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I have a plan," he said.
"Yes," she said.
"Let's get married," he said.
"Yes," she said.
"Let's conquer the world," he said.
"Yes," she said. No one in her family had ever been accused of dreaming small.
"Let's bring the beau monde to its knees."
"Let's make them beg for your creations."
"Yes," she said. "Yes, yes, yes."
"Is tomorrow too soon?" he said.
"No." she said. "We've a great deal to do, you and I, conquering the world. We must start at once. We've not a minute to lose."
"I love hearing you say that," he said.
He kissed her. It lasted a long time.
And they would last, she was sure, a lifetime. On that she'd wager anything. ~ Loretta Chase
Lets Get Married quotes by Loretta Chase
Okay, superstar. Here's three words for you. You ready?"
I adopt a serious face, though my heart is hammering. "I'm ready."
Looking into my eyes, she says calmly, "Let's get married."
I almost topple over onto the floor. "What?"
"You don't have to shout at me. You did ask for three words, after all."
I'm so astonished I almost can't from a sentence. "B-but I thought… I meant… I love you!"
She smiles serenely at me. "I know you do, Mason. I love you, too. So much."
"No - I meant I thought you were going to say I love you!"
"I know you did, honey, but I figured unless I popped the question first, you'd carry that big pink diamond around for who knows how long before you got around to asking me, so…" She shrugs. "Here we are."
My jaw hangs open. "You know about the ring?"
Waldine throws herself onto one of the sofas, props her feet up on the arm, folds her arms behind her head, and grins at me.
"Son, half of Atlanta knows about the ring. You think you could sneak into a jewelry shop and plunk down millions on a piece of ice in that town and nobody would hear about it? Psh. ~ J.T. Geissinger
Lets Get Married quotes by J.T. Geissinger
I don't expect you to know what the future is going to bring," I told him. "And I'm not asking for a commitment right now. But I do want to know if it's possible for us to be something long term. If it's not a possibility, I'm not interested in doing this."
Chris didn't answer right away, but when he did, his answer was perfect.
"I love you," he said. "And I don't want to spend a day of my life without you."
Instead of feeling happy and confident, I suddenly felt something like fear.
In my mind, what he was saying was that he wanted to marry me.
Was I ready for that?
But I loved that I heard that he wanted to marry me and was so confident and open about it.
I quickly warmed up to the idea. But as the days and then weeks went by, I began to wonder. Did his answer really mean he wanted to get married? We didn't talk about it, and our relationship didn't change in any meaningful way.
So, were we headed toward marriage, or not?
Then came 9/11. The tragic attack, and the implications that going to war would have for Chris, pushed me to think harder about my future-our future.
One day I called him and said, "I just had this crazy idea-let's get married."
I thought he'd say, Hell yeah! Let's do it!
His actual reaction: "What?"
As in, What the heck are you talking about?
"Oh, it's just an idea," I said, quickly retreating. "I'm kind of kidding. We can talk about it later ~ Taya Kyle
Lets Get Married quotes by Taya Kyle
I told him I didn't want to have sex until I got married. Without missing a beat, he nodded and said, So let's get married. ~ Gabrielle Zevin
Lets Get Married quotes by Gabrielle Zevin
This may be crazy, but what the hell, right?" He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small black box, and Bridget felt faint as he cracked it open. An emerald set in a silver band winked up at her. "I love you, Bridget. I'm pretty sure you feel the same way about me, and screw the whole dating thing. Let's get married. ~ J. Lynn
Lets Get Married quotes by J. Lynn
There're eighty-six thousand, four hundred seconds in a day, right? There're one thousand, four hundred and forty minutes in a day."
Her brow knitted. "Okay. I'll take your word for it."
"I'm right." I tapped my finger against my head. "A lot of useless knowledge up here.
Anyway, are you following me? There're one hundred and sixty-eight hours in a week.
Around eighty-seven hundred and then some hours in a year, and you know what?"
She smiled. "What?"
"I want to spend every second, every minute, every hour with you." Part of me
couldn't believe something that cheesy had come out of my mouth, but it was also so beauti fully true. "I want a year's worth of seconds and minutes with you. I want a decade's worth of hours, so many that I can't add them up."
Her chest rose sharply as she stared at me, eyes widening.
