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Eva: You like 'em tall and skinny
Gideon: Last I checked, the wife I can't resist was petite and voluptuous. Spectacularly so ~ Sylvia Day
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Sylvia Day
I was struck by Suu Kyi's warmth and generosity. No matter how petite she looks, she exudes amazing strength. More than anything else, I felt like I already knew her, like she was an old friend, because I'd been watching her so intently, and she was exactly what I had figured she would be. ~ Michelle Yeoh
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Michelle Yeoh
Savannah shook her head and banged it against the heavy muscles of his chest. "I hate this, Gregori. I feel so useless. I feel like I'm endangering you. We are lifemates. I asked you to meet me halfway in my world, and you've done it. You've done everything I've asked of you. What have I done to live in your world with you?"
Gregori bent his dark head to the slim white column of her neck. "You are my world, ma petite, my very existence. You are what makes living bearable. You are my light, the very air I breathe." His mouth brushed her pulse, her earlobe. "You are not meant to walk in death. You never were. ~ Christine Feehan
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Christine Feehan
Let's fool around."
"And then?" he asked, voice low.
"When it's time, take blood, and then let's fuck."
He gave a surprised burst of laughter. "Ma petite, you are such a sweet-talker, how can I refuse? ~ Laurell K. Hamilton
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
Damn you,' I said softly and with feeling.
He smiled. 'We've been over that, ma petite; you are too late. ~ Laurell K. Hamilton
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
It is done, lifemate.Come home to me. Savannah's voice was low and compelling, soft, seductive, not in the least concerned with his insistence that she see that he was a killer. That he would always be a killer. This is where you belong.Not alone, never alone. Can't you feel me reaching for you? Feel me,Gregori. Feel me reaching for you.Needing you.
He could feel it, in his mind, in his heart.Her voice touched him in some secret, deep place he kept locked away even from himself. She was everything beautiful in the world,and,God help him them both,he could not bring himself to give her up.
I need you,Gregori. The whisper came again. This time there was a new urgency in it.She swamped him with her desire,with rising heat and sudden fear that he would leave her alone. Gregori? Answer me. Don't leave me. I couldn't bear it if you did.
There is no chance of such a thing, ma petite. I am coming home. It was the only home he had ever known, the only sanctuary he had ever had: Savannah. She whispered to him, soft and sensuous, a dream of his for so long that she was a part of his soul. She whispered to him of unconditional, total acceptance. He launched himself skyward, his body dissolving into the mist, to become part of the moving fog he had manufactured. ~ Christine Feehan
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Christine Feehan
Nothing is certain, ma petite, not even death.
- Jean-Claude ~ Laurell K. Hamilton
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
Inner rage is a phenomenally dense frequency that lies dormant in the vast majority of the human species. ~ Christopher Dines
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Christopher Dines
Inspiration originally meant "being in spirit", indicating that when we are inspired we are connected to a higher domain of pure awareness and pure consciousness. True inspiration can only flow through us when we are anchored in the present moment. ~ Christopher Dines
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Christopher Dines
My brother distrusts the essential truth of memories; I distrust the way we colour them in. We each have our own cheap-mail-order paintbox, and our favourite hues. Thus, I remembered Grandma a few pages ago as "petite and unopinionated". My brother, when consulted, takes out his paintbrush and counterproposes "short and bossy. ~ Julian Barnes
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Julian Barnes
we as authors have been writing about people we aren't for forever. We find a way to empathise, we find a way in. Female characters are no different. All they are are characters. They are people too. Instead of asking yourself, "How do I write this female soldier?" ask yourself, "How do I write this soldier? Where is she from, how was she raised, does she have a sense of humour? Is she big and tall, is she short and petite? How does her size affect her ability to fight? What is her favourite weapon, her least favourite? Why? Is she more logical than emotional? The other way around? Was she an only child and spoiled, was she the eldest of six siblings and a surrogate mother? How does that upbringing affect how she interacts with her team? etc etc and so forth." Notice how the first question gets you some kind of broad, generalised answer, likely resulting in a stereotype, and how the second version asks lots and lots of smaller questions with the goal of creating someone well rounded.

One would hope, really, that we as authors ask such detailed questions of all our characters, regardless of gender.

