fruit, and collect the trash, and ration the food, and catch Hunter, and stop Caine, and settle every stupid little fight, and make sure kids get a visit from the Tooth Fairy. What's your job, Zil? Oh, right: you spray hateful graffiti. Thanks for taking care of that, I don't know how we'd ever manage without you."
"Sam…," Astrid said, just loud enough for him to hear. A warning.
Too late. He was going to say what needed saying.
"And t - Author: Michael Grant
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Michael  Grant
#27. The only people out at this hour were ones who couldn't sleep, those haunted by one thing or another: love thwarted, love lost, love thrown away. They were the sort of people who didn't want to be noticed, who wanted to slip through shadows, be alone with their despair. - Author: Alice Hoffman
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Alice Hoffman
#28. Tranquillity hides in small spaces, and when found needs to be treasured, because you know it's a phantom that will slip away again. - Author: Diane Ackerman
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Diane Ackerman
#29. I have too many credit cards. You know what happened? Someone stole one and I didn't notice. I noticed when I got that bill. Whoa! It was so much less! I'm letting him keep it. I'm saving money! - Author: Rita Rudner
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Rita Rudner
#30. This set off a series of additional questions from Batty, which Iantha gracefully took on, giving Rosalind the chance to slip away unnoticed. She crossed the street to the Geigers' house, headed round to the back, and knocked on the kitchen door, just as she'd done a thousand times before. - Author: Jeanne Birdsall
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Jeanne Birdsall
#31. And under the influence of the cradle like rocking of the train, your carefully crafted persona begins to slip away. The superego dissolves as your mind begins to wander aimlessly over your cares and dreams; or better yet, it drifts into an ambient hypnosis, where even cares and dreams recede and the peaceful silence of the cosmos pervade. - Author: Amor Towles
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Amor Towles
#32. Or ugsome, a late medieval word meaning loathsome or disgusting? It has lasted half a millennium in English, was a common synonym for horrid until well into the last century, and can still be found tucked away forgotten at the back of most unabridged dictionaries. Isn't it a shame to let it slip away? - Author: Bill Bryson
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Bill Bryson
#33. Chances are if you find yourself caught up in a political foofaraw at work, or in some family squabble at home, it's because someone else is succeeding in convincing you that his problem is your problem. The non-self-destructor recognizes this and as soon as possible, gives the sleepless night back to the person to whom it belongs. - Author: Jason Seiden
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Jason Seiden
#34. The truth is, forgiving is a rather simple concept to grasp. It is often imagined that when you forgive, you have to reconcile with someone and yet this is a larger team in which forgiveness is just a player. - Author: Stephen Richards
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Stephen Richards
#35. When we let our freedoms slip away without a fight or even without concern, we take freedom, prosperity and happiness away from our posterity. What kind of people do that? Are we such people? These are questions each of us must face. - Author: Oliver DeMille
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Oliver DeMille
#36. I'm sorry this took so long," he said. "Someone obviously taught Moose what aerosol whipped cream is and he wasn't letting me out of the room until he got his share. - Author: Terri Reid
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Terri Reid
#37. I'm spending until dawn with you," I said firmly. "Don't bother to argue."
"God forbid," said Jesse, solemn.
I pushed past him into the cottage. He'd been waiting up for me, I could tell. There was a book spread facedown upon the table, a pair of lamps lit beside it.
"I thought you said you were resting tonight.
"Aye. I was. But then it occurred to me that the bed wasn't nearly so comfortable without you. So I got up and hoped."
I crossed my arms over my chest and dug my toes into the soft nap of the rug. The cottage had been built within a protective circle of birches; even during the heat of the day, it was never very warm.
"You hoped for me?" I asked, uncertain.
Jesse came close, put his arms around me, and buried his face in my hair. "As always. As ever."
"And I came," I whispered, closing my eyes, breathing him. The ache behind my forehead began to unbind.
"And you came," he agreed.
And he summoned the magic that was all his own, beyond stars and starfire. A magic of mortal lips and hands, of bristly new whiskers scraping my chin, of melting kisses that made the whiskers unimportant.
Our bodies entwined, or hearts. Our lives.
I think that was the night a very quiet, very powerful part of me began to comprehend how it was going to be. I think the part of me that was magic, that had broken away from the practical earth to slip along Jesse's celestial family of stars, to allow them to bind me in their spell…
Author: Shana Abe
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Shana Abe
#38. I still dream in pictures and color, always the world of my childhood. I see the purple Judas trees at Easter lighting up the roadsides and terraces of the town. Ochre cliffs made of cinnamon powder. Autumn clouds rolling along the ground of the hills, and the patchwork of wet oak leaves on the grass. The shape of a rose petal. And my parents' faces, which will never grow any older.
"But it is strange how scent brings it all back too. I only have to smell certain aromas, and I am back in a certain place with a certain feeling."
The comforting past smelled of heliotrope and cherry and sweet almond biscuits: close-up smells, flowers you had to put your nose to as the sight faded from your eyes. The scents of that childhood past had already begun to slip away: Maman's apron with blotches of game stew; linen pressed with faded lavender; the sheep in the barn. The present, or what had so very recently been the present, was orange blossom infused with hope. - Author: Deborah Lawrenson
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Deborah Lawrenson
#39. I like rivers. They promise to take you places you ain't never dreamed of. Besides, if you got troubles? Just slip into a river and let the current carry them away. That's what I think when I'm in a river. - Author: Judith Redline Coopey
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Judith Redline Coopey
#40. It's right to say that people fall in love. We don't glide, slip, or stumble into it. Instead we tumble head first from the moment we decide to step off the edge of a cliff with someone and see whether we'll fly together. Love might be irrational, but we make the choice to risk everything. - Author: Martin Pistorius
Letting Someone Slip Away quotes by Martin Pistorius

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