I took one more step and then went down on one knee in front of her, in a towel.
Probably should have put some pants on. "Do you want that?" I asked.
Kat's eyes met mine, and the answer was immediate. "Yes. I want that. You know I want that."
"Good." My lips curved up. "So let's get married. ~ Jennifer L. Armentrout
Lets Get Married quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Good girl. Test passed. I think I love you, Janie. Let's get married and not have children."
My eyes widened for a brief moment; I felt sure he was teasing me but, looking into his dancing grey eyes, I knew he meant it as a compliment. I returned his smile. I liked Steven.
Carlos broke the silence, "Ms. Morris, the job is yours if you'd like it."
"Oh, please say yes." Steven's smile widened.
"To the proposal or the job? ~ Penny Reid
Lets Get Married quotes by Penny Reid
Finn leaped from his horse to greet Enna, and she entwined herself into him, their arms around each other, their faces close. Thoug they did not kiss, Rin thought that the way they looked at each other was even more intimate.
'Let's get married,' Enna was saying with yearning in her voice. 'Please, let's get married right now.'
Finn put his face into her neck and whispered something that made her hum. ~ Shannon Hale
Lets Get Married quotes by Shannon Hale
Even when there were good wars to write about, writers such as Jane Austen wrote novels concerning marriage. They usually went like this:
'You're being a real jerk.'
'Sorry about that. I was secretly helping you.'
'Oh, you're wonderful! And you have so much money! You're my new favorite cousin!'
'Let's get married.
The End. ~ Dan Wilbur
Lets Get Married quotes by Dan Wilbur
Let's get married,' he would say to her, through the hush of the hallway, his voice sounding like a dusting cloth on the first spring cleaning. ~ Solomon Deep
Lets Get Married quotes by Solomon Deep
That casual kiss on my cheek would have meant nothing up until recently, I realized I was in love with him. Not that, 'I love you, man,' type of love. Nope. I was ass over teacup in love with my best friend. The 'let's get married and grow old together' type of love. ~ Summer Michaels
Lets Get Married quotes by Summer Michaels
As I stood with her on the platform - she impatient, tapping her foot, leaning forward to look down the tracks - it seemed more than I could bear to see her go. Francis was around the corner, buying her a book to read on the train.
'I don't want you to leave,' I said.
'I don't want to, either.'
'Then don't.'
'I have to.'
We stood looking at each other. It was raining. She looked at me with her rain-colored eyes.
Camilla, I love you,' I said. 'Let's get married. ~ Donna Tartt
Lets Get Married quotes by Donna Tartt
I found that life for me gets a lot more serious as you get older. You start off young and happy and smiling and "Wooo! I'm having fun!" And then you get married, and that's very serious, and you have kids, and that's very, very serious. So as you get older, you start thinking about passing away, and that becomes extremely serious. ~ Drew Magary
Lets Get Married quotes by Drew Magary
I read, and underline, anything I can get my hands on, but I have a particular weakness for self-help books. I love these books, though I dislike the term "self-help." For one thing, it's not accurate. You're not helping yourself. The person who wrote the book is helping you. The only book that can accurately be called self-help is the one you write yourself. The other problem, of course, with self-help books is that they broadcast weakness, and thus invite judgement. That's why my wife insists I keep my sizable collection hidden in the basement, lest dinner guests suspect she is married to a self in need of help. ~ Eric Weiner
Lets Get Married quotes by Eric Weiner
It's time for all of us to unite across the state of Washington to build a working Washington. Let's get to work. ~ Jay Inslee
Lets Get Married quotes by Jay Inslee
She looked up and their eyes locked. "Want to be my birthday present?" she asked in a breathy whisper.
Chase's mother didn't raise any fools. He released her hips and trailed his hand down her arm until their fingers entwined.
"Let's get out of here."
