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#1. Then he is up and off the couch in one fluid motion - remarkable considering no one gets up off our couch gracefully. - Author: Laura Bradley Rede
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Bradley Rede
#2. Empty women, who strive for no good but exist to adorn themselves ... These women of majestic pride, fantastic coiffures, outlandish ornament, and necks bound with gold or pearls bear the glittering symbols of their captivity to men. - Author: Laura Cereta
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Cereta
#3. Gay activists claim that because I don't subscribe to their political agenda, I am a homophobe, meaning I have a mental disorder - because that is what phobias are. - Author: Laura Schlessinger
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Schlessinger
#4. There are cases that I just can't forget.....What it is. I don't know. I think it's the ones where something small changes everything. Where the tiniest act , the smallest space of time, the most inconsequential of decisions, changes a life. A split second separates the long-lost friends who either see or miss each other at an airport. And from that , a relationship does or does not develop, perhaps a lifetime partnership,, perhaps even children. Human beings who might or might not have existed. Whole lives built out of the most fragile of happenstance.
And maybe that's why our lives are beautiful; why they're tragic. One perfect child can be born of an accidental encounter, and another lost to a split-second lapse in attention. If a motorist leans over to change a radio station at the same moment that it first occurs to a four year old that he can let go of his mother's hand as easily as hang onto it, and that if he lets go he will be across the road first, before his mother, and that she will certainly laugh and say, "How fast you are, Johnny!" If the child does this and the motorist does that , and if the world then changes forever and unbearably for everyone involved, then is that not life in its simplest form?
That so little matters so much, and so much matters so little. - Author: Laura McBride
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura McBride
#5. In contrast to my husband, I can pronounce the word nuclear. - Author: Laura Bush
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Bush
#6. He's the beating pulse of every cause dear to me. - Author: Stephanie Dray & Laura Kamoie
Laura Mcghee quotes by Stephanie Dray & Laura Kamoie
#7. "There was no public to humiliate him here. They already knew he was a lunatic. They expected it. He could burst into howls of insanity, and they would only smile those gentle smiles at him and wrestle him into the chains." - Author: Laura Kinsale
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Kinsale
#8. Today, ferries and sailboats--modern descendants of ancient sailing ships and fishing vessels--shuttle visitors from port to port throughout this vast chain of sun-soaked islands. Stepping ashore, the visitor is instantly enveloped by a way of life that is both utterly contemporary and ageless. The timeless tang of the sea, the calls of fishermen and market women, the deep, complex fragrance of wild rosemary form a seamless whole with the sheep that graze in the shadow of windmills and fortresses, and the enduring ruins of ancient temples and baths: past and present are one. - Author: Laura Brooks
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Brooks
#9. I'm not someone who likes to have my picture taken, let alone see it plastered all over the place. - Author: Laura Linney
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Linney
#10. When you're around people, act like you like them. - Author: Laura Schlessinger
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Schlessinger
#11. She had to lift both hands to illustrate what she meant, but he just let her carry his hand with her, not about to let go. She pushed the free hand toward the one he held, apparently trying to gesture closeness. "Warm," she said again. And then she did something that undid him to the last faint whisper of his soul: she gave his hand a squeeze with fingertips that could just barely reach around his, apparently using him to indicate what she wanted to say. He meant warmth. He meant this word she couldn't find. - Author: Laura Florand
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Florand
#12. We want to fight."