So let me, at long last, actually answer the original question:

"How do I write a female character?"

Write her the way you would write any other character. Give her dimension, give her strength but please also don't forget to give her weaknesses (for a totally strong nothing can beat her kind of girl is not a person, she's again a ty ~ Adrienne Kress
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Adrienne Kress
At this time, girls are expected to sacrifice the parts of themselves that our culture considers masculine on the altar of social acceptibility and to shrink their souls down to a petite size ~ Mary Pipher
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Mary Pipher
She pushed the bathroom door open to discover Magnus lurking on the other side, clutching a towel in one hand and his glittery hair in the other. He must have slept on it, she thought, because one side of the glittered spikes looked dented in. "Why does it take girls so long to shower?" he demanded. "Mortal girls, Shadowhunters, female warlocks, you're all the same. I'm not getting any younger waiting out here."
Clary stepped aside to let him pass. "How old are you, anyway?" she asked curiously.
Magnus winked at her. "I was alive when the Dead Sea was just a lake that was feeling a little poorly."
Clary rolled her eyes.
Magnus made a shooing moving. "Now move your petite behind. I need to get in there; my hair is a wreck. ~ Cassandra Clare
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Cassandra Clare
I was awkward-looking with huge brown eyes, dark brown, pencil-straight hair styled into an old-school Romanian bowl haircut from the 1980s. And I was very, very small. I was always the tiniest kid on my street and in my classes at school ... The gym was the one place I didn't have to worry about feeling awkward for being so petite. ~ Dominique Moceanu
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Dominique Moceanu
The distance between Don Quixote and the petty bourgeois victim of advertising is not so great as romanticism would have us believe. ~ Rene Girard
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Rene Girard
He wrapped his hand around mine and moved it from his lips, laying a gentle kiss on my fingers as he did it. 'When I saw you on the television bleeding and hurt I knew you would not die, because I could feel how hurt you were, and I knew we had power to heal you and bring you safely home to me, to us, but it wasn't enough, ma petite.' He pressed my hand to his chest. 'I needed to feel this. I needed to touch your skin, kiss your lips, hold you as close as I could. I would survive your death physically, I believe there is enough power now for that, but my heart …' He raised my hand and kissed it. 'My heart, it beats for you, Anita Blake. If there were a way for us to marry without the other men in our lives feeling excluded, I would ask it of you. ~ Laurell K. Hamilton
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
So you're the infamous Shahara ... " He shook his head in amazement that such a petite beauty could inspire so lethal a reputation. "I wonder what Caillen would say if he knew you were here?"
I'm going to cut your balls off, Syn.
Yeah, that would probably be it ...
On the good side and if Syn was lucky. If Dagan was having a bad day ...
He shuddered.
-Syn ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
The enlightened question to ask in any relationship is, what can I give rather than what can I get? ~ Christopher Dines
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Christopher Dines
So just tell me what you like on the menu, and we'll negotiate."
All that is required is that you taste what is ordered. You do not have to eat it."
No, no more of this tasting shit. I've gained weight. I never gain weight."
You have gained four pounds, so I am told. Though I have searched diligently for this phantom four pounds and cannot find them. It brings your weight up to a grand total of one hundred and ten pounds, correct?"
That's right."
Oh, ma petite, you are growing gargantuan." I looked at him, and it was not a friendly look. ~ Laurell K. Hamilton
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
Miss Breland was fairly tall for a
female. She had to be about 5'10." The black skinny jeans that she
wore made her legs even more impossibly lengthened. The jeans
were paired with a soft gray Angora sweater that hugged her
petite frame. Just before she turned to take her seat, she looked
up directly into my eyes, and smiled shyly. She was a beautiful
creature. ~ E. Genelle Edwards
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by E. Genelle Edwards
The key to accessing love, joy, peace and compassion is to be free from the dominant state of compulsive thinking. Once we are able to flow into mindfulness and still our thoughts, happiness manifests. ~ Christopher Dines
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Christopher Dines
Ecstasy and bliss must come from within. ~ Christopher Dines
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Christopher Dines
Let's start over shall we? Hello gorgeous. I'm Justin McKinley. I'm head baker at Le Chef Petite. I'd love to get to know you better. Can I seduce you with my vast knowledge of sweet and sensual desserts?