He tugged her from the dance floor, trying not to rush like he was running from a fire. But, damn. There was a fire in his britches. ~ Tamara Hoffa
Lets Get Married quotes by Tamara Hoffa
Hey, single malt scotch, youre thirty years old. When are you going to settle down and get married to my stomach? ~ Stephen Colbert
Lets Get Married quotes by Stephen Colbert
My first movie, I got nominated for a Canadian Oscar-for Meatballs. For MEATBALLS. And who am I up against? George C. Scott. So he wins the award and I stand up and go, 'That's it-let's get the hell outta here.' ~ Bill Murray
Lets Get Married quotes by Bill Murray
But a funny thing happens when you tell a man that you don't want to get married: they don't believe you. They think you're lying to yourself or to them or you're trying to trick them in some way and you end up being made to feel worse for just telling the truth. ~ Jami Attenberg
Lets Get Married quotes by Jami Attenberg
Making sure the person shared your interest in sushi and Wes Anderson movies and made you get a boner anytime you touched her hair would seem far too picky. Of course, people did get married because they loved each other, but their expectations about what love would bring were different from those we hold today. ~ Aziz Ansari
Lets Get Married quotes by Aziz Ansari
I'm the kind of girl who wants to get married in a big, white dress, wearing my grandma's pearls. I want a husband who loves me and is faithful to me. I want him to come home to me every night, and I don't want to have to worry if he's doing his secretary, because he's the kind of man who has too much honor to do that. I want to wait a year and then I want to start trying for the two kids that we'll eventually have, a girl and a boy. And when we have those kids, I do not want, one day, to have to look in their little faces and explain why their daddy is on the internet having relations with everyone from College Honeys to Cougars Gone Wild for money. I want to throw a cartoon themed birthday party at a jump house for my six year old, not mark the occasion by explaining what a "money shot" is. I have a feeling your life goals are somewhat different than mine. And by 'somewhat,' I mean, utterly and completely. Does that explain why it would be a waste of time for both of us to continue being in each other's presence? ~ Mia Sheridan
Lets Get Married quotes by Mia Sheridan
Let's get something straight, shall we? My name is Beth, and I'm going to tutor you in business stats. We are not going to be friends or fuck buddies or anything else you might think of. I'm not 'Kitty' or any other pet name. I'm here to get a degree, not a husband. ~ Jessica Scott
Lets Get Married quotes by Jessica Scott
have to wait. We can get married in a few weeks. ~ Cathy Gillen Thacker
Lets Get Married quotes by Cathy Gillen Thacker
I didn't want to hear this. "What the hell are you talking about?" "Necromancer with a chaser of werewolf; a drink to make any vampire giddy." He giggled. Jean-Claude never giggled. I ignored him, if you can ignore an intoxicated vampire. "Jason, can you stand?" "I think so." His voice was thick, heavy but not sleepy, more the languor after sex. Maybe I was glad my bite had hurt. "Larry?" Larry walked over to us, glancing at Magnus, gun naked in his hand. He didn't look happy. "Can we trust him?" "We're going to," I said. "Help me stand up, and let's get out of here before fangface busts a gut." Jean-Claude was doubled over with laughter. He seemed to think "fangface" was outrageously funny. Ye gods. Larry ~ Laurell K. Hamilton
Lets Get Married quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
It's about Diana,' sobbed Anne luxuriously. 'I love Diana so, Marilla. I cannot ever live without her. But I know very well when we grow up that Diana will get married and go away and leave me. And oh, what shall I do? I hate her husband - I just hate him furiously. I've been imagining it all out - the wedding and everything - Diana dressed in snowy white garments, and a veil, and looking as beautiful and regal as a queen; and me the bridesmaid, with a lovely dress, too, and puffed sleeves, but with a breaking heart hid beneath my smiling face. And then bidding Diana good-bye-e-e - ' Here Anne broke down entirely and wept with increasing bitterness. Marilla turned quickly away to hide her twitching face, but it was no use; she collapsed on the nearest chair and burst into such a hearty and unusual peal of laughter ... ~ L.M. Montgomery
Lets Get Married quotes by L.M. Montgomery
when the rain arrives" she said "I will dig a hole to meditate in"
she said a lot of good things, but i don't know if she did them
i asked if she would dig it so deep that no one could see her
unless they looked inside, and she said "let's get gin"
i didn't want gin though I wanted to put water balloons
in people's mail boxes, but she wanted gin so i bought gin
i sat on the edge of her bed and held her tarantula
i showed her my bob dylan book called "tarantula"
she was scrolling through instagram, and the tarantula was still
i said "wanna dig a hole to meditate in?"
she said "yeah do you wanna get naked?"