"And I want J.K. Rowling to keep writing in the Potterverse, but I know that's never going to happen," I said blithely. - Author: Laura Kreitzer
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Kreitzer
#13. His features, which would later settle into pleasant collaboration, was growing at different rates, giving him a curious face that seemed designed by committee. - Author: Laura Hillenbrand
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Hillenbrand
#14. She got icing all over her face. I think that's why I like her. For the good stuff, she's willing to get icing all over her face. Who wouldn't want a girl like that? - Author: Laura Ruby
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Ruby
#15. Doing the right thing has power. - Author: Laura Linney
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Linney
#16. There's no point dating a guy who can't support a family. - Author: Laura Schlessinger
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Schlessinger
#17. My books are mine, and yet they are alien to me
as a child belongs to a parent and yet has a life of its own. I can guide and hope and nudge my characters this and that way, but in the end, they become what they become. I don't always like what they become myself, but like a parent, there are times when I just don't know what to do about it. Other times when I'm so proud of them I could bust. - Author: Laura Kinsale
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Kinsale
#18. Remember when life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile. - Author: Laura Miller
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Miller
#19. Andrea Leadsom flatly denies she has changed her CV. - Author: Laura Kuenssberg
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Kuenssberg
#20. Our moon is the same moon, our sun is the same sun, and the stars will sparkle for us no matter who or where or what erare
not sluts, not players, just people. - Author: Laura Ruby
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Ruby
#21. You've got to get out from under that burden of believing a lie. Folks you care about get cut down, so you stop caring, stop letting folks in. - Author: Laura Frantz
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Frantz
#22. Some lines you just don't cross. Not in my business."
"Your business?" Georgia rolled her eyes. "You mean the private detective business? I wasn't aware you guys had such ironclad rules about making out with clients." She ignored the choking sound he made. "Seriously, have you even seen The Maltese Falcon?"
Darius' face heated. "This isn't some movie, Ms. Clare. You're not Mary Astor, and I'm sure as hell no Humphrey Bogart. Here in the real world, there are rules. - Author: Laura Oliva
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Oliva
#23. toddlers learn more between 12 months and three years old than during any other stage throughout their whole life? - Author: Laura Stewart
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Stewart
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Owens
#25. We spend so much of our passion on our first love. I'm not convinced that it - passion - is one of those things that you have an endless amount of - like happiness or sadness. I could be happy all day. I could be sad all day. But I'm not so sure I'll ever love like that again. - Author: Laura Miller
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Miller
#26. If you're a liberal, anything you say is protected. If you're a conservative, anything you say is hateful. - Author: Laura Schlessinger
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Schlessinger
#27. And I wrote a story for private circulation, "Miss Lewis & the Giant Turd," about a painful bowel movement that began in class, as she was drilling us on prepositions. Suddenly she emitted a low scraping sound like a box of rocks being dragged across concrete--like a glacier moving!--and she let out an AIIIIEEEEEEE and bent over double and hobbled to the girls' room, where she fell to the floor and cried pitifully for the janitor, who rushed in with a plunger and tried to extract the fecal mass from her, but it was too immense, and then the fire department arrived and laid her over the sink and attached a suction pump, two men on either side of her skinny butt, working a lever, and they managed to suction the poop out of her, and when they were done, she weighed forty-five pounds. And she couldn't teach anymore, she just sat on her front step waving to passing cars.