Alicia couldn't help it. She giggled. One of those girly, I've-been-flirting bubbly ~ Lea Barrymire
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Lea Barrymire
Needing nothing gives you everything. ~ Christopher Dines
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Christopher Dines
She was petite, small in that way that made a man want to slay dragons. ~ Julia Quinn
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Julia Quinn
Very slowly, she peeked around the tree trunk. Saw a slim, petite figure, flanked by two very large, very dangerous-looking soldier of fortune types picking their way through the bodies and the rubble.
Oh, God. It was Amy.
"Get away from her," Jenna ordered, stepping out from behind the conifer, wielding the iron pan like a club.
Both men stopped. Glanced at her. Glanced at each other over Amy's head.
"What?" The biggest one grunted out a surly laugh. "Or you'll souffle us?"
Okay. She was definitely going after him first. ~ Cindy Gerard
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Cindy Gerard
I watched her sip at the drink some more. She was strong, healthy, but also petite enough that I was certain I could overpower her. I'd made the right decision not to tranquilize her, I thought. Slipping some powerful barbiturate into a mixed drink wasn't something I was above, but it always felt like such a lost opportunity. I liked the fight, the tightening and clenching of a woman's body as she writhed for freedom. I felt the slow swelling of arousal between my legs and made no effort to disguise it. ~ Alistair Cross
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Alistair Cross
You are my world,ma petite, my very existence. You are what makes living bearable.You are my light,the very air I breathe." His mouth brushed her pulse,her earlobe. "You are not meant to walk in death.You never were."
She swung around,her blue eyes darkening to deep violet. "If you walk in death,Gregori,then that is where you will find me. Right beside you.I belong where you are.I am your lifemate. There is no other. I am your lifemate. ~ Christine Feehan
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Christine Feehan
There's a look of mischief in his eyes. 'Smilla. Why is it that such an elegant and petite girl like you has such a rough voice.'
I'm sorry,' I say, 'if I give you the impression that it is only my mouth that's rough. I do my best to be rough all over. ~ Peter Hoeg
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Peter Hoeg
Ma petite is not a subtle woman. Unless you say it, she will not understand it. ~ Laurell K. Hamilton
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
I specialize in what the French call la petite histoire. I am interested in the individual thumbprint. ~ Katherine Anne Porter
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Katherine Anne Porter
There is no good word for stomach; just as there is no good word for girlfriend. Stomach is to girlfriend as belly is to lover, and as abdomen is to consort, and as middle is to petite amie. ~ Nicholson Baker
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Nicholson Baker
Comment number one - how much do you weigh to snap the bridge like that? I thought you Asians were supposed to be petite and dainty. ~ Julie Kagawa
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Julie Kagawa
He walked to the exit, skirting the pools of vapor light purely out of habit, but he saw that the last lamp was unavoidable, because it was set directly above the exit gate. So he saved himself a further perimeter diversion by walking through the next-to-last pool of light, too. At which point a woman stepped out of the shadows. She came toward him with a distinctive burst of energy, two fast paces, eager, like she was pleased to see him. Her body language was all about relief. Then it wasn't. Then it was all about disappointment. She stopped dead, and she said, "Oh." She was Asian. But not petite. Five-nine, maybe, or even five-ten. And built to match. Not a bone in sight. No kind of a willowy waif. She was about forty, Reacher guessed, with black hair worn long, jeans and a T-shirt under a short cotton coat. She had lace-up shoes on her feet. He said, "Good evening, ma'am." She was looking past his shoulder. He said, "I'm the only passenger. ~ Lee Child
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Lee Child
Unhappiness is a warped and distorted perception of reality. When a man says he is unhappy with his life and gives a written list of why he is dissatisfied, he has given a frank account of the state of his mind. If his mind is neglected and starved from stillness of thought, the nature of his thinking will reflect turbulence, anxiety and a lack of fulfilment.
However, when he is able to transcend thought, by being the observer (the witness) of his thinking and can take control of his mind, tranquility begins to flow through him. He is no longer a slave to his mental concepts, distinctions and limiting beliefs. ~ Christopher Dines
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Christopher Dines
Only wings evade death. Neruda says so.' As he turns the page he looks at Zara and makes his bright blue eyes big. 'And Neruda knows.' He reaches for his pipe.