I set the tarantula in it's vitrine and placed bob dylan's book on top ~ Taj Bourgeois
Lets Get Married quotes by Taj Bourgeois
Why not? Give me one good reason why we shouldn't get married.
Because trying to fuck you is like trying to french-kiss a very ... small and ... lively gerbil? With braces? ~ Bret Easton Ellis
Lets Get Married quotes by Bret Easton Ellis
First of all, let's get one thing straight. Your Italy and our Italia are not the same thing. Italy is a soft drug peddled in predictable packages, such as hills in the sunset, olive groves, lemon trees, white wine, and raven-haired girls. Italia, on the other hand, is a maze. It's alluring, but complicated. It's the kind of place that can have you fuming and then purring in the space of a hundred meters, or in the course of ten minutes. Italy is the only workshop in the world that can turn out both Botticellis and Berlusconis. ~ Beppe Severgnini
Lets Get Married quotes by Beppe Severgnini
Actually I am the one to blame. I was the one who had said that maybe I would be married in two years time. But things are different now and there is still time before I get married. As the saying goes, 'Man proposes, God disposes', every time we make a plan God changes it. ~ Katrina Kaif
Lets Get Married quotes by Katrina Kaif
A man who desires to get married should know everything or nothing. ~ George Bernard Shaw
Lets Get Married quotes by George Bernard Shaw
Elijah Wood from Lord Of The Rings can't get married with a girl named Holly beacause it would make Holly Wood get it HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ Joel Madden
Lets Get Married quotes by Joel Madden
When I confess a couple who have kids, a married couple, I ask, 'how many children do you have?' Some get worried and think the priest will ask why I don't have more. I would make a second question, 'Do you play with your children?' The majority say, 'but father, I have no time. I work all day.' ~ Pope Francis
Lets Get Married quotes by Pope Francis
If we're not going to get married, we need to break up. So ... shit or get off the pot,
"That was beautiful," murmured Father Bruce as he opened a menu. ~ Kristan Higgins
Lets Get Married quotes by Kristan Higgins
I'm pleased-very pleased-that you've finally made your choice. It's about time you came to your senses."
He arched a brow. "Even if it took a kidnapping to do it?"
She nodded sagely. "Even so." She paused, then more gently asked, "She's the right one for you, isn't she?"
He held her gaze, then nodded. "Yes. Definitely." He hesitated, then added, "I couldn't live without her."
Caro's smile widened until she was beaming. "Wonderful. That's how it should be."
He wasn't so sure he needed to hear that; the sense of vulnerability and dependency took some getting used to; he wasn't yet sure he'd mastered the knack. "Sadly, it seems that whenever I get close to a prospective wedding, I end up wounded. With you and Michael, I got shot and nearly died. This time, with me and Heather, I got gored and nearly died. I suppose I should be happy that Constance and Cordelia are already married."
Caro laughed. "You probably escaped them because they're so much older that you-you were only a lad when they wed." She paused, head tilting as she studied him. Still smiling, she went on, "You're a protector, you know. That's what you are-that's what you do. And now you've found the lady you're supposed to protect for the rest of your life." Her smile deepened. "Once you marry her, you'll be safe."
He humphed, but continued to smile, and didn't attempt to argue.
Because she was right.
Heather was the lady he would protect for the rest of his life. ~ Stephanie Laurens
Lets Get Married quotes by Stephanie Laurens
We're in an a bit of an awkward situation.
When the institution of marriage first came about, people commonly got married at around the same age that they began to develop feelings for the opposite sex.
This is no longer the case.
13, 14 - these are no longer appropriate ages to be getting married. Now, you do not get married until you're out of college, at least. If you get married any earlier, you're looked down upon.
So, what we have is a gap.
A gap between when we begin to be attracted to the opposite sex, and when we're allowed to give into that attraction. A gap between now and then. A fairly large gap, I might add. About a 10 or 12 year gap.
I believe that dating was designed to bridge that gap. ~ Cole Ryan
Lets Get Married quotes by Cole Ryan
A lot of the time when people get married in the infatuation, it will go down. That is inevitable. The infatuation stage will not last forever. ~ Tamera Mowry
Lets Get Married quotes by Tamera Mowry
When Oliver called time a few moments later, she'd beaten them all. But she'd beaten Mr. Pinter by only one bird.