This title passed from pupil to pupil, two grimy sheets of paper folded to pocket size.... The story found its way to Laura, Miss Lewis's pet, who handed it over to her, and she read it, thin-lipped, and tore it into tiny pieces and dropped them into the wastebacket. "This is so childish it doesn't bear talking about," she said. "It is beneath contempt. - Author: Garrison Keillor
Laura Mcghee quotes by Garrison Keillor
#28. A word to the wise: one, possibly two hashtags is usually plenty. Don't give in to the temptation to pack your Tweets full of hashtags, because all the hyperlinks and # signs get messy in bulk. - Author: Laura Fitton
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Fitton
#29. I'd told the condensed version of my life story so many times over the years that I could recite it without emotion. When I said the words out loud, they felt like they belonged to someone else. - Author: Laura McHugh
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura McHugh
#30. should do this, you should do that. The list is endless: education, socializing, hobbies. Growing up we bounce from should to should, building up a good stock of interests. But then we get married and, at least for women, all those interests are supposed to collapse to nothing when you become a mother? Yours certainly won't, so why should I have to make that choice? - Author: Laura Matson Hahn
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Matson Hahn
#31. People scared Petra - they were volatile, unpredictable. But the natural world could always be explained. It behaved according to established laws that didn't change. Petra could play by those rules. - Author: Laura Bickle
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Bickle
#32. When your life is being threatened there's an instinctive urge to fight. You fight for the time you have, for your relationships. - Author: Laura Linney
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Linney
#33. What is the matter with these people, these people who won't stop fighting, won't stop hurting each other long enough to see that a body is a thing of beauty, is a miracle of rivers and oceans and islands and continents contained within itself? That the brain is divided into two hemispheres, each symmetrical, each perfect, each with its own system of waterways. These people of war should be shown an x-ray of an intraparenchymal hemorrhage, of a hemorrhage in an eighteen-year-old girl's brain, a girl named Ivy. Take a look at that, people of war. See, you should not hurt each other, and this is why. Without you ever even trying, this is what can happen to your body, your beautiful body, and your brain, your beautiful symmetrical brain, and your heart, and your soul. - Author: Alison McGhee
Laura Mcghee quotes by Alison McGhee
#34. I had ancestors who were slave-holders, which is a difficult piece of family history to say the least. In a recent New York Times article on the subject of modern attitudes toward our slave-holding past, the writer noted that we all want to be from "innocent origins." I _know_ I'm not. Then again, I suspect most of us are not. - Author: Laura Lippman
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Lippman
#35. My parents were divorced and I would spend weekends with my father. - Author: Laura Linney
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Linney
#36. Certainly, when it comes to my profession as a journalist, that allows the government to trace what you're reporting, who you're talking to, and where you've been. So no matter whether or not I have a commitment to protect my sources, the government may still have information that might allow them to identify whom I'm talking to. - Author: Laura Poitras
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Poitras
#37. We all, parents, educators, community leaders, and every ... citizen, need to come together to find new ways to engage children with the natural environment. - Author: Laura Bush
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Bush
#38. He could feel the only woman he had ever wanted slipping away for the third time, and he knew that this time, the pain of losing her would annihilate her. - Author: Laura Lee Guhrke
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Lee Guhrke
#39. The Internet is so big that no one can control anything, really. - Author: Laura Ramsey
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Ramsey
#40. You could give the best audition ever and not get the role or not get a callback because you just weren't what they were looking for. - Author: Laura Spencer
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Spencer
#41. Hope is like that pale orange light
shimmering on the horizon
in this early morning hours;

And like the stars
in the lonely night sky
with no place to go
when dusk falls. - Author: Laura Chouette
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Chouette
#42. However tortured the rationalizations we prefer, the thirst of one human being for another can be so--humbling--but I preferred to think of it as fate. And then mad desire. Anything but a fortress built on the back of a whim...How much easier to say there is no coincidence, and certainly no mistakes, and carry on to our destruction in defense shall I put it? My idea of myself. One will sacrifice anything for that. - Author: Laura Dietz
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Dietz
#43. These are just ghosts that broke my heart before I met you. - Author: Laura Marling
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Marling
#44. Phone calls didn't seem to be necessary - they just knew things about each other. I didn't want to be the subject of the wordless chatter they shared like dolphins, sending out echoes that bounced off the mountains and into the hearts of each of the other three sisters. - Author: Laura Templeton
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Templeton
#45. One peek inside his top drawer had been enough for Sophie. Swimming goggles, nail clippers, a Ferragamo tie wound into a tight coil, and packets of Gulden's Spicy Brown Mustard. None of that compared to Ira Blumenstein's gold tooth, Kenneth Yang's Darth Vader lollipop, or Rich Angstrom's Magic 8 Ball. - Author: Laura Hemphill
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Hemphill
#46. Medical tests have shown that giving stimulates a part of the brain that gives us the same gratification as when we eat food or have sex. - Author: Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen
Laura Mcghee quotes by Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen

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