Zara stares at him for some time. 'Was he a friend of God?'

Who? Neruda?'


He may have been, I'm not sure, petite. For all we know he may even have been God. ~ Susan Mann
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Susan Mann
The fashion industry at large has been the worst public relations vehicle for larger women and petite women, they are both maligned and neglected. And I honestly do believe it's getting better. ~ Tim Gunn
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Tim Gunn
Johnny liked being with Iona; it made him feel like a man. She was petite - a good five inches shorter than him - but it was more than that. She let him pay for her, patronise her, made no demands on his time other than what he was already willing to offer. She made him feel nineteen as well, in her bed with sheets that smelt like cheap laundrette detergent, in bars drinking Snakebite from pint glasses still warm from the dishwasher. ~ Erin Lawless
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Erin Lawless
I am a 5'1 petite female. My pistol is my equalizer. ~ Gina Loudon
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Gina Loudon
Your profound words are too much for my ears to bear, as I listen to each and every senseous phrase that your lips impart ~ Vivian E. Moore
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Vivian E. Moore
His dark blue shirt was plastered to his chest, covered with werewolf goop and tears. "Now we both need a bath," I said.
"That can be arranged."
"Please, Jean-Claude, no sexual innuendo until after I'm clean."
"Of course, MA PETITE. It was crude of me tonight. My apologies."
I stared at him. He was being far too nice. Jean-Claude was a lot of things, but nice wasn't one of them.
"If you're up to something, I don't want to know about it. I can't handle any deep, dark plots tonight, okay?"
He smiled and gave a low, sweeping bow, never taking his eyes off me. The way you bow on the judo mat when you're afraid the person may pound you if you look away.
I shook my head. He WAS up to something. Nice to know that not everyone had suddenly become something else. One thing I could always depend on what Jean-Claude. Pain in the ass that he was, he always seemed to be there. Dependable in his own twisted way. Jean-Claude dependable? I must have been more tired than I thought. ~ Laurell K. Hamilton
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
I have lived for over three hundred years. In that time, the ideal of beauty has changed many times. Large breasts, small, thin, curved, tall, short, they have all been the height of beauty at one time or another. But in all that time, ma petite, I have never desired anyone the way I desire you.
- Jean-Claude ~ Laurell K. Hamilton
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
Through mindfully practising love and compassion we are able to heal our hearts and minds from our hurt and suffering, thus bringing harmony into this world. The more we are open to love, the easier it is to share kindness with all living creatures. ~ Christopher Dines
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Christopher Dines
No Child of Yours

I saw a child hide in the corner
So I went and asked her name
She was so naive and so petite
With such a tiny frame.

'No one,' she replied, that's what I am called
I have no family, no one at all
I eat, I sleep, I get depressed
There is no life, I have nothing left.'

'Why hide in the corner?' I had to ask twice
Because I've been hurt, it not very nice
I tried to stop it, it was out of my control
I feared for myself I wanted to go.

I begged for my sorrow to disappear
I turned in my bed, oh God, I knew they were near
'So come on little girl, where do you go
A path ahead, or a path to unknown?'

With that she arose, her head hung low
She held herself for only she knows
Her tears held back, her heart like ice
It looks as though she has paid the price.

The ice started melting, her tears to flow
The memories flood back, still so many years to go
The pain, the anger all built up inside
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

It will get better, just wait and see
You'll get a life, though you'll never be fire
Open your heart and love yourself
The abuse you suffered was NOT your fault. ~ Teresa Cooper
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Teresa Cooper
When we truly forgive in our hearts, not only do we purify ourselves from the heavy burdens of negative karma but we begin to create a new space for positive energy to enter this world. When we forgive, we are no longer chained to the negative actions we have created in the past. ~ Christopher Dines
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Christopher Dines
Originally, there were no man-made borders to divide and segregate lands on this beautiful planet. ~ Christopher Dines
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Christopher Dines
It will be increasingly difficult to be of maximum service to the world if we cannot or will not be open-minded and understanding towards people who might "appear" to be different from ourselves. When we can love someone who is not like us, we are living mindfully. ~ Christopher Dines
Laughinghouse Petite quotes by Christopher Dines
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