"It appears, Lady Celia, that you've won a new rifle," the duke said graciously.
"No," she answered. They all stared at her. "It doesn't seem sporting to win a challenge only because one of my opponents had a faulty firearm. Which we provided to him, by the way."
"Don't worry," Mr. Pinter drawled. "I won't hold the fault firearm against you and your brothers."
"That's not the point. This should be fair, and it isn't."
"Then we'll move forward," Oliver said, "and let the servants flush the grouse again. Pinter can take one more shot. That's probably all that the misfire delayed him by. If he misses, then you've won squarely. If he hits his target then it's a tie, and we'll decide a tie breaker."
"That seems fair." She glanced over at Mr. Pinter. "What do you say, sir?"
"Whatever my lady wishes." His eyes met hers in a heated glance.
She had the unsettling feeling that he referred to more than just the shooting. "Well, then," she said lightly. "Let's get on with it."
The beaters headed forward to flush the grouse, but either because of where the grouse had last settled or because of the beaters' position, the birds rose farther away than was practical.
"Damn it all," Gabe uttered. "He won't make a shot from here."
"You can ignore this one, and we'll have them flushed again," Celia said.
But Mr. Pinter raise ~ Sabrina Jeffries
Lets Get Married quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
Hunger Games and A New Hope: Hero rises up from the poorest place in the galaxy. Put through some challenges. Finds romance and a side-kick. Somebody dies. Check
Catching Fire and Empire Strikes Back: Totalitarian government strikes back, some other people die, and the rebellion starts gaining momentun.
Mockingjay/Return of the Jedi: Bunch of minor characters die, and then one major one. Rebellion wins, if in an unexpected way. Characters all get married.
I think Suzanne Collins has some explaining to do. ~ Caleb Eversole
Lets Get Married quotes by Caleb Eversole
When I was a stripper I realized that men and women are equally fucked over about sex but in such different areas, we're blind to the other's pain. So for certain kinds of guys, women are heartless bitches and cock teases and will bleed you dry before giving you a kiss. And for some women, men are asshole jerks who only want one thing. They'll love you and leave you. I don't see it that way. It's the culture keeping them equally ignorant and feeding them nonsense. And then saying, go of and get married! ~ Nina Hartley
Lets Get Married quotes by Nina Hartley
If this works, it' going to be one of those things that get written down in the history books. He wondered, briefly, what he should say. Oh well. I can always think of something clever later to tell the historians.
"Come on!" He chopped downward, toward the enemy. "Let's get the bastards! ~ Django Wexler
Lets Get Married quotes by Django Wexler
Su describes her anger as "a little femina, two centimeters tall" who claps inside her head every time she speaks out. "I'm dedicating my life to her, whatever the trends of the times. No more anger-sitters. No more camps or schools. No more lollipops. She's going to get all the advantages my expanse of years can provide, every opportunity to become whatever she wants to become, even if she wants to get married and have lots of little angers. ~ June Arnold
Lets Get Married quotes by June Arnold
If you want to die as soon as last year, get married this very minute! ~ Levi Cheruo Cheptora
Lets Get Married quotes by Levi Cheruo Cheptora
There is another reason ever-single women fare even better than previously married women in later life. They mastered the single life long ago. From structuring social events in a culture that caters to couples, to figuring out how to work and get all the tasks of everyday life accomplished when there may or may not be others readily available to do their unfair share, always-single women have been there, done that. It is not a new or daunting challenge. ~ Bella DePaulo
Lets Get Married quotes by Bella DePaulo
I think that you can get more passionate about somebody the longer you're with them and the more you know them and the more you go through together. Being married is definitely better than it's cracked up to be I think. ~ Emily Mortimer
Lets Get Married quotes by Emily Mortimer
Truth to tell, it was a bit difficult for him at first to get used to such limitations, but later it somehow became a habit and went better; he even accustomed himself to going entirely without food in the evenings; but instead he was nourished spiritually, bearing in his thoughts the eternal idea of the future overcoat. From then on it was as if his very existence became somehow fuller, as if he were married, as if some other person were there with him, as if he were not alone but some pleasant life's companion had agreed to walk down the path of life with him––and this companion was none other than that same overcoat with its cotton-wool quilting, with its sturdy lining that knew no wear. ~ Nikolai Gogol
Lets Get Married quotes by Nikolai Gogol
So many women waited until later to get married and then even later after they got married to have children. And then they have problems, and it takes them five, six, seven years to have children. ~ Joan Lunden
Lets Get Married quotes by Joan Lunden
Every single person, pretty much, is taught what they're supposed to do: go to school, get a job, find someone to love, get married, have kids, raise the kids, and then die. Nobody questions that. What if you want to do something different? ~ Aziz Ansari
Lets Get Married quotes by Aziz Ansari
Most marriages are a mess, and the children get caught between two bitter, antagonistic parents. My parents stayed married for 27 unhappy years, till their kids were grown, and this was a catastrophe for us. ~ Anne Lamott
Lets Get Married quotes by Anne Lamott
I'm so happy for anyone who chooses to get married! I want more people to join the club. ~ Busy Philipps
Lets Get Married quotes by Busy Philipps
My mum wants me to get married - and have children, of course. She's met Gaga; we've been dating a while. We're in a committed relationship, and I'm really happy in my relationship. I'm a very lucky guy. As far as having more of a domestic life and settling down into my relationship, we have to see what happens. ~ Taylor Kinney
Lets Get Married quotes by Taylor Kinney
I'm for gay marriage. I've been married for 14 years. Marriage is not for everybody, it's not easy and divorce is there for a reason. If a gay person wants to get married, get married. ~ Wendy Williams
Lets Get Married quotes by Wendy Williams
When it comes to female fan attention, I'm married, so obviously I avoid the places where you might get unwanted female attention - clubs and social environments, bars and public spaces. ~ Simon Bird
Lets Get Married quotes by Simon Bird
On the other side of that big-ass mirror, a video camera was watching us. In about ten seconds, it was going to start spitting static at itself, and everything it saw was going to break up into a fuzzy, gray-white wash, rolling up and down, that wouldn't be admissible as evidence on Judge Judy. Those missing frames would last a little less than a quarter of a minute, consolidate themselves back
into a semblance of reality, and then I would theoretically go walking right back out of here.
Between now and that moment, there stretched an infinite ocean of potential
time. Time enough to walk around the world. Time enough to fall in love, get
married on a white beach under purple stars, write a book of poems about
truest passion, have a few good and bloody screaming matches, get divorced in a court of autumn elves and gypsy moths, then set the ink-stained, tear-streaked pages of your text ablaze. ~ Clinton Boomer
Lets Get Married quotes by Clinton Boomer
One day it was about getting married that mother talked with me, and I said I was so glad that when you didn't like being married, or got tired of your husband, you could get Unmarried. ~ Eleanor Porter
Lets Get Married quotes by Eleanor Porter
I know so many women in their 30s who didn't get married, or they did and it didn't work out, or they didn't have children because they were trying to get their careers going, or because they were expected to be independent, plus have a family. They didn't feel secure enough. ~ Uma Thurman
Lets Get Married quotes by Uma Thurman
I just think you should get married if you want to have some kids. ~ John Corbett
Lets Get Married quotes by John Corbett
Let's get something straight - I don't see myself as beautiful. ~ Robert Redford
Lets Get Married quotes by Robert Redford
We want Max to ... breed. To produce heirs. Who will govern the world after she dies."
Dead silence for quite some time. We all stared at Dr. Hans, our jaws dropped to various levels. Our lives had reached a new low of inhumanity.
My face flushed. Part of me had assumed, hoped, that if Fang and I lived long enough, we would get married. Maybe have a little flock of our own. But i really hadn't planned it all out. And he was gone now, anyway. How could I possibly ever find someone ...
My eyes scanned Dylan's face, I saw his discomfort.
"Oh, no," I said in horror.
"Yes," Angel confirmed. "Freaking unbelievable. ~ James Patterson
Lets Get Married quotes by James Patterson
I married him because he told me it was the only way he could protect me. If we were just manager and client, my family could do whatever they wanted to get me back, but if I was his wife, they couldn't. ~ LaToya Jackson
Lets Get Married quotes by LaToya Jackson
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